Skeeter Bass Boat Costs: What’s the Price of Each Model?

When you’re going around trying to find out what boat you want, you want to be able to know what you’re going to get in regards to a boat, the beam size, the capacity, as well as the maximum horsepower.

With this post, we’re going to be looking at the bass boats that are sold by Skeeter. Hopefully, with this, you can be able to decide if this is the dealer that you want to go with, or if you’re looking for something else.

So, keep on reading, and we’ll see what Skeeter has to offer and see if any piques your interest. We’re mostly going to be going over the 2023 models in the Skeeter models. Skeeter has been a familiar name in the bass boat community, so if you hear the name mentioned around, don’t be surprised. They are good at what they do and have high-customer satisfaction.

Does Skeeter Make a Good Fishing Boat?

The answer would be YES! Skeeter fishing boats are well-regarded in the boating industry for producing high-quality bass boats. In fact, it’s Skeeter’s goal to “build boats engineered like no other.”

They are known for their innovative designs, advanced technology, and attention to detail. Skeeter has a strong reputation among anglers for manufacturing boats that offer excellent performance, stability, and durability on the water.

Many anglers and fishing enthusiasts trust Skeeter as a reliable choice for bass fishing boats due to their years of experience and commitment to delivering the very best products.

Skeeter Bass Boat: FX Series

With this boat, you’re going to be able to know that you’re going to get some good things with this boat. You’re going to get a SkeeterBuilt trailer that comes with your boat, as well as color-matched Power Poles, trailer wheels, emblems, aluminum panels, deck lighting, and vinyl in upholstery.

2023 Skeeter FXR21 APEX Bass Boat

This boat is going to be coming it at 21’4″ with a 20″ engine shaft. The boat is going to weigh about 2275 lbs, so that will be able to help you know the trailer that you can use in case you’re suddenly without the trailer that comes with the boat. It’s always helpful if you need a tow or anything like that. So with this information, you’re going to be able to be more prepared.

Something that is pretty nice about this boat is that you’re going to get a Bluetooth audio device, a hydraulic jackplate, along with a HotFoot. All of the things that were listed in the paragraph above are just the standard features. So you’re going to get a lot to go with your boat besides the boat itself. The engine that’s powering it is that Yamaha VF250LB.

2023 Skeeter FXR20 APEX Bass Boat

  • Price: $97,695
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max HP: 250
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 gals

Besides the trailer, you’re going to have a trolling motor from Minn Kota, as well as the HotFoot. You’re going to be looking at a 20’4″ boat. The engine shaft is 20″ long and the standard weight for this boat is around 2175 lbs.

The maximum weight that you can have on the boat is 1530 lbs. So be aware of that when you’re going to have people on your boat, as well as all the tackle and equipment that you’re going to take. That’s something that will be beneficial for tournaments and family gathering. This boat is powered by a Yamaha VF250LB.

2023 Skeeter FXR21 LIMITED Bass Boat

  • Price: $91,095
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max HP: 250
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 gals

This boat comes with a Minn Kota Ultrex iPilot 112 Trolling Motor, which is certainly different than the other boats. You’re going to get limited edition custom decals, fenders that have backlit badges, as well as your trailer coming with a tongue step.

The length of the boat is 21’4″ with a 20″ engine shaft. This boat weighs 2275 lbs, and the maximum capacity that it can hold is going to be 1530 lbs. Because of the specific model of boat, this is a limited edition model, so that’s something that you can take into consideration when you’re looking for a new boat. This boat is powered by a Yamaha VF250LB.

2023 Skeeter FX20 LIMITED Bass Boat

  • Price: $89,295
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max HP: 250
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 gals

This is another limited edition boat, but something that makes this different than the one before is the fact that you can get five different colors. You’ll get the custom decals for this boat as well. This boat also comes with the Minn Kota Ultrex iPilot 112 Trolling Motor.

With the Yamaha VF250LB powering this boat, you’re going to know that you’re going to have a good time on your boat. The boat is 20’4″ with a 20″ engine shaft. The standard weight for this boat is 2175 lbs, and the maximum carrying weight is 1530.

