A List of the Best Archery Ranges in the Salt Lake City Area

Salt Lake City, named after the large salt flats and lake that surrounds the area, is located in Utah. It is a center of commerce and history for Western America and is said to be the city in America with the highest consumption of jello.

Salt Lake City has many museums, concerts, and popular tourist spots to see, including Temple Square, a famous icon in the culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, often nicknamed Mormons, which Utah is famous for having a lot of.

But despite all of the attractions and spots to learn more about American history, the Salt Lake City Area surprisingly has a lot of archery ranges!

It seems that archery is popular in this area, and so I brought together a list of the 9 best archery ranges in Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake area has a lot of spots to offer, and all of them look so much fun!

So hopefully this list will give you a couple of ideas for some neat places to try going to and practicing with your bow. Let’s get started!

1. Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is like a dream for any archer. This facility is really large and offers a large selection of amenities and services to choose from. Think of it as the ultimate gym for archers.

The Center offers both an indoor and outdoor range. The indoor range offers 12 lanes to 70 meters, 20 lanes to 50 meters, and 10 shooting lanes to 9 meters. That’s pretty big.

The outdoor range is also fairly large, with 64 targets available at a distance of 90 meters.

The facility also offers tune-ups, a kitchenette for coaches, seminars and further education for coaches and students alike, a full locker room, a sports medicine room, and a great observation deck looking out on the outdoor range.

And the rates for public shooters are more than reasonable. Depending on the time of the day and the week, admission can be from $5 to $10 per person, and equipment rental is $10.

Memberships for a quarter of a year are $175, and an annual pass is $595 per person.

This archery range is a must-stop!

2. Humphries Archery Center

Humphries Archery Center is another very impressive archery center. It is a combination of an archery range and an archery pro shop, with three different locations in Utah: Salt Lake City, Payson, and American Fork.

The Salt Lake City location has a 20-yard indoor range, as well as a 10-yard youth/tuning range. In addition to these two ranges, it also offers a pro shop and a large retail facility for purchasing equipment, and they offer most major bow brands in their store.

Humphries Archery Center also caters to parties and other events, and also offer TechnoHunt in some of their facilities!

Customers rave about Humphries Archery Center, and I’m sure that when you go, you will too.

3. Wilde Arrow Archery

Wilde Arrow Archery is an impressive pro shop that offers an indoor shooting range in addition to its vast selection of shooting equipment for archers.

The indoor range is available for adults all day at the price of $8, youth at $5, and if you are only shooting at the paper targets available, then the range entrance fee is only $2.

The indoor range is around the length of 30 yards, with paper targets as well as 3D targets. Wilde Arrow also holds shooting leagues for archers of all levels, and classes for beginners up to pros, for the price of $20 per person.

Wilde Arrow also has a great selection of bows and equipment at their shop, with a deluxe menu of services and tuneups for archers and their equipment.

Feel free to stop by Wilde Arrow anytime! You won’t regret it!

4. Salt Lake Archery

Salt Lake Archery is an archery range and online archery store that has an extensive variety of services for all sorts of archers.

The range is outside, and mostly made for target practice. However, Salt Lake Archery offers 3D shooting leagues for both youth and adults.

Open public shooting is also available for those who have not bought passes or are not a part of the range staff. A day pass costs $6 a person, and equipment rental can be purchased with a fee of $5.

Private and group lessons are also available, and cost $25 per person, excluding equipment rental and the range entrance fee.

Salt Lake Archery might be a good option if you’re looking for a cheap option to practice archery and rent equipment as well.

5. Datus Archery Club

Datus Archery Club is an exclusive club for archers and their families. DATUS stands for Devoted Archers True Utah Sportsman, therefore making the name of the club DATUS.

If you’re looking to become a member of an archery club, and you don’t know which club to choose, you might want to try this one out.

Super family-friendly and all family under 18 years old is automatically a member as soon as you join. Once you join, you get access to the indoor range as well as to the 3D courses. You can take advantage of one free entry into a target league and a discount of one entry on a 3D league.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly archery club, DATUS might be the one for you.

7. Jakes Archery

Jakes Archery, located in Orem, Utah, is a little archery pro shop and range. It offers an impressive array of different archery equipment and services for maintenance and equipment set-up.

