5 Best Youth Side-by-Sides (And Which One I Picked)

I recently decided that a UTV side by side would be the perfect way for our family to spend more time together. Side-by-sides are a little new to me so I had some questions.

What are the five best side-by-sides, especially for youth? There are a number of side-by-sides made for youth, and each has its pros and cons. The top five recommended for families and young drivers are the Polaris Ranger 150, Polaris RZR 170, Blade 170, Massimo Gunner 250s, SSR 170 UTV.

Side-by-SideUnique FeaturePrice
Polaris Ranger 150Youth Ride Command$5,499
Polaris RZR 170Training DVD Guide$5,299
Blade 150Budget-Friendly$2,899
Massimo Gunner 250sCargo Bed$4,749
Good to Drive at Night$4,199

To learn more about each of these side-by-sides and find out which one is right for you, I’ve added quite a bit of info for you below.

Polaris Ranger 150 (My personal Favorite)

There are so many incredible safety features with this specific side by side. Mom and dad can truly feel safe letting their children take the joy ride of their lives. The Polaris Ranger 150 is equipped with “youth ride command” features. These include geofencing capabilities, digital speed limit setting, and passcode-protected, safe start.

Geofencing is the ability to set your own parameters. This helps you pick and control where the side by side is able to drive. You can also set speed limit caps in different areas within and outside of the geofence.

The digital speed limit setting helps you makes sure that your children are driving safe speeds. Whether your concern is their age, experience or the terrain, you are in control. This is all done from your Ride Command App.

Passcode-protected safe start tops this all off! This allows you to control who and when the vehicle is being used. When using this feature, the passcode must be placed into the app before the engine will even start.

The passcode-protected safe start allows you to control who is using the vehicle and when.

Other safety features include a seatbelt interlocking system, a protective cage, safety flags, nets, and two helmets.

It is also an awesome investment because it will last as your children grow! The steering wheel and driver’s seat are adjustable. This way when they keep growing you don’t have to feel as if you lost money on this investment.

There are also a few accessory options that you can choose from as well. You can get a full or a half poly windshield, a front and rear brush guard set, and a poly sports roof.

The Polaris Ranger 150 has 150 cc engine, 8″ of ground clearance and can also haul 50lbs in box compacity. These side by sides have a starting price of $5,499.

Polaris RZR 170

The Polaris RZR 170 is another awesome option for families looking for a side by side for their kids. Just like the Polaris 150, there are a lot of great safety features. Here is what I found.

It comes with front and rear breaks, and these are four-wheel hydraulic disc. This is nice because you will not have to be worried about sliding everywhere. Four-wheel drive will make it more fun, safe, and easier to take your vehicle anywhere you want and have the off-roading day of your dreams.

It will also help your youngins feel in control as they learn to drive this fun thing around!

Along with two helmets, this UTV comes with a training DVD guide. Sit down with your young ones and go through the proper use of the new family toy!

There are seat belts and a safety net as well as a cage. You will be strapped in tight making the chance of getting hurt extremely small compared to what they could have been.

Some other nice features are the tilt steering. This is an awesome feature to have when you have more or one frequent drive of different sizes. Now the vehicle is not a purchase the resembles “built for one type of person” but a “one vehicle really does fit all”.

The ground clearance comes at 6″, there is 5″ suspension travel (front and rear), LED daylights, and parent-adjustable speed. The starting price is $5,299.

Blade 150

This specific side by side is less “brand name” then the first two listed. But from all accounts, it still checks in as a really great option. So take a look into it. The price starts around $2,899 which is substantially cheaper than the first two options. So if you are on a bit of a tighter budget this could be a great place to start looking!

Its 150 cc engine has been known for decades as extremely reliable and dependable. It is a good investment. This specific vehicle is chain driven and has forward and reverse so you more than likely will not get stuck somewhere. Mix that up with the 6″ ground clearance and you are set to go!

As for lights, it comes with all the bells and whistles. The headlights have high and low beams. There are noticeable break light and right and left signaling light.

If you are counting on your side by side to get you somewhere hidden away and you have a few things you need to bring with you this is an option! The rear rack has ample storage room for you to fill up it up with whatever you need to have an awesome time!

Also included is the three-point seat belt system for the driver and the passenger. Lastly, to ensure no sunburns ruin your party there is a sunscreen canopy.

Massimo Gunner 250s

This UTV side by side is a bit more expensive than the last. Starting around $4,749 you can make a Massimo Gunner 250s yours too keep! Off the bat, one of the coolest things about it is its name. I mean Massimo Gunner 250s, come on! If that doesn’t scream powerful and fun I don’t know what does!

Let’s talk about his guy’s engine. This side by side has a four-stroke single cylinder engine, horsepower at 16 HP, and the driving system set at 2 wheel drive. It also EFI or electronic fuel injection for its fuel system.

Here is some information on the sizing of your possible future purchase. The vehicle size is LxWxH 94in x 49in x 66in. The wheelbase is 70in. With ground clearance at 8in. With that much ground clearance, you can clear almost anything!

The cargo bed is LxWxH 24in x 33in x 7.5in. With an open area for a cargo bed, you can haul around a handful of fun things along with you for your day of adventures! In fact, you can haul a whole 110 lbs. The fuel compacity is 3.5 gallons, seat height is 26.5 in, and dry weight is 658 lbs.