2023 Skeeter FXR21 SELECT Bass Boat

  • Price: See Nearest Dealer
  • Beam: 95″
  • Max HP: 250
  • Fuel Capacity: 1530

You’re going to get a Skeeter Built Tandem Axle with FRP Fenders. There are insulated aluminum doors, a Minn Kota Ultra 112 Trolling Motor, as well as a Humminbird Solix 10 and 12 graph–one in the dash, and one in the bow. This is a decked-out boat–no pun intended. Skeeter is committed to giving you boats that can perform and won’t disappoint.

Along with a 20″ engine shaft, this boat comes with a Yamaha VF250LB with it being 21’4″. This boat weighs 2175 lbs, and the weight capacity is 1530. There’s a dry dock ventilation system that comes with this boat as well.

2023 Skeeter FXR20 SELECT Bass Boat

  • Price: See Closes Dealer
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max HP: 250
  • Fuel Capacity: 48 gals

This boat basically comes with all the same things as the FXR21, but it comes in a little shorter at 20’4″ so that’s why there’s a little difference in price. The engine shaft is 20″ and the boat’s going to weigh 2175 lbs and the total weight that you can take out is 1530, which is pretty standard for Skeeter boats.

You’re going to have some nice sport seating that’s four colors and Full-Flex. So that’s a bonus for your interior and something that you’re not really going to have to worry about all that much.

Skeeter Bass Boat: ZX Series

This series comes with two bike seats, a Hot Foot Throttle, the Team Advantage Deck Layout with Mega Rod Tubes, the Minn Kota Fortrex Trolling motor, and a couple of other accessories for the standard sale.

2023 Skeeter ZX150 Bass Boat

  • Price: $44,395
  • Beam: 95″
  • Max HP: 150
  • Fuel Capacity: 32 gals

You’re going to get eight different colors to choose when you’re purchasing this boat. This boat is 18’6″ with an engine shaft length of 20″. This boat only weighs 1710 pounds, but it can carry 1250 lbs. of weight still when you wanted to head out on the water.

This boat is powered by a Yamaha V Max SHO VF150LA. There are Humminbird Helix 5 Electronics that come with this boat so that’s something that you can look forward to. There’s also an all-welded bow stop w/ Stotz roller. You’re also going to get 8′ Pro Series Power Poles.

2019 ZX225

  • Price: $53,995
  • Beam: 95″
  • Max HP: 225
  • Fuel Capacity: 44 gals

This boat comes with eight different color choices as well, the 8′ Power-Poles, bike seats, and the Minn Kota Trolling motor. This boat is powered by the Yamaha V MAX SHO VF225.

The boat is only 19’11”, so if you’re looking for something a little smaller and cheaper, this might be the boat for you. It weighs 2075 lbs and can carry up to 1530 lbs. So even though it’s smaller, it can still hold a majority of it’s own weight, which would be nice if you’re planning on going out fishing with your friend for a tournament.

2023 Skeeter ZX200 Bass Boat

  • Price: $59,095
  • Beam: 95″
  • Max HP: 200
  • Fuel Capacity: 36 gals

As you can see, the difference between gallons in the gas tank is a little steep. But, along with this you’re going to get your eight color choices, 20″ engine shaft, 2020 lb boat that can carry 1500lbs, so although the dynamics are a little different, it can still almost carry the same amount as the other boats.

This boat is only 19’6″ so once again, it’s a little smaller, but that’s not something that you have to be disappointed about. Not that you were in the first place, but this is something that may be good if you have a place that may be a little smaller in regards to storage.

2019 ZX190

  • Price: $33,895
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max HP: 175
  • Fuel Capacity: 26 gals

The Minn Kota Edge trolling motor that comes with this boat comes with 70lbs of thrust so that’s something to look forward to as well. There’s a tinted windscreen with this boat along with the single axle Skeeter Built Tuff Coat channel trailer. The trailer comes with the brakes as well.

This boat 18’5″ with a 20″ engine shaft. This boat only weighs 1950lbs, but it can carry 1275lbs. That’s not too bad, especially for the size of the boat. There’s going to be eight colors that you can choose for this boat as well, the motor is pretty good, it’s a Yamaha V MAX SHO VF150.

Skeeter Bass Boat: SX Series

This boat series comes with a Skeeter Built Trailer, a boarding ladder, Fulton Jack Stand and Winch, Ski tow pylon, walkthrough windshield, and the Tuff Coat Channel trailer.

