These No-Tie Shoelaces Are the Best for Runners

Let’s be real, when you’re running, the last thing you want are shoes with traditional laces. There’s the inconvenience of the shoes possibly coming untied, not to mention the laces can get dirty on your runs. Most importantly, you could trip over your laces, possibly causing a significant injury. You’d like to switch to no-tie shoelaces, but which are the best for runners?

Here is a list of no-tie shoelaces runners definitely should consider:

  • Laceez 
  • Oumers 
  • Xpand
  • Lock Laces
  • Nathan 
  • RJ Sport
  • Caterpy Run
  • FootMatters

Ahead, we’ll discuss each of these 11 no-tie shoelace brands in more detail. Some laces are meant for kids, others adults, and some even both. Whether you run solo or with the whole family, you won’t have to worry about falling all over your laces for much longer! 

11 No-Tie Shoelaces for Runners


Our first suggested product is Laceez no-tie shoelacesfor kids. These highly-rated laces, which come in a two-pack, are available in five sizes so you always have the right laces for your kids’ shoes, even if their shoe size changes quickly as they grow. 

Each set of Laceez has aglets in the brand’s trademark red that keep the laces locked in place. Your kids can go on a run with you or even wear their Laceez to school and not worry about their shoes coming untied. Laceez are washable using water and mild soap, but don’t toss them in the washing machine. 

Laceez come in white, black with white, or black. 


Although they’re marketed towards children, Oumers are available for adult runners too. You can shop these no-tie shoelaces in a four-pack at a time, giving you enough laces for the whole family!

The elastic silicone laces are non-toxic, so even if your younger kids decide to snack on their Oumers rather than use them properly, you don’t have to worry as a parent. The construction of these no-tie laces makes them both dirt-proof and waterproof so your shoelaces look better longer. 

You’ll love the color options for Oumers, which include all black, all gray, all white, or multicolored with neon green, yellow, orange, pink, light blue, and dark blue. 


Xpand’s no-tie shoelaces are made in one size for kids, teens, and adult runners. The Xpand Lacing System this brand utilizes includes Lace Anchors for keeping the elastic laces in place once you set the laces the way you want them. 

A customized stretch fit augments your shoe comfort so you can concentrate more on running and less on how your shoes feel. The laces themselves are made of elastic so they never lose tension even if you slip off your shoes and then put them back on many times. Xpand says their no-tie laces can withstand very hot and even sub-freezing temperatures.

You also have nearly any and every color under the sun to choose from for your Xpand no-tie laces. Some of your options include yellow, teal, baby blue, tan, steel gray, pastel purple, lemon/lime, black, and red. Certain versions of Xpand laces are also reflective for nighttime running. 

Lock Laces

Next, we’ve got Lock Laces. These best-selling no-tie laces utilize elastic and a plastic cord clip that you can adjust on the fly during your runs. The elastic laces are made of six-strand fiber intended for your comfort, support, and flexibility. Each lace starts at 48 inches long but can stretch to 72 inches if needed. 

Lock Laces are made for kids and adults, and their uniform size should fit running shoes from single-digit to double-digit sizing. The laces are water-resistant, which doesn’t mean the same as waterproof FYI. Still, you should get a good long time of water protection before you’d have to think about replacing your Lock Laces. 

You can buy Lock Laces in all sorts of fun colors perfect for standing out during your runs. Your options include white, royal blue, red, purple, orange, bright yellow, navy blue, hot pink, neon green, gray, brown, and black. 


Do you prefer your shoelaces reflective to help make you noticeable when running in hazy, cloudy, and dark conditions? Besides the Xpand laces, Nathan is another good brand to look into. Their elastic no-tie laces are reflective no matter which color you choose.

These secure, grippy laces include Nathan’s own Fastening System for maintaining the tightness and tension of your laces. Now they should stay secure on your training sessions and even that upcoming marathon. 

Like the Lock Laces above, Nathan’s reflective no-tie laces include a plastic tab that you pull to set the tension. Your color options are white, dark blue, steel gray, safety yellow (neon yellow), purple, pink, teal, and black. All lace colors include reflective white strips throughout. 

RJ Sport

Here’s another good option to consider in your search for no-tie shoelaces: RJ Sport’s laces. These tieless elastic laces are made heavy-duty for competing in triathlons, running on grueling trails, and everything in between. You set the compression by pressing a plastic button on the laces and then you’re ready to go!

