9 Best Campers with Bunkbed Floorplans We’ve Ever Seen

best rvs with bunkbeds
best campers with bunkbeds
trailers with bunks
travel trailer with bunkbeds

Finding an RV with all of your needs can be difficult, especially if you have a need for multiple sleeping spaces in a small space. Bunk beds are great for this, and kids love them.

Whether you’re in need of a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, you’ll find something that fits your family.

So what are the nine best campers with bunk beds?

  1. Grand Design Solitude 366DEN
  2. Keystone Avalanche
  3. Tiffin Allegro 36 UA
  4. Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen
  5. Dutchmen Rubicon 2500
  6. Winnebago Minnie 2455BHS
  7. Coachmen Mirada Class A Motorhome
  8. Thor Motor Coach Challenger Class A 37FH
  9. Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2504

I will go into detail on each of these great options.

best rvs with bunkbeds
best campers with bunkbeds
trailers with bunks
travel trailer with bunkbeds


This particular brand of camper is a little expensive, coming in at around $55,000. But if you are looking for some serious space and you have the ability to make a hard investment, this could be the pick for you and your family.

This RV has a floor plan that includes bunk beds, huge windows that provide a scenic view, high ceilings, 6’8″ slide-outs, and spacious cabinets so you can stock up on food to feed all the little ones in your bunk beds.

Along with the previously listed additions there are:

  • Demotic Premium Air Conditioning
  • Fiberglass side walling with gloss
  • Everpedic mattresses for the main bed as well as the bunk beds
  • HDTV home theater
  • Bluetooth and CD/DVD hookups
  • Steel slam-latch for baggage and entrance door security
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • LP alarm
  • Smoke Detector
  • Massive, hidden storage compartments

Keystone Avalanche 395BH

This brand of RV is extremely popular. They are involved in the manufacturing of not only RVs but full motorhomes with bunk bed floor plans.

The Keystone Avalanche 395BH is a class C RV that offers bunks between the loft cabinet and the shower. Because the bunk beds are in a loft, whoever uses the bunk will need to use a small ladder to get into the bunk. Each camper is equipped with the ladder so it is not an extra purchase.

Each bunk is 38×74, it is large enough for children to have enough room to bunk up or stretch out. There is ample amount of storage space.

Also included:

  • 70×80 bed that has storage underneath it
  • TV area
  • Two awnings, one of 17 feet and one of 11 feet
  • Washer and dryer area (stack-able)
  • Loft cabinets
  • Two bathrooms, both included shower, sink one includes cabinet, toilet
  • Pantries, wardrobe, extra storage
  • Two tri hold sofas and two recliners (removable table included in one)
best rvs with bunkbeds
best campers with bunkbeds
trailers with bunks
travel trailer with bunkbeds

Tiffin Allegro 36 UA

Tiffin is a highly respected and well-known brand. The 36 UA floorplan includes bunk beds and is the perfect set up for families. They have had years, 50 in fact, of back round.

They are a highly trusted and reliable RV brand and have excelled in the durability of the vehicles and following through on warranty. With this particular model you can choose your exterior paint. The options you can choose from are Silver Sand, Sunlit Sands, Oceanside, Rocky Mountain Brown, Maroon/Coral, White Mahogany.

Also included:

  • 7.0 kw Onan diesel generator
  • The trailer hitch has the ability to carry 5,000 pounds
  • Bedroom area with bunk beds
  • Seamless rof cap
  • Sofa bed (king sized bed measuring 72×80) that includes overhead cabinet space
  • Lounge area with removable table
  • Ford 6.8-liter V10 chassis
  • Kitchen area (fully furnished)
  • Linen closet
  • Shower and toilet

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 300BH

This camper brand is a favorite amongst family campers. They consider themselves to be a brand that families can trust. So, naturally, they carry floor plans with bunk beds.

Their 300BH floor plan is perfect for bunk-ing up. It has two bunks, along with a trundle under one bunk and storage space under the other. There is also linoleum flooring.

There is also:

  • Dresser for storage space
  • TV hook up area
  • 880-pound hitch weight
  • 20-foot awning
  • Bathroom with closet, corner toilet, sink, and radius shower
  • Tri-fold sofa
  • Plush carpeting
  • Large dinette area
  • Full kitchen: includes refrigerator, kitchen island, and sink microwave
  • Queen bed
  • Laundry chute
  • Dual nightstands
  • Two large pass-through storage areas
best rvs with bunkbeds
best campers with bunkbeds
trailers with bunks
travel trailer with bunkbeds

Dutchmen Rubicon 2500

This is a smaller trailer, but do not be fooled, it is beautiful and well put together inside and out. There is a lot of natural light and sleek looking furniture giving it the luxurious feeling you were hoping for.

