The Best Archery Finger Tabs – Beginner’s Guide

You’re new to archery and still shopping for all the equipment you need to make more successful shots. One such accessory is the archer tab or finger tab, which prevents the bowstring from painfully colliding with your fingers. What are some recommended archery finger tabs?

These are the best archery finger tabs:

In this guide for beginners, we’ll first explain what archery finger tabs are, then we’ll share our picks for the 8 best finger tabs. If you don’t know how to use tabs, we’ll have a section on that as well, so make sure you keep reading! 

What Are Archery Finger Tabs?

Let’s start by explaining what archery finger tabs are. 

As we touched on in the intro, finger tabs are also referred to as archer tabs. Made of synthetic materials or pure leather, the tab fits onto a single finger. In the case of an archery glove, the glove will include several tabs built in. 

The purpose of an archery finger tab is to safeguard the fingers that are closest to the bowstring. Bowstrings shouldn’t break the skin if they make contact, but they can leave behind an unappealing, painful mark. Thus, you want to do what you can to keep the bowstring and your skin separated.

That’s especially paramount as a beginner archer, as you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. It’s all trial and error for you until you learn what you’re doing. That will take time.

Most finger tabs include a loop and Velcro or similar material for wrapping the tab around your finger. Which finger do you put the tab on, you ask? That should be your middle finger.

Thumb tabs are available as well, but only for those using the Mongolian draw style of archery, in which you benefit from thumb protection. For other styles of archery, there’s no need for a tab that covers your thumb.

For those who like longbow or barebow archery styles, a three-finger-under tab works well. This simple tab features a retaining loop around the back. Even if you loosen your bowstring, the retaining loop will keep the finger tab securely around your middle finger. 

As you get more familiar with archery and your skills improve, you might advance to a more complex style of finger tabs. The tab will feature a split near the leading edge, about a third of the way down. The split allows you to put a single finger over and then two fingers under the arrow’s nocking point, which is crucial for the Mediterranean draw, also known as the split-finger draw. 

The 8 Best Archery Finger Tabs and Gloves

Since you’re an archery beginner, we’ll stick with simple archery finger tabs in this section. We’ll also throw in a few archery gloves, which will come in handy if you’re shooting in cold weather.

Per the intro, here are our 8 favorite picks all courtesy of Amazon.

NedFoss Archery Finger Tab

First on our list is the NedFoss archery finger tab, which is produced from genuine, handmade leather. NedFoss recommends using this tab when firing a recurve bow. 

Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, you can wear this tab on either hand interchangeably. The finger tab is unisex as well. With an elastic strap system that you can adjust as needed, the straps that secure around your finger will fit comfortably.  

Dual layers of hand-stitched cow leather enhance the durability of NedFoss’ finger tabs. The tab is 3.3 inches long, 2.7 inches wide, and weighs 0.52 ounces. A single tab costs $8 and two are available for $13. 

KESHES Archery Glove

How about an archery glove? This one by KESHES is an Amazon best-seller for a reason. 

It has a great look that will instill more confidence in your archery abilities. Constructed from a mix of cow leather and faux leather, the glove costs only $13 at most, so it’s an affordable addition to your archery accessories.

Put the glove on and then secure the Velcroed wrist strap, slipping your index, middle, and ring fingers into each slot. Designed ambidextrously, you can choose four sizes for the KESHES archery glove: small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

RingSun Three-Finger Archery Glove

Another sleek-looking archery glove is this one from RingSun. It too is a three-finger glove that covers your index, middle, and ring fingers. Designed for compound and recurve bows alike, the glove is handcrafted using full-grain leather. 

The RingSun glove measures 8.26 inches by 1.35 inches and weighs a lightweight 50 grams. Like the KESHES archery glove, this one from RingSun has a wrist strap with Velcro that you can pull tightly across your wrist. 

An elastic panel between the wrist strap and the finger tabs gives your hand plenty of flexibility for taking a range of shots. Although this glove only comes in one size, RingSun says it’s suitable for teens to adults. The archery glove costs $13.  

SAS Elite Aluminum Suede and Leather Finger Tab

A highly renowned finger tab is the SAS Elite. The aluminum plate is anodized for durability and features a backing and face that you can replace as you see necessary. The adjusting ledge allows you to customize the fit of this finger tab as you need it. 

Several layers of leather comprise the tab itself, which comes in sizes small, medium, and large. As a caveat, the SAS Elite aluminum suede and leather finger tab is exclusively for right-handed archers. Sorry, lefties! 

Besides sizes, you can also choose from three colors for the leather: gray, blue, or red. This finger tab costs between $20 and $30 depending on the size. 

Huntingdoor Archery Adjustable Finger Tab

Uncomplicated and inexpensive, the Huntingdoor adjustable finger tab could be just what you’re looking for as a beginner archer. Measuring 2.7 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.5 inches and weighing a mere 0.63 ounces, Huntingdoor’s finger tab is made of real cowhide.

