The Best Snow Goggles for Under $100

When snowmobiling or snow skiing, the whipping winds are too terrible for you to forego eye protection. You’ll also appreciate a good pair of snow goggles for cutting the glare as the sun reflects off the white snow. Can you get your hands on a pair of snow goggles for less than $100? If so, what are the best pairs?

Here are the top 10 snow goggles for under $100:

  • Smith Range Sunglasses
  • Bolle FREEZE Unisex Snow Goggle
  • Retrospec G1 Ski & Snowboard Goggles
  • Bolle MOJO
  • OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles
  • ZIONOR X Ski Goggles
  • Giro Roam Snow Goggles
  • COPOZZ Ski Goggles
  • ZIONOR X4 Ski Goggles
  • Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

In this guide, we’ll have lots more information to share about the above snow goggle options, including features, pricing, and more. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to shop for your next pair of snow goggles! 

Why Do You Need Snow Goggles on the Slopes?

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, you might be wondering about the necessity of goggles before venturing to the slopes. Snow goggles are essential because they enhance visibility, improve contrast, and protect your eyes. 

Enhanced Visibility: In skiing and snowboarding, maintaining clear visibility is crucial for your safety. Ski goggles offer a diverse range of specialized lenses designed to reduce glare from the snow. This makes it easier for you to see and enhances comfort by eliminating the need to squint in harsh light, especially on sunny days.

Improved Contrast: Visibility on the slopes is further enhanced by contrast. The terrain can sometimes blend into a sea of white, but colored lenses can add contrast to distinguish bumps and dips. Each weather scenario calls for a different colored lens to exchange visibility. They are as follows… 

Hazy/cloudy days –> Amber and Rose-colored lenses 

Dimly-lit conditions –> Brown lenses

Sunny Days –> Brown lenses

Eye Protection: Goggles are a crucial component of skiing or snowboarding gear, providing essential protection for your eyes against the elements and potential injury. These activities expose your eyes to prolonged harsh wind and bright sunlight. Unlike sunglasses, goggles create a seal against cold air, and many models include lenses that block UV light. Plus, they shield your eyes from hitting any tree branches on your way down the slopes. 

The 10 Best Snow Goggles for Under $100

Smith Range Sunglasses (Comes in a variety of color lenses)

The look and feel of these Smith Range sunglasses are high-quality enough that you won’t believe these goggles cost less than $100. And yes, despite the name, they are snow goggles, not sunglasses.

The lens material is known as Carbonic-x, a Smith creation that’s impact and scratch-resistant. The cylindrical shape of the lens with its Responsive Fit frame ensures that your snow goggles fit comfortably. You can also adjust the straps with a dual-slide system. 

Hydrophobic lens coating bonds to Smith’s mirrored lenses to expertly resist grime, grease, and moisture so your goggles stay cleaner for longer. When water or perspiration develops on the lens, it disperses streak-free. 

Fog-X lens technology is another standout. The micro-etched hydrophilic surface of the lenses won’t fog. Dual-layered DriWix face foam can wick moisture as well. 

These men’s snow goggles can be worn on their own or with a helmet. Included with your purchase are a replacement lens sleeve and a microfiber bag. 

You have your pick of ChromaPop lens colors to match your personal tastes. The goggles themselves are available in black, orange, gray, white, teal blue, red, neon green, and gray-blue. 

Bolle FREEZE Unisex Snow Goggle

For low-priced snow goggles, Bolle is one of the most renowned brands. Their FREEZE unisex snow goggles are a ridiculously low price – only $30!

The dual-paned double lenses create a thermal barrier that will ward off condensation. Flow-Tech venting in the frame extends to the lens’ inside surface to keep your snow goggles breathable so you can easily wear them for hours.

Worried about fogging? Not in these Bolle snow goggles! They feature a P80+ anti-fog layer embedded in the inner lens to send water molecules away from the lens. The lenses are also harder to scratch with carbo-glass anti-scratch armor on the outer lens. 

The polycarbonate FREEZE goggles even have UV protection so you can focus more on enjoying your day of snowboarding or snow skiing rather than the sun scorching your skin. 

Retrospec G1 Ski & Snowboard Goggles

How about $20 for a high-quality pair of snow goggles? The Retrospec G1 goggles more than deliver. 