There are many Rubicon models but this is their best bunk blue print option. Although smaller then previously mentioned RV’s it is chalk full of great things:

  • Queen Harplac power bunks
  • Queen bed for two adult-sized people
  • Roll-over sofa with a pullout table
  • Spring assist ramp door
  • Bedroom closet, with a mass amount of storage
  • Nightstand
  • A bathroom includes 38×24 shower/tub, sink, toilet, linen space

Winnebago Minnie 2455BHS

This is an extremely lightweight option. The Winnebago Minnie 2455BHS floor plan includes the bunk bed option. It is built with linoleum accents and has power slide outs. There is also has a handful of other cute little features.

  • You can choose the exterior color
  • Queen bed
  • Closet area, night stand
  • TV hook up area
  • U shaped dinette
  • Full bathroom (sink, shower, toilet)
  • Pull out cooktop area (sink for washing dishes and stovetop for outdoor dining)
best rvs with bunkbeds
best campers with bunkbeds
trailers with bunks
travel trailer with bunkbeds

Coachmen Mirada Class A Motorhome

If you choose to purchase a coachman it will be an extremely luxurious experience. The particular floorplan with bunkbeds, the 35BH floorplan, is a great buy for large families.

These bunkbeds are convertible and measure out to 70×28. If ever you do not need the bunk space for sleeping, it can be changed into a wardrobe for extra storage.

Other benefits include:

  • A sofa bed measuring at 68 inches wide
  • A third optional drop down bunk that measures at 47×81
  • A queen bed measuring at 60×74
  • Room near the bed for optional nightstands on each side
  • Two closet areas
  • Loads of extra storage space
  • A 32 inch LED TV
  • A 42×77 dinette
  • A kitchen area that includes a double sink for extra washing space, microwave, refrigerator, pantry and extra space for another additional 32-inch LED TV if desired

Thor Motor Coach Challenger Class A 37FH

This camper will be quite the experience. Not only does the 37FH floor plan have bunk beds but it is designed with multiplex wiring, induction cooktops, tilt a bed viewing, marble countertops and more comforts of home.

The bunk bed area is an overhead drop down sleeping situation that measures out to be 54×74. It is extremely spacious, this ensures that each of your little ones will each have the space they require to get and stay comfortable during their sleep.

Also included in this bunk bed, camper dream is:

  • A king bed that has a tilt a view incline and measures in at 72×76
  • Two closet areas
  • One 32-inch LED TV in the bedroom area and space for an exterior 32 inch TV
  • A retractable 50 inch LED TV
  • Fireplace
  • A 68 inc sofa bed
  • An option to include 68-inch theater seating
  • A kitchen area that holds a double sink, microwave, refrigerator, pantry
  • A 78-inch dream dinette

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2504

This is my personal favorite camper with bunk beds. One thing that you will love about this camper is just how completly customizable it is.

There is a 13-foot awning that is great for a relaxing day. It also has gas grill options as well as a rear door option that would be placed near the pantry area.

Along with bunk beds, you have Murphy beds. There is a heated mattress, safety windows, BTU ducted roof AC, and NEV-R-Adjust brakes with Dexter Torflex axels.

You will also have:

  • A queen bed that measures at 60×74
  • A 73-inch sofa
  • A dining area with a U-dinette that is 85-inches
  • A bathroom area with a linen closet, sink, toilet and a shower that is spacious
  • Exterior storage

This table depicts each each camper and it’s pricing:

Grand Design Solitude 366DEN$55,000
Keystone Avalanche 395BH$78,236
Tiffin Allegro 36 UA$187,992
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 300BH$50,888
Dutchmen Rubicon 2500$33,000
Winnebago Minnie 2455BHS$30,000
Coachmen Mirada Class A Motorhome$79,000
Thor Motor Coach Challenger Class A 37FH $210,068
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2504$18,000

Before You Go

There are many different types of RVs with bunk beds. When you finally choose the right RV for you, remember there are many items you will need that do not come with your new purchase. To me it seems as though you should get a package of items like a dump hose or at least some toss ins to get you going. The reality is, RV companies want to make money and they will make you buy everything separate in hopes that you buy things you don’t really need.

I have put together my list of Everything You Need For Your First Motorhome Or Trailer. This is a list of everything I personally use when I take my family camping and I highly recommend for any new camper.

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