Ranger Bass Boat Costs: What’s the Price of Each Model?

So you’re looking for a Ranger Bass Boat, eh? But you want to know what kind of damage you’ll be doing to your wallet before you head out? Well, look no further; in this post, we will be going over each bass boat model Ranger offers, both aluminum and fiberglass. 

With this information, you can confidently move forward knowing exactly what boat you’d like and what price you’ll be spending on it. This should act as a base for the standard price of the boat, minus the extra add-ons you might put into your craft.

What’s great about most of these boats is the fact that you’re going to be able to have the chance to be able to get a trailer along with your boat purchase, so that’s something that you’re going to be able to benefit from when you’re working on purchasing a new boat.

Is Ranger a Good Bass Boat Brand?

Renowned as trailblazers in the bass boat industry, Ranger Boats has long been credited with spearheading the evolution of modern bass boats. 

Positioned as a premium bass boat builder, they occupy a mid-tier pricing bracket, celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship, design precision, meticulous boat finish, and the highest quality materials.

Revered for their robust construction, Ranger Boats have established themselves as stalwarts of durability in the bass boat manufacturing realm. Their “five-star advantage” encapsulates a design philosophy rooted in Quality, Performance, Innovation, Safety, and Resale value.

Marrying form and function, Ranger Boats’ design philosophy is evident in every detail, from the stable platform to the ergonomic placement of swivel chairs and strategic fish and tackle storage; all honed over decades of experience and user insights. 

Employing premium materials and cutting-edge composites, their manufacturing process is a precision model, with meticulous attention paid to wiring and other components, justifying the boats’ cost. 

The company’s commitment to quality is underscored by a comprehensive 10-year hull warranty, extending to three years for components like pumps, electrical systems, and trailers. Ranger Boats’ reputation rests on these foundations of meticulous construction, making them a trusted choice for anglers seeking enduring excellence.

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What are Ranger Bass Boats Made of?

Rangers two lines of bass boats are made with either fiberglass or aluminum.

Crafted in Flippin, Ark., by skilled Ranger employees, Ranger aluminum boats epitomize quality. With all-welded, wood-free construction, these boats ensure confidence on extensive journeys and in challenging waters.

Whether it’s the RT, RB, or deep V series, each boat is meticulously filled with foam, ensuring upright, level flotation exceeding Coast Guard standards and minimizing hull slap for stealthy maneuvers.

Fiberglass Ranger Bass Boat Series

As the name states, fiberglass is fiber-reinforced plastic that uses glass fibers. Because of this, fiberglass boats are more expensive than aluminum; they can pull waves out of the way and be a little more stable because of the weight, which also allows them to have elevated casting decks.

Z Comanche Series- Ranger Bass Boats

These boats are known for their performance-driven design, high-quality materials, angler-friendly layout and a good amount of storage, substantial padded casting deck, and they are fully customizable.


  • Price: $82,895
  • Hull Length: 21’8″ ft/in
  • Beam: 98″
  • Max Recommended HP: 300 HP

With this boat, you can know that you’ll get what you need for a boat. Your boat will have a bold style with unparalleled quality, stability, solid feel, and safety. This is a boat with a tournament-proven layout.

Z521R Ranger Cup Equipped

  • Price: $87,995
  • Hull length: 21’9″ ft/in
  • Beam: 96″
  • Max Recommended HP: 300 HP

The Z521R was born from extensive R&D, relentless testing, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Its design, performance, safety, and fishability have all been refined to redefine what a bass boat can achieve.

Enhancements abound, from an optimized hull for rapid lift and speed to elevated onboard technology. The Ranger RIDE system puts control at your fingertips, and a push-to-start feature gets you moving swiftly. Heated seats and Cloud Nine air-ride seating ensure comfort even on rough waters.

Inside, a revamped core and stringer system create larger storage spaces, including innovative rod boxes with automatic LED lighting. A larger day box and cooler provide premium cooling performance. This is the next generation of bass boats designed to elevate your fishing experience.


  • Price: $79,995
  • Hull length: 20’11” ft/in
  • Beam: 96″
  • Max Recommended HP: 250 HP

The Z520R Ranger bass boat is a testament to relentless innovation and excellence. Anchored by a proven hull that blends seamlessly with all-new decks, this vessel redefines what peak all-around performance truly means. Embracing cutting-edge technology, the Z520R comes standard with the Ranger RIDE system, putting unprecedented control at your fingertips. 

