A List of the Best Archery Ranges in the Boise/Idaho Area

Idaho is known for its beautiful nature and vast wildernesses that are ideal for hunters, fishers, and archers alike, especially the Boise Idaho area. There are few trees, lots of hills and different types of wildlife, and plenty of wide open space, perfect for target and area shooting.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go to be able to make the most out of the expansive area available. Especially if you’ve brought your bow and are ready to make the best of your shooting experience in Idaho!

For the avid archer, this list compiles some of the best archery ranges offered in the Boise Idaho area, and you can decide which one will be the best option for you to go to. I will be talking about four of the best, which are:

These ranges have the top reviews and raved by archery lovers, and they promise that these ranges are really the best. These ranges provide some of the best experience that Idaho has to offer, influenced by the beautiful golden tones of the area surrounding Boise and Idaho. While you’re in Idaho, you can make the best kind of archery experience by going to these ranges!

So let’s get right to it!

1. City of Boise Military Reserve Archery Range

For a standard, well-rounded archery range, the City of Boise’s Military Reserve has you covered! This range is a basic, target shooting range, and is surrounded by hills. It is well-removed from the town, so your experience will more than likely be a quieter one.

Due to sewage construction and management, the City of Boise’s Military Reserve Archery Range has recently been moved to the old Military Reserve shooting range and should open in May. The old facility will be re-purposed into a dog park and a hiking trail, but the Archery range will be new and have a better location.

The Archery range offers a wide variety of different target distances to shoot at. So for those who are interested in brushing up on their target shooting skills, the mix of different distances from which to shoot targets will be great practice.

There are about 8 targets, varying from 10 yards to 20 yards, all the way up to 60 yards. The targets are in good shape and with the new relocation of the archery range, they will be more organized and become a more interesting practice for those who decide to visit the Military Reserve’s archery range.

However, since you’re in Boise, civilization is not too far away. The Military Reserve is only about a 5-minute drive from downtown Boise, so you can grab some lunch or dinner after your big day of shooting at the Military Reserve.

The range is open from sunrise to sunset and is open to the public. It is available for rent for community events, for $50 per day. Archery equipment is available for rent and restroom amenities are also provided.

While you’re visiting the Boise area, the Military Reserve’s Archery Range is not that far from the rest of the city, and you can easily swing by without worrying about traveling too far into the boonies while still being surrounded by the beautiful nature that Boise has to offer.

2. Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Range

Established since 1957, Nampa Bow Chiefs is an archery club and organization, with much to offer. It is only about a 24-minute drive from Boise to Nampa, Nampa Bow Chiefs Archery Range has all of your archery needs at their site.

Nampa Bow Chiefs has classes available for all different ages, types, and levels of archers. They have children’s classes, beginner adult classes, classes for those who want to take their archery to the next level, and more!

If you become a member, then you are able to participate in many different types of shooting events, have access to the indoor shooting range day and night, and become a part of the various shooting leagues that are offered at Nampa Bow Chiefs.

Sometimes the Nampa Bow Chiefs have open range nights where the public is also free to use the range. They have equipment for people to use and buy as well.

The indoor range has lots of raving reviews, and there is also a large outside range that is offered during the spring and summer that has a lot of permanently fixed targets, available to the public. Sometimes for certain events and tournaments for the shooting Nampa Bow Chiefs will travel.

The Nampa Bow Chiefs also provides different types of shooting and bowhunting leagues for different ages that are offered during the fall and winter, which take place in the indoor range. If you are interested in competitive archery, then becoming a member of one of the leagues would help you improve your archery skills.

In addition to all the great services and activities available at Nampa Bow Chiefs, they are also available to service or for equipment rentals for various events and parties!

Nampa Bow Chiefs provides a community of archers for those in the Boise area as well as caters to needs of individual archers and what they want to improve upon. For the archer who is very much into the more competitive side of archery, this archery range might be the place just for you!

3. Dead On Archery

Dead On Archery is a large archery shop located in downtown Boise, which also boasts an archery range in addition to the large assortment of equipment that furnishes the store!

The owners of Dead On Archery all share a passion for archery and have received a lot of training and experience with the bow. So if you have a problem or something you need help with related to archery, there is no need to fear! You’re guaranteed satisfaction as well as assistance related to your every archery need.

