A List of the Best Archery Ranges in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, is known as the Rainy City. If you go there even for a little bit, you’ll find out very quickly that it’s because it literally always rains, and in this case, it rains archery ranges as well!

Well, funnies aside, there is a large concentration of archery ranges within the Seattle area, and they’re sure to please the pickiest of archers!

Of course, you may need to end up needing to bring your umbrella if you favor trying the outdoor courses, but since Seattle is such a rainy place, you’ll see as a result that nature outside is so gorgeous and so green!

So I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best archery ranges available in the Seattle Washington area, so grab your Starbucks and your umbrella and get ready to go to some of the best archery ranges you’ve ever seen!

1. The Nock Point

The Nock Point, located in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, is a pro shop and indoor range combination facility with all the accessories included.

Their indoor range is 20 yards, with 26 lanes provided. Distance marks go from as close to 5 yards to as far as 18 meters. All bow styles except for crossbows are allowed in the range, and refreshments, bow stands, and equipment tables are all included.

Prices for adults are $12.50 for all day, $6 for children all day, and discounted lane cards are also available for purchase. If you want to rent equipment, it’s $27.50 per adult and $15 for youth (those under 16 years of age), plus the normal range fee.

The Nock Point is sure to provide you with all of your archery needs!

2. Next Step Archery

Next Step Archery, also located in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, was founded in 2005 by Bob Hickey, as a non-profit archery education center. Actually, Next Step Archery is located right next to Nock Point Archery, so you can just walk a little way to access their pro shop as well as their indoor lanes.

Next Step Archery, as an education center, focuses on teaching from beginner level to elite level when it comes to archery, and has a state-of-the-art indoor facility with 28 lanes, as well as 2 additional private coaching rooms. The lanes range from 14-20 yards and 14-10 yards per lane.

Next Step Archery has a wide variety of different lessons, shooting leagues, special events, tournaments, and archery camps for people to choose from, and accordingly, prices may vary based upon the program you are interested in. Check it out!

3. Skookums Archery Club & Range

Found in Puyallup, Washington, Skookums Archery Club & Range is one of the largest archery clubs in Washington state. Their archery facilities and ranges are stretched over a span of 39 acres, so the facility promises much excitement with the services available there!

The range features two main courses, one is a walk through course with 56 targets. The second course is a flat range with targets at a distance from 20 to 101 yards, in addition to some FITA targets that are at 18-90 meters.

Although Skookums is technically an archery club, there are also times where their facilities are open to the public! The range is open from dawn to dusk, and the costs are $10 for each adult and $5 for each youth from ages 12-17. Children under 11 are admitted for free! Come try it out!

4. Flying Duchess Ranch

For those who would like to try something a little different from normal archery, why not stop by Flying Duchess Ranch? Located in Arlington, Washington, this education center focuses on all things horses, as well as “mounted martial arts”.

And you can do archery on the back of a horse too! One of the most popular activities at Flying Duchess Ranch is horseback archery! Tournaments, private lessons, and special clinics and events are offered, and prices may vary.

But if you want to feel more connected with the people of the past who lived their days riding bareback on their horses and nothing but a bow in their hand, you might want to try it out!

5. Riverside Archery

Riverside Archery is a small pro shop and archery range located in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Small and decorated with a very rustic feel to it, Riverside Archery boasts of a professional-staffed shop and all of the equipment you could possibly need.

The archery range located at Riverside Archery is on the smaller side, and only has about 4-6 lanes, but despite its size, it receives a lot of traffic and is only $5 per person!

For those who are living in the Mt. Vernon area, this little gem is full of things to satisfy all your needs and wants as an archer.

6. KBH Archers

KBH Archers is another archery club, which can be found in Kitsap, Washington. Featuring an impressive array of ranges and services, the facilities at KBH are offered for both members of the club and non-members.

The indoor range is about 5000 sq feet, and has 16 shooting lanes. The walk through range has about 28 targets, and there is also an outdoor practice range that has targets at distances up to 100 yards. They also provide a broad-head area for practicing with broad-heads and hunting practice.

But in addition to this, the walkthrough range is completely wheelchair accessible, so anybody can participate in the range! KBH also has a large campground and a play area for children.

If you’re feeling up to camping and archery, or just doing archery, then KBH archery might be a good option for you to try!