The addition of NEW shellback bolstered seating ensures both comfort and stability, enhancing your fishing experience. Equipped with standard Tracker lithium batteries, this boat is a powerhouse on the water, offering outstanding performance and eco-friendly efficiency. 

The Z520R is more than a boat – it’s a fusion of craftsmanship, technology, and passion, designed to elevate every moment spent on the water.

Z520R Ranger Cup Equipped

  • Price: $82,995
  • Hull length: 20’11” ft/in
  • Beam: 96″
  • Max Recommended HP: 250 HP

The Ranger Z520R made a huge leap in bass boat evolution. It perfects the renowned Z Comanche “C” hull for instant hole shots and top-end strength. The R Series enhances cockpit, deck, and storage elements, seamlessly integrating advanced tech like touchscreen Ranger RIDE control and CloudNine™ seats. Swift start-up via key fob and lithium batteries add convenience.

Redesigned storage, tri-level rod boxes, and One-Piece Feel Interloc™ Construction maximize space and ease. The Z520R advances bass boating, fusing innovation, performance, and comfort.


  • Price: $62,795
  • Hull length: 19″9′ ft/in
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max Recommended HP: 225 HP

This bass boat comes with an 8′ center rod box as well as an integrated insulated cooler. So that’s a bonus when you’re searching for something like that. The boat has substantial dry storage, and the back deck features an aerated and divided live well! You’re also able to choose the colors that you want for your boat as well.


  • Price: $49,095
  • Hull length: 18’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max Recommended HP: 200 HP

With Z518L, you will get some ultra-stable spacious casting decks; they will have excellent padding in the front. As well as having an 8′ center rod box that will allow you to hold your rods, as well as quite the amount of tackle and whatever you need. This has an extra-strong fiberglass transom that’s going to be able to help when you encounter rough waters.

Ranger Bass Boats-Z500/Z100 Series

With all these boats in this series, these are all proven tournament-level designs. They come with giant casting decks, an insulated cooler with gel-coat liner, spacious storage, and an angler-centric layout. 

Bass Boat- Ranger Z519

  • Price: $63,995
  • Hull length: 19’9″ ft/in
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max Recommended HP: 225 HP

This handcrafted boat has a high-performing dry and stable hull, two rod boxes, bow LED navigation lights, and a full-featured console. You can add accessories of your choice and also a Ranger Trail trailer. This model is full of performance and style. 

Bass Boat- Ranger Z518

  • Price: $52,995
  • Hull length:18’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 97″
  • Max Recommended HP: 200 HP

With this boat, they tried to maximize the storage capacity within the boats themselves, including two 8-foot rod boxes up at the front of the boat. There’s a trolling motor pedal within this boat, and you get a bang for your buck when you purchase this boat. You get a standard Ranger Trail with your purchase as well. Just like the other Ranger boats, there is an oversized casting deck.

Bass Boat- Ranger Z185

  • Price: $42,995
  • Hull length: 18’8″ ft/in
  • Beam: 96″
  • Max Recommended HP: 150 HP

Despite the smaller size, this boat certainly offers quite the performance. There is an ultra-stable platform aboard this bot and the standard trolling motor foot pedal. This pedal allows you to focus your time and attention on the fish and just being out on the water. There is a divided and aerated tournament-size livewell, so that’s a bonus as well. Three outboard brands are available for your choosing.

Bass Boat- Ranger Z175

  • Price: $29,795
  • Hull length: 17’6″ ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max Recommended HP: 115 HP

This boat can fit in many garages and is relatively easy to tow. This boat has a timed aerated livewell next to a few oversized storage containers. They have offset the console so that you can have some more legroom when you’re driving your boat. There is also an 8′ rod box that’s around on the boat. There’s so much space for your things that you can know that you’re quickly going out on the water.

Ranger Bass Boats-Intracoastal Series

These boats are equipped to be able to handle saltwater, they are easier to clean, and they come with the usual Ranger Trail trailer, and that’s good. The high-performance hull helps you to skim and slice through water that could potentially be dangerous. 

