The Best Compound Bows for Women

Women archers are taking to the sport like never before, and so manufacturers have begun producing bows that are slightly smaller and less weighty while still capable of powerfully releasing arrow after arrow. All styles of archery bows are available for women, including compound bows. What are some of the top compound bows in this category?

Here are our picks for the best compound bows for women:

  • Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package
  • Genesis Original Kit
  • Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage
  • Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK Right-Hand Compound Bow
  • SereneLife Complete Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit
  • iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow
  • Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow
  • Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii
  • HYF Compound Hunting Bow Kit
  • TOPOINT ARCHERY Trigon Compound Bow Package
  • Predator Archery Raptor 

In this extensive guide, we’ll review all 11 of these awesome compound bows for women. You’ll glean such information as bow features, specs, and pricing. We’ll also have a pros and cons section for each compound bow so you can choose the one that’s well-suited to your skills and abilities. 

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These Are the 11 Best Compound Bows for Women

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

First on our list is the highly recommended Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package for $400. This compound bow by Bowtech is described by the company as “durable and forgiving,” which sounds like a fantastic bow for any woman getting into archery. The EZ Adjust Pocket allows you to make adjustments to the poundage of your bow simply by twisting the limb bolt. You can set the poundage between 5 and 70 pounds.

Read marks throughout let you see where adjustments such as draw weight are set so you can change them to a comfortable degree without difficulty. The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge includes a binary cam system with dual cams that are both completely symmetrical. The cams move in unison for easy tuning and nock travel as well as awesome consistency and accuracy.

Within this compound bow is an integral stabilizer that balances your bow and keeps your shots steady. You can fire at 310 feet per second (FPS), which is no small feat for a compound bow! 

Pros of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

  • The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow, while not designed specifically for women, is adjustable enough that the ladies will definitely appreciate this compound bow.
  • The huge weight adjustment variable will let archers develop their own comfort level with this bow.
  • Choose from fun colors like Black Ops, Pink Blaze, and Mossy Oak Country as well as left-hand or right-hand orientation. 

Cons of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge pro

  • Users say there are no instructions included with this Bowtech compound bow, so you’ll have to figure out the assembly on your own. 

Genesis Original Kit

If you read our post on the best inexpensive compound bows, then you should remember the Genesis Original Kit. An Amazon’s best-seller for compound bows, the Genesis kit includes everything you need, such as an adjustable arm guard, a 3/16th-inch hex wrench, a belt tube quiver, an owner’s manual, and five arrows, each aluminum. 

The draw weight starts at 20 pounds, but with your included hex wrench, you can drop it by 10 pounds for a bow that weighs as much as you’re comfortable handling. The bow itself is designed lightweight too so women should have no problem firing with it. 

Genesis says the Original Kit is designed for beginners since it doesn’t require you to use preset draw lengths. The bow also has no let-off so you’ll feel like an archery master after a few hours spent firing with this compound bow.

Pros of the Genesis Original Kit

  • The Genesis Original kit uses a single cam rather than dual cams to reduce noise and recoil. You’ll retune your bow less and shoot more accurately.
  • The idler wheel and riser are both made of machinated 6061-T6 aluminum for awesome durability.
  • You can select from a rainbow of colors for the Genesis Original Kit, including black, blue, camo, dark gray, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow. You also get right-handed or left-handed orientation with this bow. 

Cons of the Genesis Original Kit

  • Users have said the strings can come off this compound bow rather easily. 

Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage

We also recently reviewed the Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage, but we’ll talk about it again here because there’s a lot to love about this compound bow. For one? The price is pretty great at $250. The bow is also a lightweight 4.4 pounds. It fires at a max speed of 270 FPS and is 35 inches from axle to axle. That manageable length makes the Outrage very friendly to female archers.

This bow does have a 70-percent let-off. Its draw length is between 25 and 31 inches, which is a comfortable range. Its draw weight is a bit heavier than the bows we’ve talked about so far, 55 to 70 pounds. Still, for a women’s compound bow, that draw weight range is not outrageous.