These adult goggles feature 10 frame vents so your goggles don’t feel like a sauna after 15 minutes of wearing them. The Stratus Anti-Fog and Scratch technology preserves the integrity of the lenses so you can get your money’s worth. 

Wearable with a helmet, Retrospec’s snow goggles feature a stylish and functional spherical lens that offers UV400 protection. The frame is made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane. 

Anti-slip silicone straps on either side prevent goggle movement, as does the over-the-glasses or OTC style and the multi-layered face foam. Extending over your nasal arch, the face foam encourages airflow.

For snowy and overcast days where the visible light transmission or VLT is between 43 and 99 percent, Retrospec recommends the Aurora lens. On partly cloudy days with a VLT between 19 percent and 42 percent, the Ember, Borealis, Rose, or Smoke lenses are best.

When snowmobiling or snowboarding in bright sun with a VLT of three percent to 18 percent, Retrospec suggests their Cobalt, Prism, Topaz, Black Ice, Ruby, or Icicle lenses.

The goggles come in a variety of fun colors too, including Matte Teal, Matt Eggnog (off-white), Matte Deep Teal Dusk, Matte Black, Matte Arctic (white), and Matte Arctic Berry (baby pink). 

Bolle MOJO

A favorite of many winter enthusiasts, the Bolle MOJO snow goggles are cool-looking and sure to make your days on the slopes far more productive and enjoyable. 

The MOJO double-lensed snow goggles again include Bolle’s high-quality thermal barrier that accommodates for the colder outside air and the warmer air within your goggles. The thermal barrier technology will stop condensation from developing.

Bolle’s engineer-designed venting system encourages airflow within the lens surface. You’ll also enjoy clearer vision, which is a must when snowmobiling or skiing down a tall slope.

The P80+ anti-fog rating is what makes Bolle one of the leading producers of snow goggles. The Plus/Carbo GLAS coating prevents both scratching and fogging.

These goggles have a medium to large fit. Bolle calls the MOJO’s style more of a throwback. The frame is Shiny Black and the lenses are Vermillion, which is bright red.  

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

Turn heads on the ski course in the OutdoorMaster goggles. You’ll love them not only for their looks but for their very reasonable $25 price tag.

With your purchase, you get the OutdoorMaster goggles as well as a carrying pouch for protecting the lenses of your goggles while they’re in transit to and from the ski slope. 

The frames are made of lightweight but tough TPU while the lenses are UV and PC materials. The size of the lenses is 3.6 inches tall by seven inches wide. 

Since they’re over-the-glasses style, you can safely wear your eyeglasses or your favorite pair of sunglasses with these OutdoorMaster ski goggles. Your glasses should be at least 1.65 inches tall by 5.30 inches wide for best results. The goggles are also compatible with many helmets!

Sunlight in your eyes? Not today. The goggles include 100 percent UV400 protection so the sun’s harsh rays don’t get to you. The lengthy elastic strap is highly adjustable so teens and adults alike can use these goggles.

Enjoy greater optical quality with dual-layer anti-fog technology in the lenses. You’ll be able to witness the breathtaking beauty of the snowcapped mountains in all their glory. You’ll also feel safer when snowboarding, snow skiing, or snow tubing. 

OutdoorMaster gives you a variety of lens colors to choose from depending on the VLT percentage. The lenses come in every color from black to electric pink, bright teal blue, lime green, and silver. 

ZIONOR X Snow Goggles

An Amazon’s Choice pick, the ZIONOR X snow goggles should be high on your shortlist as well. Available for about $25, they’re well within your budget.

The X goggles feature a patented strap system. Remove the straps or tighten their fit so your snow goggles don’t move on your noggin. The double-layered lenses are detachable as well.

Those lenses utilize Italian materials for greater impact resistance and optical clarity. Two-way smooth venting holes at the top of the lenses prevent fogging and improve airflow. You also have UV400 protection with the ZIONOR X ski goggles.

The goggles are curved so they’re compatible with a range of helmets. Don’t worry about these goggles falling apart, as they feature Enhanced Durability Tech for awesome levels of impact resistance. 

Giro Roam Snow Goggles

A top-rated pair of snow goggles, the Giro Roam goggles come with two sets of lenses. The first is for low-light winter activities and the second is for sunny conditions.