Jake Jacobsen, is the founder of the store and is known for his experience in bowhunting and competition shooting. He also offers private and group lessons for those who want to pick up the sport or get better at it.

Shooting fees for the range are $8.75 if you have brought your own equipment, and $12.75 if you are renting equipment from the facility. Group lessons are $10 per person.

If you’re looking for a small, comfortable and helpful archery facility to shoot at or learn at, try stopping by Jakes Archery!

8. Stick Flipper Archery

Stick Flipper Archery, located in Lake Shore, Utah, boasts of 35 years of being in business and experience with archery and everything that comes with it.

They have two locations and two different types of archery ranges. The first range is indoor and 35 yards, with many 3D targets to shoot at, as well a fancy Big Shot system, where you can see where exactly you hit the animal at and everything!

The second range is outdoor and has bag targets to shoot at up to a distance of 100 yards.

The shop is open to the general public Monday through Thursday from 6-9:30 pm, and then 12-5:00 pm on Saturday.

The outdoor range and the paper targets cost $5 per archer, and 3D and Big Shot courses cost $10 per person. Memberships and shooting leagues are also available for the archer who wants to improve their skills.

The pro shop also offers many different brands of equipment to choose from and professional technicians to assist you with any archery concerns or needs.

This store might have you flipping for joy by the end of your experience there!

9. Timpanogos Archery

Timpanogos Archers, or for short, Timp Archers, are another archery club located in Utah County. Established in 1946, this club is exclusive, but all members that join love it there!

All ages are welcome, as well as all levels of archery! Families and singles are both welcome to experience the fun there!

The club holds various events and shoots, as well as fundraisers for various non-profit organizations, with a large variety of different courses and shooting styles.

From what I’ve read on their websites and the Internet, they seem to be most popular for their outdoor 3D courses and ranges. They seem to be really fun and popular for archers!

Consider this club in your search for the best archery club, and I think you might really enjoy this one!

And that’s a wrap! This was a list of the best 9 archery ranges in the Salt Lake City Area! When you first arrive at Salt Lake City, you may be unsure of where to go, but hopefully, this list gives you a good idea of what Salt Lake has to offer to the archer!

Happy shooting!

Check out the best archery ranges in the country.

What Makes a High-Quality Archery Range?

The country has many archery ranges, some being better than others. A quality range offers features and qualities that cater to the needs of their visitors to provide a fun and safe shooting experience. Some important things to look for in a quality archery range are as follows. 

Safety: The safety of their visitors should be the top priority in any archery range you visit. A range that values safety will have safety protocols and rules clearly posted for all to see. These will include designated shooting lanes and proper signs along with trained staff to monitor and enforce their rules and regulations. Safety measures such as backstops, barriers, and adequate ventilation systems should be in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of participants.

Range Layout and Design: An effective range layout is crucial for archers to practice their skills comfortably. The range should have well-defined shooting lanes with sufficient space between shooters, allowing for safe and unobstructed shooting. Distances for various shooting distances should be marked, and targets should be properly positioned for easy visibility and retrieval.

Target Variety and Quality: A great archery range offers a variety of target options to cater to different archery disciplines and skill levels. This can include traditional bullseye targets, 3D animal targets, and specialty targets for specific archery styles. Targets should be well-maintained, regularly replaced or repaired, and appropriately sized and positioned to provide a fair and challenging shooting experience.

Equipment and Amenities: High-quality archery ranges provide individuals with access to quality archery equipment and amenities, including bows and arrows, shooting stands or benches, and storage areas for personal gear.

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Instruction and Coaching: A great archery range may offer instructional classes or coaching services for people of any skill level. Qualified instructors or teachers should provide training and tips to help archers improve their form, accuracy, and technique. Their main goal is to contribute to the growth and development of archers at any skill level.

Community and Atmosphere: A positive and welcoming atmosphere can greatly enhance the overall experience at an archery range. A great range fosters community, encouraging archers to connect, share knowledge, and support each other’s progress. Organized events, competitions, or social gatherings can help build this community spirit and create a vibrant archery culture.

Accessibility and Convenience: Convenient location, sufficient parking, and low range fees contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of an archery range. Range hours that accommodate various schedules, including evenings and weekends, can cater to a wider range of archers.

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