A List of the Best Archery Ranges in Phoenix, Arizona

Home to some of the most beautiful nature in the United States, Phoenix Arizona is also home to some of the best archery joints around! For the Arizonian archer who’s dying to find somewhere to shoot, there are many great places to choose from!

While bursting with some of the most scenic spots for nature-viewers, like the infamous Grand Canyon, Arizona can also be incredibly hot during the summer. And because of this, there is a large supply of indoor ranges so as to prevent injury from the high temperatures commonly found in Arizona.

And if you don’t know where to go to look or where to start, I’ve put together a list of the best 9 archery ranges in the Phoenix Arizona area.

So if you’re a seasoned bowsman, or a complete amateur, there’s plenty of opportunities and places for you to practice and/or learn archery around!

Let’s get started!

1. Arizona Archery Club

Arizona Archery Club, found in Phoenix proper, is an archery pro shop and retailer, including a large archery range, that focuses on bringing their customers to the next level of skill in the sport of archery.

The archery range is a large, indoor, climate-controlled range. The range has 28 lanes, and archers can shoot from 10 yards to 45 yards.

Usage fees for the archery range start at $5 per hour, and equipment is available for rental, at $25, and is rented for one whole day.

Arizona Archery Club also offers a large selection of classes. They have an introduction to archery course, youth camps, group classes, and private lessons.

In addition to classes and one-on-one lessons, Arizona Archery Club also has tournaments and shooting leagues available for archers who want to shoot competitively. Shooting league is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

And if you need any maintenance or help with your equipment, there’s a handy-dandy pro shop and store right onsite, with trained professionals who can help you find what you need to find and fix what you need fixing.

2. Papago Archery Association

Papago Archery Association, also found in Phoenix proper, is an archery club made up of archery-loving families and individuals, and volunteers who maintain the Papago Archery Range.

The club itself meets every Saturday and Sunday to practice, but Papago Park and the archery range there is open to the general public from sunrise to sunset or 7:00 p.m. Non-members are required to bring their own equipment or join the club in order to borrow equipment.

Foam targets are generally used during the Saturday and Sunday practices, which are shaded by a large canopy to avoid the heat of the Arizona sun.

3. Archery Headquarters

Located in Chandler, Arizona, Archery Headquarters is a pro shop and retailer with the addition of several practice ranges in their facility. They also provide classes and shooting time for archers of all different levels.

There are two indoor ranges within the facility. One is open to the general public and is open during store hours. It can accommodate up to eight archers and the maximum shooting distance is 30 yards. Usage fees are $8 an hour or $35 a month.

If you become a member, you can have access to the 24-hr range, which is also air-conditioned, and you receive special key access to the range. Membership is $75 a year plus volunteering at the range time.

Archery Headquarters also offers shooting leagues, tournaments, beginner’s classes, and other events.

4. Corner Archery

Corner Archery, found in Glendale, Arizona, is a full-service retail and pro shop that offers the best of services, as well as classes and instruction.

Corner Archery has a fully-loaded pro shop with everything you might need to have to make your archery experience the best it can be. They have all of the equipment possible and have trained technicians on hand to help you with any problems you might encounter.

They also have several shooting leagues and offer JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) for both kids and adults, as well as many other shooting leagues and teams.

The range is indoor and has about ten lanes for archers to practice their shooting skills.

5. Ross Outdoors

Ross Outdoors, located in Phoenix proper, is a pro shop with an impressive archery range, as well as a productive learning environment for all archers from the most beginner to the most experienced.

Ross Outdoors has a large retail store where you can choose your own equipment and receive help with any equipment issues.

The range is about 16 lanes in total, with about eight targets. Range fees are daily and are about $9 for adults and $7 for children. Those in law enforcement, military, or fire protection services receive a discount on their usage fee.

Ross Outdoors offers private lessons as well as Kids JOAD for archery instruction and education.

6. Paseo Vista Archery Club

Paseo Vista Archery Club, found in Chandler, AZ, is a non-profit archery organization dedicated to teaching the community the art of archery and the principles that go along with it.

The archery range is found in Paseo Vista Recreation Area, run by the City of Chandler Parks and Recreation Department. The facility is a beautiful one. It is decorated with a large arrow sticking out of the ground, which has a large bullseye painted onto the ground.

The range has over 30 lanes, and targets are moveable, at varying distances for varying levels. The shooting area also has a large shade canopy for archers to be protected from the Arizona heat.

The Club offers a selection of classes and courses. They have a beginner’s course that continues for 6 weeks, and adult, youth or families camps as well. They also offer drop-in beginner’s classes each Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., at a fee of $20 per person.

7. Timber Mesa Outdoors

A little ways from Phoenix, located in Mesa, AZ, Timber Mesa Outdoors is a family owned pro shop with a small archery range. Timber Mesa Outdoors specializes in all things archery, and they guarantee great customer service as well as satisfaction.

In addition to the vast supply of archery supplies, they have a small indoor archery range that is climate controlled especially for Arizona summers. The range has 14 lanes at the distance of 20 yards.

Cost to use the range is $7.00 per hour. Lessons and leagues are also available. Equipment can also be rented.

8. Pima County Southeast Archery Range

Found in Tuscon, Arizona, Pima County Southeast Archery Range is an outdoor archery range found at the Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range.

The range is available for use at $3 per person, and children can shoot for free. The range has about 30 shooting positions varying from the distance of 10 yards to 100 yards. Hours for the range also vary.

This range might be a good place to go when it’s not summer, but it’s a flexible and spacious area for you and your bow to have some fun!

9. Tuscon Mountain Park Archery Range

Also under the jurisdiction of Pima County, Tuscon Mountain Park Archery Range is another outdoor archery range. However, unlike the Southeast Archery Range, Tuscon Mountain Park Archery Range (or TMP Archery Range for short), has a shaded canopy for archers to shoot from!

There is a practice range with targets set up at distances of 20 to 70 yards, and the location also boasts three 14-target trail courses that you can try your luck at!

This range is also $3 per person for a daily fee, and children under the age of 16 can shoot for free. Payment is self-pay, so make sure to bring cash!

The hours of the range are from 7:00 a.m. to dusk daily.

And that concludes my list of the best 8 archery ranges in the Phoenix, Arizona area! Hopefully, this list provided some pointers as to good shooting spots for you readers!

So if you’ve decided that you want to brave the sweltering Arizona heat and try an outdoor range, then good for you! But if you’re feeling more into the whole air-conditioned experience, then the archers of Arizona understand that. There is a large supply of places where you can still shoot comfortably.

And not only are they air-conditioned, but they also have all the things you need to make your shooting experience even better! So be sure to stop by sometime!

Happy Shooting!

If you want to find more of the best archery ranges in the country check out my full list.

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