Where to Buy a Hot Air Balloon (For a decent price!)

Hot air balloons are expensive. In fact, buying a new hot air balloon is akin to buying a new car. They’ll cost about the same, they require about the same amount of upkeep, and research time spent before purchase should be the same.

You can get very high-quality hot air balloons from balloon manufacturers all around the world. Some of the best brands include Cameron Balloons, FireFly, and Ultramagic Balloons. You can buy used balloons that will be slightly lower quality, but much more budget friendly.

If you’re interested in finding a hot air balloon for a decent price, this is the article for you! We’ll take a closer look at some of the cheaper balloons in the industry that are still high quality.

Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons is one of the largest hot air balloon manufacturers in the world. Their massive success is directly related to their excellent products. This is one of the best balloon manufacturers out there.

When we talk about Cameron Balloons, we’re actually referencing two distinct companies. These companies are both committed to the legacy of the Cameron name.

The first company, Cameron Balloons US, is a company that is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you want Cameron Balloons and live on this side of the world, Cameron US is for you!

The second company, Cameron Balloons Ltd., is based in Bristol, England. If you live in Europe, Asia, or Africa, this is the company you’re looking for!

Of course, both of these companies work and ship internationally, but those delivery costs will end up hitting your bank account sooner or later. It’s easier to go with the one that is closer.

Plus, it’s definitely easier to get a hold of these companies if you’re in a similar time zone. Food for thought! In any case, we’ll investigate some of your best options from these companies below!


If you’re looking for an all-purpose balloon that is still economical, the O-Type is the balloon for you! This balloon offers a little bit of everything and in just the right amounts!

The O-Type can be used for advertising, passenger carrying, or just for fun! It also has an excellent shape that makes it perfect for creative design! Is there anything this ballon can’t do?

The O-Type is the epitome of the modern balloon. Its versatility speaks to the excellent engineering put into creating this balloon! And I bet you’ll feel it as you fly too!

If you go with a standard Cameron basket, you’re looking at about $30,000. That’s a great deal for everything you’re getting!


For a starter balloon at a good cost, the Concept is just perfect! It’s small, easy to use, and very cost effective! It is one of the most time tested balloons on this list.

In fact, many Re/Max hot air balloons use Concept envelopes!

The Concept is also very durable. It has proven its use time and time again This truly is an excellent sporting balloon! You won’t be disappointed if you go with this option.

You can use a number of different baskets with the Concept. If you get a Lite Basket, getting everything you need for a full setup will come out to roughly €16,250, or $18,480.


FireFly is one of the oldest hot air balloon manufacturers in the United States, and there is a reason they’ve been around for so long. They have a long history of excellence.

FireFly used to be called The Balloon Works, so don’t be confused if some old-timers still call it that.

This company was started all the way back in 1972 and is based in North Carolina. Today, it has dealers all around the United States and internationally.

You’ll find that FireFly has one of the best websites in the business. It’s loaded with information, is very user-friendly, and makes getting a quote beyond easy!

This is a great company that continues to be innovative, following in the footsteps of the companies godfather, Tracy Barnes. Below we’ll look at some of their most affordable offerings!

FireFly 7B

The FireFly 7B is one of the smaller balloons on this list, which makes it perfect for a beginner. Not only is it easier to manage, but it is also easier to transport!

Ease of transportation is something that is easily underestimated, especially for beginner balloons. It would be the worst to spend all your money on a balloon only to realize that you can’t transport it anywhere.

One of the things I love about FireFly is that they deliver the complete package. When you purchase the 7B it will come with basically everything you need!

With a 4.0 basket, this balloon will come as a full system for $26,000.

FireFly 8B

The FireFly 8B is the ideal size for most balloonists. With a volume of 90,000 cubic feet, it is the perfect size for a variety of options. It is also just big enough to use for advertising.

90,000 cubic feet is kind of the standard size for modern balloons. That means there are a lot of companies that make envelopes at that size. Even with the competition, the 8B stands out!

FireFly is notorious for its easy to set up and easy to use balloons, and the 8B fits that bill perfectly. This is the perfect balloon for almost any use, and you’ll find that it finds strength in simplicity!

With a 4.5 basket, a brand new FireFly 8B only costs $33,000! For the quality you’re getting, that is a deal!

Ultramagic Balloons

Ultramagic Balloons is the second largest hot air balloon manufacturer in the world. Based in Spain, this company is one of the titans of the balloon industry.

If you live in Europe and you love ballooning, then you’re probably very familiar with Ultramagic Balloons. They have a knack for creating beautiful balloons that draw attention at balloon festivals.

However, Europe isn’t the only market for Ultramagic Balloons. We talked to one of their dealers in Chicago, Illinois to get some more information about Ultramagic’s prices.

On their website, you’ll be able to find an Ultramagic dealer easily. They have a great tool that gets you connected in just moments!

No matter where you live, Ultramagic Balloons is a great option, especially if you’re looking to be a little more colorful!

Of course, we’re looking at some of the more economical options. But know that with Ultramagic Balloons you can be as creative with your balloon as your wallet allows!

