What Type of ATV Tires Should I Buy? Our Top Picks

Your ATV needs tires, and you have your pick between sand tires, racing tires, mud tires, and all-terrain tires. Which should you buy?

Here are our most recommended ATV tires:

  • ITP Mudd Lite II (mud)
  • Sedona Buck Snort (all-terrain)
  • MaxAuto ATV Tires (racing)
  • Sedona Cyclone (sand)
  • Kenda Bearclaw (mud and trail)
  • MAXXIS Bighorn 2.0 (all-terrain)
  • Skat-Trak Extreme Grip (sand)
  • SunF A027 (racing)
  • Interco Swamp Lite (trail and mud)
  • IPT Sand Star (sand)

This shopping guide will go over each of the above ATV tires in detail. We’ll provide the information that matters to you when making a purchasing decision. Make sure you keep reading, as you won’t want to miss it! 

The Top 10 ATV Tires for All Types of Riding

Before we get into our top 10 ATV tires, below is a snapshot of our favorite ATV tires determined by what you are riding on. We’ll delve further into each one and provide links to each as you continue reading.

Table showing our top pick ATV tires for mud, all-terrain, racing and sand.

ITP Mudd Lite II (Mud Tires)

Starting our list is a very reputable set of mud tires, the ITP Mudd Lite II tires

The Mudd Lite II tires have a section width of 10 inches, a tread depth of 10 32nds, a rim size of 12 inches, and a tire diameter of 25 inches. The ply rating is six-ply. 

You can also shop these ITP mud tires with 14-inch rims at a height of 30 inches.

The tread pattern is deep to improve the comfort of your ride. When you park your ATV after a muddy day of fun, the treads make it easy to remove the mud from the tires.

Features such as stabilizing cords and mud-breaking lugs lessen the degree of flex. 

Sedona Buck Snort (All-Terrain Tires)

Do you love all-terrain ATV riding? Then you need a set of tires that can handle the rigors of the road such as the Sedona Buck Snort tires.

The tires feature a section width of 10 inches, a rim size of 12 inches, and a tire diameter of 25 inches. 

The six-ply Sedona Buck tires feature a New-Tech carcass that can stand up to everyday riding conditions with aplomb. 

The deer hoof center tread is a design feature that Sedona calls aggressive. The treads improve your ride and also leave distinct tracks in their wake.  

MaxAuto ATV Tires (Racing Tires)

Do you compete with your friends in ATV races or perhaps even ride in a more professional capacity? You can’t use just any tires. You need ATV racing tires.

We have just the right set of tires for you, the MaxAuto ATV tires.

These tires have a section width of 11 inches, a rim width of eight inches, and a tread depth of 14 millimeters. The load capacity of these Kawasaki Mule replacement tires is 600 pounds. 

Six-ply, the MaxAuto tubeless ATV tires can go on the rear or front of your ATV. The 14-millimeter tread depth and J-rated speed make these quite the formidable set of tires! 

Sedona Cyclone (Sand Tires)

Riding through the sand on your ATV requires specialty tires, and the Sedona Cyclone tires are highly rated in this department.

These tires have a section width of 11 inches, a rim size of nine inches, and a tire diameter of 20 inches. 

The large paddle design of the Sedona Cyclone tires easily cuts through sand without sending it up into your face. 

Back support ridges across each tire are made for controlled sliding when enjoying a fun day of riding on ridge-back dunes.

More lightweight than you’d think, the Sedona Cyclone rear tires could become your new favorite. 

Kenda Bearclaw (Mud and Trail Tires)

Another pair of much-loved mud and trail tires are the Kenda Bearclaw tires

The section width of the tires is eight inches, the tire aspect ratio is 8, and the rim size is 11 inches. The Bearclaw tires have an average diameter of 23 inches.

Included with the Bearclaw tires is a long-range tread compound that can improve the lifespan of your tires. 

The rim guard prevents dents and dings from prematurely ruining your tires. 

Center lugs improve both control and traction while the angled knobs further benefit your traction. The knobs grip whatever type of terrain you’re riding on, be that a trail or mud. 

MAXXIS Bighorn 2.0 (All-Terrain Tires)

For recreational all-terrain ATV riding, the MAXXIS Bighorn 2.0 tires are exceptional.

As a predecessor to the top-selling OG Bighorn tires, these updated six-ply tires have a section width of 8.1 to 11.1 inches and a rim size of 14 inches. 

You can even go off-roading in the Bighorn tires. MAXXIS says that ATV race champions Kyle Chaney and Hunter Miller prefer the Bighorn 2.0 tires.

Skat-Trak Extreme Grip (Sand Tires)

Another great set of sand tires comes from Skat-Trak. The brand’s extreme grip tires are intended for Yamaha Raptor 700R ATVs produced between 2013 and 2018. 

These are some highly durable paddle tires. The thickness of the tires lends them even greater strength. When using the tires, they create a flat profile so it’s like you’re floating atop the sand as you ride your ATV! 

SunF A027 (Race Tires)

Get your motor revving with the SunF A027 tires, which are Amazon’s best-seller for ATV race tires.

These tubeless ATV and UTV tires come in several sizes. The 20×10-9 racing tires have a section width of 10 inches, a tread depth of 14.5 millimeters, a load index rating of 47, a tire diameter of 20 inches, and a rim size of nine inches. Their speed rating is a J.

The knobby tread with directional X’s throughout can handle all sorts of trails and terrain. The lug depth boosts your traction by reducing the rate of skidding. 

Further augmenting these tires is the inclusion of shoulder knobs. The aggressively-designed knobs safeguard each tire’s sidewall and rim while improving traction and bite. 

The hard-compound rubber can race with the best of them without wearing down too fast. 

Interco Swamp Lite (Trail and Mud Tires)

Next on the list is a reliable set of trail and mud tires, the Interco Swamp Lite tires

The tires have a section width of nine inches, a tread depth of 1.25 inches, a rim size of 12 inches, and a tire diameter of 27 inches.

Built with versatility and performance in mind, these Interco six-ply tires should lessen ground disturbances so you can ride without pain or discomfort. 

Interco even says the Swamp Lite tires are good for riding in the snow! 

ITP Sand Star (Sand Tires)

The last set of ATV tires we recommend are sand tires, the ITP Sand Star tires.

These two-ply rear left tires feature 10-inch rims and a speed rating of Q. The tread depth is eight millimeters, and the load index rating is 121.

The Sand Star hot patch is an attention-grabbing feature, but that’s far from all that’s noteworthy about these ATV sand tires.

The dual-ribbed treads, which boast a patent-pending design, provide optimal steering capabilities. 

The tires themselves are very lightweight to lend you the sensation that you’re floating as you navigate sandy hills and deep dunes. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re into off-roading, staying on the beaten trail, riding in sand or mud, or racing, there’s an ATV tire for that. The 10 tires we picked out today are the best of the best in the above categories. 

Whichever tires you choose, you cannot go wrong! 

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