10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting – Buyer’s Guide

With how many carbon arrow manufacturers there are in the hunting community today, choosing the right arrows for you can be tricky. To make things easy, I will be your guide to selecting the right arrow for you. My name is Michael Aguirre. Let’s get started shall we?.

What are the 10 best carbon arrows for hunting on the market today? The following carbon arrows are considered by professional bowhunters to be the best for hunting based on overall performance:

  1. Easton Full Metal Jacket
  2. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter
  3. Carbon Express Maxima Red
  4. Cabela’s Stalker Extreme
  5. Carbon Express Maxima BluTM RZ
  6. Cabela’s Carbon Hunter
  7. Easton Carbon Aftermath
  8. Gold Tip Hunter XT
  9. Gold Tip Hunter PRO
  10. Easton Bloodline Arrow

Easy, right? These ten types of carbon arrows are fascinatingly wonderful, but let’s dive into the specs and reviews to help you make the most educated decision for particular set up.

Carbon Arrow Specifications

When purchasing a carbon arrow there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The size of carbon arrows is measured in grams per inch. The number used to indicate how resilient the arrow is resides in the three digit range.

This number represents the distance the arrow bends multiplied by 1000. For example, a 300 arrow bends .3 inches, making it rather rigid. That number is then multiplied by 1000 and we get the number 300.

The overall ratings on performance by bowhunters are represented in the third column below.

Carbon ArrowsSize (Grams per inch)Our Rating
Easton Full Metal Jacket300 (12.00 gr / inch), 340 (11.3 gr / inch), 400 (10.2 gr / inch) and 500 (9.1 gr / inch)9.8/10
Carbon Express Maxima Hunter250 (8.0 gr / inch), 350 (8.9 gr / inch)9.6/10
Carbon Express Maxima Red250 (8.1), 350 (9.1)9.3/10
Cabela’s Stalker Extreme55/70 (8.4), 65/80 (9.3)9.2/10
Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ250 (7.45), 350 (8.45)8.8/10
Cabela’s Carbon Hunter55/70 (8.4), 65/80 (9.3)8.7/10
Easton Carbon Aftermath340 (9.6), 400 (8.8)8
Gold Tip Hunter XT300 (8.9), 400 (8.2)7.9
Gold Tip Hunter PRO340 (8.9), 400 (8.2)7.8
Easton Bloodline Arrow330 (8.7), 400 (7.7)7.7

Now to go into detail about each arrow.

1. Easton Full Metal Jacket

This arrow is arguably the best carbon arrow available on the market. Their unrivaled high performance and high strength N-Fused carbon core make them stand out from every other carbon arrows. This arrow packs a punch, so to speak, which enables total penetrating and knock down powder in each shot.

The Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows are 30.75 to 32 inches in length and come in sizes 375, 400, 450, 490 and 530 with a straightness tolerance of +/- .002 and a powerful carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket.

The low glare, micro-smooth alloy surface reduces wear on the arrow rest, eliminate draw noise and makes for easier arrow removal from targets. These might not be the cheapest arrows on the market but I know for a fact that they are the best.

Features and Benefits:

  • N- fused carbon core wrapped in a full metal jacket
  • Extra knockdown power
  • Deeper penetration and durability
  • Fitted with x nocks and blazer vanes
  • Quiet alloy finish

2. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

Up next we have the definition of fast and furious itself. The Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrow is one of the most accurate and fast carbon arrows with a Dual Spine Weight Forward technology that combines 2 carbon materials to form 2 spines in 1 arrow which allows the arrows recover quickly and accurately, spin sooner by 20% and manages energy effectively.

These arrows and shaft are known for their high tolerance and overall great performance. They are also excellent arrows that hold tight to their specifications and will make a good, mid-weight hunting arrow.

Features and Benefits:

  • A launchpad precision nocks
  • Dual spine weight forward
  • Extremely accurate
  • Very strong and consistent
  • Bulldog nock collar – for added strength and protection
  • Buff stuff plus carbon weave construction – excellent strength and durability
  • Length: 32.5″

3. Cabela’s Stalker Extreme

The Cabela’s Stalker Extreme is my personal favorite. This particular arrow is a top quality 6-grain carbon arrow with minimum wobble and also comes in two separate spines with Blazer vanes, adjustable nocks that can be modified to your satisfaction.

The micro-smooth surface that keeps it silent upon release. Added mass means you get added kinetic energy, quieter bows, more stable flight, and superb shaft-to-shaft weight consistency. Another good thing about the Stalker Extreme is that they are very affordable compared to other carbon arrows.

Features and Benefits:

  • Added mass for better kinetic energy
  • Lightweight carbon construction
  • Outfitted with blazer vanes
  • Micro-smooth surface finish is quiet and easy on rest and targets
  • Straightness factor: ± .003″
  • Length: 31″ (55/70), 31.5″ (65/80)

4. Carbon Express Maxima Red

The Maxima Red is a hi-tech carbon design with stiff ends to manage the arrow’s flex which is known as the “RED ZONE”. The RED ZONE brings to the fold a whole new level of hunting experience.

It is the part of the arrow shaft with Dynamic spine that makes a broadhead shoot more consistently. The Maxima Red comes in sizes 250 and 350 with precision nocks for superb control when the arrow has been shot and with shafts of 33 and 34 inches in length. You can find them at Cabelas here.

