Side-by-Side Length: A helpful list of the exact length of 21 UTV’s

One of the most important things to research when buying a UTV is finding out the length of one. You need to know because whatever you haul your UTV in is going to have to be longer than it. So what are the measurements of UTVs?

Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo132 in64 in65.4 in1,470 lbs
Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX DPS149 in60 in76.2 in1,697 lbs
Can-Am Commander Limited120.2 in62.5 in72 in1,291 lbs
Can-Am Defender DPS121 in64 in78 in1,425 lbs
Polaris RZR XP Turbo119 in64 in73.75 in1,448 lbs
Polaris General 4 1000150.2 in62.5 in74 in1,857 lbs
Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EPS120 in62.5 in77 in1,565 lbs
Arctic Cat Wildcat XX136 in64 in68 in1,816 lbs
Arctic Cat Havoc126 in64 in78.5 in1,755 lbs
Arctic Cat Prowler Pro126 in63 in74 in1,585 lbs
Yamaha YXZ1000R SE123.9 in64 in69.8 in1,561 lbs
Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec SE115 in59.1 in74.8 in1,586 lbs
Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition159.5 in64 in76.6 in1,761 lbs
Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS116.8 in63 in76 in1,538 lbs
Kawasaki Teryx118.1 in61.6 in75.8 in1,569.2 lbs
Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS LE110 in60 in75.8 in1,594.2 lbs
CFMoto ZForce 1000113 in60 in72 in1,230 lbs
CFMoto UForce 1000117 in63.5 in72.8 in1,520 lbs
John Deere Gator RSX860M115 in56.5 in73.5 in1,443 lbs
John Deere Gator XUV 825M S4154 in62 in75 in1,992 lbs
Kymco UXV 700i LE Prime Edition113 in59 in74.8 in1,218 lbs

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Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo

Length: 132 in

The Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo is one heck of a vehicle. It is fast and powerful. It clocks in at nearly 80 mph which is extremely fast for a UTV. The set up of your vehicle will also play a factor in how fast this thing goes. You will certainly get your adrenaline kick from this when you are zooming around corners.

It is one of the smaller models in the adult sizes. It is 132 inches long, 64 inches wide, and only 65 inches tall. It will fit in a 6 by 12-foot trailer just fine. Despite its size, it will fit most people. Even people over 6 feet fit comfortably. It is a great ride.

It has plenty of clearance. 14 inches is a ton of height. You can drive over plenty of things and you will be fine. Considering the amount of sport you will be using this thing for, this is no surprise. With that kind of suspension, you could go trail riding in theory.

There have been various improvements over the years and one of the most recent ones the cooling of the engine. When you are running the Maverick X3 at top speed and all of those pistons are firing, you are going to get a warm engine. Fortunately, they have created a technology and ability to cool it down more efficiently which will help your UTV live longer. Also, this model is turbocharged to give you a little extra power.

Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX DPS

Length: 149 in

The last Can-Am side-by-side was a small one but this one is a big daddy. Holding the same initial name as the last, The Maverick Sport MAX DPS has two rows of seats which means you will need a long trailer. A 14 or a 16-foot toy hauler will work just fine with no problem at all.

The MAX is for the number of seats in this thing. It is a great sports vehicle but it is not quite the same as the last one. You can still race on sand dunes and do all kinds of stuff, maybe even a little trail riding. The suspension on this vehicle is great too for trail riding. It has 12.5 inches of travel which is fantastic when hitting some rough terrain. The double A-arms and sway bars are incredible for rough terrain as well.

Can-Am Commander Limited

Length: 120.2 in

The Commander Limited is incredible. It has a monster engine. An 8-valve Rotax 976cc V-twin engine. It has lots of power to go on trails. It can go basically anywhere and everywhere. To help out with the terrain you will be riding on Can-Am has created its signature Intelligent Throttle Control. It makes for a better ride with better control and handling. It was developed to create a smoother ride. I really appreciate this especially when I am in the UTV for a long time on an adventure.

Some other things about this vehicle. I wish it came with doors instead of nets but hey at least it has some protection. The seatbelts are good and comfortable. Something that I only recently noticed was that this vehicle has two cargo boxes. Most side-by-sides only have one. It is a nice touch because frequently you want to bring stuff with you on a ride when you will be gone for who knows how long. It holds a lot too. The cargo area can hold up to 600 lbs which is quite a lot for the size of the vehicle.

side-by-side lengths
UTVs lengths

Can-Am Defender DPS

Length: 121 in

The last of the Can-Am models today is the Defender DPS. The Defender is the utility beast of the Can-Am lineup. It has plenty of power to go around. Once again, it has a Rotax engine like all of the other models. It has 69 lb-ft torque which is great for the work you can use this UTV for.

