14 Best Travel Trailers Under 2,500 Pounds

I recently I have been spending a lot of time doing research on small travel-sized trailers that are under 2,500. Despite the popular belief sometimes bigger just isn’t better! Plus, if you own a smaller SUV, you don’t want to purchase a new larger vehicle and a travel trailer.

Here is a list of 14 of the best travel trailers under 2,500 lbs.

Before we get into it, you should check out our new RV guide, The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your Travel Trailer. In it you will find everything you will need to know when you first purchase and use your new travel trailer. I have been using my trailer for the last 7 years and have learned some very hard (and expensive) mistakes.

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TrailerSizeCool Features
1. Aliner LXEL: 15 ft
W: 1,795 lbs
Great Collapsible Bathroom
2. Coleman RubiconL: 15.92′
W: 1,908
Features a bunkhouse, sleeps 4
3. KZ Sportsmen Classic
L:16 ft
W: 2,500 lbs
All the bells and whistles
4. Palomino PaloMini
Travel Trailer
L: 17 ft
W: 1,930 lbs
Lots of seating
5. Riverside Retro 511
Travel Trailer
L:12 ft 8 in.
W:1,780 lbs
Memory foam mattress and retro look
6. Forest River
Flagstaff E-Pro
L: 14 ft 11 in.
W: 2,243 lbs
Gas Grill and TV
7. Serro Scotty
L: 10 ft
W: 2,230 lbs
Bathroom and retro
8. Aliner Ascape
Travel Trailer
L: 13 ft
W: 1,800 lbs
All the bells and whistles
9. Jayco Jay
Flight 145RB
L: 16.5 ft
W: 2,335 lbs
Plenty of seating
10. 8SD
Jay Sport
L: 8 ft
W:1,570 lbs
Compact Pop-up
11. Sylvansport Go
Pop-up Campers
L: 11 ft
W: 840 lbs
“The Swiss-Army knife of trailers”
12. Clipper 106 SportL: 13 ft
W: 1,300 lbs
Lots of storage space
13. Taxa Cricket
L: 15 ft
W: 1,450 lbs
A trailer different from any other
14. Travel Lite RV Rove Lite 14 BHL: 16’6:
W: 7:11″

These 13 small lightweight travel trailers under 2,500 lbs. are all great and definitely worth looking into and purchasing. Each one is perfect for any individual or small family. I have researched each trailer and broken each trailer down to provide even more information on why I rated each one the way I did. Continue reading to find the perfect travel-sized trailer for all your adventures!

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Understanding RV Weight Terminology

Before delving into your choices, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with key towing terms.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR):

GVWR, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, denotes the maximum permissible weight for both your RV and its cargo. Cargo encompasses belongings, camping gear, passengers, and contents in your tanks (fresh water, grey tank, black tank). It’s advisable to travel with tanks near empty, if not entirely so.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW):

Also known as dry weight, UVW pertains to the weight of the trailer or RV alone, excluding cargo, propane tanks, or other additional accessories.

Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC):

Cargo Carrying Capacity signifies the maximum weight you can load into your RV, encompassing personal items and water in your tanks. CCC is calculated by subtracting UVW from GVWR.

Tongue Weight (TW):

Tongue weight, or TW, signifies the load an RV imposes on the towing vehicle’s trailer ball. This is determined by subtracting the weight of the towing vehicle from the combined weight of your vehicle and the trailer.

Travel Trailer Under 2,500 lbs.

1. Aliner LXE Camper

General Information – This is personally one of my favorite trailers that I have found after all the research I have done. Not only does it look amazing, but it is extremely lightweight and easy to tow around.

Due to its many windows, the Aliner LXE feels more spacious than most other small trailers. If you’re looking to purchase this trailer you can expect to pay around $18,000.

Size – The Aliner LXE is small and far from 2,500 lbs weight in at a solid 1,795 lbs unloaded. It is 15 feet long and has a tongue weight of 180 lbs. Even though it is small it still has a carrying capacity of 705 lbs.

Cool Features – In my opinion, one of the coolest features with the Aliner LXE is the fact that the floor plan comes with a nice bathroom. Many trailers that are smaller in size don’t come with bathrooms, especially once you start getting lower and lower than 2,500 lbs.

