Cheap 3D Archery Targets – The Top 10 Most Inexpensive Targets

You’re not quite to the point where you’re capable of hitting live, moving targets yet with your arrows. To acquaint yourself with what that’d be like, you want to practice using 3D archery targets. The problem is that many of these lifelike targets are so expensive! Are there any low-cost 3D archery targets you can practice with instead?

These are the top 10 most inexpensive 3D archery targets:

  • Delta McKenzie Raccoon 3D Target
  • Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target
  • Field Logic Turkey 3D Archery Target
  • BIGSHOT Pro Hunter Raccoon and Groundhog Combo Critter 3D Targets
  • Rinehart Javalina 3D Boar Target
  • Nice Target’s Turkey 3D Target
  • Field Logic Big Shooter Bear 3D Target
  • Delta McKenzie Backyard Imp 3D Target
  • Rinehart Woodland Coyote 3D Target
  • BIGSHOT RealWild Bobcat 3D Target

The best part about these 10 archery targets is that each one costs $150 or less! Keep reading for product links, descriptions, and reviews so you can choose the best targets to enhance your archery skills.

The 10 Best Cheap 3D Archery Targets

Delta McKenzie Raccoon 3D Target

Starting this list is one 3D target of many from Delta McKenzie. The brand’s 3D raccoon target has a body depth of 13 inches and a body length of 15 inches. 

The 3D target is designed to look like a real brown raccoon climbing on a piece of wood. Its Solid Flex Foam body is built for competitive archery as well as casual backyard shooting with a couple of buddies. 

The ideal arrows for this Delta McKenzie target are fixed broadhead arrows with a field or expandable tip that shoot at 300 to 350 frames per second. IBO scoring rings make it easy to track the accuracy of your shot. 

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target

Deer hunting is a very popular sport, yet 3D deer targets remain among the most expensive. Not anymore! This Shooter Buck 3D deer target is reasonably priced yet isn’t so small that it’s ineffective as a target.

Standing a proud 48 inches tall, the Shooter Buck target is painted and sculpted to look like a real deer remaining still in the forest. Produced in the United States, the deer target is usable with broadhead and field point arrows. 

The insert included with the target is high-density. When you’re done practicing for the day, taking out your arrows is incredibly simple so you can collect them and retire until you practice again tomorrow! 

Field Logic Turkey 3D Archery Target 

Hitting a real fowl with your arrows can be tough since they’re so flighty. Now you can practice in the comfort of your backyard with a 3D turkey archery target from Field Logic.

The turkey target is 31.5 inches wide by 32 inches tall. Manufactured in the US, Field Logic recommends their 3D turkey target for hunting and similar sport. The target showcases a black turkey with its wings closed. Red coloration around the face and head makes the target easy to see even from a distance.

Your purchase includes ground stakes for preventing the foam-bodied turkey target from tipping over in a gusty breeze. Scoring rings throughout create a sense of challenge, either between yourself and a friend or even for solo competition! 

BIGSHOT Pro Hunter Raccoon and Groundhog Combo Critter 3D Targets

How about two 3D targets for the price of one? This set of archery targets from BIGSHOT Pro is a steal!

One of the two targets is a standing groundhog and the other is a standing raccoon. The critters both have the same tan body color with white coloration across the body and black accents. The raccoon target comes complete with black eyes as well as a black and white striped tail.

The two targets are made from Elasto Flex foam that’s both heat-resistant and designed to self-heal. The latter will keep your targets looking great for longer. Plus, BIGSHOT says the foam body of its targets aides you in removing your arrows. 

Both targets are finished with a coating that resists weather damage. Go ahead, grab your favorite crossbow or compound bow and get firing! 

Rinehart Javalina 3D Boar Target

As part of Rinehart’s Woodland Series is this 3D boar target. Between its grayish-tan coloration and realistic patterning on its body, you’ll quickly get into a hunting mindset when practicing with this target.

The boar target measures 30 inches long and 20 inches tall. If you use broadhead arrows, this 3D boar target plays very nicely with them. That’s due in part to its FX Woodland Foam body, which is solid yet soft where it counts, just like a real animal.

Scoring rings in the center of the 3D boar target’s body gives you plenty of places to aim. 

Nice Targets Turkey 3D Target

If you want a 3D turkey target that’s so real-looking you’ll do a double-take, we recommend this one from Nice Targets.

The manufacturer’s strutter turkey target measures 20 inches by 22.5 inches. It’s a sturdy yet lightweight so you won’t have to worry about the wind knocking your target down even if you didn’t stake the turkey into the ground.

The 3D target features a turkey with its wings splayed. The black and white coloration across the magnificent wingspan of the turkey target will let you concentrate on your aim. The red detailing on the face, neck, and feet help you detect this turkey target from a distance.

Nice Targets high-density foam for this low-cost 3D target. Find a spot for it in your local woods and you’ll be ready to practice. 

Field Logic Big Shooter Bear 3D Target

Large 3D archery targets don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. The Field Logic Big Shooter target is shaped like a sizable bear, measuring 38 inches long. The bear is also 24 inches high, so it’s quite significant! Even still, you can get your hands on this target for less than $150.

The black-furred bear comes in a single piece so it’s more durable. Its shape and size are realistic, as is the detailed fur across its body and its lighter-colored muzzle and ears. Scoring rings in the center of the bear’s body offer a reliable place to aim.

According to Field Logic, their Big Shooter bear 3D target can handle expandable, broadhead, and field point arrows hundreds of times over. That’s due to the target’s construction, which is high-impact and weather-resistant foam. 

Delta McKenzie Backyard Imp 3D Target

Okay, so an imp is not something you’ll ever come across when you begin hunting real game, but that’s the fun of target practice, right? It doesn’t have to be true to life. That’s why we like this 3D target so much.

Yes, it’s yet another pick from Delta McKenzie, so you should know by now that the 3D imp target will be high quality through and through. Made of pure self-healing foam, the target depicts an evil-looking dark-furred imp. The imp has red eyes, a flat pig nose, horns, and an evil smile with sharp teeth. In the imp’s hand is a manmade hammer.

The target is 18 inches wide by 20 inches tall. Delta McKenzie recommends firing at their imp target using broadhead or field point arrows. Since the foam can heal itself, removing arrows from the imp’s face or body is simple. 

Rinehart Woodland Coyote 3D Target

Here’s another rather gruesome-looking 3D target, this time from Rinehart. In the brand’s Woodland Series is a 3D coyote target complete with a smaller dead creature in its mouth. 

The coyote target measures 16 inches by 29 inches. Besides the fact that it’s feasting on prey, the coyote is realistic in its shape, size, and patterning. The coloration is tan with black dots throughout. 

Both UV-resistant and weatherproof, Rinehart’s target has self-healing inserts. When the insert wears down, you can take it out and replace it. 

BIGSHOT RealWild Bobcat 3D Target

Last but certainly not least on our list of inexpensive 3D archery targets is this pick from BIGSHOT. Their RealWild 3D bobcat target might spook you, as it looks that lifelike. 

The 3D bobcat target weighs 11 pounds and measures 36.4 inches by 29.1 inches by three inches. The self-healing, high-density foam base of the bobcat includes a core. BIGSHOT mentions having worked with taxidermists to get the look of this bobcat just right. The replica is an Appalachian bobcat. 

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Final Thoughts

If you always balk at the price of 3D archery targets, this list ought to change your mind. The 10 inexpensive targets we talked about prove that you can enjoy the realism of animal targets without having to spend $300 or $400. You have lots of great options to use for your next target practice! 

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