The Best Portable Fishing Boats to Carry on Your Truck Bed

You love nothing more than fun fishing expeditions in your boat, but transporting the vessel is always a pain. You’re in the market to upgrade your boat, and you’re thinking a portable fishing boat is best. Which portable fishing boats fit on a truck bed?

The following 8 portable fishing boats are best for carrying on a truck bed:

  • Aleko Inflatable Fishing Boat 
  • Sun Dolphin Sportsman Two-Man Fishing Boat
  • West Marine WaterTender 9.4 Dinghy 
  • Sea Eagle PackFish7
  • Star Inflatables Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak
  • Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat
  • Lowe Boats L1232 Jon
  • North Atlantic Inflatables Panel Floor Inflatable Keel Boat 

From inflatable boats to smaller ones that slot right into the bed most of pickups, there’s something on this list for everyone. Keep reading for detailed reviews so you can select your next fishing boat! 

8 Portable Fishing Boats for Convenient Truck Bed Travel

Aleko Inflatable Fishing Boat

Starting our list is the Aleko inflatable fishing boat, an aluminum-floored boat that measures 12.5 feet long when inflated. 

This dark green fishing boat can support a 150-pound motor at 25 horsepower and has the capacity for six people up to 1,280 pounds. The boat itself weighs 187 pounds when inflated, with an overall length of 12 feet, five inches and an overall width of five feet, six inches. 

Built for freshwater and saltwater fishing alike, the Aleko inflatable fishing boat includes a variety of accessories to make fishing and general boat usage more enjoyable. 

You get a repair kit, oar holders and oar locks, four mounted carrying handles, towing D-rings, a one-way drain plug, a foot pump, a storage and carrying bag, tie-down straps, and two aluminum oars for easy paddling.

The aluminum benches, which there are two, are removable if you’re fishing alone and want to maximize the storage room. 

Sun Dolphin Sportsman Two-Man Fishing Boat

If you’d rather not buy an inflatable boat for your next portable fishing boat, try the Sun Dolphin Sportsman. This solid fishing boat for two people is 138 pounds so it’s easy to bring to and fro.

This sturdy, powerful bass boat features a flat bottom for entering coves and other narrow bodies of water with ease. Opening your fishing locations in a brand new way, the Sportsman can even navigate shallow waters with aplomb. 

Tackle holders on the side of the boat will make retaining what you catch easier. You won’t have to worry about wriggling fish jumping their way to freedom anymore! The beverage holders are recessed too so no more spilled drinks.

The front and rear motor mounts come built-in so you can easily slot a trolling motor of your choice. The Sportsman includes pre-wiring for a trolling motor too, which further makes installation as easy as pie.

The two seats swivel so that even if you’re fishing alone, you can swivel the second seat out of your way. 

You can select from two models of the Sun Dolphin Sportsman, one that’s eight feet long and another that’s 10 feet. 

West Marine WaterTender 9.4 Dinghy

Are you a simple type of angler who doesn’t require a complicated fishing boat? Then the West Marine WaterTender 9.4 is right up your alley.

This dinghy is nine feet, four inches long and 55 inches wide, making it a suitable option for most truck beds. Its weight capacity is a very generous 439 pounds, so go ahead, bring a buddy on your next fishing trip.

Here are some more specs: the boat itself weighs 106 pounds for lightweight transportation to and from your favorite lake or ocean.  The WaterTender’s beam is 55 inches.

A modified high-density polyethylene tri-hull makes for smooth traveling on the water. The boat itself is two thermo-formed pieces, with a separate deck and hull. Outside of its recommended use as a fishing boat, West Marine also suggests the WaterTender 9.4 as a rigid tester.

Stern lifting rings and carrying handles that are molded to the sides of the boat make trailering this lightweight fishing boat simple. A waterproof deck plate is for your dry items such as your smartphone and wallet. 

Sea Eagle PackFish7

It’s time to soar in the Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable fishing boat.

This single-person boat has a 22-pound hull capacity unless your boat has wooden floorboards. Then the hull has a capacity of no more than 29 pounds. The PackFish7 is seven feet long and three feet, three inches wide.

When deflated, the PackFish7 boat measures five inches by 20 inches by 20 inches. You can toss it in the back of your truck and be on your way! 

Inflatable fishing boats should ideally have several air chambers. This way, if one pops, the second one can keep your boat inflated. The PackFish7 is a dual-chambered inflatable boat, with one upper safety chamber in addition to the main chamber.

The external protective cover is made of 840-denier nylon while the protective floor is 1,000-denier PVC-coated polyester. Further, this fishing boat includes external protective seams made of overlapped industrial-strength double-stitched nylon threading. 

