A List of the Best Archery Ranges in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Texas, where everything is bigger! In addition to that, the options for archery ranges to be chosen is also a bigger selection! The Dallas area has so much to offer, including places for the archer to be able to practice their skills and shoot to their heart’s content! With the beautiful big blue Texas sky overhead, you will not want to miss stopping by these shooting spots!

Speaking of the big blue Texas sky, not all of these archery ranges are outdoors. So you may not be able to see the big Texan sky all the time, but you won’t regret going to some of the best archery ranges that Dallas/Fort Worth area has just for you!

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best five archery ranges available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so while sometimes it may be difficult to navigate the amount of stores that are available in Dallas, this list will make it a little easier for you to find your way to your arching happy place!

The five that I chose to be the best are:

  • Texas Archery Academy
  • Westlake Sports Center
  • Irving Bowhunters Association
  • Gateway Archery Inc and Indoor Range
  • Cowtown Bowman

1. Texas Archery Academy

There are so many different options for you to choose from if you decide to stop by Texas Archery Academy! Located in Plano, Texas, the drive to the Academy is about 45-50 minutes from central Dallas, which is a little bit longer, but you will not regret the drive down to Texas Archery Academy!

Texas Archery Academy has so much to offer. They have several different ranges that are available, that you have to drive to different places in order to go to you can find them at texasarchery.info!

Just for the outdoor range alone, there are so many different choices!! There’s a target shooting range, with varying distances from which to shoot from, an event shooting range, an elevated shooting platform for parents, youth, and children, and also a 3D wooded shooting course!!

So if you’re in the mood to enjoy the beautiful warm Texan weather (and don’t forget that Texas blue sky!), you have such a selection of things to choose from, if you’re feeling adventurous, try the 3D course, or if you’re wanting to practice your accuracy, then you can try the target course! And that’s just for the outdoor course.

As for the indoor courses, which are open to the public Tuesday through Sunday (hours varied), there is a huge range that has over ten lanes that are used for various different events. Instruction and classes for adults, youth, and children are available, and while not for sale, equipment is for rent. Birthday parties, Boy and Girl Scout activities can also be hosted at the indoor site.

And for those looking for a more private experience, you can join the Shooters Club as an individual, a parent and child, or family! And for a certain fee, you can have 24/hr access to all of the indoor and outdoor ranges! In addition, there are two locations that are available for members only to shoot, closed to the public. You are expected to volunteer for at least one hour each year for the club, but other than that, the perks outweigh the costs!

In addition to instruction, a wide host of different ranges to try, the Archery Academy offers tournaments year-round for competitive shooters. They also have a program called Archer’s Quest that is a series of educational lessons and progressive learning that is completely available for all ages and is free!

It’s pretty clear that there is a lot offered at Texas Archery Range, and I’m more than certain that there is something available for every type of archer here! Texas Archery Academy is renowned for its top-notch instructors and facilities and is guaranteed not to disappoint.

2. Westlake Sports Center

As you can tell, I’m pretty obsessed with the big blue beautiful Texas sky. Well, here’s another archery range where you can enjoy the big blue Texas sky and fulfill your archery desires too!

Westlake Sports Center is a public park/recreational site located in Mesquite, Texas. Mesquite is about a thirty-minute drive from central Dallas, so it’s an in the middle sort of drive, but the park has so much to offer to satisfy your need to play and get outdoors!

And fairly recently, they opened up an archery range! The archery range is in total of 8 lanes, and they have targets at distances from 10 yards to 100 yards. And guess what? There are ten classes that are available to take! How’s that for instruction?

The classes are offered once a month and last generally for about one hour. There are family classes, beginner’s classes, children’s classes, classes for military members, youth classes, a bowhunting class, etc., etc. They are generally not free, however, equipment is provided, so it isn’t an unreasonable price by any means. Sometimes the fee counts for two extra sessions as well, so they are generally $5-10 per lesson.

Private one-on-one lessons are also available for $15 per hour, and must be specifically scheduled.

But normally besides the classes that are offered on Saturdays, the range is open to the public! Prices for entry may vary based on residency and age, but you can also buy a pass that counts for the whole year, and equipment is available to rent at the pro shop nearby.

This park is a great spot for you and your family to spend some time doing archery together, and if you ever want to try brushing up on your skills or learning more, than Westlake Sports Center has what you need!

3. Irving Bowhunters Association

Now, some archers are most interested in the hunting side of archery rather than just target practice. You might be looking for a community of archers that know their hunting stuff and will help you to become a better archer and hunter. Look no further, because Irving Bowhunters Association has got you covered!

Located in Dallas proper, and only a twenty-minute drive from downtown, Irving Bowhunters Association is a private archery-based hunting club that focuses heavily on how to hunt with your bow.

The membership is about $120 for a family/individual membership, and for seniors 60 years of age and older, about $70. This may seem a little pricey, especially because you have to provide your own gear. But once you’ve experienced some of the shoots and tournaments, and see the ranges, you’ll be glad you joined.

