The Best Compound Bows Under $200

best compound bow
compound bows under $200

Compound bows are expensive pieces of hunting gear. It can be quite difficult finding a decent bow for under $200, but not impossible. Today I will analyze what are the best compound bows for under $200.

What are the best compound bows for under $200? The following bows have been considered by professionals to be great bows:

  • SAS Outrage Compound Bow
  • Genesis Original Bow
  • Bear Archery Limitless Duel Cam Bow
  • SAS Siege Compound Bow
  • Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow

While the low price may be overly enticing, pay attention to the individual reviews down below to learn all about important specifications to make an educated decision before buying.

Best Compound Bows Under $200

Compound bowDraw weightDraw Length (in.)Price
SAS Outrage Compound Bow25-7025-31<$200
Genesis Original Bow
(Editor’s Choice)
Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Bow25-5019-29<$200
SAS Siege Compound Bow40-5529<$100
Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow13.5-19.5 15-25<$100

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SAS Outrage Compound Bow

The SAS (Southland Archery Supply) Outrange Compound Bow is durable and high quality with a very reasonable price. Made for beginner archers and bowhunters, this bow is the bare base model.

For this bow to be ready for a good hunting trip, one will need to seek out a sight, peep sight, arrow rest and release. The bow itself is the highest quality hunting compound bow on this list for under $200.

For beginners, the Sas Range compound bow will surely do the job. This bow has a velocity up to 270 ft/sec with a maximum draw weight of 70 lbs. The SAS Rage features a sleek and stylish design that will make even beginners look lik professional archers.

If you are a beginner looking to get into archery or bowhunting and are in need of an inexpensive compound bow, this bow is exactly what you need. While SAS may not be a top brand company yet, they are well on their way with these affordable price range compound bow.

Overall rating: 9/10

Price: <$200


  1. Draw weight: 30-70 lbs
  2. Draw length: 25″-31″
  3. Net weight: 4.4 lbs
  4. Recommended arrow: 30″ carbon and aluminum
  5. Let off: 75-80%
  6. Axle-Axle length: 31″
  7. Max speed: 270 fps

Genesis Original Bow

The Genesis Original Bow is a bit more expensive than the Sas Range. These bows are widely used in Archery Training Programs across the world and are very easy to shoot and setup.

This bow is perfect for beginners and intermediate archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities. Due to the design, this bow can be comfortably used by any archers from the age 12 to adult.

These American made bows are wonderful for archers who are just getting into the sport. However, these bows are absolutely not made for hunting. With a maximum draw weight of 20 pounds, it would be illegal in most states to hunt big game with.

Made by Brennan industries, this compound bow is made for training individuals to shoot appropriately and is designed to fit a myriad of shooting styles.

This is the bare-bones ambidextrous bow made to be used by anyone and everyone. Kids in their pre-teens and teens really enjoy using this bow because it’s very easy to use. With no specific draw length requirements, kids won’t be able to ever outgrow this bow.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Price: <$200


  1. Draw weight: 10-20 pounds
  2. Brace height: 7-5/6″
  3. Axle-Axle: 35-1/2″
  4. String length: 94-3/16″
  5. Draw length: 15″-30″

Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow

The Bear Archery Limitless Dual Cam Compound Bow is a top choice for hunting and recreational shooting. If you’re just getting into archery then this powerful bow is an excellent option since it comes with everything you need to start.

Its duel-cam system allows you to generate speeds up to 265 feet per second, which will enable you to penetrate through most targets with ease. With a draw length between 19 and 29 inches and a draw weight of 25 to 50 pounds, this bow is perfect for transitioning from backyard shooting to the woods.

This ready to hunt bow comes equipped with Trophy Ridge sight, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Bear 3 Arrow Quiver, peep sight, and nock loop to help you shoot more accurately.


  1. Draw length: 19″-29″
  2. Draw weight: 25-50 lbs.
  3. Velocity: 265 fps
  4. Axle to Axle length: 28″
  5. Weight: 4.14 lbs.
  6. Dimensions: 31.25 x 11 x 4.25 inches

SAS Siege Compound Bow

The Sas Siege Compound Bow a fairly decent cheap compound bow on the market today. This bow is wonderful for both beginners or inexperienced women archers. I say this because the size and poundage make it a viable choice for archers with a smaller build, but doesn’t meet the parameters for a child.

The SAS Siege has a velocity up to 206 ft/sec. which is not enough for hunting big game. Coming with a draw weight of 40-55 lbs and can be adjusted with the hexagon wrench bolts on the limbs.

Loosening the bolts decreases the tension on the string and thereby decrease poundage. Tightening the bolts likewise increases poundage.

With a sleek design, modern technology, and high quality 5-pin bow sight, this bow is something you should consider getting to improve your archery skills.

Along with the bow, you’ll get an arrow rest, stabilizer, bow sling, tube peep sight, paper target, 5-pin bow sight and a sight light with the package.


  1. Draw length: 29″
  2. Axle to Axle length: 41.5”
  3. Let off: 70%
  4. Velocity: 206 fps
  5. Draw Weight: 40-55 lbs

Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow

The Bear company has been America’s number 1 brand company for more than 80 years in youth and institutional archery. This compound bow is perfect for kids between 8-11 years old.

The Bear Brave Archery is a well made for youth ages 8 and up. It features a whisker biscuit arrow rest to help young archers safely learn how properly nock and shoot their arrows. With a maximum velocity of 100 ft/sec. this little bow packs a mighty little draw weight of 15 to 25 pounds and can be adjusted with the Allen wrench.

Kids will absolutely love this compound bow, this brave youth archery bow comes ready to shoot with two safety glass arrows. Many parents stated that after a few weeks their kids were able to shoot properly and it was pretty accurate for their age.

This youth bow comes with a whisker biscuit arrow rest, 1 pin-sight, finger rollers, arm guard, tempory tattoos and arrow quiver.

This brave archery compound is a very affordable bow to introduce to your young kids. This is a good way to test if they are interested in the sports, on the other hand, this is not a toy, so please supervisor them while they are shooting and making their first experience in the world of archery.


  1. Draw weight: 15-25 lbs
  2. Draw length: 13.5-19.5″
  3. Brace height: 5.5″
  4. Axle to Axle: 26″
  5. Let off: 65%
  6. Velocity: 100 fps
  7. Weight: 3.5 lbs

Choosing the Right Compound Bow

When choosing the right compound bow, there are always a few things you should consider when making your decision. For instance, your hand orientation, the ideal draw length and as well as what draw weight will best work for your hunting.

If your reason for getting a bow is for hunting, you will need a bow with lots of power. Most states in the United States requires that your bow has a minimum draw weight of 45 pounds to hunt big game.

What Types of Arrows Do You Need?

It’s always stated that you should use the arrow that works perfectly for the specific uses. Carbon arrows are the best all-around option for compound bows due to their durability and straightness. Check out my other article “10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting – Buyer’s Guide” to help you decide which arrows to use. Vanes are another arrow I recommend for beginners or youth archers and those who handle their equipment without a delicate touch. Vanes are definitely the most popular choice for compound owners/users.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve chosen a bow, don’t forget your other archery gear. Check out our lists of the top rangefinders, archery gloves, and archery targets.

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