The storage in this thing is awesome. They really went all out for the utility purposes. The storage space in this model can be described by no other word than smart. The placement and the ability to modify storage space is great. Can-Am really put the effort to make storage a bonus and not a hindrance in this utility side-by-side. The storage compartments underneath can be removed to create more legroom. Who does not want that? The dash has a sandwich box of sorts. It is removable and it has a handle so you can carry around your sandwich.

The placement and the ability to modify storage space is great.

The Defender DPS also comes with 2WD and 4WD quick switching. This is nothing new but it is set up for easy access for the driver. You might be wondering what the “DPS” stands for in the name. It stands for “Dynamic Power Steering.” Dynamic Power Steering helps with handling and steering. If power steering is too powerful or too wimpy, it is harder to drive. It is a great technology that most side-by-sides have. It helps so much in the long run that it is worth it.

Polaris RZR XP Turbo

Length: 119 in

The first and smallest Polaris model on my list is the RZR XP Turbo. Similar to the Maverick X3, this vehicle is really great at speed and getting down the road. It is fast and more compact to be streamlined. Hit the dirt, trails, and the dunes. You name it. With 168 horsepower, this thing has a kick. It is a 4-stroke Twin-cylinder turbocharged 925cc engine and it has power behind it. I love the feel of this vehicle and I highly recommend it to anyone.

You will fit pretty comfortably in this. Even if you are bigger. It keeps you in your seat well despite bumpy terrain or sharp corners. It performs well and keeps you in your seat. It cuts deep and takes corners quickly and well. I did not feel like I ever lost control. For the most part, I felt comfortable. It handles well and it did what I wanted it to do. Of course, as you get faster you have to react better and it will respond.

Polaris General 4 1000

Length: 150.2 in

The Polaris General is a great trail riding experience and with the General 4 1000, you can fit more people along for the ride! The suspension is important in this vehicle more than ever and Polaris knows that. The shocks are Fox QS3 which work swell. The ground clearance is not shabby either at 12 inches. If it could be higher, that would be even better but 12 inches it nothing to turn away from. It is durable and it is a comfortable ride.

It comes with plenty of ability to carry things like bikes other things that you might need on your adventure. I really like the winch that it comes with. It is a small touch but super helpful for a tight bind that you might get in. It is a little more security that you cannot go wrong with. The cargo box in the back is great and as I said, you can hold plenty of things in the back. What is impressive is the 1,280 lbs max capacity for the cargo box. That is amazing. You could hold plenty of gear back there.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EPS

Length: 120 in

The Ranger is a great vehicle for doing the heavy lifting. The ranger is a tall UTV at 77 inches. Make sure you have enough room in the top of your toy hauler to carry this. Of course, once you get it to its destination, it may not ever need to go back into a trailer because it is not used for recreation a lot and will stay on the farm or worksite. The trailer only needs to be over 7 feet tall and that should not be hard to find.

The Ranger is a powerful UTV and it gets the job done. It has class-leading power and hauling ability and it does it in comfort style. The engine is a ProStar 1000 DOHC 999cc engine. The horsepower is 82 which is not as powerful as others but it is quite the performer when push comes to shove. The Ranger does its job well and can go over all kinds of terrain with its 12 inches of ground clearance and 11 inches of suspension travel.

The power really shows in its ability to haul stuff in the back. You thought the General could hold a lot, think again. The Ranger XP 1000 EPS can haul up to 2,500 lbs. That’s incredible. That is better than some small trucks. The storage compartments and bins cannot be moved so there is not much in terms of modifying but I think that is an okay sacrifice to have with the kind of power that this utility side-by-side puts out.

side-by-side lengths
UTVs lengths
Polaris Ranger

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

Length: 136 in

Of all the pure sport side-by-sides out there, the Arctic Cat Wildcat XX has the most ergonomic cab. It is such a comfortable ride and that is more needful than you would think when you are cutting corners and zooming everywhere for a few hours. It is one of the more compact models I have seen so it should fit in a trailer that is not as tall just fine.

Since you will be hitting the turns hard and that is rough on the front suspension, Arctic Cat has taken the time to put more support in the front. The suspension is tougher and it is engineered in a way that it will not camber in the front on any hairpin turns. So you can take those adrenaline-pumping turns without wondering if it will ruin your side-by-side one day.

This suspension on this thing is crazy, by the way. The front and back have 18 inches of travel. Yes, I said 18 inches. In addition to that, the ground clearance is 14 inches. This thing will clean pretty much everything that stands in your way. It is really incredible and sometimes I still wonder why they did that.

Arctic Cat Havoc

Length: 126 in

I really appreciate the tight and durable look of the Arctic Cat line of UTVs and the Havoc is shining in that area. They build really great UTVs. This one and the next one are pretty tall so make sure you have a tall trailer. This one also has lots of ground clearance at 13 inches. This makes it great for crossing little streams and the branches underfoot, or rather under wheel.