The ranges are beautiful if I do say so myself. I’m not a super hardcore archer, but when I saw these ranges, I’m not lying when I say it made me want to be. And if you become a member, you have access to these facilities at any time.

The field range has targets from 20-80 yards with 28 targets per round. Children and adult distances vary.

But the thing that got me excited the most was the 3D course. There are so many different trails and courses that are placed on the hills surrounding the course. There are 3D targets placed everywhere, so it really makes you feel like you’re hunting. The range really is gorgeous.

And if you want to compete, there are so many events and tournaments available for the field target shooting and the 3D shooting as well. Now that would be way fun.

Need I say more? Irving Bowhunters Association. If you want to shoot 3D buffaloes, come.

4. Gateway Archery

Gateway Archery is another great place to swing by if you’re feeling up to an archery fix. Gateway Archery is an archery store that is fully loaded with all the equipment you could possibly need, and does repairs for bows and also sells new and used bows.

Which if you’re looking for a bow that’s half the price, can be a really sweet deal.

Gateway Archery is located in Fort Worth, only twelve minutes away from the downtown/central area. If you’re living in Fort Worth, this can be a huge perk for you, considering the close proximity to the central part of town.

The indoor range is not the biggest one ever, about 20 yards, but it can be really good if you’re just looking to perfect your technique and just get some extra practice in. For a whole day’s pass, the usage fee is $10, and for one hour, the price is $5 per person.

So when you’re ever in town, feel free to swing by Gateway Archery and check out their store and archery range! You might come out with a wallet lighter than when you first came in…

5. Cowtown Bowmen

Cowtown Bowmen is another archery club, that is a local, non-profit volunteer club. They’ve been around for more than 50 years, and they have a great reputation in the community for the kindness and sense of familiarity in the group.

Cowtown Bowmen’s facility is located near Lake Worth, which is literally less then ten minutes away.

Once you become a member of the club, that membership will include everyone in your household under the age of 18, so you can bring your whole family along! Family/individual memberships cost $70 per year, while seniors cost $50 for the year and youth are $50.

As a member you have access to the ranges provided at the facility, and receive discounts on the various member shoots and tournaments hosted frequently.

There are two ranges available. One is the covered outdoor practice range. Targets are placed from 15 to 50 yards for shooting and practice. The second range is another 3D course set in the woods surrounding the facility! There are many 3D targets that are great for those who are interested in bowhunting, and some of them even move!

If I haven’t convinced you to join already, the club publishes a monthly newsletter called the Cowpatty…and I heard its content is a lot better than the title!

Try stopping on by to Cowmen’s, and you might discover a way to continue your passion for archery there with fellow avid archers!

It was so difficult for me to decide the top archery places in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! There are honestly tons available there, but these are the ones that I think are the most interesting and have the best potential for helping you have an enjoyable time with your bow! Of course…under the big blue Texas sky. Try them out! Happy shooting!

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What Makes a High-Quality Archery Range?

The country has many archery ranges, some being better than others. A quality range offers features and qualities that cater to the needs of their visitors to provide a fun and safe shooting experience. Some important things to look for in a quality archery range are as follows. 

Safety: The safety of their visitors should be the top priority in any archery range you visit. A range that values safety will have safety protocols and rules clearly posted for all to see. These will include designated shooting lanes and proper signs along with trained staff to monitor and enforce their rules and regulations. Safety measures such as backstops, barriers, and adequate ventilation systems should be in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of participants.

Range Layout and Design: An effective range layout is crucial for archers to practice their skills comfortably. The range should have well-defined shooting lanes with sufficient space between shooters, allowing for safe and unobstructed shooting. Distances for various shooting distances should be marked, and targets should be properly positioned for easy visibility and retrieval.

Target Variety and Quality: A great archery range offers a variety of target options to cater to different archery disciplines and skill levels. This can include traditional bullseye targets, 3D animal targets, and specialty targets for specific archery styles. Targets should be well-maintained, regularly replaced or repaired, and appropriately sized and positioned to provide a fair and challenging shooting experience.

Equipment and Amenities: High-quality archery ranges provide individuals with access to quality archery equipment and amenities, including bows and arrows, shooting stands or benches, and storage areas for personal gear.

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Instruction and Coaching: A great archery range may offer instructional classes or coaching services for people of any skill level. Qualified instructors or teachers should provide training and tips to help archers improve their form, accuracy, and technique. Their main goal is to contribute to the growth and development of archers at any skill level.

Community and Atmosphere: A positive and welcoming atmosphere can greatly enhance the overall experience at an archery range. A great range fosters community, encouraging archers to connect, share knowledge, and support each other’s progress. Organized events, competitions, or social gatherings can help build this community spirit and create a vibrant archery culture.

Accessibility and Convenience: Convenient location, sufficient parking, and low range fees contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of an archery range. Range hours that accommodate various schedules, including evenings and weekends, can cater to a wider range of archers.

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