The Aliner is well under 2,000 lbs and still comes with the bathroom. The bathroom is also collapsible so it can be taken down to provide more space

Overall Rating – This is a fantastic trailer, a safe and reliable purchase for anyone looking for a small travel trailer that is under 2,500 lbs. I personally would give this trailer a 4.7-star rating due to its lightweight, bathroom, carrying capacity and its many other included features.

I only took off a couple of points because it is very small and could feel a little tight at times.

2. Coleman RUBICON 1400BH Travel Trailer

General Information – The Coleman Rubicon 1400BH is another great lightweight travel trailer under 2,500 pounds. This small RV has a bed and two small bunks, allowing it to sleep up to 4 people. But, I’m not going to lie, it will be pretty cramped with 4 people. Plus, the bunks should really only sleep smaller children.

This travel trailer should typically always be hooked up to shore power, so dry camping may be a little rough.

The kitchen is located on the outside of the trailer with a sink, storage, prep space, outlet, and 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator.

Size – The Coleman Rubicon travel trailer is well below the 2,500 pound limit, coming in at a dry weight of 1,908 lbs. and a GVWR of 3,000 lbs. It measures 15 feet 11 inches long and has a 21 gallon fresh tank and 34 gallon gray tank.

Unfortunately, due to its lower weight and size, this RV does not come with a black tank. Another thing to note is that you can only sit, not stand inside the camper. The couches inside the trailer convert to your bunks with some storage underneath both beds.

Cool Features – A feature that I love about this trailer is that it has two doors opposite each other for easy access and nice air flow through the trailer.

I also love that even with its smaller size, it comes with a 5,000 BTU Electric fireplace for some really nice ambiance. This fireplace will also act as your heater, so if you are planning to camp in freezing temps, this won’t keep you as warm as you would probably like.

One last feature that I love, especially if you are living in a HOA neighborhood that doesn’t allow for RV storage in your driveway. This lightweight travel is not even 7 feet high so it can fit inside your garage!

Overall Rating – Overall, I would have to rate this travel trailer a 3.5 due to its inability to allowing you to stand inside and the lack of a bathroom.

3. KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Travel Trailer

General Information – KZ is a great company that is usually known for the spree, but the sportsmen is quite the underdog and perform super well. You walk inside and it feels really luxurious but without that cost.

This is the lightest option, the Sportsmen Classic 160RBT. It weighs 2,850 pounds, so it is still over the weight limit but it is such a good trailer that I couldn’t pass it up. There are some optional equipment that if not added, could lower the weight.

Size – While it is pushing the limits of weight, it is still at about 20 feet and can sleep, 3-5 people! It is big enough for a small family to still be comfortable and comes with most things you will probably need.

The size makes it easy to haul around and small enough to get into any park and you don’t have to be a pro to drive it.

Cool Features – besides a really cool LED TV, it has features that help it perform really well and will help your journey more enjoyable. Like Marine-grade Aqualon Edge material that reduces heat gain by 33 percent. A back-up camera is built-in as well so you don’t have to worry about that.

Day and night are made comfy with power awning that can extend and retract in seconds, with an LED light strip for the added ambiance. Not to mention it comes with a bathroom, including a shower, which is hard to find in trailers under this size.

Overall Rating – Overall I give this trailer a 4-star rating. It doesn’t really have any flaws except the “ultra-lightness” is quite light enough. Some people want a bigger this or that, but for me it really is perfect and I think most people will find the same for them as well.

4. ‘14 Palomino – PaloMini Floorplan: 131 RL 

General Information – Although you will be unable to find a new PaloMini that is less than 2500lbs, you can find lighter ones in their older models. This little trailer is packed with a seating area that converts into sleeping arrangements. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have a bathroom, but the seating arrangements more than compensate.

Size – Coming in under 2000 pounds is no easy feat for a trailer that isn’t a hybrid or pop-up. The Palomino is almost 17 feet long and sleeps four people. This is a large trailer for how much it weighs. For a 17-foot hard shell trailer, you won’t find anything lighter.

Cool Features – This trailers best feature is the amount of seating it has. I personally don’t mind sleeping in a tent, as long as I have a place that I can hang out away from bugs. This trailer has plenty of room for the camper that wants to have people over for late-night card games. Plenty of space to dominate your friends in hearts!

