15 Perfect Travel Trailers Under 3,500 Pounds

Taking a jaunt in the wilderness with your travel trailer is one of the summer’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, the towing limitations on your vehicle could be holding you back from your dream vacation, but don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 15 perfect travel trailers under 3,500 pounds so you can cruise this summer in style.

Top 15 Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 3,500 Pounds:

Airstream RV Sport
2,860 pounds$44,000
Aliner Ascape1,500 pounds$15,000
American Dream Classic Retro650 pounds$12,180
Jayco Jay Flight SLX2,380 pounds$26,779
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro2,667 pounds$18,848
KZ Sportsmen Classic2,800 pounds$16,886
Lance 15752,775 pounds$30,428
Cricket Camper1,450 pounds$25,995
Hiker Highway Deluxe1,400 pounds$4,795
Timberleaf Classic1,500 pounds$19,750
Safari Condo Alto R Series1,753 pounds$36,330
Eriba Nova Light2,116 pounds$23,704
Happier Camper HC11,100 pounds$18,950
Airstream Basecamp2,585 pounds$37,400
Jayco Hummingbird2,555 pounds $17,091

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RV Weight Terms to Know

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and refers to the maximum weight allowed of both your RV and cargo. Cargo needs to include the weight of your belonging, camping gear, passengers, and anything in your tanks (fresh water tank, grey tank, black tank). I always recommend traveling with near empty, if not empty, tanks.

What is Unloaded Vehicle Weight, or UVW?

Dry weight is also referred to as UVW, which refers to the weight of the trailer or RV alone. This does not include cargo, propane tanks, or another upgraded accessories.

What it Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC)

Cargo Carrying Capacity refers to the most weight that you can pack into your RV. This includes all your personal items and any water in your tanks. The CCC is determined by subtracting the UVW from the GVWR.

What is Tongue Weight (TW)

Tongue weight or TW is the amount of weight an RV puts on the towing vehicles’s trailer ball. It is calculated by subtracting the weight of the towing vehicle from the weight of your vehicle and the trailer combined.

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Airstream RV Sport

NameAirstream RV Sport
Exterior Length16 ft 4 in
Exterior Width8 ft
Exterior Height9 ft 3 in
Interior Height6 ft 5 in
Bed Size48″ x 78″
Furnace12000 BTU
Refrigerator3 cu ft
Stove2 cooktop burners
Freshwater Capacity23 gals
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas Capacity20
UVW2860 lbs
# of Floorplans2
Approx. Price (Used)$47,999

Why we recommend the Airstream RV Sport: Airstream travel trailers have dominated the roads for more than half a century. Their sleek, aerodynamic design, and cool chrome exterior make them the envy of any camp ground.

The Airstream RV sport brings you all the comfort and coolness of a traditional Airstream, but in a compact, economical package.

What I admire most about the RV Sport is its efficient use of space. Other travel trailers of similar size just don’t maximize the way Airstream does. From the modern kitchen to the roomy bathroom, to the lounge area that converts into a dining room and extra sleeping area, Airstream makes every piece of space feel important.

The Airstream RV is lousy with amenities that will make your trip feel more like a weekend excursion to a fancy hotel than roughing it in the woods. The bathroom is spacious with plenty of cabinet space.

There is never a need to muck up the interior of your trailer with an exterior shower head that can be passed to the outside of the RV for a quick rinse after a day of playing in the dirt.

Airstream really raises the bar on small travel trailers with this excellent product.

Check out Airstream’s website!

Key Features:

  • Convertible dinette
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Two burner stove and microwave
  • Built in Refrigerator
  • Spacious rear bathroom
  • Exterior shower

Aliner Ascape –The Lightweight Juggernaut

NameAliner Ascape
Exterior Length13 ft
Exterior Width5 ft 6 in
Exterior Height7 ft 5 in
Interior Height6 ft 4 in
Bed Size64″ x 77″
Furnace16000 BTU
Refrigerator3 cu ft
Stove2 cooktop burners
Freshwater Capacity11 gals
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A / 13 gal
LP-Gas Capacity10
UVW1,500 lbs
# of Floorplans5
MSRP, Base$15,00

Why we recommend the Aliner Ascape: Aliner is a quality brand that doesn’t get nearly enough airtime in my opinion. The company began in the 1970’s as a small ma and pop store in small town Oregon making the first A-frame pop-up campers. Over the years, Aliner has only gotten more ambitious with their trailers crafting bigger (and smaller) trailers with a plethora of handy features.

