Skeeter Bass Boat Brand Review: What are They Known For?

There are so many different brands to consider when looking at a bass boat. Many brands have taken on bass boats and made them their expertise and one of those that you’ve probably heard of is Skeeter. They are an incredibly popular brand of bass boats, but what are they really known for? What makes them unique? Most importantly, what makes them stand above the rest?

Something that Skeeter prides themselves on is that they created the first bass boat. This is something that many anglers know them by. They’re also known for creating some of the sleekest, most powerful, professional bass boats of the modern-day. They stay on top of the competition with innovation and determination.

But beyond that, what makes them known for these things? What is it about Skeeter that is so special? How do they really stack up against other brands? The answer to these questions and more can be found in the following portion of this article.

All About Skeeter

According to Skeeter’s “About Us” page on their website, Skeeter has been leading the competition, constantly in front of the rest, when it comes to bass boat innovation and design. It all started with Holmes Thurmond. He built the very first bass boat in 1948 and named it Skeeter “because their long, needle-shaped nose resembled a mosquito”.

The employees at Skeeter have taken this humble beginning and created an incredibly successful empire. They built and birthed and became one of the most popular bass boat brands in the world. While this is all great, it’s important we take a look at how Skeeter has stayed on top of the competition all these years what exactly they’re known for to the common angler.

Through the Years

Ever since Holmes Thurmond built the first bass boat, Skeeter has kept pushing the edges of innovation, decade after decade. And still to this day, they push, create and satisfy.

  • The 1940s – The first Skeeter boat was made out of molded marine plywood with a flat bottom. It was just over 13-feet long.
  • The 1950s – Skeeter used fiberglass in their boats which made it possible for there to be more options considering sizes and styles. Also, boats could be produced in much larger numbers. Many avid anglers in the South still use these early models.
  • The 1960s – In the ’60s the Skeeter plant was moved to Longview, Texas and Skeeter became Skeeter Marine. They started making boats bigger, more powerful and more control at high speeds.
  • The 1970s – The plant was moved to its final resting place in Kilgore, Texas. The 150-horsepower motor was introduced.
  • The 1980s – Coleman Company purchased Skeeter. The Fish ‘n Ski, and SX models were introduced.
  • The 1990s – Skeeter introduced ZX. Professional tournaments started booming and moved from the South up to the North. Now that tournaments were happening in the North, professional anglers needed boats to be able to maneuver huge bodies of water in the northern United States. This need brought many upgrades and advances in their boats.
  • The 2000s – The Stringer System was introduced along with the i-Class series which are loaded with cutting-edge modular consoles, improved comfort, and fishability.
  • 2016 – Skeeter introduced the new FX21 and FX20 Limited Edition Bass Boat series. These new limited edition boat series come with several colors, fully loaded with dual Power-Poles

Skeeter’s Firsts:

Because Skeeter pushes those walls and stretches creatively and logically, they have been the first for many things. Obviously the first with the bass boat, they have many other firsts as well. Each of these “firsts” a result of their dedication to the art of fishing.

  • bass boat
  • U.S. Coast Guard-approved bass boat
  • V-hull pad design
  • Sponson hull capability concept
  • production composite bass boat
  • an aluminum deck grid system
  • completely closed transom with no splash wall
  • full-length rod box
  • Rod Staze system

Awards and Accomplishments

On another page of the Skeeter website, they talk about why they are the number one spot in the world of bass boats. They proudly declare that they have won the “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for Fiberglass Outboard Boats” for the last 18 consecutive years.

Also, according to NPAA News, in January 2019 Skeeter claimed the Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) for their boat WX2200.

A little bit longer ago in September 2012, according to Bass Master, Skeeter was recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction for both the Fiberglass Bass Boats and Fiberglass Outboard Boats categories. In 2012 they had been winning this award and recognition for eleven consecutive years.

These awards and recognition’s of Skeeter’s excellence are just a taste of the success they’ve had in the boating world.


Skeeter puts their trust in their consumers, and in turn, customers put their trust in Skeeter. When reading out on the discussion boards and forums, one thing many of the Skeeter anglers have in common is the fact that they have been operating a Skeeter since they started boating and they’ll never trade to another brand. This loyalty comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is the fact that anglers know they can trust Skeeter with their loyalty.

With every one of their bass boats, Skeeter offers the “Strongest Warranty in the Industry”, which includes the following.

  1. Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  2. 10-year Limited Transferable Structural Warranty
  3. 3-year Limited Component Warranty

Price Range

Depending on many things such as the model or specific modifications these Skeeter boats will cost anywhere from $38,000 to $98,000.

