9 Perfect Teardrop Trailers Under 1,500 lbs

For some, teardrop trailers are the coolest invention since sliced bread. They are great for people that want a place to sleep without the bad fuel economy that comes with normal trailers. Here is my list of teardrop trailers that are perfect for different situations.

Trailer Dry WeightCost (new)Perfect for:
Timberleaf Classic1500 lbs$23,400New but retro look
GoLittleGuy MyPod760 lbs$11,700Solo Campers
Rustic Trail Papa Bear1,295 lbs$10,950House parties
Oregon Trail’R DoDrop Alpha850 lbs$10,750Off road adventurers
Cricket Camp1,753 lbs$33,000Families (2 adults + 2 children)
Hiker Trailer Highway deluxe < 1000 lbs$6k -$8kThose on a tight budget
The Classic Bean trailer1590 lbs$25kClassic teardrop for 2
NuCamp TAG1284 lbs$24,000Modern Teardrop
Basedrop by Colorado Teardrops1000 lbs$18,600Camping in comfort

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Each one of these trailers is perfect for different situations, and the key is understanding what you want your teardrop to do for you. all of these trailers are great, so the numbers are not a ranking.

Each have their own amenities such as bathrooms, water tanks, bunk beds, memory foam mattress. full-size bed, and water heater. So check them and see which fits you BEST!

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#1. Timberleaf Classic

The owner of Timberleaf takes you on a tour of his classic model

Why it’s Perfect: A New but Retro Look

Like I said before, I absolutely love the look of this thing. The “galley” that is on the back looks so sleek and professional. Teardrop campers are one of the coolest types of trailers out there, and this really takes that classic look to the next level. Between the fantastic color options and the really nice build quality, this might be the best looking trailer on the list.

Build Quality

These Timberleaf trailers are built to order in Grand Junction Colorado, a place that I have been to many times. They make them all by hand, with great materials.

Something that stands out with these trailers in terms of build quality is their insulation and siding. These trailers are fully insulated for those cold winter nights and finished with tough enamel baked aluminum siding.

Hand made trailers like this are build to last, and you can be sure that somebody took pride in their work as they built your trailer.


The look and design of these trailers is one of their best features. They come in some very eye popping colors and are very retro looking. I absolutely love how it looks behind smaller tow vehicles. You can tell it was designed to be a solid and long lasting trailer.


  • Fully functional Sink
  • Sunroof
  • Ceiling Fan
  • 11 or 17.5 gallon water storage options

Since you are custom building this trailer, you have plenty of options. Some of my favorite features that they offer are:

  • Solar panel hookups
  • Custom wood cooler to match you galley
  • Mounted Toolbox
  • Roof Rack

#2. GoLittleGuy MyPod

MyPod Overview by GoLittleGuy

Why it’s Perfect: Made for the Solo-adventurer

Unfortunately, fitting two people in this tiny bed on wheels is not very practical. I can however see somebody that wants to tour the nation with their dog being perfectly happy with this set-up.

Truck drivers basically have this same exact thing inside their cabin, so this type of lifestyle is pretty common.

If you are someone who wants to go on extended road trips by yourself or with your favorite furry friend, then this is the perfect teardrop for you.

Build Quality

These little trailers are pretty small, but are built like little life pods. Although not hand-made, they are made from some great materials that will be exactly what some people are looking for. From my perspective, these little trailers are exactly what some people are looking for.


Many trailers that are this size look really ridiculous. They either look like a little box, or they are completely impractical. This trailer looks really slim and simple, which is exactly what it is.

If I saw this trailer on the road, I would be intrigued. Many teardrops are a complete eyesore, but this little guy sparks curiosity.


Because of its size and weight, there really is not much to be said about features. The biggest feature really is how lightweight this thing is.

I had a friend that owned a mini cooper, and was selling doughnuts off of a trailer that he towed with it! He installed a hitch for around a thousand bucks and towed his little trailer to different farmers markets. I can totally see someone doing something similar with this trailer.