Overall Rating – I give this trailer 3 stars. The main reason I’m rating this so low is the fact that you are getting a used trailer. Used trailers are risky and sometimes gross. If you can find one that is in good shape then this trailer is a great pick.

5. Riverside Retro 511 Travel Trailer

General Information – I love the retro look on this travel trailer. The outside really gives it character and a different look. When you step on the inside you become well aware it is a new trailer and is really nice.

The Riverside Retro Travel Trailer 511 with a heater and air conditioner, which is such a plus when camping. Similar to the other models discussed, the kitchen is located in the outside rear of the trailer with a two burner stove, sink, microwave, and refrigerator.

This trailer is great and has so many good features about it that make it stick out a bit, besides the great outside look. All this for about $17,000.

Size – This lightweight travel trailer is coming in at 1,780 lbs. dry weight. It is over 12 feet in length and over 7 feet wide, making sleeping easy. On the inside, the ceiling is 6 feet tall, which is something that discourages me, since I’m over 6 feet tall. The freshwater tank holds 11 gallons and has a 6-foot awning.

Cool Features – Two things that really get me are the memory foam mattress and the air vent on the roof that has a rain sensor which is really nice if you aren’t around but left things open.

I also love its newest feature of fiberglass walls. There are several charging ports in there as well, making your technology needs met.  

Overall Rating – Overall I give this one a 4-star rating. Mainly because I am too tall for this camper to be comfortable. It doesn’t have much room for water and gas, which are essential as well. Other than that it really is a great camper and has a lot of character to it.

6. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E14D

travel trailer under 2,500 lbs.

General Information – The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 14D is one of the newer models of travel trailers under 2,500 lbs. I’m not sure how they managed to get everything in there, but they did and yet it still doesn’t feel overcrowded.

There is a good amount of room to sit and hang out. It comes with a 63″ x 88″ dinette that can easily be taken out of the RV for extra room or when sleeping.

Size – With the dry weight coming in at about 2,000 pounds, it’s quite impressive. It’s 14 feet long and is about 88 inches wide. Freshwater capacity is 20 gal. and the gray water is 6 gallons, which is super nice and convenient.

Cool Features – The features on this trailer are amazing for the size. Coming with a gas grill you can cook whatever you may need. TV for those that just want to hang out or a rainy day.

I love the amount of storage in this little camper, which is very rare when it comes to these smaller trailers. This E-Pro also comes set up for solar!

Overall Rating – overall I give this trailer a 4.5-star rating.

I think this is an amazing camper for 3 or 4 people. Other than that the only thing is the gas grill is outside, but that is expected with a trailer this size.

7. Serro Scotty S188RBR Trailer

General Information – The Serro Scotty is a cool little trailer with a retro look to it. These models were a huge hit in the mid-late 1900s. Everybody seemed to have them. Recently this style has been making a comeback more and more people are seeing that the trailers are small and great for couples, individuals, and smaller families.

Their slogan is even “Travel Right, Travel Light”. They truly are reliable and lightweight. You can find this model for as little as $12,000.

Size – The Serro Scotty trailer weighs in at 2,230 lbs. The exterior length of the trailer is a little above 18 feet long and has a height just under 10 feet. The trailer is small and easy to tow even for smaller vehicles. The kitchen is small, but this is to be expected for a compact trailer.

Cool Features – If you love the vintage look and would like a trailer that is a little blast from the past then a Serro Scotty trailer is perfect for you. That is definitely the coolest fact about these little guys. Not only does the exterior look just like how they did in the good old days, but even the interior looks similar to the first models that were introduced in 1957. A small bathroom is also included.

Overall Rating – Overall, I would give this trailer a 4.3 rating. It is small, compact, lightweight, and a nice couple of hundred lbs under 2,500. I also love the old school look that it has to it.

If you are like the retro look that it has to it then this could be a great travel-sized trailer for you, if you don’t like that look this isn’t a good one for you.

8. Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer – 4.5 Stars

General Information – While this little camper is, well, little, it holds its own. Even though this trailer is super small it has an enclosed hard wall shower and toilet. Practically a dream. You can grab this trailer for about $12,000.

Size – weighing in at just under 1,600 pounds, you can take this trailer just about anywhere. It is 13 feet long and on the inside it goes to 6 feet and 4 inches, making it doable for a person of my size, which is awesome. It may be small but it has almost everything you need.

