How to Choose an Ideal Rifle Scope for Hunting? 5 Experts Tips

Are you thinking of going hunting? Or wondering how to choose an ideal rifle scope for yourself? Read on to know what to remember before making the purchase.

If you’ve recently stepped into the hunting world, it is imperative to perform a diligent and careful examination before buying a rifle scope. 

In addition, it would be wise if you keep several things in mind to derive the best results from your rifle, such as how to adjust a scope.

When it comes to beginners, a scope’s quality often proves to be one of the more important pieces to you set up. Hence, ensure that you purchase a top-quality scope even if you don’t invest highly in your hunting equipment, as it will suffice to hunt any type of target.

A good scope allows for precision and enables you to view your targets more clearly. It enhances a hunter’s line of vision toward the target, boosts accuracy, and polishes long-distance vision.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can choose the ideal rifle scope for yourself to make the most of your hunting experience.

What to Remember When Choosing a Rifle Scope for Hunting

Here is what you need to remember to pick the perfect rifle scope for hunting:

1. Magnification

When the magnification of a scope is high, the target’s resolution becomes better. However, higher magnification makes the lens heavy and cumbersome to carry, which is not comfortable for beginners. Therefore, selecting a scope with a magnification lower than 9x, as it will allow you to aim faster.

And if you wish to hunt in a dense and large area, it is better to go for a scope with a 4x magnification. Also, explore variable power scopes that help with adjusting the magnification. These are quite eclectic and improve your hunting experience.

However, they are more on the expensive side. So, take a look at your budget before deciding on getting a variable power scope.

2. Objective Lens

The size of your objective lens is a crucial factor to consider while researching the ideal scope. The job of the objective lens is to transmit the light surrounding it and help it focus on the target image.

Therefore, the size of this lens is directly proportional to the transmitted light. The clarity of the target image depends on how high the light is transmitted through the lens.

As you look for a scope, get one whose objective lens is big enough to receive better clarity and brightness to enable you to focus better.

3. Reticle

The job of a reticle is to give you a centralized viewing point to aim properly at targets placed far away. A wide array of options are available for reticles, such as duplex, mil-dot, and BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticles.

Duplex reticles are some of the most popular. They work well even in low light conditions and allow your range to get extended adequately. 

4. Turrets

The location of the turrets is in the middle of a scope’s tube. The center has a protrusion called the turret housing, which helps maintain the turret. There are many ways in which you can adjust a turret, be it by using your fingers or even coins.

Operating and locating the clicks that get utilized in the target turrets is pretty easy. However, these should be used quite gently.

5. Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between the ocular lens and your eye. By selecting a scope that provides you with sufficient eye relief, you can save yourself from bruising your eye.

Gauging the eye relief you need depends on the recoil of your rifle. If the recoil is high, the eye relief also needs to be high. Going with something that has about three to four inches of eye relief is a safe choice.


Hunting can be a rewarding and satisfying activity when you have the right tools to bring you efficient results. When creating a kit, examining your scope and choosing something that meets your requirements is an immensely crucial task.

Think of what kind of hunting you see yourself doing in the long run and make your decision accordingly. Then, go through the pointers listed above to select the most appropriate scope for yourself. 

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