Oh, and we have to talk about what comes inside the box besides the bow and the owner’s manual. You get an arrow rest, a peep sight, a five-pin bow sight, a stabilizer, and a braided bow sling as well. 

Pros of the Southland Archery Supply Outrage

  • Users have lauded the Outrage for its quality, power, and durability.
  • The available colors are camo, black, and autumn camo green. 
  • The included accessories for the low price make the Outrage a great value.

Cons of the Southland Archery Supply Outrage

  • Some users have complained about the moving cams in this compound bow.
  • String snapping is a reported issue among a number of users. 

Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK Right-Hand Compound Bow

If you have a significantly larger budget for a women’s compound bow, why not try the Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK right-handed compound bow? Available for $750, this quality bow weighs only 3.2 pounds, so it’s the lightest bow we’ve talked about so far. Don’t let its lightweight frame fool you though, as the Deploy can fire at 330 FPS.

Its draw length is 26 to 30.5 inches with a brace height of 6.75 inches. Axle to axle, this Diamond Archery bow is 31.5 inches, which is nice and tidy for women archers. With a Tech binary cam system, you can easily extend or reduce the draw length. Diamond Archery says their compound bow has less let-off thanks to its sturdy cam system. The bow should also tune easily.

In the box is a carbon riser with a design inspired by aerospace. You also get string dampers, a string loop, a peep sight, a Bowtech comfort wrist sling, an Octane Ultra-Lite stabilizer, a Hostage XL rest, an Octane Deadlock Lite quiver, and a four-pin apex sight. 

Pros of the Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK

  • The binary cam system within the Deploy makes operating this bow quite simple, especially for women archers just getting into the sport.
  • This bow looks and feels great with its green camo pattern and waffling design.
  • Users have even called the Diamond Archery Deploy a “flagship bow,” which is a testament to its quality. 

Cons of the Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK

  • As the title of the product says, lefties are excluded from using this bow, as it’s for righties only. 
  • You can only choose from one color for the Deploy, which doesn’t give you a lot of variety. 

SereneLife Complete Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit

For a little under $300, the SereneLife could be just the compound bow you’re looking for as a woman. This portable bow, which is produced in the United States, weighs 3.9 pounds. Set the draw length from 23.5 to 30.5 inches with let-off between 70 and 75 percent. The draw weight of this bow is between 30 and 70 pounds. 

This bow is a touch longer than some of the other options we’ve discussed, as it’s axle-to-axle length is 30 inches. Still, lady archers shouldn’t struggle with handling this bow. With its average firing speed of 320 FPS, the SereneLife is plenty powerful!

Inside the box is a huge variety of accessories, including a set spare string, a release aid, the instruction manual, a paper target, string wax, a wrist rope, a D-loop, an arrow quiver, a stabilizer, a rubber damper, a brush arrow rest, a five-pin optical bow sight, string silencers (4 of them), and 12 carbon arrows, each 30 inches.  

Pros of the SreneLife Compound Kit

  • The SereneLife compound bow is designed for target practice, hunting, and any other purposes that call for a compound bow.
  • The sheer number of accessories and parts included with your purchase is fantastic. Beginner archers should have everything they need to get started! 
  • SereneLife offers a manufacturer’s warranty that’s good for a year. 

Cons of the SereneLife

  • The SereneLife is another compound bow that’s only available for right-handed users. 
  • Again, archers have had complaints about arrows breaking when using this bow.  

iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow

For the woman on a budget, the iGlow is between $155 and $190. Don’t worry about skimping on features for the low price, as the iGlow is a highly renowned bow for hunting and archery target practice. It’s a handy 3.3 pounds and measures 28 inches long from one axle to the other. The draw length is 19 to 29 inches with a let-off of 70 percent. 

Adjust the draw weight anywhere from 30 to 55 pounds. Then get ready to shoot at up to 296 FPS. iGlow suggests using 30-inch carbon or aluminum arrows with their compound bow; these arrows are not included with your purchase. 

The bow is sturdy with its fiberglass limbs, each of which are compression-molded. You get an aluminum riser in the package too. The premium kit includes a bow sling, a 1/8th-inch tube peep sight, a brush arrow rest, Allen keys, a D-loop string, a rubber stabilizer, and an optic bow sight. 

