How to select your First Dirt Bike? (Key-Factors)

Buying a dirt bike? If it’s your first purchase, you need to know a lot more about them before buying. The thrill is not the only thing they offer. Taking home a bike that stands out means you’ll like it even after you’re back home and try your hands on it for the first time. 

Many first-timers make the same mistake while buying their first-ever dirt bike. They overlook a few things that are obviously important when purchasing a new bike. If it’s gonna be your first, examine everything before buying. So, are you ready to learn more about purchasing the right dirt bike? Keep reading!

Necessary Things to Consider Before your First Dirt Bike Purchase

When you decide to purchase a dirt bike, you need to look into some important details. Not every rider can ride the same kind of dirt bike. Besides, from functionality to design and mechanics, you need to consider many things. Sometimes these bikes may need thorough checking and an engine upgrade. 

Purchase a bike first, and if you need some changes, head to the MX store to buy some new bike parts for replacements. This may save you some trouble.

Determine the Right Size For Dirt Bike

The size of a dirt bike has a significant impact on your safety. To be optimistic about your ride, you need the size that is correct for you. Bikes and their sizes are generally based on their CC size. If you are a beginner, going for a 125 to 150 CC bike should be the one for you. Not only are these easy to control, but they are also better to get on and get off. If you are buying for the first time but are an intermediate rider, you can choose 250 to 450 CC bikes as long as their feet touch the ground while sitting to make it easy.

Are you Buying for Kids?

This is also an essential factor. If it is your first time buying a dirt bike and purchasing it for your child, you need another selection criteria. Kids around 5 or 6 can make do with a 50 CC bike. They are the perfect choice for riders who are just starting and weigh a maximum of 90 pounds. Kids can handle these sizes perfectly and will be able to upskill their level.

Consider your Skills and Experience

If your riding skill is at the beginner level and you buy a bike that suits an intermediate rider, it can lead to accidents. Your skills and riding experience must be the first factor that comes to your mind. Never purchase a dirt bike that is beyond your ability. If it seems to be too much for you to handle, it is always a bad one. So, 125-150 CC is the right choice for those who are starting out. (Important: Those with zero or limited experience should never purchase a bike over 250 CC)

Is it really the right fit?

As was already indicated, when straddling the bike, you must be able to place the balls of your feet firmly on the ground. Other factors, such as the length of your arms and how comfortable you are with positioning the footpegs, may also be relevant. So, determine whether the bike fits you and proceed with the purchase.

Final Thoughts

After you have answers to these questions, you are ready to take home your first-ever dirt bike and follow your adventure. Beyond the factors above, you should also determine a bike’s maintenance cost. Check whether you’d be able to maintain it for the long term or not. Once you have these answers, get your first-ever dirt bike through a recognized dealer.


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