2023 Skeeter SX210 Bay Boat

If you’re interested in this boat, you’re going to be able to choose from four different color options that will help you stand out in the tournaments that you participate in. That’s something that is nice–to be able to have that option for customization, even though it’s not eight, it’s still better than nothing.

With this boat, you’re going to get a 25″ engine shaft, a boat that’s 21’6″ and then when you’re looking at weight, this boat weighs 2,300 lbs and can carry 1750 lbs, which looking at the original weight is a nice thing to know that you’re going to be able to carry what you need to without having to worry that much, which is something that I like at least. You can take your friends with you and trust that you’re still going to have enough room for everything.

What is the Best Skeeter Bass Boat?

The best Skeeter bass boat will vary from person to person depending on your specific needs, likes, and fishing style. All Skeeter bass boats are high-quality, but each series will offer something unique. Some popular and well-regarded models from Skeeter include:

  1. Skeeter FXR Series: This series is known for its advanced features, high performance, and comfortable design. Models like the Skeeter FXR20 Pro offer powerful engines, spacious layouts, and innovative technologies for serious anglers.
  2. Skeeter ZX Series: The ZX Series includes models like the Skeeter ZX250 and ZX225, known for their balance of performance, versatility, and value. These boats often come equipped with features tailored for fishing tournaments.
  3. Skeeter SX Series: The SX Series, including models like the Skeeter SX210, offers a good blend of fishing functionality and family-friendly features. These boats are designed for both fishing and recreational boating.
  4. Skeeter WX Series: The WX Series, represented by boats like the Skeeter WX2060, is designed for big-water fishing, offering stability and durability for challenging conditions.

Ultimately, the best Skeeter bass boat depends on the individual and what their preferred fishing techniques, fishing scenarios, budget, and any features that are important to the angler. We recommend visiting a Skeeter dealership near you to explore the different series and models.

If you are looking for top of the line, then you’ll want to take a closer look a the Skeeter FXR series, especially the FXR21.

To learn more about alternative fishing boats and how they compare, click here.

Which Skeeter Bass Boat is Best For Your?

Well, we’ve gone over the models that Skeeter has, but in the end, it’s always up to you. If this has some of the accessories that you want, then that’s great. That’s something that you can lead with when you’re looking out for the perfect boat.

Skeeter has been number one in the industry for almost seven decades. They are trying to engineer their boats in a way that no other manufacturer can come close to. They have a list of things that Skeeter was the first of, including the first U.S. Coast Guard-approved bass boat, so that’s interesting.

There’s a lot more information that you can find on the Skeeter website that can possibly help you with your decision if you’re someone that’s more company based. Going to their front page, you can immediately see all the things that they are proud of, which can be good for their company.

The way that these boats are made are really well done. When looking at the features and specs you’re going to get something that’s really consistent in regards to width and such. Which is something that you might not want to compromise on. The models that all have the same beam are definitely more appealing to me, and I’m not even in the market for a boat!

If you’re still in the market for the boat even after looking at this article, that’s totally okay, in fact, that would be expected. You don’t want to settle on the first boat that you come across that has all the features that you would like. Maybe the company doesn’t stand for what you want, or the material isn’t what you were looking for. Regardless, don’t settle.

Why Are Skeeter Boats so Expensive?

You may be looking at these price tags and wondering why are they so expensive?! There’s a good reason for the high prices. As mentioned previously, the company is know for their quality construction and craftsmanship while incorporation the most innovative technology in all their models.

In addition, their boats are not mass produced, but instead are carefully crafted in only small quantities, which adds to the overall cost.

Even so, you can be assured that when it comes time to selling your beloved Skeeter boat, they tend to hold their value more than other bass boats.

Are Skeeter Boats Reliable?

Absolutely! Skeeter fishing boats have earned a stellar reputation within the boating industry for crafting top-tier bass boats. In fact, Skeeter’s mission is to create boats with unmatched engineering precision.

Renowned for their inventive designs, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship, Skeeter stands out as a trusted name. Among anglers, Skeeter boats are celebrated for their exceptional performance, unwavering stability, and impressive durability while out on the water.

With years of experience and an unwavering dedication to excellence, Skeeter has established itself as a go-to option for anglers and fishing enthusiasts seeking a dependable and high-quality bass fishing boat.

To read more on the Skeeter Brand and their history, click here.

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