#3. Rustic Trail Papa Bear

He covers all of their models in this, but he goes over the papa bear at 15:25

Why it’s perfect: House Parties

Most of the time, a small teardrop trailer does not have enough room to really invite anybody in. If you do invite people in, it is the spacial equivalent of inviting somebody into a three person tent. If they come inside they are sitting on your bedding, and that is just downright uncomfortable.

This trailer has available seating for 2-4 people around a small table. Seeing that some of my favorite memories of camping are that of playing card games at a table, this trailer had to make the list.

Build Quality

This trailer has gone up in price over the last couple years. As of 2022 its selling for around $10,950, but it does deliver. For that cheap price, you get a ridiculously lightweight trailer that has cabinets, a bed, and even a dinette.

It is built to order, so the build quality is going to be great. These people put their heart and soul into their trailers.


This trailer looks great. Its really simple and has the classic teardrop look. It even has a little more space than most of our trailers on this list. I am willing to forgive some of the less appealing wood choice for the cost.


With most teardrop trailers, they have a galley that opens up in the back giving you access to a small kitchen like area. This trailer puts that on the inside. There is no sink or spot for a stove, but it has plenty of storage space for your own equipment.

#4. Oregon Trail’R DoDrop Alpha

Why it’s Perfect: This is the Off-road King

If you are the type of person that wants to take adventure camping to the max, and bring a trailer with you then look no further. This little teardrop is exactly what any off road enthusiast needs to complete their set-up.

Build Quality

This little trailer is RUGGED. I am fully confident that you couldn’t break this even if you wanted to. Most of the time, it’s the complicated parts and features that break on things like this, but this trailer really doesn’t have any.


I love the look of this trailer. Everything about it just screams “beast mode”.

It is the type of design that has no useless frilly garbage. This thing is designed to never stop moving. I love the look of it being towed by an off road vehicle like a jeep.


When you are going to be flinging your trailer around over rocks and other debris, features only get in the way. This little teardrop doesn’t have much in the way of comfort because you simply can’t have anything but the absolute essentials when you are going way out into uncharted territory for trailers. This trailer has a bed, and that’s mostly it.

It does feature a special hitch made especially for off-roading, so that’s a special feature.

#5. TAXA Cricket Camp

lightweight travel trailer
teardrop trailer
1,500 pounds

Why it’s Perfect: It sleeps 4 comfortably

I know many of you will criticize me for putting this trailer on this list. You will say that it looks nothing like a teardrop. I beg to differ. This trailer is designed to be lightweight and small while still being roomie. If you choose to have the added bunks installed, this trailer sleeps 4 people, two of the four being children though.

You cannot find another trailer in this weight class that sleeps 4 in a better way, and this trailer is designed so well that everybody will love it.

I figured the strange design resembles a teardrop enough, so it makes it on the list.

Build Quality

This is one of the most engineered trailers on the market. The person that designed it was an engineer for NASA, Garrett Finney. He quit and designed this masterpiece of a trailer. Now, understand that you are going to pay a very pretty penny for this trailer, but you get what you pay for.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this trailer is no different. I personally find the very bare-bones space station look very appealing, but I am sure it turns a lot of people off.

I love it, and I think that this type of design is where the future of trailers is going to be.


Something I love about this trailer is the rear hatch. I love feeling like I am outside, and if it was a particularity nice evening I would love to open that up and enjoy the cool night air.

The entire trailer was designed with that in mind. Really feeling like you are there as opposed to being inside a tiny box.

#6. Hiker Trailer Highway

This guy purchased every upgrade possible, that’s why it cost him 9 grand.

Why it’s Perfect: Cheapest Teardrop Out There

I love these trailers. If you are like me and want to build a trailer yourself but don’t have the time, this is the trailer for you. They send you a fully functioning trailer for as low as $6,000!

This type of teardrop caters heavily to the DIY type people out there who want to really customize their trailer.

This trailer fits some peoples needs perfectly, and there is no reason for anybody to think it’s cheap.

Build Quality

Earlier I stated you get what you pay for. I still stand by that. This trailer isn’t anything fancy, I would even go as far as to say that it is simple.