RJ Sport says their laces don’t put extra pressure on your feet so you can end your runs with less pain and discomfort. One size is accommodative for kids to adults. According to the manufacturer, their no-tie shoelaces should last for as long as your shoes do, maybe even longer.

As you’d expect, you can order your RJ Sport no-tie shoelaces in a variety of colors, including coyote brown, dark brown, purple, black, navy, light blue, army green, pink, red, dark gray, and solid white. Although some of the laces are patterned, they’re not reflective. 


Another renowned pick is HOMAR, as their no-tie laces are for kids and adults. Made of springy silicone, HOMAR says their laces were stretch-tested 10,000 times and still retain their elasticity. 

A grip design included on either end of your laces will keep the HOMAR no-tie laces within your shoe. The middle of the laces lack pressure points so they don’t hurt your feet when you use them all day. The silicone is hand-washable using a moist cloth and some soap. HOMAR also says their laces are completely waterproof, which is better than water-resistant.

Available in different sizes with up to 20 laces in a pack, you get every color options you could want, including green, dark blue, orange, neon pink, bright purple, yellow, sky blue, white, red, and black. As an FYI, there is a difference between the kids’ sizes and adult sizes in this case, so order carefully!  

Caterpy Run

We’d also recommend Caterpy Run to add to your list of no-tie shoelaces to look into. These shoes work a bit differently than the other options we’ve covered so far. Caterpy Run’s laces include elastic bumps throughout that allow the eyelets of your running shoes to more adequately retain tension. 

Depending on how taut each elastic bump is, your laces have more tension or less. If the elastic bumps look ball-like, then they’re relaxed with little to no tension. If they’re somewhat stretched, then your laces have a snug fit that should be ideal for running. If you need even more tension, the elastic bumps will look completely stretched. At that point, the laces are as tight as you can get them.

Caterpy Run’s no-tie laces are available in colors like black, gray, white, light and neon pink, red, orange, bright and neon yellow, neon green, teal, navy blue, and purple. You can even get your laces in patterns like zebra or tie-dye. How fun! 


FootMatters’ no-tie shoelaces also stand out for their looks much like Caterpy Run’s. These curly laces spiral out to keep your laces in place without the need to tie them. Made of pliable elastic, you can pull each curl taut for a customized fit. 

According to FootMatters, using their laces can make running and walking less painful and uncomfortable. You may also notice you have less pressure when your shoes are secured with these laces.

You can buy FootMatters’ no tie-laces in two-packs or even 10-packs in such hues as gray, yellow, bright green, orange, white, red, and neon pink. 


If you’re still considering your no-tie shoelace options, INMAKER could be what you’re looking for. These laces for kids and adults are made of food-grade silicone that stretches like elastic. The ends of the laces are T-shaped so they hook into the eyelets of your running shoes and won’t pop out easily. 

To add your INMAKER no-tie laces to your shoes, you pinch the end of the lace and then pull it through the eyelet. You may need tweezers or pliers for shoes with especially small eyelets, says the manufacturer.

The polished color section of INMAKER’s no-tie laces should suit the tastes of children and adults alike. Your options include black, yellow, white, blue, brown, navy, gray, electric green, orange, red, purple, or neon rainbow. 


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got HICKIES. These no-tie laces come in one size for all sorts of users, including children. You get 14 straps or laces to a pack. The original technology used in HICKIES’ no-tie laces includes elastic memory-fit construction for foot support, comfort, and fit. 

The manufacturer says you only need to fasten your HICKIES’ no-tie laces but once and they should stay secure every time you put your running shoes on. The design of these laces will make your shoes look cooler too!

If you want your HICKIES in a single color, you can buy them in hues like white, violet, orange, olive green, neon yellow, neon pink, navy, mint, gray, or black. You can also shop these no-tie laces in black with a different color in the middle. 

Final Thoughts

No-tie shoelaces will save you valuable time before your runs, and even better, you can hit the trail without the concern of your shoelaces tripping you up. The 11 no-tie shoelaces we highlighted today are all inexpensive yet smart solutions for runners of all ages. We hope you found a pair you like, as no-tie shoelaces really change your running experience for the better! 

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