Features and Benefits:

  • Arrows come fletched with blazers vane
  • Launchpad precision nocks and bulldog nocks collars
  • Hi-tech carbon material construction
  • Length: 31.5″
  • Straightness factor: ±.0025″
  • Weight tolerance: ±1.0 grain
  • Diameter: 295″ (250), .300″ (350)

5. Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ

The Maxima BluT RZ is a hi-tech carbon shaft made with the RED ZONE technology of the Maxima RED which it combines with the same speed and accuracy of the Maxima Blue Streak making it one of the best carbon arrows.

With this arrow, archers are shooting more accurately at a longer range which makes it a very good option for long distance bow-hunters.

The Maxima Blu RZ has an outstanding straightness tolerance of +/- .001 inch, weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains and comes in three spines (150, 250 and 350) with standard precision nocks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight speed
  • Great for bowhunters who shoots longer distance
  • Fly well and very accurate
  • Length: 31.5″
  • Straightness factor: ±.0025″
  • Weight tolerance: ±1.0 grain
  • Diameter: 286″ (150), .291″ (250), .296″ (350)

6. Cabela’s Carbon Hunter

The Cabela’s Carbon Hunter arrow may be cheaper, but it sure does not slough off in comparison with the Cabela’s Stalker Extreme. The Cabela’s Carbon Hunter arrows are fletched with 2″ Blazer vanes and textured surface that is an absolute joy to use.

It also has adjustable nocks, aluminum inserts, a durable five layer shafts and a straightness tolerance of +/- .006 inches.

Features and Benefits:

  • Five-layer carbon construction for durability
  • Fletched with 2″ XPV vanes
  • Length: 31″ (55/70), 31.5″ (65/80)
  • Straightness factor: ±0.006″
  • Weight tolerance: ±0.5 gr
  • Diameter: 2935″ (55/70), .2980″ (65/80)

7. Easton Carbon Aftermath

The Easton Carbon Aftermath is another budget-friendly carbon arrow and is considered as one of the best carbon arrows for its price.

The Easton Carbon Aftermath arrow is a top quality mid-weight arrow with +/- .005 inch straightness tolerance, 31 – 33 inches in length, 10% increase in Kinetic Energy Density and a maximum hitting penetration.

The Carbon Aftermath is designed for heightened crosswind performance, durability, uncompromising strength, consistent pass through results and also comes in 300, 340, 400 and 500 length sizes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced diameter shaft
  • High strength
  • ST RPS inserts and orange H nocks included
  • Length: 340-31-1/2″, 400-31″
  • Straightness factor: +0.005″
  • Weight tolerance: ±2 grains
  • Diameter: 340-9/32″, 400-9/32″

8. Gold Tip Hunter XT

The Hunter XT arrows comes in arrays of spines in forms of 300 to 500 length sizes from which you can select the perfect spine for you by comparing them over two charts using compound bows with IBO speed ratings between 290 – 315 FPS and 315 – 350 FPS.

These arrows are very durable, providing they can be used with bows that have a draw weight of up to 100 pounds. That is a very notable fact which is just exceptional. The Hunter XT has a straightness tolerance of +/- .003 inch and a weight tolerance of +/- 2 grains.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides speed, strength and stability
  • Excellent for both hunting and target shooting
  • Length: 32″
  • Straightness factor: ±0.003″
  • Weight tolerance: ±2 gr
  • Diameter: 340″ (340), .302″ (400)

9. Gold Tip Hunter Pro

The Hunter PRO has proven to be the best Gold Tip arrow and one of the best carbon arrows available in recent times.

They are very accurate and durable carbon arrows with an excellent straightness tolerance of +/- .001 inch and weight tolerance of 0.5 grains an inch but unlike most arrows that come in packs of twelve, the Hunter PRO comes in packs of six. The GTO nocks are a nice touch too, making nocking this arrow more satisfying than ever.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched durability with tight tolerance
  • GTO nocks with bushings
  • Length:  32”
  • Straightness factor: ±.001”
  • Weight tolerance: ±0.5 gr
  • Diameter: 300” (340), .302” (400)

10. Easton Bloodline Arrow

The Bloodline Arrow is a high strength, durable carbon arrow that gives archers huge knockdown power and improved accuracy to ensure success whenever the trigger is pulled.

While the Easton Bloodline does not perform as well as the previous arrow on our list, you can bet that is arrow is an efficient choice for the money.

The Easton Bloodline Arrow comes with a 330 to 400 spine, 20 to 22 inches in length and is compatible with bows of up to 70 pounds draw weight. It has powerful carbon N-FUSED fiber construction materials and Kinetic Energy Density that provides exceptional penetration and speed.

Features and Benefits:

  • High strength carbon nanotube N fused fibers
  • Pre-installed red H nocks
  • Factory crested
  • HP inserts are included
  • Lengths: 32’’ (340), 31-1/2’’ (400), 31’’ (500)
  • Straightness factor: ± 0.004
  • Weight tolerance: ± 0.004
  • Diameter: 267’’ (340), .264’’ (400), .257’’ (500)

Related Questions:

What is the difference between carbon arrows and other arrows? Carbon fiber arrows are significantly more durable and can last years longer than the life span of any other types of arrows on the market. As the name implies, carbon arrows are light, durable and accurate arrows made of carbon fiber which are used frequently instead of aluminum or wood for its durable quality. They might be a little bit expensive but they are worth it, considering the fact that they are more reliable than all other types of arrows.

What is the best type of arrow for a child? Aluminum arrows are the safest bet for a child who is just starting out. Due to their flimsy nature, aluminum arrows can be broken and bent easily, but they are undoubtedly the cheapest. Aluminum arrows are built for small bows with a draw weight less than 40 pounds.

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