The shop also offers custom set strings that they will even put on the bow for you, and they promise that your bow will be tuned to the t!

But the main reason you’ve come is for the archery range, right? The Dead On Archery indoor range is 65 yards long with 16 lanes available in the store. Equipment is available for rent and the range is always open to the public.

In addition to the indoor range, Dead On Archery also offers a virtual 3-D Hunting Simulator! For a half an hour for $10, or $15 for one hour, you can enjoy virtual archery in addition to the real stuff you do on the range!

Dead On Archery also presents archery lessons for beginners, children, etc. They have shooting leagues and competitive teams, and present various events and tournaments!

But that’s not all! Dead On Archery can also do parties and birthdays! Dead On Archery provides balloons, targets, and equipment for the shooters as well as instructions and a safety brief for shooters there! Pricing for 8 shooters is $150 dollars for 90 minutes, and the Hunting Simulator is also thrown into the mix.

Wanna learn more about archery? Dead On Archery also offers informative seminars for those who are interested in learning more.

Dead On Archery offers a wide selection of services and products to cater to your archery desires, wants, and needs. For those interested in archery currently in the downtown or near the downtown Boise area, Dead On Archery is a place you need to visit!

4. Archery Central

Archery Central is located in Caldwell, Idaho, about a 30-minute drive from Boise. It’s an archery shop that has many different types of lessons and training that you can get!

There are children’s classes, adult classes and beginners lessons, and they also offer Bowhunter’s Education for those who want to become licensed.

Archery Central also offers competitive archery, such as shooting leagues and various tournaments.

They have an indoor range at their site as well as have several outdoor ranges that can change based on the season and for different events or tournaments.

For the beginner or someone that is interested in getting into archery, the teachers at Archery Central are excellent and highly qualified. This is the archery range for you!

Idaho has so many beautiful nature spots and wildlife available. There is also more than its fair share of archery ranges that vary in different experiences and levels for all archers! The next time you’re in Idaho, or if you’re living in the Boise area and are interested in starting archery, then try stopping by some of these places!

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What Makes a High-Quality Archery Range?

The country has many archery ranges, some being better than others. A quality range offers features and qualities that cater to the needs of their visitors to provide a fun and safe shooting experience. Some important things to look for in a quality archery range are as follows. 

Safety: The safety of their visitors should be the top priority in any archery range you visit. A range that values safety will have safety protocols and rules clearly posted for all to see. These will include designated shooting lanes and proper signs along with trained staff to monitor and enforce their rules and regulations. Safety measures such as backstops, barriers, and adequate ventilation systems should be in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of participants.

Range Layout and Design: An effective range layout is crucial for archers to practice their skills comfortably. The range should have well-defined shooting lanes with sufficient space between shooters, allowing for safe and unobstructed shooting. Distances for various shooting distances should be marked, and targets should be properly positioned for easy visibility and retrieval.

Target Variety and Quality: A great archery range offers a variety of target options to cater to different archery disciplines and skill levels. This can include traditional bullseye targets, 3D animal targets, and specialty targets for specific archery styles. Targets should be well-maintained, regularly replaced or repaired, and appropriately sized and positioned to provide a fair and challenging shooting experience.

Equipment and Amenities: High-quality archery ranges provide individuals with access to quality archery equipment and amenities, including bows and arrows, shooting stands or benches, and storage areas for personal gear.

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Instruction and Coaching: A great archery range may offer instructional classes or coaching services for people of any skill level. Qualified instructors or teachers should provide training and tips to help archers improve their form, accuracy, and technique. Their main goal is to contribute to the growth and development of archers at any skill level.

Community and Atmosphere: A positive and welcoming atmosphere can greatly enhance the overall experience at an archery range. A great range fosters community, encouraging archers to connect, share knowledge, and support each other’s progress. Organized events, competitions, or social gatherings can help build this community spirit and create a vibrant archery culture.

Accessibility and Convenience: Convenient location, sufficient parking, and low range fees contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of an archery range. Range hours that accommodate various schedules, including evenings and weekends, can cater to a wider range of archers.

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