Aliner really outdoes itself with the Ascape models. Small, lightweight, but still with a lot of great features that you would only find on larger campers like an Atwood furnace or a front mounted solar panel. A lot of the features vary from model to model however so be sure to check them all out!

My personal favorite is the Aliner Great Ascape ST. With an outside shower, retractable awning, 23 inch flat screen, and a Zamp solar port this fantastic model really hold no punches.

Key Features:

  • Two Burner Range Top in plus, ST and camp floorplans
  • Carefree 5′ Awning (optional for ST, camp and MT, standard on plus)
  • Coleman Mach 8-9200 BTU Roof Mounted A/C (optional on MT)
  • Atwood 16,000 BTU Furnace in plus, ST and camp floorplans
  • 5 different floor plans
  • Front Mounted Solar Panel (plus only)

Check out Aliner’s website!

American Dream Classic Retro

NameAmerican Dream Classic Retro
Exterior Length11 ft
Exterior Width5 ft 5 in
Exterior Height5 ft 5 in
Interior Height5 ft 5 in
Bed Size48″ x 80″
Freshwater CapacityN/A
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas Capacity10
UVW650 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$12,180

Why we recommend the American Dream Classic Retro: This is a trailer for the truly spontaneous thrill seeker. American Dream is a company dedicated to keeping things simple and fun. Their daring new trailer designs really push the limits on what defines a travel trailer.

The Classic Retro has a sleek 1950’s feel with a twist. The detachable rough also functions as an 85-lb fiberglass boat. That’s right. No more need to find a way to haul your boat along with your trailer. Now you can bring them both along, two in one!

Don’t worry about your gear getting wet while you are out on the like. A secondary roof will keep your stuff safe even with the boat detached.

The idea of keeping things simple, small and smart is the framework for spontaneous vacations from the habitual routines of today’s culture.

The American Dream Trailer Company

The Classic Retro is small, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. The Classic Retro has room enough to lounge and a pull out bed for sleeping. This trailer fits 2 although admittedly it can be a rather tight squeeze.

Overall, The American Dream Trailer Company has really wowed us with their innovative new design on the classic travel trailer.

Key Features:

  • Rear storage cubbie
  • Convertible bed/couch
  • Detachable boat
  • Cooking Galley
  • 5 hood latches that secure boat while on the move

Check out The American Dream Trailer Company!

 Jayco Jay Flight SLX

Fun for the Whole Family!

NameJayco Jay Flight SLX
Exterior Length16.5 ft
Exterior Width7.08 ft
Exterior Height8.92 ft
Interior Height6.08 ft
Bed Size48″ x 80″
Stove2 cooktop burners
Freshwater Capacity10 gal
Blcack/Gray Water20 gal/20 gal
LP-Gas Capacity4.7 gal
UVW2,380 lbs
# of Floorplans6
MSRP, Base$16,184

Why we recommend the Jayco Jay Flight SLX: The best thing about the Jayco is the immense space. If you are at all like me, you want to take your family with you wherever you go. Usually, you would need a larger trailer to haul your large family around, but Jayco provides another option.

Lightweight, yet mobile, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX can hold up to 6 people at a time depending on the floorplan. Extra sleeping space comes at a price however. Features on the Flight SLX are nice, but basic. All models have the same maple cabinet doors and the same integrated A-frame.

Jayco offers a variety of expansions that can really boost your travel experience. Like a 13,500-BTU, roof-mounted A/C or building to Canadian RV standards.

If you are looking to take a weekend get away with the whole family, take the Jayco Jay Flight SLX for a spin!

Key Features:

  • Abundant seating space
  • Maple cabinet doors
  • Large front windows
  • Microwave
  • Pleated window shades
  • J-Steel jackknife sofa

Check out Jayco’s website!

Flagstaff E-Pro

Ride the Roads with Plenty of Room!

NameForest River Flagstaff E-Pro
Exterior Length15’8″
Exterior Width92 “
Exterior Height9 ft 10 in
Interior Height
Bed Size (2) 30″ by 74″ twin beds or put together for a king
Furnace20,000 BTU
Stove2 cooktop burners
Freshwater Capacity31 gal
Black/Gray Water12 gal/12 gal
LP-Gas Capacity
UVW2,667 lbs
# of Floorplans2 packages
MSRP, Base

Why we recommend the Flagstaff E Pro 15TB: The flagstaff E-pro is one of the smallest and lightest travel trailers discussed here, and it does not dissapoint. Although, it can only sleep 2 people, I like the option to have two separate twin beds or one large king bed. This trailer comes with a full bathroom, 32″ TV, and an outside grill.

