Author Bios

Geoff Southworth

Geoff is a Californian native who enjoys nothing better than loading up the family camper trailer and enjoying the great outdoors with his wife, two daughters, and extended family. An avid surfer since high school Geoff’s second home is the water, and he can also be found jet skiing or teaching his daughters to kayak. When forced to be indoors, Geoff owns and operates websites about his passions – OutdoorTroop and his professional site – Real Estate Info Guide

You can find Geoff on Facebook and Instagram.

Patti Barnes

Patti is a professional writer who goes regularly goes camping with five kids and a husband in tow. Living in the natural outdoor playground of the Pacific Northwest, when she can’t be camping, climbing, shooting, or road-tripping, she is writing about family life with an emphasis on family travel.

Tim Butala

Tim is an avid bass fisherman who also enjoys going after kokanee. He is currently exploring other types of fishing so he can share his newfound knowledge with our readers. A father who has been fishing since he was a child, he has also run the gauntlet of taking his kids and grandkids fishing.

Ricky Kesler (with one S, not two)

Ricky is a cabin owner who loves to share his cabin life experiences and resources with our readers. His DIY’s and How To’s are all written and illustrated from personal experience. Ricky has a YouTube channel – Backfire where he talks enjoying firearms and the outdoors in a safely and responsibly.


Jacob grew up in Idaho, where he discovered the joys of climbing and rappelling in his teens. He is enthusiastic about inspiring others to jump backward off mountains and spends all of his spare time rappelling, getting ready to go rappelling or checking his gear after rappelling.

Nancy Ferri

Nancy and her husband, Dave, both retired now, enjoy RVing around Florida and to new destinations and national parks throughout the U.S. They have a great time kayaking, hiking, or biking along their travels as they explore new sights along their way.

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