Pros of the iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow

  • You can exclude the premium kit if you want, in which case the iGlow only costs $155. 
  • For a budget compound bow, a firing speed of 296 FPS is quite impressive.
  • Between the regular version of the bow and the premium kit version, you can select from bow colors like black, green, and two camo patterns. 

Cons of the iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow

  • Upon pullback, some users have said the string of the iGlow became frayed.
  • The grip might come loose, but you should be able to tighten it. 

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Women should definitely like the Bear Archery Cruzer Light. This compound bow is not light on the price, admittedly, as it retails for $300 to $430 depending on the option you choose. Yet again a righty-exclusive bow, the Cruzer is exceptionally lightweight at just 3.2 pounds. Its draw weight is set at 5 pounds by default so this bow feels almost as light as air. The max draw weight is 45 pounds.

Choose the draw length of the Cruzer, setting it from 12 to 27 inches. The versatile cam system allows you to shoot at 290 cool FPS. EnduraFiber limbs are built to last while a Rockstops offset string suppressor makes archery a much quieter activity. Bear Archery says the Cruzer includes an advanced grip that produces less hand torque. This should reduce pain and increase your firing accuracy. 

The Cruzer comes with a nock loop, a peep sight, a stabilizer, an arrow quiver, a whisker biscuit, and a second sight. According to Bear Archery, the Cruzer is appropriate for children to adults.  

Pros of the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

  • The Cruzer is certainly one of the lightest bows to appear on this list.
  • You can skip the bow press when adjusting your Cruzer, opting instead for an Allen wrench.
  • The considerations to grip will make the Cruzer easy and enjoyable to use for hours. 

Cons of the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

  • Archers who aren’t righties are again left out in the cold, which is a shame considering the Cruzer is such a great compound bow.
  • Some women archers might find the Cruzer a little too light for their liking. 

Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii

The Scorpii from Southland Archery Supply is another favorite among women archers. Available for under $200 without the pro package accessories, the Scorpii promises a max firing speed of 260 FPS. Its draw length is 19 to 29 inches with a brace height of 7 ½ inches and a let-off of 68 percent. This compound bow is 28 inches long and weighs 3.3 pounds.

The draw weight is moderate, between 30 and 55 pounds. If you do decide to add the pro package, the bow is $250. You’ll have a 6.5-ounce, 8-inch aluminum stabilizer as well as a release aid, a wrist sling, a D-loop, a tube peep sight, a quick-detach quiver, a quick-shot arrow rest from Trophy Ridge, and a five-pin bow sight. 

Pros of the Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii

  • The Scorpii is available in colors like black, gray camo, or green camo with or without the pro package.
  • For $50 more, the pro package is loaded with equipment that makes the Scorpii an overall smart value.
  • Southland Archery Supply says the Scorpii is ideal for bowfishing. 

Cons of the Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii

  • Archers have complained that the Scorpii is rather loud, even when using silencers.
  • Others have said the strings break rather easily. 

HYF Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Impress your archery buddies with the HYF compound bow kit. This kit has everything you need to get started, including 18 carbon mix arrows (each 30 inches) for training, an Allen key, bowstring wax, an arrow puller, a bow stand, limb dampers (2 of them), a peep sight assembly (with replacement parts), a D-loop assembly (with a meter replacement), an arrow quiver, a braided bow sling with aluminum mounting, a bow release, a rubber stabilizer, a brush arrow rest (with a brush replacement set), and a five-pin bow sight. 

The HYF bow weighs 3.31 pounds. Axle-to-axle, it’s 28 inches long with a 7-inch brace height. You can set the draw length between 19 and 30 inches and the draw weight from 15 to 70 pounds. The powder-coated finish lends the Gordon Composite bow limbs awesome durability. 

Fire at 320 FPS with 80-percent let-off. This bow features a cable that’s 30.78 inches long, a string length that’s 55.55 inches, BCY bowstrings, and an adjustable aluminum dual cam system. 