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Motto and Goals

There is nowhere better to hear what something’s all about from that something itself. Skeeter makes themselves and their goals incredibly accessible and realistic, which helps the reader to believe in them and what they do. Again, on Skeeter’s “About Us” page, Skeeter talks about their extensive goals and aspirations.

Their motto claims, “Everything Else is Just a Watered-Down Version of the Original”. As previously stated, Skeeter takes immense pride in the fact that they were the first to create a bass boat. They have made several statements concerning their goals and intentions concerning their past and future as a company.

“Our goal is to bring the ultimate fishing machine to fishing enthusiasts throughout the United States – wherever the water, whatever the conditions.”

“Skeeter’s goal, to build boats that are engineered like no other, permeates everything we do – from our design and manufacturing methods to the courtesy we extend each time you walk into a dealership… Skeeter’s pursuit of perfection is evident in the best-engineered bass boats on the water today.”

“Our boats are fast and nimble while resisting listing, skipping or slipping as they bite into every turn. Our deep-V hulls are built to give you maximum control even in the harshest conditions.”

Skeeter Strengths

Now that we know what Skeeter has to say about themselves, let’s take a look at what the customers and anglers have to say about Skeeter. All of the comments and opinions have come from an angler communication website called BassBoat Central,

Anglers and reviewers couldn’t say enough good things about Skeeter Bass Boats. Specifically, on BassBoat Central, anglers raved and raved about the strengths of Skeeter. Even the ones who had something to say for the weaknesses, they still declared their loyalty to Skeeter.

Some of the things that people stated that they liked about Skeeter boats include the following.

“Unlike any other [boat] I have been in.”


“I have owned Ranger, Procraft, Nitro and the Skeeter is by far the best I have ever owned.”


Skeeter by far makes the best BASS Boat on the market.”

  • Longevity: This boats can last an extremely long time. These boats hold together for as long as people take care of them.
  • Stability: Anglers appreciate the holeshot, ride, and ability these boats have to handle rough water. Along with that, the boats are incredibly stable. People appreciate the fact that they never feel like they are going to be shaken and tossed from their boat.
  • Ride: Skeeter boats can reach extreme speeds while continuing to be extremely agile. It’s impressive that these boats can have such stability and agile handling, let alone while the boat is up to speeds around 70 mph.
  • Layout/Storage: Anglers have a lot to say about the layout of the boat as well. They love the placement of the storage. They also really appreciate the size of the deck. It allows room for more storage, more room to move around, and more stability in the water.
  • Loyalty: On top of all of the incredible features and aspects of the boat that anglers love, they also claim that Skeeter has the best customer service. This may be one of the reasons that the majority of those who buy/experience Skeeter never go back to another brand.

Skeeter has risen to such a successful stance that it’s incredible that they remain so people-oriented with some of the best-rated customer services in the boating industry. This strength and the others help Skeeter to stay at the top of the boating charts.

Skeeter Weaknesses

Of course, as with everything, everything has at least one weakness. On that same website as the strengths (Bass Boat Central) anglers and customers of Skeeter air out the things that Skeeter could improve.

  • Small Compartment: One thing that several people mentioned was the fact that the storage compartment in the front of the boat is too small for their liking. They felt that it hindered the boat’s performance, and their ability to perform to the best of their ability.
  • Leaking Compartments: Speaking of compartments, the compartments underneath the seats have a problem with leaking during heavy rain. One angler suggested that those storage compartments should only be used for things that can get wet without getting damaged (such as the anchor or ropes). Another angler also complained that their passenger glove box also leaks when there is heavy rain.
  • Seats/Standing Water: Some of the anglers commented on the fact that they wish the seats had more cushion to make for a more comfortable fishing trip. Along with this, the rear seat deck doesn’t have a water drain. This causes water to stand around the rear seat cushions causing damage to the boat and a mess to clean up.
  • Cracking: Several anglers noticed that the fender, as well as other parts of the boat, had started cracking not long after it had come into their possession. One bass boat angler claimed that their boat started cracking within only 10 hours of time on the boat.
  • Trailer Problems: One of the most common problems people had wasn’t with the boat at all. Instead, it was with the boat trailer. One angler claimed he wished that the swing tongue on the trailer had a better design because the current design wasn’t cutting it. Almost all of the dislike comments on the Skeeter boats had something to do with the fact that the trailer is not built to last.

“Skeeter cheaped out by going with EZLoader [trailer].”