The internal bladder from Polykrylar features a high-frequency welded seam cover around it for extra protection when boating. 

Sea Eagle recommends taking the PackFish7 nearly wherever your heart desires when fishing, from creeks to bays, rivers, and lakes. Even if the water draft is as low as four inches, you can safely navigate in this inflatable fishing boat without worrying about it popping in shallow water.

Star Inflatables Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak

The Pike inflatable fishing kayak from Star Inflatables will save you time having to lug a large, unwieldy fishing boat onto and off your pickup truck. Simply put the uninflated boat in your vehicle, drive to your destination, and inflate it on the go.

Built from PVC with 24 rigid D-rings, the Pike inflatable boat features a Leafield C7 valve and three air chambers. Weighing a lightweight 45 pounds, the boat is 38 inches wide and 12 feet, seven inches long when inflated.

With your purchase, Star Inflatables includes a repair kit, a pump, a carrying bag, an All-Water fin for easier traveling on the water, and a folding-back fishing seat. The seat has an aluminum frame and suspension mesh. You’ll get cozy and want to spend all day on the water in this inflatable boat! 

Of course, if you’d rather take the seat out, you can do that. Then connect the seat to the included D-rings and straps so it stays secure. 

Star says its PVC construction for its line of inflatable fishing boats has advanced steam-welding technology for exceptional air retention, better longevity, and excellent resistance to abrasions. 

Track your prey like never before with a stern fin and skeg plate. All D-rings are made of stainless steel so you can rig up your fishing gear, including your tackle crate. 

The Scotty Mount Bases, of which you get five, allow you to attach the rest of your fishing tools, everything from anchor locks to fish finders and rod holders. 

A rigid keel slots between the stern and bow to increase your stability and tracking while the self-bailing PVC floor insert inflates to 10 PSI for even further stability. 

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

Fishing in a pontoon boat can be very advantageous due to how stable these vessels are on the water. The Classic Accessories Colorado XT could be your entry into the pontooning life!

When inflated and assembled, the Colorado XT measures 28 inches tall, 56 inches wide, and 108 inches long. It weighs 77 pounds and has nine-foot pontoons. The dual two-piece aluminum oars are seven feet each.

The pontoon boat itself is built from rugged materials. The PVC bottom is abrasion-resistant while the nylon top can handle everyday use. The steel tube frame, which acts as the skeleton of this inflatable fishing boat, is powder-coated for even greater durability.

The Colorado XT includes accessories so you can get started boating right away. You receive a carrying bag for easily transporting the uninflated boat and a transport wheel to get to your fishing location.

Lowe Boats L1232 Jon

Lowe Boats manufactures hunting boats, pontoons, and fishing boats. The L1232 Jon fits into the latter category.

This simple but strong fishing boat can double as a hunting boat as well. With a capacity for up to three people, the L1232 Jon has several seats and can hold 389 pounds max. Lowe recommends a 3.5-HP engine.

The lengthy transom, which is 15 inches, is compatible with most trolling and outboard motors. The bottom of this boat is designed flat for smooth, easy travel in a variety of water bodies. Oar locks on either side are a nice touch as well.

Built from riveted 5052 marine-grade aluminum alloy, the L1232 Jon includes dual handy transom grab handles, a bow handle, a transom drain plug, and formed transom corner caps. 

North Atlantic Inflatables Panel Floor Inflatable Keel Boat 

Last but certainly not least on our list is the North Atlantic Inflatables panel floor inflatable boat

This traveling fishing boat is eight feet, eight inches long with a 60-inch beam. The inside beam is 27 inches, and the inside length is 64 inches. The boat itself weighs 102 pounds and can hold up to three passengers or 992 pounds.

The North American Inflatables fishing boat features a 15-inch shaft length, a 16.5-inch tube diameter, and four air chambers. Any accompanying fishing motor you use (not included with your purchase) should be no more than 7.5 HP. 

Constructed of tough and hardy 1,100-denier PVC, this inflatable keel boat features an air deck floor and welded seams for further durability. The aft tubes are protected underneath, which is another smart feature.

Bow handles and towing rings make for convenient transport whenever you feel like fishing. The included PC aluminum oars will help you travel without a motor and a foot pump comes in handy for quick (and almost effortless) inflation. 

The repair kit and carrying bag are great features to have as well. 

Final Thoughts

Who says rigging up your fishing boat to your towing vehicle must take hours? The 8 boats we reviewed for you here today can all fit into your truck bed (or in the backseat if they’re deflated). 

Whether you prefer inflatable fishing boats, pontoons, or solid-walled dinghies, you should be able to find your next fishing boat here! 

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My name is Tim and I have been a fisherman my whole life. My favorite fish to go after is a Striped Bass.

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