S Series

Strong, light weight, and durable. Those are three words you want to describe your brand new hot air balloon. Those are also three words that describe the S Series balloon.

Built for adventure, the S Series can offer you an exhilarating flight while still being totally assured of your safety. This balloon also does fairly well as a passenger carrying balloon.

Not the greatest for intricate designs, the S Series looks best with simple, strong colors. You can get a little more intricate if you get one of the larger sizes.

If you’re looking for a simple beginner balloon, look at getting the S-50 or S-70. If you want a little more lift, the S-90 and up is what you’re looking for.

Depending on sizing and design, getting everything you need with this envelope will cost you anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000.

The Racer

Ultramagic offers the worlds very first racing balloon. Even though it’s the original, it still holds its own against the competition. In fact, it is the bar by which other racing balloons are measured!

The Racer is extra smooth and very responsive. If you’re looking for something with a little extra zoom, this is the balloon for you! It is also very easy to transport.

A great plus of the smooth envelope is that it’s easy to put on a cool design! Even if it’s very intricate, you’ll see the design come out in high definition!

The full system will be a little bit more expensive. Plan on around $40,000.


Lindstrand is a company that you should definitely look into if you’re thinking about buying a hot air balloon. They combine excellent service, an outstanding product, and competitive prices to set them apart!

Although Lindstrand isn’t as big as some of the other companies on this list, they are growing bigger and bigger every year. Once you try their product, you’ll understand why!

As a company, they have made a big splash in the competitive ballooning scene. Their X-Series has dominated competitions all around the world for over a decade now!

On top of that, you’ll find that Lindstrand’s customer service is top notch! We talked to one of their representatives to get more pricing information, and we were blown away by their courtesy and professionalism!

If you need any more reasons to buy from Lindstrand, just take a look at their customer reviews. They’re excellent! Lindstrand can clearly deliver a world-class product for their clients!

Convinced yet?

Below we’ll look at some of Lindstrand’s low-priced options, including the Series-X! I think you’ll be just as impressed as we are after researching some of Lindstrand’s balloons!


The X-Series might just be the coolest balloon on the market. Not only does it look really cool, and not only is it really responsive, but you could also call it the X-Wing.

Just a suggestion.

But we should note that it does look really cool and it is super responsive. How cool and how responsive? World class on both counts.

In fact, the X-Series won 11 of the last 12 US National Championships. That is pretty darn impressive. Not only did the X-Series win, but it also won in style! It’s like the Han Solo of the hot air balloon world.

For such a great product, you get an amazing price. Plan on $35,000-$40,000 for the full system. That is a steal!


The A-Series is one of the best options out there if you’re going for style. This balloon is perfect for colorful, complex designs. Coming in a variety of sizes, you can really leave an impression with the A-Series.

This balloon is also known for its characteristic Lindstrand durability. Depending on the size you get, it could be perfect for sport, passenger carrying, or advertisement. A jack of all trades!

A great pro for the A-Series is that it works with almost any basket. That even includes baskets from other companies. This makes it ideal for someone looking to get serious about hot air ballooning.

This is a balloon for every season. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you go with the A-Series. For a full system at 90,000 cubic feet, you’ll be looking at roughly $40,000.


Kubicek is a hot air balloon company based in the Czech Republic. Because of its location, it was a little more difficult to get definite price estimates. This is especially true because of the currency difference!

It made our list because it is a great option for our international readers. Kubicek is a great company and has an especially impressive website. You’ll definitely find all of the information that you need.

They are also one of the top hot air balloon companies in Europe. It gets a little pricey to have them ship to you outside of Europe. Still, they’re worth checking out!

Kubicek prides themselves on their efficiency. In fact, in 2005, they moved all of their operations into one building to increase productivity and workflow!

If you’re an English speaker, don’t worry about the language barrier. Their website also comes in English! Also, if you’re interested, you can easily book a tour of their factory at any time!

You’ll also see that Kubicek has many options that are designed very logically. They have clearly thought about their customers! If you live in Europe, this is definitely one option to consider!

Used Balloons

Buying a used balloon is a good option if you’re really looking to buy on a budget. You can find some really cheap hot air balloons if you’re willing to buy a used balloon.

One of the hard parts about buying a used balloon is that it isn’t always coming from a verified seller. You won’t get ripped off by a large company (generally speaking), but you could by someone of Craigslist.

I would advise that if you can buy from someone you know, you should go with that option. It is definitely fine to buy online, but there is more risk involved.

There are plenty of places to buy used hot air balloons online. Just google “Used hot air balloons”, and click on some of the websites.

From my research, none of them are better than the others. Plus, many used hot air balloons are posted on five or six different websites.

Another difficulty is that some of these listings aren’t updated regularly. A hot air balloon may have sold a week ago, but you wouldn’t know until you called the number on the add.

SO, again, I would advise buying from someone you know if you can. Always go and look at the balloon for yourself before you make a purchase. Treat it like buying a used car, and you’ll be fine.

Buying used is a great option if you have a smaller budget! There are some definite gems out there just waiting for you to buy them!

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