Pros of the HYF Compound Hunting Bow Kit

  • The HYF compound bow is great to use as a beginner female archer or even as an intermediate.
  • The Gordon limbs are designed for hunting, target practice, and more. 
  • Select from fun colors for your bow like white camo, black, and pink. 

Cons of the HYF Compound Hunting Bow Kit

  • Yes, you guessed it. Only those who are right-handed can shoot with the HYF compound bow. 
  • Users have called the extras kind of cheap. 

TOPOINT ARCHERY Trigon Compound Bow Package

If you’re still looking for a women’s compound bow at this point, the TOPOINT ARCHERY Trigon might be it. This is another bow with extras, but that package is optional. Without the extras, in your box, you’ll find string wax, an Allen key, a pre-installed peep sight, a pre-installed D-loop, a rubber stabilizer, a brush arrow rest, a braided bow sling, and a five-pin optical bow sight.

The full package contains a soft carrying case, a camo cap, an Allen key set, bowstring wax, an arrow puller, a bow stand, a pre-installed aluminum peep sight (with replacement peep sights), a pre-installed D-loop assembly (with a meter replacement chord), a fabric arrow quiver, an additional arrow quiver (for 5 arrows), an aluminum-mounted braided bow sling, a bow release, limb vibration dampers, paper archery targets, brush replacements, brush arrow rests, a 1×8-inch aluminum stabilizer, and a five-pin bow sight. You also get 24 training carbon-mix arrows, each 30 inches.

The Trigon features an aluminum grip, dual 33.94-inch cables, BCY bowstrings, dual adjustable cams, and a string length of 58.75 inches. This bow is CNC-machinated aluminum and the finish is anodized camo. The axle-to-axle length is 31 inches with a 7-inch brace height. The Trigon weighs 3.95 pounds and fires at 320 FPS with 80 percent let-off. Its draw weight is 19 to 70 pounds and the draw length 19 to 30 inches.

Pros of the TOPOINT ARCHERY Trigon Compound Bow Package

  • The Trigon includes hardy Gordon Composites limbs.
  • Choose from a variety colors for the riser.
  • You don’t need a bow press to set the draw weight or draw length of the Trigon. 

Cons of the TOPOINT ARCHERY Trigon Compound Bow Package

  • The Trigon is a bit heavy according to some users, which might make it hard for some women to use. 
  • Archers have complained about the smell of the bow, which is likely to do with where the compound bow was stored before it’s shipped. Such reported odors are cigarette smoke and mold. 

Predator Archery Raptor 

Our last recommended compound bow for women is the Predator Archery Raptor. This bow is intended for target practice and hunting and features a draw length of 24.5 to 31 inches. Its draw weight is 30 to 70 pounds with 75-percent let-off. Predator says the Raptor features 12 adjustment holes for setting the draw length, giving you fantastic customization options. 

The Raptor weighs just 3.8 pounds and can shoot at up to 320 FPS. Its brace height is 7.5 inches while the whole compound bow is 30 inches from axle to axle. All modules and cams are machinated aluminum. The split-yoke tuning system allows you to adjust your Raptor bow down to the letter.

The complete bow package comes with a pre-installed D-loop, a pre-installed peep sight, paper targets, an Allen wrench, a string stop, an arrow quiver, a stabilizer, a TRUGLOW EZ brush rest, and a five-pin fiber-optic sight with level. 

Pros of the Predator Archery Raptor 

  • Predator provides video tutorials for assembling the Raptor, which will make it easy even for beginners to put it together. 
  • Shop the Raptor in black or green camo. 
  • You get a string silencer with the Raptor so you don’t make noise when hunting. 

Cons of the Predator Archery Raptor 

  • Users have reported defective screws, which would make the bow dangerous to use.
  • Others have said the limbs could start to crack after a few times out.  


The 11 compound bows for women that we highlighted today are lightweight, easy-to-wield, and adjustable so whether you want your draw weights a little heavier and your draw lengths a little longer or vice-versa, you’ve got it. We think you’ll find the perfect compound bow for you on this list! 

Once you’ve chosen a bow, don’t forget your other archery gear. Check out our lists of the top rangefinders, archery gloves, and archery targets.

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