As for the wheels, the front suspension is independent dual an arm. The rear suspension is swing arm. The front tires are AT 22 x 7 – 10. The rear tires are AT 22 x 10 – 10. With the front and the rear breaks both being ventilated hydraulic disk brakes.

You will be able to check yourself while you are driving with the digital-analog display, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, hour meter, gear indicator, and trip meter. These go along with the high and low headlights, turn signals fuel gauge and hi-temp readers.

There are also some really fun accessories as well. Whether you choose to add a signature hubcap or rimmed tires you can be looking as fancy as any other rugged rider. There is also the 500cc or the 700cc options for the windshield.


This make and model is pretty similar to the Polaris RZR 170 previously mentioned.

Let’s start with the basics. This specific side by side has a 170 cc air-cooled OHC four-stroke single engine. The fuel system is carburated. The fuel capacity is 2.9 gallons. So although it has a lot of awesome features you will not be able to go to far or long on this sweet ride.

Its final drive is a chain and the starting system is electric. As for the wheels, the front is dual an arm. The rear is swingarm dual shock. The dimensions of the front tires are 21 x 7 -10 and the rear tires are 22 x 10 – 10. There are breaks in the front and the back.

The front breaks are dual hydrolic disc and well as the rear breaks being dual hydroolic disc. The wheelbase is 72″ and the ground clearence is 7″. That is a lot of room between you and the ground. You can take this out on heels and in rocky areas and not have to worry about getting stuck or caught in any specific area.

Cargo capacity is maxed at 330 lbs, this includes the driver and passenger. This leaves quite a flexible area of weight to bring whatever you need or whatever you find along the way that you may want to bring back with you. Overall its curb weight is 540 lbs.

In essence, this is a full package! It has all kinds of wonderful attributes that any parents should feel good about investing in. This vehicle can hold the weight that most other side-by-sides would crumble under.

There are a few fun things that come along with this option as well. The seats are monogrammed with SSR, which if your family has some southern influence, you will love. And if you aren’t southern you probably won’t get that reference so just toss it out.

Along with normal headlights there are three LED lights that are mounted on top of the roll cage. Which, side note, the roll cage is an icredible safety feature as well. There is a canvas soft top to keep you shaded from the hot sun or from the rain hitting your head as your rush home from playing.

You can add King air shocks for some extra VAVOOM but it will cost you an extra $1,500. But depending on your plans it might not be a terrible investment. Think of it more as just that, and investment so that you won’t have to pay for repairs later on!

It comes with five aluminum cast wheels and a spare tire just in case things get really wild. And honestly, with a fun toy like this, it’s possible that eventually, this will happen.

There is also a loud horn so you can alert others you are heading near them. And along with that there are tie down hooks and door nets in the bed.

To protect the younger drivers reverse is placed in a much lower gearing as to keep the driver from getting in an accident. With some practice they will be pros in no time.

This side by side UTV only includes forward, neutral and reverse. So a bit of power needs to be put behind some of the areas you drive in but overall it may be the best option depending on the child’s driving ability.

The brake is done by pulling a lever on the center console. This break makes it difficult to drive while the break is on, its a gated parking break. Your vehicle is staying put while it is one.

The speed is seen in kilometers with miles per hour in a smaller form. Some may notice it says they are going 50. This may make them excited as if the child is speeding away having a blast. But if you look a bit closer, you will relaize the vehicle does not go over 35 miles per hour unless it is headed down a hill.

The seat belts are also very easy to operate but I did see on a few sites that some of the smaller passengers and drivers have trouble securing the nets.

If you are not completley comfortable with your child driving off without you just yet there is a super nice feature for that on this side by side. The passenger side is larger enough for an adult to get in and have the ability to supervise.

One of the downfalls is that there is no gas gage so keep some fuel on you so you do not end up getting stuck somewhere and can’t contact someone.

Because of the LED-lighting, it not only looks nice but can be driven safely at night. So if your youngins are not home as the sun is coming down you can feel confident that they will be able to have clear vision as they make their way back to you.

Also included are the adjustable mirrors on each side so the drive can be aware of all of their surroundings.

If the ride starts to get a little crazy the passenger will have the grab bar to hold on to, which seems to be a popular feature based off of what others have said.

The starting price for these bad boys is $4,199.

Related Questions

Is splurging on a side-by-side UTV worth it? Go for it. There are some that are much more expensive then others. Something about the more expensive options is that there seem to be more safety features for parents to keep their children safe.

If your child is experienced enough for you to purchasing something with fewer safety features, it may save you money. However, safety should always come first. Invest in being cautious.

Is a side-by-side safe for me to place my child in? That is totally up to you and your parenting sixth sense. Every child is different, so if you are worried about your child being alone in a motor vehicle, maybe consider getting a side-by-side with a passenger seat large enough for an adult.

What is the difference between a normal side-by-side and a youth side-by-side? A youth side by side is designed to fit smaller drivers. Youth side-by-sides were brought about to eliminate the danger of young people attempting to drive things that were a danger to them. They also are generally equipped with a long list of safety and parental features that normal side-by-sides are not.

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