It has double A-arms on all four sides of the vehicle. It holds itself well and it will get from point A to point B without any trouble. I love using the Havoc for trail riding because I know it will take care of me.

The Havoc has plenty of room in the back for storage. Between the cargo box and the back seat is another little section where you can fit extra storage. In all, the storage area is 24 cubic feet. Pretty great for trail riding. Maybe you can even bring your camping gear with you.

Arctic Cat Prowler Pro

Length: 126 in

The Prowler Pro is the top-notch utility side-by-side that Arctic Cat makes. They understand that working long days can be more draining if your vehicle does not function well or quietly. One of the best parts of the Prowler Pro is its unique design is the reduced engine noise. The quiet design is a must for the workday. UTVs have the potential to be noisy. After a long day that could be really annoying and having a quiet engine that runs well during the day would do wonders for an average workday.

The quiet design is a must for the workday.

Thankfully you will not have to haul this beast very often since it will be on the ranch or wherever you plan on using this thing. Speaking of the workplace, this thing is equipped with some pretty great stuff. It has great storage space that is done intelligently. There is a storage space behind the back seats where you can fit a few small things. The cubby holes are plentiful for fitting all kinds of stuff.

Yamaha YXZ1000R SE

Length: 123.9 in

Yamaha’s first three-cylinder engine

Moving onto Yamaha, we are starting out with the YXZ1000R SE. Do not worry, the numbers look intimidating but they are not that bad. They are basically the model numbers and then the “SE” stands for the special edition. I really like the design of the YXR1000R model. It looks sleek, fast, and aerodynamic.

This is a really fast UTV actually. Yamaha did a good job. They are really excited to tell you that this is their first three-cylinder engine. It runs really great and it has some high output power. Anybody could get some major thrills from this thing.

With any fast vehicle, you want comfortable seating. There is plenty of room for all sizes of people. It comes equipped with lots of lateral support which makes it easier to stay in one place so you do not move side to side very much.

Yamaha Wolverine X2 R-Spec SE

Length: 115 in

The shortest of the Yamaha UTVs I will be talking about today is the Wolverine. This specific model was chosen because it looks better than the basic model but is still on the low end of the price range. It looks sturdy and it has a nice finish on it to give it some style.

This is the trail rider of the group. It is sturdy and it will take you places. With all trail riding vehicles, you will need great suspension because there could be all kinds of rough terrain that you are not aware of. Fortunately, Yamaha knows this and has put Fully adjustable KYB piggyback shocks. There is a little under 9 inches of travel in the front and back of the vehicle. It will do well out on the trail.

The seats have a high back to give support to your entire back and keep you comfortable. It has shoulder bolsters to keep you firm in your seat so you do not move around a lot during the tight turns. The whole cabin is pretty ergonomic and I like how it feels.

Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition

Length: 159.5 in

You better break out the 16-foot trailer because this thing is a beast! This thing is a 6-seater and it can haul the whole crew. This is great for families that work together or just a crew that needs to travel across a workplace to get jobs done. It is a beautiful vehicle and it works so well.

Since it can hold 6 adults, it is built to do so. The low-end power in this vehicle is really where it shines. It is not the fastest vehicle on the market but it has some power under it. It has a 686cc engine and it pulls a lot of power from the large air intake system built into the engine. It is strong and it handles its own. It gets the job done.

Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS

Length: 116.8 in

Honda started to try their hand in high-end UTVs and they did a pretty good job. The Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS is their best model on the market. They have promoted some neat features for this model like the brake-traction control system. It makes the driving experience better and helps with poor traction.

They have said that the engine is a 999cc twin-cylinder. The engine is modeled after the ones they use in their motocross bikes but modified to match what a UTV needs. They make a good engine. Overall, it is a power side-by-side that handles well.

Kawasaki Teryx

Length: 118.1 in

Kawasaki has made some good UTVs at a lower price than the bigger competition. I think that Kawasaki is in the runner for good UTVs. One thing that I appreciate about Kawasaki UTVs is their durability. The Teryx specifically comes with a front guard which on most other UTVs will not come with the base model.

The cargo bed tilts so if you have to dump something out, it makes it easier to do so. The cargo does hold as much as some but this is not the utility model so it is okay.

Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX EPS LE

Length: 110 in

The utility model of Kawasaki is the Mule Pro-MX EPS LE. I like this edition because of the perks it comes with. It has the electric power steering which is such a needful thing. It is a 2-seater which is not a whole lot but sometimes you do not need the whole crew.

The transmission works seamlessly and that is great for any job. It has all the perks you might need in a utility vehicle. You can switch between 2WD and 4WD effortlessly. Everything you need is within reach too and that makes for a really helpful vehicle for heavy tasks.