Skeeter Fan

Even those who have a lot they want to see improved and fixed, they still remain loyal to Skeeter. On BassBoat Central specifically, out of 27 comments and opinions on this poll, only one had only negative things to say about Skeeter.

“Cupholder is too low and is already broken and I wish the lights in the two middle dry storage in the bow were a little more durable. Other than that, I am definitely a Skeeter owner for life.”


Unique Features

One really unique thing about Skeeter bass boats is the fact that each angler has a compartment where their seat sets up. This allows them to each have their own personal compartment to keep things they want to keep dry throughout the fishing trip.

This cool feature though is only one of many that Skeeter ensures each of their boats has. They seek the comfort and satisfaction of the customer above all else. Each boat model has a certain collection of standard features that come with the deal. The great thing about these features though is that although they may be standard in Skeeter‘s opinion, compared to the rest of the boating world, these “standard” features are really some great luxuries.

  • SkeeterBuilt Trailer with FRP Fenders
  • Exclusive Hummingbird Solix Electronics
  • Minn Kota Ultrex iPilot Link 112 Trolling Motor
  • Color Matched Blade Power-Poles
  • Color Matched exclusive 18″ Trailer Wheels
  • Color Matched Custom Emblems, Aluminum Panels, and Deck Lighting
  • Color Matched “Brushed” Vinyl in Upholstery
  • Fusion BT Audio Device with 2 speakers
  • Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate
  • 10 Gauge Electronic Wiring
  • HotFoot With Slide and Pro Trim
  • SkeeterBuilt Trailer with Tongue Step
  • FRP Fenders with Backlit Badges
  • Storage Box Lighting Upgrade
  • Limited Edition Custom Decals
  • Customizable Colors
  • Insulated Aluminum Doors
  • Dry Dock Ventilation System
  • Bolstered 4 Color Full-Flex Sport Seating
  • Humminbird Solix 10 Graph at Bow
  • Humminbird Solix 12 Graph in Dash
  • All Welded Fortrex Trolling Morot
  • 8 Updated Color PAckages
  • Team Advantage Deck Layout with Mega Rod Tubes
  • 2 Bike Seats
  • 30 Qt. Forward Deck Cooler
  • 2 Bike Seats with Fixed Poles
  • 26 Gallon Livewell System
    • with independent fill
    • with recirculating/drain modes
  • Tinted Windscreen

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Which Models for Competition, Which for the Weekend?

While all Skeeter Bass Boats are competition/performance ready technically, there are some that are more made for the job than others. Because of that, I am going to be grading these boat models with a letter grade system which I will explain.

Atop features and tournament ready
Baverage features and tournament ready
Cstandard features and meant more for weekend use

Many of these models that I’m grading with a C or even B are not in any way substandard to A boats. Rather the lower grade indicates a lower price, a smaller boat, and less fancy gadgets and gizmos. C-graded boats can be a perfectly acceptable and incredible boat. A and B boats just have some of those extra features that tournament anglers need.

2023 FX21 APEXA
2023 FX20 APEXB
2023 FX21 LEA
2023 FX20 LEB
2023 FX21B
2023 FX20B
2023 ZX250A
2023 ZX225A
2023 ZX200B
2023 ZX190C


When considering what Skeeter bass boats are known for, the specific models must be looked at. They have two main models of bass boats, but many anglers often use Skeeter to build their own style of a bass boat. No matter what the right option may be for you, each model has its own unique trademark and style.


2019 FX21 APEX & 2019 FX20 APEX

These two boat models offer the complete package with everything that a professional angler would ever want or need. Standard Features of this model include the following.

  • Exclusive Hummingbird Solix Electronics
  • SkeeterBuilt Trailer w/ FRP Fenders
  • Minn Kota iPilot Trolling Motor
  • Fusion BT Audio Device with 2 speakers
  • Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate
  • 10 gauge Electronic Wiring
  • HotFoot with Slide and Pro turn
Boat Length20’11″/20’1′
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)20″
Standard Boat Weight2175 lbs.
Maximum Weight1530
Fuel Capacity48 gal.
Max HP250 hp

2019 FX21 LE & 2019 FX20 LE

These boat models are limited edition with incredible power and drive. They come fully loaded with a Hummingbird Solix 12 on the dash and several other incredible features that you can specify to your individual needs and wants. These features and more are following.