Key Feauters:

  • Roler Shades
  • Quick Recovery Gas/electric water heater
  • Shower Miser Water Saver
  • Additional outside shower
  • Ground solar prep

Check out Forest River’s website!

KZ Sportsmen Classic

For those who like to Rough it!

NameKZ Sportsmen Classic
Exterior Length21 ft 10 in
Exterior Width7 ft 5 in
Exterior Height9 ft 3 in
Interior Height6 ft 5 in
Bed SizeN/A
Furnace20,000 BTU
Freshwater Capacity20 gal
Blcack/Gray Water32 gal/32 gal
LP-Gas Capacity20
UVW2,800 lbs
# of Floorplans5
MSRP, Base$16,886

Why we recommend the KZ Sportsmen Classic: The Sportsmen classic is a versatile series the can be customized to best suite your specific situation. Looking for a comfortable trailer that can still fit a lot of passengers? They have got that. Need a nice camper that also functions as a toy hauler? They have got that too.

The KZ sportsmen classic series also has a nice list of addable features that could heighten your camping experience. Go where other travel trailers couldn’t with the off-road package which includes 15-inch mud tires with aluminum rims, extra ground clearance, an electronically-controlled heated holding tank, and double entry step.

KZ trailers really know how to use their space. The dining area converts into a bed and most tables are retractable.

Whether you choose to rough it by yourself or with friends the KZ Sportsmen Classic is definitely worth your consideration!

Key Features:

  • Scissor jacks
  • Marine-grade Aqualon Edge material power awnings
  • Outdoor LED light
  • Tongue and groove plywood flooring
  • Flip-up entry step and folding handrail
  • Solar prep

Check out KZ’s website!

Lance 1575

Ol’ Reliable

NameLance 1575
Exterior Length20 ft 5 in
Exterior Width8 ft 8 in
Exterior Height9 ft 10 in
Interior Height6 ft 5 in
Bed SizeN/A
Furnace14,300 BTU
Refrigerator5 cu ft
Freshwater Capacity26 gal
Blcack/Gray Water26 gal/26 gal
LP-Gas Capacity20
UVW2,775 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$30,428

Why we recommend the Lance 1575: Let’s face it, any vehicle that you haul behind your truck is going to face some damage. That is unavoidable, but, with the right trailer, you can minimize the damage that occurs.

The Lance 1575 is one such trailer that might just save you some trouble. Compact, light as a feather, and sturdy. The Lance 1575 has been hauled cross country for years while suffering only minimal damage.

I love how customizable the Lance 1575 is. With 3 decor options you can really class the trailer up to your liking.

All Lance travel trailers are built to last through all four seasons. While nothing can weather adverse weather forever, Lance products will definitely get you your money’s worth.

Key Featuers:

  • Solar panel
  • 29 inch LED TV
  • Skylight
  • Exterior Wash Station
  • Exterior Propane Connection
  • 3-Burner High Output Range W/Oven

Check out Lance’s website!

Taxa’s Cricket Camper

NameTaxa’s Cricket Camper
Exterior Length11 ft 6 in
Exterior Width6 ft 7 in
Exterior Height6 ft 8 in
Interior Height6 ft 4 in
Bed Size57″ x 75″
Freshwater Capacity15 gal
Blcack/Gray Water15 gal/15 gal
LP-Gas CapacityN/A
UVW1,450 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$25,995

Why we recommend the Cricket Camper: There are a lot of things that I could say about the Cricket Camper, but I think there is one phrase that effectively summarizes my experience with this tiny travel trailer: Man, it’s a lot of fun.

I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s the Cricket Camper’s unique style (it looks as if Pablo Picasso’s ideal trailer jumped out of a portrait), or maybe it’s Taxa’s eye toward not just something that looks good, but feels supremely comfortable as well. More than likely it is the Cricket Camper’s perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

Cricket Camper’s come with a roof rack perfect for storing bikes, kayaks, or other such important adventuring equipment.

The Cricket Camper is a unique camper that has far surpassed my expectations. Take one for a spin yourself to see just how great it feels!

Key Features:

  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation
  • LED Porch Light
  • Exterior Shower w/ Hot and Cold Water
  • Front Stabilizer Jacks
  • Roof Rack System w/ Crossbars
  • Tempered Tinted Windows w/ Screens & Shades

Check out Taxa’s website!