CFMoto ZForce 1000

Length: 113 in

CFMoto is on the rise here in the west. They are getting bigger. They create lower-end models that preform pretty near to what the higher ones can do. They are cheaper and if you are just getting into the UTV scene and you are not sure about it, this might be the best option for you. The models are really easy to understand. They have a ZForce which is the sports model.

It comes with a frontal differential locking system which you would not expect at this price. That is a great perk to have and I suggest not even having a UTV without it. It also comes with a 3,000 lb winch and for the price, that is a great deal.

CFMoto UForce 1000

Length: 117 in

The Uforce is the utility model of CFMoto if you could not guess. It is supposed to fit 3 adults but it honestly does not do that well. It has good storage to hold plenty of things. It could be organized better but it works.

The engine is quite powerful and it runs pretty well. The engine is a 1000cc and for the price you pay, it is pretty incredible. It comes with a roof as well which is a great perk.

John Deere Gator RSX860M

Length: 115 in

John Deere is a classic American company and everybody recognizes it. The Gator RSX860M is their trail riding/sports side-by-side. It is a midrange model. John Deere is a trustworthy brand. It has great suspension and handles well. John Deere places their engine on these UTVs in a unique space. It is placed under the seats to have a better center of gravity.

The engine works swell. It is not the fastest UTV out there. It clocks at a top speed of 60 mph. You do not need a ton of speed while trail riding anyways so this makes for a perfect vehicle for that.

side-by-side lengths
UTVs lengths
John Deere Gator

John Deere Gator XUV 825M S4

Length: 154 in

John Deere also makes plenty of utility models. Hard-working vehicles are what I think of when I think of John Deere. This specific model is the one I felt like putting in here. the “S4” means that there are 4 seats in this vehicle. It has the cage, unlike some models which do not. This model has power steering which is a must for utility vehicles.

John Deere has a complex drivetrain system that they engineered to make better use of the power within the engine and the efficiency of everything that makes these vehicles run. It can handle almost every situation and is equipped with the power to do what it must.

Kymco UXV 700i LE Prime Edition

Length: 113 in

Out of the factory, this UTV has plenty of perks.

The Kymco UXV 700i LE Prime Edition is one of the best models that Kymco has to offer. It is a lower-end model on the market when compared to some others but it works and for the price you pay, it is not bad at all.

Some of the things that I appreciate about it is straight out of the factory it comes with a front and back windshield, hardtop, and bed extender. A lot of higher-end UTVs do not come with this kind of packaging for the price you pay. Look at some of the other UTVs on the market and you will not get as much for the same price. I chose this model because I wanted to mention the back windshield. It does not come on many UTVs and so I appreciate it on this one.

What Kind of Length Should My Toy Hauler Be?

Side-by-sides have a general range of 110 to 160 inches. A toy hauler needs to be larger than that to fit a UTV in them. Toy haulers that are about 12 feet in length in order to fit UTVs. A general toy hauler size is 5 by 12 feet.

That size should fit all youth and adult 2-seat UTVs. That size is generally the minimum and it should fit one just fine. If you have a 4-seat or 6-seat UTV, you will want to invest in a 14 or 16-foot trailer. The extra space is needed.

If you plan on hauling a UTV frequently in a toy hauler of sorts, you should look at the dimension of your UTV and make sure that the trailer is bigger. I have provided some models for you to look at. Generally, the width of a UTV is around 60 inches but once in a while they are about 64 inches and that means you will need a trailer that is bigger than 5 feet wide.

I would suggest an 80-inch wide trailer over a 5-foot trailer. It just has more room and you will most likely need the room. It is hard to maneuver in a tight space. Save yourself the struggle and get an 80-inch toy hauler. Buy both your UTV and trailer to fit each other and cut the hassle. Know what you want beforehand.

Let’s say you bring the whole family or a bunch of friends to come to join in on the fun and you have to bring two side-by-sides. What do you do? You buy a bigger trailer. I suggest buying a 22-foot trailer. It is a monster but it will hold your side-by-sides. You can buy a 20-foot one and it will still work. I just like having the extra room that comes with a 22-foot toy hauler.

People might wonder if you can fit your UTV in your truck bed. I mean technically you could. If you have a long bed of around 8 feet, then you can fit the youth models but not the adult ones. You can get a UTV/ATV rack for your truck to fit the adult models but personally, it looks dangerous. Just get a toy hauler. It is a better option. There is another article I wrote that has a lot of stats about what fits and what does not. Check it out. What Side by Sides Can Fit in a Pickup Truck?

Do All People Fit in Side-by-sides?

This article is mainly about how well side-by-sides fit in trailers but I figured that I would say a little about how well a human fits inside of side-by-side. Generally, most people will not have a problem. Some taller people do not fit as well in in the back seat area of a UTV. As a general rule, keep taller people in the front and shorter people in the back. You can even remove some unneeded cargo to create more legroom if the UTV comes equipped with removable storage.

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