7. Silver Arrow Bowmen

Also located in the Mt. Vernon area, Silver Arrow Bowmen Archery Club is an archery club with various facilities that are open to the public.

Two of the courses are open to the public, the flat range, and the walkthrough course. The flat range has lighting, and therefore is open 24/7, and also includes a self-payment by the non-members that choose to use it.

There are actually two flat ranges that have staggered targets, one range with distances of 10-50 yards, and the other with distances up to 60 yards. The walkthrough course can be a little bit of a hike, with more than 40 targets placed at various distances at 4-101 yards.

The indoor range is open to the public during special events and features 14 shooting lanes. Be sure to check their website for additional information!

8. Orion Indoor Range

Orion Indoor Range is an indoor archery range located in Auburn, Washingon, and specializes in recurve shooting styles. It sells and rents recurve equipment, teaches lessons, and holds mini summer camps for children.

The indoor range is 20 yards long, and is available for compound, traditional, and recurve shooting styles. You can reserve private lessons as well as group lessons if you are a beginner and/or want to learn more. It’s guaranteed to be a good time for you and your friends!

9. Rock Creek Archery

Rock Creek Archery is an archery range and pro shop in Enumclaw, Washington, and prides itself in selling the best Bowtech and Elite bows.

It offers all of the basic services and products that are needed to get started and keep going in their pro shop, and they also teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced archery lessons for those who are interested in trying the sport of archery!

Their archery range is a 20-yard indoor range with 10 individual lanes and can be used at the price of $10 per hour. Rock Creek Archery also has a shooting team that you can join and shoot competitively all year round!

10. Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club

Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club is a combined shooting and archery club from Bainbridge Island. Although originally just a shooting club, the club has grown to include archery in the group and currently has an awesome range to go with it!

The archery range is open on Wednesdays and Sunday, with limited hours for non-members. The archery range itself is a covered one, complete with lighting for nighttime shooting, with targets ranging from 10 to 40 yards.

The range fee for non-member adults is $7, and children under 7 are admitted free. If you want to rent equipment as well, then the equipment package comes at $15 for adults and $10 for youth under 16 years old.

And there you have it! The 10 best archery ranges in Seattle, Washington! Hopefully this gave you some ideas of places to try out in the area, and you’re bound to find something that you like!

Happy Shooting!

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What Makes a High-Quality Archery Range?

The country has many archery ranges, some being better than others. A quality range offers features and qualities that cater to the needs of their visitors to provide a fun and safe shooting experience. Some important things to look for in a quality archery range are as follows. 

Safety: The safety of their visitors should be the top priority in any archery range you visit. A range that values safety will have safety protocols and rules clearly posted for all to see. These will include designated shooting lanes and proper signs along with trained staff to monitor and enforce their rules and regulations. Safety measures such as backstops, barriers, and adequate ventilation systems should be in place to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of participants.

Range Layout and Design: An effective range layout is crucial for archers to practice their skills comfortably. The range should have well-defined shooting lanes with sufficient space between shooters, allowing for safe and unobstructed shooting. Distances for various shooting distances should be marked, and targets should be properly positioned for easy visibility and retrieval.

Target Variety and Quality: A great archery range offers a variety of target options to cater to different archery disciplines and skill levels. This can include traditional bullseye targets, 3D animal targets, and specialty targets for specific archery styles. Targets should be well-maintained, regularly replaced or repaired, and appropriately sized and positioned to provide a fair and challenging shooting experience.

Equipment and Amenities: High-quality archery ranges provide individuals with access to quality archery equipment and amenities, including bows and arrows, shooting stands or benches, and storage areas for personal gear.

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Instruction and Coaching: A great archery range may offer instructional classes or coaching services for people of any skill level. Qualified instructors or teachers should provide training and tips to help archers improve their form, accuracy, and technique. Their main goal is to contribute to the growth and development of archers at any skill level.

Community and Atmosphere: A positive and welcoming atmosphere can greatly enhance the overall experience at an archery range. A great range fosters community, encouraging archers to connect, share knowledge, and support each other’s progress. Organized events, competitions, or social gatherings can help build this community spirit and create a vibrant archery culture.

Accessibility and Convenience: Convenient location, sufficient parking, and low range fees contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of an archery range. Range hours that accommodate various schedules, including evenings and weekends, can cater to a wider range of archers.

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