A List of the Best Archery Ranges in the Houston Area

Texas is one of the biggest states in the United States, with a plethora of things to do. It’s famous for barbecue, a vast amount of nature parks, and historical sites.

Since the state is so large, it may seem obvious that there is so much to do, and when one thinks of Texas, you know that everything is larger in Texas.

Houston has a special reputation for also being one of the best places to stop by in Texas.

It’s famous for the amount of space research that happens there (“Houston, we’ve had a problem,”) for the delicious seafood that is so freshly available from the coast located in the Houston area, and the abundance of entertainment and places to see and go, night and day.

In addition to all these wonderful things to do in Houston, there are also plenty of spots for the archer to go to and hone their skills, or if you’re feeling like you need an archery fix, there are plenty of ranges and clubs that you can venture out to.

And since everything is larger in Texas, the options to choose from are also inexhaustible, and the Houston area is teeming with places for the avid archer to stop by.

I put together a list of some of the best archery ranges in the Houston area, so if you’re stopping by the Houston area and are feeling up to a little shooting time, or you’re just wanting to try out archery for the first time, then you might find this list of 10 of the best archery ranges in Houston useful!

1. X10 Archery

Located in southwest Houston, X10 Archery is a great place for archers of all ages and experience, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. It has a 10-lane archery range, with equipment rental available for $10 per hour and lane rental for another $10 per hour.

Never held a bow before? New archer orientation is every Saturday and Sunday and is provided for a fee of $25. Equipment is also available for purchase at their pro shop located at the range.

If you’re looking for more education and want to commit to a learning program, X10 Archery also offers an adult and a youth program, as well as a membership for those who want to be a part of the X10 Archery community.

2. Houston Archery Lessons & Range

Houston Archery Lessons is located on the west side of Houston and is a range that specializes in giving lessons to both kids and adults, from as young as ages 6 and up.

Their top instructor, James Loesch, is USA Archery certified and all the customers love him and his crew! There are so many raving reviews about the quality of the lessons at Houston Archery.

And something really nice about the range is that if you sign up for a lesson, then you don’t need to bring your equipment! All equipment is included within the original price for the lesson.

3. West Houston Archery

West Houston Archery is a pro shop/archery range that is said to be the largest in the Houston area! The range is 19 lanes, and is as long as 30 yards!

The general entrance fee for adults is $10 for an all-day entrance, and children 12 years younger are permitted for a fee of $5. If you end up bringing a crossbow, the price is $15 per person.

If you want to purchase your own equipment, then West Houston Archery has an awesome pro shop with professionals that can help you find your best bow!

4. Triple Edge Archery

Want to find a place where you can shoot your crossbow, as well as your regular, recurve bow? Triple Edge Archery is the place for you.

Triple Edge is located in Dayton, Texas, which might make it a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it.

Triple Edge has an archery pro shop where you can purchase a normal bow as well as a crossbow. Since often crossbows are considered a weapon that you have to have a license for, shops that sell crossbows and offer in-range shooting are a rarer find.

So whether you’re a crossbow die-hard, or you just like normal bows, you might want to try out the range at Triple Edge.

5. Saddle River Range

If you like both guns and bows, you might want to try out Saddle River Range. Saddle River Range offers an impressive collection of gun supplies and archery supplies with trained professionals and instructors for both.

The store is located in Conroe, and the range is a large 20-lane space which is open to the public 7 days a week. The entrance fee is $12 per person, and equipment rental is $17 per person.

They offer a variety of different types of archery, such as 3D archery, archery tag, and archery shooting leagues. They also offer beginner’s group lesson every Friday night, at the cost of $30 per person.

6. Buffalo Field Archery Club

Buffalo Field Archery Club is a volunteer, non-profit organization located in the northwest Houston area that is open to the public and provides a large variety of ranges and courses for every type of archer.

There are four available outdoor archery ranges to choose from, a 3D archery range, a practice range, a field range, and a world archery range.

On Saturdays, the ranges are available to the public completely free from 8 am to noon, and the rest of the time for the ranges is available for members from dawn till dusk.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of ranges to choose from and a community to bond together with while enjoying your favorite sport, then try becoming a member at Buffalo Field Archery Club!

