The Best ATVs for Seven-Year-Olds 

Your seven-year-old has gotten into ATVs just like their dear ol’ mom or dad. You figure this is a good age to treat them to their very own child-friendly all-terrain vehicle. What are the best ATVs for seven-year-olds?

Here are the top ATVs for kids up to seven:

  • Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw 
  • Costway Kids’ ATV
  • Kid Trax Yamaha ATV
  • Best Choice Products Kids’ Ride-on Electric ATV
  • Heimili Kids’ Electric ATV
  • Rollplay Powersport ATV
  • Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV
  • Power Wheels Hot Wheels Racing ATV
  • Razor Dirt Quad 

This guide will go through each of these exceptionally kid-friendly ATVs on the list above and provide more information like specs, features, and price ranges so you can choose the best ATV for your seven-year-old son or daughter! 

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The 10 Best ATVs for Seven-Year-Old Kids

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw

Starting our list is the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw ATV, which is available for under $250. 

Your kid will love this child-friendly ATV, as it looks like a real Polaris! 

Produced in the United States (Indiana specifically), the Outlaw runs on a 12-volt battery. When that battery is nearly depleted, you can recharge it so your child can resume riding the next day. 

It takes about 12 hours for the battery to fully recharge. 

The Outlaw can reverse for a more realistic driving experience. A dual-speed gearshift allows your child to adjust between speeds of 2 ½ and 5 miles per hour.

Of course, if you feel like your kid is racing too quickly on their Outlaw, you can always activate the second-gear lockout to prevent them from gaining speed.

Included all-terrain wheels feature knobs throughout to enhance the traction whether your child is riding their ATV on pavement, gravel, dirt, or grass. 

The other features of this kids’ ATV, from the fenders to the shocks, have such a degree of realism that both parents and children will surely be impressed.

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw measures 29.5 inches tall, 43.25 inches long, and 27.75 inches wide. It weighs 41.5 pounds. 

The available colors are citrus yellow or bright pink. You can pay additionally for Amazon expert assembly if you want the ATV usable right out of the box. 


Your kid will turn heads on the whole block when they ride down the street in the X-PRO ATV

This cool-looking, kid-friendly four-wheeler has a real four-stroke engine, so it’s not a kids’ toy. It’s a practice ATV.

The engine reaches 110ccs. X-PRO designed the engine to limit overheating so your child doesn’t have to deal with the mechanical inconveniences of owning an ATV (well, at least not until they’re older). 

Also controlling the ATV is an included remote control. This is more for mom or dad to use, as is the speed governor setting.

The wireless remote features a cut-off switch. If your child is on their X-PRO ATV within 20 meters of you, you can use the cut-off switch to cut the power to their ATV.

This is a safety feature that can prevent your child from getting hurt because they’re going too fast.

With the speed governor feature, you get to control the max speed your kid’s ATV will reach. As they get older and more familiar with how the X-PRO ATV works, you can gradually raise the speed.

The X-PRO has a turning radius of at least 2.25 meters, which the manufacturer promises is a 30 percent reduction from the competition. The turning radius is flexible and easy so kids can feel like pros on their ATV.

The spindle assembly is better than prior X-PRO models, now featuring steel casing so it’s heavier-duty. Further, your child can adjust the swing arm by tinkering with the tie rod end (or you can do it as their parent).

Admittedly, this is a more expensive vehicle, as it costs well over $500. It’s also a great way to introduce your children to what riding a real ATV is like! 

The X-PRO ATV is available in colors such as red, black, blue, or pink. You can also select a spider pattern. 

Costway Kids’ ATV

The cool look of the Costway kids’ ATV will undoubtedly have your child begging you to buy one. 

This electric ATV runs on batteries. The wheels resist wearing so you don’t have to be afraid of letting your kid ride on such surfaces as cement, rubber tracks, sand, and other terrains. Even indoor riding is an option!

An included power display produces battery charge updates in real-time. Bluetooth functionality and a USB slot give kids lots of ways to stay audibly entertained when riding their toy ATV, as does a story and music feature.

Driving this ATV is about as easy as can be. Your child only has to flip on the power switch, select between low and high speeds and reverse or forward, and then press on the pedal. They’ll be on their way!

An included horn sound–not a real horn, mind you–enhances the driving experience even further.

The Costway kids’ ATV starts out slow so as not to spook finicky kids. 

The battery lasts for about an hour or two at a time and requires a 12-volt charger to recharge it. It takes between eight and 12 hours for the battery to be ready for another day of riding fun. 

The Costway kids’ ATV measures 29 inches tall, 25.5 inches wide, and 42 inches long. It weighs 77 pounds.

This ATV, which is available for under $350, is available in colors such as navy blue, black, orange, pink, yellow, white, red, and purple. 

Kid Trax Yamaha ATV

The next ATV on our list for kids up to seven years old is the Kid Trax Yamaha ATV

This sleek electric vehicle for under $250 has a max weight limit of 88 pounds. 

It’s powered by a 12-volt battery that you can recharge as needed. An included wall charger makes charging up the battery easy!

When designing this ATV, Kid Trax went all-out. The vehicle features an MP3 player output and FM radio for enjoying the latest and greatest tunes. 

Although the ATV doesn’t have a real engine, it still boasts engine sound effects that are very realistic! Plus, the headlights work and the rear and front racks are great for storing cargo like toys or snacks.

The Four Power Trax tires are designed to handle grass, dirt, and pavement. An includes steel suspension system keeps your kids steady as they ride while rubber traction strips maintain smoothness and stability. 

The Yamaha kids’ ATV has a working foot pedal. Kids can toggle between two-speed settings, riding their ATV at either 2.5 MPH or 5 MPH. Your child can also reverse at speeds no greater than 2.5 MPH.

