A List of the Best Archery Ranges in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is one of the most beautiful states to visit in the Southern United States, and unbeknownst to the rest of us, holds some of the best-hidden archery places around! They have so many secret gems, including some of the most beautiful outdoor archery ranges!

And since Georgia has some of the greatest outdoor ranges, if you’re into the outdoor archery game, then you might just have to check out these 9 best archery ranges located in the Atlanta area.

1. ALC Bowhunting Proshop

Located in Snellville, about an hour away from Atlanta proper, ALC (Archery Learning Center) does “anything archery”. The facility has a pro shop that offers everything from repairs to tune-ups, youth tournaments and shooting leagues, classes, and so much more!

ALC teaches beginners classes every Saturday at 9 am and every Wednesday at 6 pm, at the price of $20 per person, and ALC provides the equipment and everything! ALC also offers the USA Archery JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program, which is a progressive program designed to teach youth about the importance of archery and proper skills.

The shop is designed to tailor all the needs of target shooters and bowhunters alike, so it has something for every type of archer! If you’re looking for a proshop as well as a place to practice, not to mention get instruction, try stopping by ALC Bowhunting Proshop!

2. Clybel Archery Range

Clybel Archery Range, located in Mansfield, GA, is one of the many outdoor archery ranges that Georgia has available to all archers. Managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the range can be found in the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, on the Clybel Wildlife Management Area.

The archery range has several different options to choose from, one of them being a target range with five shooting targets. Another option is an ADA Trail with 3 3D targets, and there is also one other trail with 30 3D targets available. There is also an archery tower with 3 3D targets to shoot at!

Located only an hour from Atlanta proper, this archery range has a variety of contrasting options that you can decide on, and whatever your mood is, you can find something that will satisfy at Clybel’s Archery Range!

3. Rich Mountain: Cartecay Tract Archery Range

Rich Mountain: Cartecay Tract can be found in Gilmer County, about a two-hour drive from Atlanta, and is another outdoor archery range managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. This particular range is located on the Rich Mountain: Cartecay Tract Wildlife Management Area.

This property provides opportunities to hunt for small game as well as deer, bear, and turkeys during appointed seasons, and the archery range offered here is a 3D course with 22 targets to shoot with.

The range is a beautifully forested area, so it makes perfect practice for you to get ready for hunting season and get your hunter on!

4. Victoria Byrant Archery Range

Victoria Byrant Archery Range is based in Victoria State Park in Franklin County, about a two-hour drive from Atlanta city. This park has an entrance fee, about $5, and the archery range has an entry fee of $10 for every adult and $5 for every child, annual passes for individuals and families are also available for purchase.

The archery range offers a 4-lane target range, as well as a 3D trail for those interested. The ranges are available for all archers, as long as they follow the range rules, such as not using broadheads, or racking your bow before going to take your arrows.

This archery range also offers lessons on demand, so it might be a great place to take your friends and/or family to try archery out for a day!

5. Bobby Brown Archery Range

Bobby Brown Archery Range is located in Elbert County in the Bobby Brown Park & Outdoor Recreation Area. About a 2 and a half hour drive, while this range is a little farther from Atlanta itself, it’s still worth checking out!

This archery range has 4 static targets there to shoot at and also has a 3D trail with 20 3D targets available placed along the forested trail.

The entrance fee for the Recreation Area is $7 per person for the entire day, and the archery range itself closes at sunset and opens at sunrise, so you’re free to come and go to the archery range!

6. 10 Ring Archery Club

10 Ring Archery Club an archery club attached to a proshop and archery range on the outskirts of Atlanta, in a town called Woodstock. It’s essentially a club, as it says in the title, however, there are also regular times the facility is open to the general public.

10 Ring Archery Club offers archery lessons and coaching for complete beginners as well as advanced archers, shooting leagues, competitive archery, as well as an event called Cosmic Archery, where you are supposedly surrounded by a cosmic atmosphere while you shoot.

The archery range itself is an 18m range with six lanes in total, so while it’s rather small, it provides a great indoor environment to improve your archery skills! So check it out!

7. Bullard Creek Archery Range

Another outdoor range, Bullard Creek Archery Range is a range located in Hazlehurst, GA, or the Jeff Davis County, on the Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA), next to the Bullard Creek Shooting Range.

A heavily forested property, the Bullard Creek Archery Range has a total of 26 3D targets to shoot at on a 3D trail, and a static target course as well with 4 targets to practice target shooting on.

The range and the park have no entrance fees, all you need is a proper license to show to the management, and you’re good to go!

This archery range is on the farther side from Atlanta, about a 3-hour drive, but if you happen to live close to this area or are in the neighborhood, then you might want to take a little time off de-compressing at Bullard Creek’s Archery Range!

8. Paradise Archery Range

Paradise Archery Range was recently opened last October at the Paradise Public Fishing Area, adding the site’s outdoor appeal, and making it more special for archers as well! Located in Berrien County, this brand-new outdoor archery range is super clean and super new!

While a little on the smaller side, this archery range is a target shooting range with five targets and five lanes prepared at different distances, ranging from 10-50 yards in length. Since the range is pretty new, the targets are too, and since the range is near the lake, the view is gorgeous!

Again, this archery range is also quite a ways from Atlanta, 3-hours from the city, so if you’re living pretty far away, you might not think it’s worth it to go, if you live close by or happen to be close, indulge your curiosity and go!

9. McDuffie Archery Range

McDuffie Archery Range, like Paradise Archery Range, is also kitty-corner to a public fishing area just across the lake! The archery range is based in McDuffie County and is about a two-hour drive from Atlanta proper.

The archery range has 3 bullseye targets, mixed in with a couple of 3D targets to shoot at. The range also has an archery tower to shoot from, and since the facility is unstaffed, you can feel free to take your own sweet time and do as you please!

This archery range is also right next to a lake, so the lakeside view makes for a perfect backdrop while you are strutting your stuff with your bow! It might be worth a shot to swing by!

And while there are still quite a few other archery ranges in the state of Georgia, as well as around the Atlanta area, I think we’ll leave it at that! If you are interested in looking to see if there are more archery ranges in your area or where ever you may be traveling, check out the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division website!

This website provides lots of information regarding the different archery ranges and other outdoor recreation, and has a lot of resources for looking up outdoor archery ranges!

But I hope that this article gave you some good ideas of where to go the next time you are in Georgia!

Happy Shooting!

If you want to find more of the best archery ranges in the country check out my full list.

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