The elastic that’s threaded through the finger tab features a plastic adjustment that you can use to tighten the grip. Made for lefties and righties alike, the Huntingdoor finger tab costs $8.

CyberDyer Cow Leather Archery Finger Tab

Midway through our list is the CyberDyer archery finger tab. If you want a tab with a little more hand protection than what you get with the Huntingdoor finger tab, the CyberDyer is a suitable option.

This finger tab measures 4.5 inches by 3.9 inches by 0.2 inches and weighs 0.52 ounces, so it’s larger but not heavier than the Huntingdoor tab. The material CyberDyer uses for its finger tabs is sweat-resistant so you can still fire arrows on a hot summer day without losing your grip.

The cowskin of the tab is a dark brown hue with hints of burgundy, so it’s appealing too. This recurve finger tab costs $8. 

Bicaster Barebow Finger Tabs

The Bicaster barebow finger tabs admittedly have a unique look compared to the tabs we’ve discussed to this point. The Horween cordovan leather face hides a brass plate behind. On the other side are elasticized straps for all four of your fingers.

The micro leather Bicaster uses is designed to be soft to the touch, and the leather is humanely sourced as well. The aluminum components allow the cord to lock. Radiused edges along the side of this finger tab are so hand sizes smaller and bigger can use this product.

The available sizes are medium and large. Bicater’s barebow finger tabs cost more than the other tabs we’ve discussed due to their more unique design. One set of tabs is $45. 

Jeereal Leather Archery Finger Tab

Last but certainly not least on our list are the Jeereal finger tabs. Produced using handmade, high-quality full-grain leather, Jeereal promises the durability of its product. That’s why their archery finger tabs are protected under a lifetime warranty.

Although these tabs are only available in one size, you have your pick of colors. The options are Bourbon Brown or Light Brown. Each tab costs $10. 

How to Use Archery Finger Tabs

You bought your very first set of archer tabs from the list above. Now how exactly do you use the tabs? It’s easy! Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Choose Your Size

Archery tabs come in a variety of sizes, so how do you know which size is appropriate for you? Well, you can measure your hand width as well as the width of your fingers, then correlate that to the right size. 

You can also visit an archery supply store and try on different sizes. Even if you don’t buy any of the finger tabs you see at the store, trying them on in person will make it easier for you to shop online. 

That said, sizing can vary by manufacturer. You might be a medium in one brand but a large in another. It’s always good to know the measurements of the finger tabs in each size so you can match your hand size to the tab. 

Step 2: Determine Whether the Tab/Glove Is for Left-Handed or Right-Handed Users

Before you check out, whether in-person or online, please triple-check which hand your archery finger tabs are intended for. If the tab is for a single hand orientation only, then you need a right-handed tab if you’re a righty and a left-handed tab if you’re a lefty. 

No, you cannot use a right-handed archery tab on your left hand or vice-versa. That’s why manufacturers produce ambidextrous tabs. Those you can switch from one hand to another without affecting your performance. 

Step 3: Slip the Finger Tab on

Once you’ve chosen a finger tab that you think is appropriately sized for you, put it on. It might feel a little loose right now, but that’s okay. You can always adjust it. However, if the tab is already too tight and you haven’t pulled any elastics or secured any Velcro, that’s a bad sign. 

Step 4: Tighten/Adjust the Tab

With the finger tab on, adjust it to your liking. If yours is a glove with a wrist strap, the Velcro strap should be securely and firmly around your wrist. That doesn’t mean the strap is so tight that it’s cutting off circulation to your hand, though! 

Step 5: Try Firing with the Finger Tab and Adjusting as Necessary 

The only way to determine if the finger tab fits you well is to use it. Try firing off a few practice rounds. Chances are, using an archery tab is going to make your shooting even more awkward, at least for a little while. Once you adjust to the feel of the tab, then you won’t notice it so much. 

If you feel like the fit of your finger tab still isn’t quite right, then stop shooting, take off the tab, and readjust it. Try loosening it or tightening it, doing the opposite of whatever settings you were using before.

Does the tab still feel uncomfortable? Then you might want to consider returning it and buying another one. 

How Often to Replace Archery Finger Tabs?

Although the archery finger tabs we reviewed today are made with dual layers of leather and some even include aluminum, no tabs last forever. Those that have replaceable faces boast a longer lifespan, as you can change out the faces rather than buying new finger tabs each time. 

There is no one rule of thumb (no pun intended) for when to replace your finger tabs. If you take breaks in the colder weather, then your tabs will last you longer since you’re only using them for about half the year. Yet if you’re someone who practices archery no matter the season, then your tabs will wear down faster.

Some archers get rid of theirs once they hit 10,000 shots wearing the tabs. Others don’t count and look at the condition of their finger tabs before determining whether it’s a good time to replace them.

Given the low costs of many finger tabs, getting new ones once or twice a year should not break the bank!  

Final Thoughts

Archery finger tabs can prevent mishaps where the strings painfully mark your skin. They’re a must as a beginner archer and an accessory you might continue to use even as you gain archery experience. We hope this article taught you more about finger tabs! 

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