The thermoformed lens and cylindrical shape provide a great fit while dual-layered face foam is made more comfortable with microfleece lining. You shouldn’t have unappealing red marks on your face after a day of snowboarding or snowmobiling when wearing these goggles. 

The anti-fog coating in both sets of lenses included with the Giro Roam maintain your visibility, even in high-stress situations. Giro promises a very smooth, effortless fit between your Giro helmet and snow goggles so neither rubs up uncomfortably against the other.

You can shop for the Giro Roam snow goggles in a variety of fun colors, including White Woodmark frames with green lenses, Grey Cobalt frames with blue lenses, Black Core frames with red lenses, and Green Black Podium frames with lime green lenses.

COPOZZ Ski Goggles

Here’s another pair of snow goggles for a steal, this time from COPOZZ

With a hardy TPU frame and PC and CA lenses, you’ll look awesome and stay comfortable in these goggles. The lenses offer UV400 protection. Measuring 3.8 inches tall by 6.9 inches wide, the lenses detach so you can switch them out for a more appropriate set depending on the weather.

To change the lenses, COPOZZ says to open the comma lock. Holding your goggles in one hand, grab the frame with your other hand and pull on it. The lenses should come out. Store them somewhere safe so they don’t get damaged in the interim.

The spherical shape of these lenses is for more than just looks. The wide lenses also expand your view so you can see on either side of you. The head strap is long so you can adjust it perfectly whether your head is bigger or smaller. The strap is also anti-slip.

Two-way ventilation releases pent-up warm air while introducing fresh air so you can breathe easily while snowmobiling or skiing. Since they’re OTC, you can still wear eyeglasses or sunglasses with the COPOZZ ski goggles. 

The COOL REVO coating included on the goggle lenses features Italian anti-fog technology. You’ll barely believe these goggles cost only about $30!

The COPOZZ ski goggles are available in plenty of lens colors depending on the VLT. You can even shop for polarized lenses. 

ZIONOR X4 Ski Goggles

If you liked the ZIONOR X goggles, you’ll want to check out the brand’s X4 ski goggles as well. They’re just as sleek and stylish!

The TPU frame with PC lenses promotes impact resistance. UV400 protection safeguards your eyes and sensitive facial skin from the sun. The goggles have an elastic strap that holds them in place. 

Like the other ZIONOR goggles we discussed, the X4 goggles include two-way venting and anti-fog tech so your vision is always unobstructed. We also quite like the magnetic lens-changing system too. Since the lens are magnetized (with eight magnets in all), you don’t have to worry about them getting loose while exchanging them.

ZIONOR’s Enhanced Durability Tech is back, and these goggles boast a panoramic view of 180 degrees. They’re even unisex! 

Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

Wrapping up our list is the Wildhorn Roca goggles for snowboarding, snow skiing, and more. Although they cost up to $80, they’re still well within your budget of $100 and under.

Produced in the United States, the Roca goggles feature a frame built from thermoplastic urethane polymers. The frames are then topped with an anti-slip coating to keep them secure on your face. Triple-layered foam creates a barrier between your skin and the goggles that’s nice and soft. 

The lenses of the Roca goggles are polycarbonate that Wildhorn says is practically shatter-proof. The wide panoramic lens opens up more of the world to you. You’ll be able to appreciate the view due to the inclusion of anti-scratch and anti-fog technology. Aurora lens technology combats up to 100 percent of UV rays.

Ready to change your lenses? Like the ZIONOR goggles, the Wildhorn Roca goggles feature magnetic lenses with six N45 magnets. They work with the integrated clip-locking system so you can replace your lenses in under a minute.

Take the lens off by pulling it back. Replace a new lens by using the secure clips on the frame. The magnets will pull the lens into place. Close the sets of secure clips and you’re ready to ride!

You have plenty of color options for the Wildhorn Roca snow goggles. Those options include Stone Gray frames with silver lenses, Moab (orange) frames with amber lenses, Glacier Blaze frames with multicolored lenses, and Citrus (green) frames with emerald lenses. 

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Final Thoughts

Eye protection for the ski slopes doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. As the 10 snow goggles we covered today prove, you can buy quality goggles with air venting, anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, UV protection, and even magnetic lens changing for under $100. 

You and the family are now ready to have your best winter yet!

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