Hiker Highway Deluxe

NameHiker Highway Deluxe (5X8 model)
Exterior Length8 ft
Exterior Width5 ft
Exterior Height5 ft
Interior HeightN/A
Bed SizeN/A
Freshwater Capacity20 gal
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas CapacityN/A
UVW1,400 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$4,795

Why we recommend the Hiker Highway Deluxe: This little trailer may come in a small package but that doesn’t mean its small on amenities! The Hiker Highway Deluxe is the shortest model on our list and is highly customizable.

These small teardrop models come with a host of racks, fenders, and awnings, electrical appliances, tool boxes, solar panels, propane tanks, tires, doors, and wall colors all ripe for your choosing! The sheer volume of options is sure to astound.

On the Hiker website you are able to custom build your own trailer. The people that work there are super friendly and easy to work with, in fact their great customer service is on of the reasons I recommend them so highly.

The Hiker Highway may be a bit bare bones, but that makes it perfect for those that really like to get down and dirty while camping. If you are a minimalist, then the Hiker Highway deluxe is the perfect choice for you!

Key Features:

  • Small rear galley door
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Two side windows
  • Galley pass-through door
  • Manual roof vent

Check out Hiker Trailer’s website!

Timberleaf Classic

NameTimberleaf Classic
Exterior Length15 ft
Exterior Width5 ft 4 in
Exterior Height4 ft
Interior Height3 ft
Bed Size57″ x 80″
Freshwater CapacityN/A
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas CapacityN/A
UVW1,500 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$19,750

Why we recommend the Timberleaf classic: The first thing anyone notices about a Timberleaf after walking in for the first time is how spacious they feel. As you lay on the bed gazing out of the skylight (one of the largest skylights on any teardrop trailer in the market!), you realize that the queen sized bed is better than the mattress in your bedroom back home.

Luxury is the name of game for Timberleaf trailers and the Timberleaf classic really takes the cake in the luxury trailer lineup. The gorgeous natural wood interior will make you forget that your camping out, and the thick insulated walls will keep out even the most bitter winter chill.

But just because Timberleaf kicked up the luxury game doesn’t mean its without practical use. The cabin space is filled with drawers and cabinents to accompany all of your camping gear. You can also upgrade your trailer with the off-road package which will give you the strength to explore even the most rugged terrain.

Key Features:

  • Round, diamond plate aluminum fenders
  • Custom-made Colorado Queen mattress
  • One-inch thick foam insulated walls
  • Stead-fast enamel-baked aluminum siding

Check out Timberleaf’s website!

Safari Condo Alto R Series

The Green Travel Trailer!

NameSafari Condo Alto F1743
Exterior Length17 ft 7 in
Exterior Width7 ft 2 in
Exterior Height8 ft
Interior Height6 ft 3 in
Bed Size76″ x 81″
Furnace16,000 BTU
Stove2 burners
Freshwater Capacity60 gal
Blcack/Gray Water46 gal/60 gal
LP-Gas Capacity20
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$36,330

Why we recommend the Safari Condo Alto R Series: The Safari Condo Alto R Series boasts some impressive features and an environmentally conscious product.

Faced with the steady increase in the price of gasoline and the social responsibility we all share to save non-renewable fossil energy, Safari Condo wanted to design ultra-light travel trailers with the lowest possible drag coefficient.

Safari Condo

Safari condo trailers are designed to be towed by smaller vehicles. Not only are they lightweight but they are also designed with an aerodynamic exterior to cut down on drag on the highway.

All Safari Condo trailers are made mainly with recycled materials.

Safari Condo Alto R Series trailers have flushable toilets and dining areas that stay set up separate from the sleeping area.

The interior is beautiful, spacious, and above all comfortable.

Key features:

  • Flush toilet
  • Exterior made of recycled materials
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Dining area available even while main bed is set-up
  • Sold in USA directly from the factory
  • Interior shower with curtain (Most floorplans)

Check out Safari Condo’s website!

Eriba Nova Light

NameEriba Nova Light
Exterior Length20 ft
Exterior Width7 ft
Exterior Height8 ft 4 in
Interior Height6 ft 5 in
Bed Size62″ x 81″
Furnace10,000 BTU
Refrigerator3 cu ft
Freshwater Capacity12 gal
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas CapacityN/A
UVW2,116 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$23,704

Why we recommend the Eriba Nova Light: The Eriba Nova Light is manufactured by Hymer, a trailer and RV company based out of Germany. The Eriba Nova Light brings the ingenuity of German engineering to a small compact trailer.