7. Texas Archery

Texas Archery is an archery range and shop located in Spring, Texas, which boasts a wide selection of different types of indoor archery ranges to choose from.

At their designated location, they have a tuning/testing range, a 20-yard range, a 40-yard range, and a 50-yard range. They also offer a TechnoHunt Pro Range, which is where you can practice using a virtual screen that displays animal targets for you to shoot at.

They also have a pro shop where archery equipment is available for purchase and technicians are also on duty to help you have your best shooting experience possible.

8. Rob Fleming Archery Range

Rob Fleming Archery Range is an outdoor archery range that is located in The Woodlands, Texas, at Rob Fleming Park.

The archery range is open to the public and available from dawn to dusk, fees are included with the park entry fee. The range itself is a target archery range, with several targets to shoot from.

There are no crossbows allowed at the range and there are only six arrows allowed per archer. However, this outdoor range is simple and good for going out and doing shooting practice.

9. Brazos County Archery Club

Brazos County Archery Club is a club located in Bryan, Texas, and is available for practice for all members, and for all types of archery. The range is also available to the public monthly with the first shoot free, and the entrance fee price is $15 per person.

The range offers a practice bag target range that ranges from 10 to 100 yards as well as a wooded range with 3D targets for tournaments.

Since this is a club, they will often hold events as fundraisers for non-profit organizations and other causes. They also provide classes for members and have competitions every year.

10. Banana Bend Archery Club

Banana Bend Archery Club is another archery club that is known for its fun outdoor range, especially for 3D shooting events. Located in Baytown, Texas, this club is especially good for families, and members receive discounts at 3D events.

Banana Bend Archery Club’s facilities are open to the public on the first Sunday of every month, and 3D events are also available to the general public on these designated days.

Whether you become a member of the club or just drop by for one of their events, this club is a great place to stop by with your family for a day of archery!

And there you have it! A complete list of the best archery ranges in the Houston, Texas area. Make sure to stop by some of these whenever you’re in town, and it will be sure to be a great time!

Happy shooting!

Check out the best archery ranges in the country.

What Makes a High-Quality Archery Range?

The country has many archery ranges, some being better than others. A quality range offers features and qualities that cater to the needs of their visitors to provide a fun and safe shooting experience. Some important things to look for in a quality archery range are as follows. 

Safety: The safety of their visitors should be the top priority in any archery range you visit. A range that values safety will have safety protocols and rules clearly posted for all to see. These will include designated shooting lanes and proper signs along with trained staff to monitor and enforce their rules and regulations. Safety measures such as backstops, barriers, and adequate ventilation systems should be in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of participants.

Range Layout and Design: An effective range layout is crucial for archers to practice their skills comfortably. The range should have well-defined shooting lanes with sufficient space between shooters, allowing for safe and unobstructed shooting. Distances for various shooting distances should be marked, and targets should be properly positioned for easy visibility and retrieval.

Target Variety and Quality: A great archery range offers a variety of target options to cater to different archery disciplines and skill levels. This can include traditional bullseye targets, 3D animal targets, and specialty targets for specific archery styles. Targets should be well-maintained, regularly replaced or repaired, and appropriately sized and positioned to provide a fair and challenging shooting experience.

Equipment and Amenities: High-quality archery ranges provide individuals with access to quality archery equipment and amenities, including bows and arrows, shooting stands or benches, and storage areas for personal gear.

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Instruction and Coaching: A great archery range may offer instructional classes or coaching services for people of any skill level. Qualified instructors or teachers should provide training and tips to help archers improve their form, accuracy, and technique. Their main goal is to contribute to the growth and development of archers at any skill level.

Community and Atmosphere: A positive and welcoming atmosphere can greatly enhance the overall experience at an archery range. A great range fosters community, encouraging archers to connect, share knowledge, and support each other’s progress. Organized events, competitions, or social gatherings can help build this community spirit and create a vibrant archery culture.

Accessibility and Convenience: Convenient location, sufficient parking, and low range fees contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of an archery range. Range hours that accommodate various schedules, including evenings and weekends, can cater to a wider range of archers.

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