Cool Features – coming with a stove and sink is one thing, but when it comes with a toilet and shower and is 13 feet? Game over. With a mini-fridge, you can eat well too. It has a dining area as well so you have room to relax and can transform into a bed.

Unlike a lot of the other options listed, the Ascape allows you to stand up! Such a huge bonus if you ask me.

It has everything in such a small area, yet someone like me can fit. It is made easy to haul.

Overall Rating – Overall I give this little guy a 4.5-star rating. It may be small but it really did a good job of getting the essentials and making it doable for most people. If you just have an SUV and are new to the trailer life; maybe wanting to go have some fun on a trip for a week or so, I would highly suggest this trailer.

9. Jayco Jay Flight 145RB

General Information – The Jayco Jay Flight 145RB is another great option that is worth considering for purchase. This trailer is made by Jayco which has been around for decades and continues to produce some of the best trailers on the market.

Reasonably priced at $13,000, the Jay Flight model is well regarded and highly rated among those who own it.

Size – The Jayco Jay Flight 145RB has a nice weight of 2,335 lbs and is 16.5 feet long. The trailer is just shy of 9 feet tall and has a  carrying capacity is 615 lbs. This is an optimal size for someone looking for a model of a trailer that is under 2,500 lbs. It’s a nice couple of hundred of pounds under that but also isn’t too small and light.

Cool Features – I have found that The Jayco Jay Flight 145RB is a great trailer that has everything you need. It’s a perfect all-around small-sized trailer under 2,500 lbs. It comes with a small bathroom, a large front window, and abundant seating space.

Overall Rating – I rated The Jayco Jay Flight 145RB at 4.2 stars. It continued to impress me the more that I looked into it. As mentioned previously it is a great vehicle that comes with all the essentials and more.

I took away a few points because there is nothing too extraordinary about it, but still is a great choice for someone looking for the perfect sized and weighted trailer.

10. Jayco 8SD Jay Sport

General Information – The 8SD Jay sport is a pop-up trailer that will not let you down. I had a pop-up trailer growing up, and I can personally vouch for the Jay Sport build quality.

There is a reason that Jay-Sports are some of the most popular pop-up trailers on the market.

Size – The Jay sport comes in several sizes but the one we recommend is the smallest. The 8-foot model packs most of what you need for the price of around 14,000 dollars.

Cool Features – The feature that the manufacturer was going for was “compact” and boy did they achieve it. These pop-up trailers are so tiny, but they feel quite spacious. Unlike some popouts, it doesn’t feel like a tent. Even though much of the walls are tent material, these trailers are well insulated and feel secure.

Overall Rating – I give this trailer a solid 4. My reasoning is that you can spend a little bit more money and find a trailer with a bathroom. Some people dont mind taking a trek in the middle of the night to the bathroom, but one of the best things about having a trailer is usually the bathroom.

11. Sylvansport Go Pop-up Campers

General Information – Chances are, you haven’t seen a trailer like the Sylvansport Go pop-up. This tiny trailer is like a tent on wheels. It is ridiculously light and small. It is not the camper to get if you are looking to get away from the tent experience.

The Sylvansport Go falls somewhere between a toy trailer and a tent. This pop-up will get you off the ground and have some nice bedding to sleep on but that’s about it. The Sylvansport Go can be acquired for around $9,000, which makes it one of the cheapest options on the list.

Size – This trailer is small. Really small. It weighs in at a whopping 840 pounds. Almost any car could pull this bad boy. The dimensions when you are towing it are 143 x 75 x 53 in. The people that have one of these say they forget it’s even back there.

Cool Features –This trailers nickname is “The Swiss army knife of trailers” for a good reason. The Sylvansport Go’s entire floor can be turned into a bed, table, or hangout space. It has an awning, and anybody that owns one says that it is really easy to set up.

It has a transport mode that lets you store goodies such as kayaks, bikes, and even 4-wheelers behind your vehicle. The tent can even be removed so that this trailer can be used as a utility trailer. So many cool options on this little guy!

Overall Rating – This trailer is a 4 because it has so many features for people that don’t mind roughing it, and allows people to sleep on something a little closer to a bed that they normally wouldn’t get with their smaller cars.