The living quarters not only look stylish but are comfortable as well. With LED ambient lighting, convenient overhead storage, and super comfortable seating, you will feel like you are in your own front room.

The Eriba Nova Light sleeps three people comfortable, so you won’t be dragging your whole family on vacation with you, but if you are looking to escape with a couple of close friends the Eriba Nova Light is definetly worth your consideration.

Key Features:

  • Heating with hot air distribution
  • Built-in speakers
  • Panoramic roof vent
  • Under-bed storage space
  • Overhead lockers
  • Refrigerator

Check out the Eriba website!

Happier Camper HC1

Retro-modern Style!

NameHappier Camper HC1
Exterior Length13 ft
Exterior Width6 ft 11 in
Exterior Height7 ft 4 in
Interior Height6 ft 1 in
Bed Size60″ x 83″
Furnace9,000 BTU
Stove2 burner
Freshwater CapacityN/A
Blcack/Gray WaterN/A
LP-Gas CapacityOptional
UVW1,100 lbs
# of Floorplans9
MSRP, Base$18,950

Why we recommend the Happier Camper HC1: I absolutely love Happier Camper’s style. It looks like a Transformer tried to turn into a jukebox on wheels and I mean that to be on of the highest compliments that I can offer.

The HC1 is highly customizable with 9 available floorplans and 7 exterior colors. You definitely can put your own preferences on the vehicle. The Happier Camper also has a large rear hatch door that makes storage a breeze.

Comfortable, convenient, classy. The Happier Camper HC1 is sure to be the envy of the road!

Key Features:

  • Outdoor porch light
  • Vintage style moon caps
  • 14″ dual air flow ceiling fan
  • Stylized panoramic windows
  • Large rear hatch door
  • Premium adjustable blinds

Check out Happier Camper’s website!

Airstream Basecamp

NameBasecamp Aluminum Travel Trailer
Exterior Length16 ft 3 in
Exterior Width7 ft
Exterior Height8 ft 9 in
Interior Height6 ft 5 in
Bed Size76″ x 76″
Furnace14,300 BTU
Refrigerator3 cu ft
Stove2 burner
Freshwater Capacity22 gal
Blcack/Gray Water29 gal (combo)
LP-Gas Capacity20
UVW2,585 lbs
# of Floorplans1
MSRP, Base$37,400

Why we recommend the Basecamp Aluminum Travel Trailer: Airstream does it once again with the Basecamp Aluminum Travel Trailer. Like all Airstream qualities, this travel trailer is truly a masterpiece of the travel trailer world.

The best part about the Aluminum travel trailer is its hardy design. Take a trip to the frigid mountains as easily as driving to the corner store for milk. You won’t have to worry about damaging your Airstream’s tough exterior shell.

Built for adventure, it’s a small camping trailer that’s tough enough to go anywhere your wanderlust takes you, and comfortable enough to help you really enjoy the time you spend there.


I really love Airstream products and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new trailer.

Key Features:

  • RVBusiness Magazine’s 2017 RV of the Year
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Bench and Bungee Storage
  • Large Wheels and Tires
  • Solar Pre-wire Kit
  • Pop-up Charging Station

Check out Airstream’s website!

Jayco Hummingbird

NameJayco Hummingbird
Exterior Length18 ft 10 in
Exterior Width8 ft 1 in
Exterior Height9 ft
Interior Height6 ft 6 in
Bed Size60″ x 74″
Furnace18,000 BTU
Refrigerator3 cu ft
Stove2 burner
Freshwater Capacity25 gal
Blcack/Gray Water25 gal/25 gal
LP-Gas Capacity5 gal
UVW2,555 lbs
# of Floorplans8
MSRP, Base$17,091

Why we recommend the Jayco Hummingbird: The Jayco Hummingbird is stylish through and through. If you don’t like how the interior looks you can always change it up by switching to another one of the eight floorplans available.

The Jayco Hummingbird has a lot of fun features that you won’t find on other trailers. From exterior speakers, to ambient lighting, to a rear back up cam, these features are both fun and functional.

One of my favorite parts of the Jayco Hummingbird is the large exterior kitchen. Not only is cooking outdoors fun, but it is a lot roomier than in other travel trailer’s cramped spaces.

Key Features:

  • Huge outdoor kitchen
  • Marine-grade exterior speakers
  • Rear camera 
  • Exterior TV bracket with cable & satellite hook-ups
  • Outside grill propane quick-disconnect port
  • LED lighting throughout 

Check out Jayco’s website!

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