The Kid Trax Yamaha ATV measures 43.31 inches by 25.83 inches by 28.35 inches. You can select from colors such as Kodiak Green (camo green), Kodiak Tan, purple, and blue. 

Best Choice Products Kids’ Ride-on Electric ATV

Your kids will adore an electric ATV such as this one from Best Choice Products. Parents will like the price too, which is under $250.

The weight capacity of this toy ATV is 66 pounds. 

The ATV runs on a 12-volt battery that promises up to 1.5 hours of use before requiring a recharge. Best Choice throws in a charger for fast and convenient charging.

Your child will only ever reach speeds of 3.7 MPH on this ride-on electric ATV, so you won’t have to worry about them going too fast. Slower speeds are available too depending on which settings are toggled.

Kids can also drive in reverse or forward.

Bluetooth connectivity lets your kids pick the songs, which is something they’ll enjoy since it will make them feel more like adults. 

The four-wheel suspension system included with this ride-on ATV makes the vehicle suitable for driving on surfaces from sidewalks to driveways and dirt. 

A real working horn and LED headlights allow your kids to feel like they’re riding a real ATV. The ruggedness and realism of the other features will ensure that all the neighborhood kids will be begging for a ride!

The Best Choice Products’ ride-on ATV is available in colors such as red, pink, orange, or black. You can pay extra for Amazon expert assembly or take care of the installation yourself. 

Heimili Kids’ Electric ATV

An excellent four-wheeler sure to make your kid the most popular on the block is the Heimili kids’ electric ATV.

With a 1.5-hour runtime at least, this electric ATV for under $150 uses a 12-volt battery. 

When that battery is empty, it takes eight to 10 hours to fully recharge it. Your child should certainly be able to ride their ATV every day with that kind of charging time!

The wear-resistant wheels are oversized to keep your child stable. Headlights with real LEDs cut through the din while a horn sound is about as lifelike as it gets. 

Your child can press on the accelerator pedal to begin racing, choosing between low and high-speed settings. They can drive in reverse as well as forward. 

The spacious seat is designed for comfort. Once your kids sit down on the Heimili ATV, they might not want to get off! 

The story and music modes provide plenty of entertainment, plus, parents will love the portable pull rod. This makes for easy transport back home if your kids took their ATV far today. 

Heimili added great safety features, as the ATV is explosion-proof and features a safety shock absorber. 

You can pick between yellow, red, or blue for the Heimili kids’ electric ATV. 

Rollplay Powersport ATV

Your kids will feel so mature on the Rollplay Powersport ATV, as it has the realism that kids crave but enough features that parents will feel comfortable letting their kids play.

Maxing out at 3 MPH when driven forward and 2.5 MPH when reversing, the Powersport never reaches high enough speeds where you have to fret about your child’s safety. 

The large tires include rubber strips that enhance traction when riding on a variety of surfaces. 

The foot pedal start makes it easy for kids to begin riding without help from mom and dad, which is always nice.

The headlights work, and authentic ATV sounds will make playing in the Powersport ATV a joy for children. 

This ATV runs on a 12-volt battery that provides up to two hours of play at a time. The battery recharges when it’s empty. 

The Rollplay Powersport ATV retails for under $250 and comes in one color scheme, black and yellow. 

Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV

An Amazon’s Choice product and one of our most renowned picks as well as the Power Wheels Barbie Pink racing ATV.

A bright pink toy ATV with Barbie graphics across the body, the Fisher-Price ATV is battery-powered, including a 12-volt rechargeable battery.

Offering three-speed settings, kids can press colored buttons to decide how they’ll drive. 

Red allows them to reverse, yellow is for driving at no faster than 3 MPH, and green allows this Power Wheels toy ATV to reach full speed (which is only 6 MPH).

Power-Lock brakes reduce the speed beyond a certain point while a high-speed lock is up to mom and dad to activate. You have the ultimate freedom to select how fast your child will go so you feel comfortable. 

The max weight limit for this Power Wheels ATV is 65 pounds. 

Power Wheels Hot Wheels Racing ATV 

For the kids who don’t like bright Barbie pink, the Power Wheels Hot Wheels racing ATV is bright, bold, and colorful with red, yellow, and orange features. 

The Hot Wheels graphics look really cool. Better yet is that the same features of the Power Wheels toy ATV as listed above all still apply! 

Razor Dirt Quad

Last but certainly not least is the Razor Dirt Quad, which is sure to go to the top of any kids’ wishlist. 

This electric four-wheel ATV is an Amazon’s Choice product. The twist-grip, variable-speed throttle, four-wheel-drive, and rear disc brake you operate by hand make this a more advanced ATV.

It’s not a toy, but it is certainly awesome!

Don’t worry though, the Dirt Quad only reaches top speeds of 8 MPH. It provides upwards of 40 minutes of consecutive riding fun before its rechargeable battery needs a charge.

The included tires are 12 inches apiece and feature rear droop travel suspension and knobs across. 

No matter how uneven the terrain your child is exploring on the Dirt Quad, the tires are designed to keep the ride nice and smooth.

A gear reduction motor operates on high torque to provide even better traction when exploring off-road terrain.

The tubular frame is powder-coated while the plastic fairings are shatter-resistant to make the Dirt Quad one hardcore ATV. 

Storing vertically to save space, the Dirt Quad also features riser handlebars you can adjust, a rear carry handle, and a front brush bar.

The Razor Dirt Quad measures 31 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 43 inches long. It’s available in one color scheme, black and red.  

Final Thoughts

Finding the right ATV for your seven-year-old doesn’t have to be such a challenge when you have a multitude of great options to choose from. From purely toy ATVs to all-terrain vehicles that are like mini versions of adult ATVs, your kids can ride with pride! 

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