  • SkeeterBuilt Trailer with Tongue Step
  • Minn Kota iPilot Trolling Motor
  • Exclusive Hummingbird Electronics
  • FRP Fenders with Backlit Badges
  • Exclusive 18″ Trailer Wheels
  • Storage Box lighting upgrade
  • limited edition custom decals
  • Fusion BT Audio Device with 2 speakers
  • Hot Foot with Slide and Pro Trim
Boat Length20’11″/20’1″
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)20″
Standard Boat Weight2175 lbs.
Maximum Weight1530
Fuel Capacity48 gal.
Max HP250 hp

2019 FX21 & 2019 FX20 Bass Boats

This boat is the ultimate option for a professional tournament-level bass boat. This boat allows for even the boat you use in fishing to be personal and unique for you. There are many features and upgrades that you can specify to make this boat the perfect fishing companion. Some of those features include:

  • SkeeterBuilt Tandem Axle Trailer with FRP
  • Hummingbird Solix 12 Graph in Dash
  • Hummingbird Solix 10 Graph at Bow
  • Bolstered 4 colors full-flex sport seating
  • Dry Dock Ventilation System
  • Hot Foot Throttle w/Slide and Pro Trim
  • Insulated aluminum doors
  • Minn Kota Fortrex 112 Trolling Motor
  • Customizable Colors
Boat Length20’11″/20’1″
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)20″
Standard Boat Weight2175/2075 lbs.
Maximum Weight1530
Fuel Capacity48 gal.
Max HP250 hp


2019 ZX250 & 2019 ZX225

These boats are tournament ready. It has great features and options for making this boat your own. The standard features of this boat are the following.

  • Hummingbird Helix Electronics
  • SkeeterBuilt Trailer w/ Tongue Step
  • All Welded Bow Stop w/ Stoltz Roller
  • Minn Kota Fortrex Trolling Motor
  • 10 Gauge Direct Electronics Wiring
  • 8 Updated Color Packages
  • Team Advantage Deck Layout with Mega Rod Tubes
  • 8′ Pro-series II Power-Pole
  • 2 Bike Seats
  • Hot Foot Throttle with Pro Trim
Boat Length20’11″/19’11”
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)20″
Standard Boat Weight2175/2075 lbs.
Maximum Weight1530
Fuel Capacity44 gal.
Max HP250/225 hp

2019 ZX200

This is a great boat for those passionate anglers out there. It is for the weekend angler and the tournament angler alike. It has all the necessary features as well as some that are luxurious ones as well.

  • Hummingbird Helix Electronics
  • Skeeter built Trailer w/ Tongue Step
  • All Welded Bow Stop w/ Stoltz Roller
  • Minn Kota Fortrex Trolling Motor
  • 8 Updated Color Packages
  • Carpet Padded Front Deck
  • 2 Bike Seats
  • Hot Foot Throttle with Pro Trim
Boat Length19’16”
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)20″
Standard Boat Weight2020 lbs.
Maximum Weight1500
Fuel Capacity36 gal.
Max HP200 hp

2019 ZX190

The ZX190 boat comes loaded with all the classic standard features that we’ve come to expect on a bass boat. It has all the gadgets and gizmos for a reasonable price. This fact makes it perfect for all those anglers who love to fish and be out on the water but don’t have all the money in the world for a fishing boat. Following are listed some features that this boat includes.

  • Skeeter Built Trailer
  • Hummingbird Helix 5 Electronics (Dash & Bow)
  • 2 Bike Seats w/ fixed Poles
  • 30 qt. forward deck cooler
  • 8 custom color packages
  • bolstered driver & passenger seating
  • 26-gallon live well system w/ independent fill, recirculating/drain modes
  • Minn Kota Edge 70 Trolling Motor
  • Tinted Windscreen
Boat Length18’5″
Engine Shaft Length20″
Interior Depth (at the console)17″
Standard Boat Weight1950 lbs.
Maximum Weight1275
Fuel Capacity26 gal.
Max HP175 hp

Along with all of these great features, the Limited Edition Skeeter Bass Boats comes with a limited lifetime warranty which includes limited lifetime structural warranty, 10 years limited transferable structural warranty and a 3-year limited component warranty.

Is It Worth It? Overall Analysis

After taking a look at all of these reviews, brand statements, and pure numerical facts, one is forced to make a decision about Skeeter. Considering a large amount of good attention that Skeeter has gotten for nearly 70 years, one has to take a look at why they’re getting this attention. But the numbers add up. With the amount of care and science and innovation Skeeter puts into their products, they are bound to be successful.

This success and innovation are what they’ve staked their claim on. Anglers and boaters alike know Skeeter to be the oldest chip in the game. All of that time in the boat-making game creates a lot of learning and growing opportunities. And Skeeter has taken advantage of all of those opportunities, making them one of the best bass boat brands in the game.

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