Truthfully, this trailer is nothing special. That being said, for the price, you can’t beat it. This thing is bare bones for sure, but that is really all you need right?


I actually really like how simple this trailer is. It has just enough angles on it to not make it a box but isn’t anything fancy. The inside is roomy but small, and the shelves can be accessed from the inside and outside. These trailers have the same upgrades that any other teardrop offers.


This trailer is pretty lacking in the features department if you go with their bare-bones model, but if you want all the upgrades you have plenty of features. The thing I love about these mom and pop shops is how much customization and input you can have. If you have the money, I am sure they will do just about anything. Some basic upgrades for these trailers are solar charging kits, A/C, more storage, and a roof rack.

#7. The Classic Bean Trailer

Perfect as a Classic Teardrop for Two

This teardrop is the best classic teardrop out there. If you came here looking for a classic teardrop experience, this is it. It has all the basics, and it looks really classy while doing it.

Build Quality

The Bean Trailer isn’t hand made like some of the trailers on the list, but all the reviews are pretty consistent in stating that these trailers are high quality. You can tell they put thought into where everything on this trailer is, and at the very least knew what they wanted when they built it.


I love how this trailer looks. It has the beautiful classic teardrop look and has a really cozy feel in the interior. Some teardrop trailers have the problem of feeling like you are inside a little box, but the Bean does a great job of opening up space with ample windows and the curved design.

The galley is really simple but elegant. I like how much utility it has especially. I don’t much care for the running water bits, but this trailer does that well too.


This trailer really shines when it comes to the engineering. There are so many little things designed into this thing! I especially enjoy the colored lighting that you can change on command. I feel like they “spared no expense” when they made this trailer. It’s simple and effective.

#8. 2021 nuCamp Tag XL

One of the most popular teardrop campers out there!

The tag is the smallest teardrop that nuCamp makes. Weighing in at only 1,248 pounds, you won’t even know you are towing it.

Build Quality

It is one of the most sleek and elegant look and is made by hand by Amish. Yes you read that right, by hand! Comes with acrylic dual-paned windows and a magnificent star-gazing window.


The inside of the nuCamp Tag is my favorite of all the teardrop trailers. It comes with high-quality Amish cabinetry that add that perfect touch. The color schemes are beautiful and modern looking.


If your Tag comes with the Boondocks package, it will come with a utility platform to provide for some extra, much appreciated storage plus a queen bed. It also comes equipped with a solar package which is perfect on those long trips off-grid! Comes with a fresh water tank as well.

#9. “Basedrop” by Colorado Teardrops

This is a pretty basic teardrop, except for the fact that you can get a working shower addon!

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see another teardrop with an on-demand hot shower. You may not have enough water for a long shower, but still its cool.

Build Quality

These trailers are “Teardrops built to last generations” as they say on their website. They are handmade, meaning there is a guy looking at every single part of your teardrop to make sure that it is perfect. They are designed to be rugged and take a beating.

Being from Colorado, I may be a little bias when it comes to companies from my favorite state.


I personally love the utility look that they have going. The galley isn’t designed to win any beauty awards but it has the function I like. Everything is sturdy, and you can tell just by looking at it. No frills here, just something that works every time.


The Base drop has plenty of different options, basically covering everything you could want in a teardrop trailer. Many teardrops don’t stand out because it’s easy to fit the basic stuff in, so having the ability to add a shower is pretty amazing.

My Pick

All of these Trailers are awesome.

Each and every one has its really cool features, and its honestly so hard to choose. I am constantly worried about how much money something costs, and so normally I would choose the Hiker Trailer because of the value, but I just cant get the timber leaf out of my head.

I love the look, design, and engineering of the timber leaf. The galley is exactly what you want in a teardrop, and they make it look really nice with the customization options and really custom feel to it all.

My dream is to have a small truck and to go and see all the national parks in the USA inside a small trailer like this. Not for an extended stay, but long summer trips where you spend a good week at each one. These little trailers make that possible.

Hopefully, you all find the trailer that fits your needs best and then go tour the world!

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lightweight travel trailer
teardrop trailer
1,500 pounds

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