The reason it’s not a 5 is that it doesn’t have all the amenities of the larger trailers. This is just one step above sleeping in a regular tent.

If that doesn’t bug you then this trailer is great in every other aspect.

12. Clipper 106 Sport Travel Trailer

lightweight travel trailer
under 2,500 pounds
clipper 106 sport

General Information – This pop-up camper is one to keep in mind as well. The Clipper 106 Sport is great for those that like the feel of a pop-up and want to travel a small trailer. With this pop up you can get most things you need when fully extended for the family. Sleeping is actually made comfortable as the pop-ups are the bed.

Size – The size of this trailer is great because when it is all closed up it is super small and easy to move around, but when it is open and almost 18 feet long, it makes it more comfortable. Closed it us under 13 feet and it is pretty light as well at 1,500 pounds.

Being 7 feet wide, as well, makes it comfortable and roomier, but still easy to take around.

Cool Features – The great thing about this trailer is the fact that it pops out for extra room and sleep space. It makes it so it can actually sleep about 5 in the trailer. It has more storage space than most other campers as well which is really nice if you aren’t hauling it with a big truck to store things in. Having an Above Floor 16 gallon Fresh Water Tank is nice as well.

Overall Rating – Overall I give this trailer a 4-star rating. I really wish they made a bathroom instead of more storage space, but it is hard to do in that size of a trailer. The roof in the inside was a bit short as well and makes it hard for me. Overall though it is a good trailer and for that reason, I gave it 4 stars.

13. Taxa Cricket Camper

General Information – If all you need is a tiny trailer to travel around with this is a good option. When I say tiny, I mean it! This is one small trailer! Some would say its too small to even be considered a trailer.

Size – The cricket weighs only 1,450 lbs. That’s because it is only 15 feet long. This trailer has some pop-outs to make it more spacious.

Cool Features – This trailer has a really different feel to it. It isn’t traditional by any means. It has plenty of space and windows to make you feel like you are in nature

Overall Rating – This trailer would be great if it weren’t for the price tag. This trailer can set you back up to $40,000 if you choose the larger model. Is it worth it? Only you can decide. In total, I rate it 3 stars because of the cost.

14.Travel Lite RV Rove Lite 14 BH

General Information: The Travel Lite Rove Lite is a hard-sided fiberglass trailer that has so much to offer campers. It truly is one of the only travel trailers under 2,500 pounds that has all the main features that you would want from your RV. 

Size: This lightweight travel trailer weighs exactly 2,500 lbs. unloaded and has a cargo capacity of 1,222 lbs. It comes with a 10-gallon fresh water tank, a 30-gallon gray water tank, and a 5-gallon black water tank. 

Cool Features: I definitely saved my favorite for last! I love this travel trailer for so many reasons. First, I can completely stand up inside. It includes a dinette in a booth-style setting that changes into a bed, plus a set of bunk beds for the kids, so it can comfortably sleep four people. 

It also has a kitchen inside with a two burner gas cooktop, refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and microwave. Another feature I love about this RV is the wet bath. You’ll notice this is very rare for trailers of this size. 

Overall Rating: I give the Travel Lite Rove Lite 14BH a 5 out of 5 stars for the fact that it has a kitchen and bathroom inside the trailer. 

Honorable Mentions

I found lots of really nice travel-sized trailers, but not all of them made the list. Some didn’t have as good of features while others might have been a little bit over 2,500 lbs. I decided to make an honorable mentions list for the ones that were still good trailers still worth researching and considering.

16′ Scamp Trailer – This trailer may not look like the most modern, classiest trailers, but it definitely adds character. It has almost everything you need. Kitchen, bathroom, large bed, eating area, and place to sit and enjoy dinner or games.

Overall, this thing is a classic and there is a reason they are still around and it’s still under 2,000 pounds.

Airstream sport 16 RB – Airstream has a reputation of being some of the best trailers out there. People say that when you buy one you are buying a family heirloom. They have over 80 years of experience making travel trailers and campers, so you know that you are getting what you pay for.

lightweight travel trailer
travle trailer under 2,500 pounds
scamp trailer

The Airstream Sport is no different. It’s their smallest trailers, but it comes packed with everything you need to live as comfortably as you can in a 16ft trailer. It is a little bit heavier at around 2,800 pounds, but worth looking into if you are willing to go a little heavier.

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