Z521L Intracoastal

  • Price: $74,995
  • Hull length: 21’8″
  • Beam: 98″
  • Max Recommended HP: 300 HP

This boat has a trolling motor foot pedal, a cranking battery w/holder, tinted windshields, stainless steel hardware, and non-skid flooring. All of these will help you have the best control and handling you can when you’re out on open waters in the ocean. 


Aluminum boats are more lightweight than fiberglass and are definitely better on the wallet than fiberglass. Some aluminum boats can even reach the same speeds as fiberglass boats with larger engines. It depends on what you would prefer your boat to be. 

Ranger Bass Boats-Tournament Series

This series of boats are all-welded and wood-free. They offer you a more expansive front deck and more storage. There is an aerated livewell with a timer and choices of colors and camo patterns if that’s something you would like to have on your boat. 

When you’re going to go out on the water, that’s something that you want to be prepared for. The thing about these bass boats is that they have been tested in tournaments, and these tests are constantly improving them. It goes to show that this company wants its customers to be satisfied. 


  • Price: $39,620
  • Hull length: 19’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max Recommended HP: 150 HP

This boat has fiberglass consoles, an 8′ rod box, and an in-deck gel-coated cooler. The hull is a pad-bottom that works for better performance and handling. With this boat, you’re going to stand out, which you probably want to do when you want to get that holeshot for the start of that tournament.


  • Price: $32,620
  • Hull length: 18’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Maximum HP: 115 HP

This boat has always had the tournament level since it was released. The front deck is larger than most boats, so that’s something that you have to look forward to when you purchase this boat. An 8′ 6″ center rod and tackle locker are also on the boat. There’s a trolling motor pedal as well, so you can be sure you’ll have a good time when you’re out on the water.


  • Price: $34,620
  • Hull length: 18’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max Recommended HP: 115 HP

It has a livewell fiberglass console, under-seat storage, and an 8’6″ rod locker. There are three-across front seating and plenty of storage that you can use for all your fishing needs. They ensured that the console was made comfortably for everyone, including the driver. 


  • Price: $27,620
  • Hull length: 17’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max Recommended HP: 75 HP

Are you looking for some room? Well, look no further! With this boat, you’re going to have a great amount of room. There is dedicated storage under both decks, so that’s great! There’s also an 8-foot port rod locker, a trolling motor foot pedal, and an oversized center storage box.


  • Price: $28,020
  • Hull length: 17’10” ft/in
  • Beam: 92″
  • Max Recommended HP: 75 HP

This provides you with three-across bow seating and a good size for your gear and tackle, including an 8′ locker for your rod. The rear deck features two more tackle storage boxes, as well as some storage that’s under the seat. 

Although this is only a small list that’s made from a specific company, there’s a lot more than you can check out, but it’s something that you’re willing to research about the kind of boat that you want. Ranger allows you to choose which type of boat you prefer, whether fiberglass or aluminum. 

Regardless of the situation you’re going through, there is a boat that’s meant for you. The great thing about boat companies is that they are trying to continue to create something you can use in upcoming situations.

Ranger has been working for 50 years to be able to create something that has been paving the way regarding creativity. Because of this, they have led the way with the U.S. Coast Guard flotation standards, and that’s something they also patented the aerated livewell, which is something that can help with tournaments, providing you with some more options for keeping your fish alive.

Do Ranger Bass Boats Hold Their Value?

If you spend all that money on your new bass boat, ensuring it has a good resale value will give you peace of mind when it comes time to sell. You’ll be happy to know that Ranger bass boats are rated as one of the top 3 brands to retain their value. 

The other two manufacturers are Skeeter and Tracker. Check out our other post, “Skeeter vs. Tracker Boats.”

Various aspects can influence the resale value of a bass boat:

  1. Brand: A brand’s reputation holds sway, with certain brands commanding higher resale values due to their market desirability.
  2. Age: Similar to any vehicle, a bass boat’s age significantly shapes its resale value. Newer boats generally fetch better resale prices.
  3. Condition: The boat’s state is pivotal. Well-maintained and pristine boats usually secure higher resale values.
  4. Features: The boat’s attributes also play a role. Enhanced technology, superior engines, and added amenities often translate to elevated resale values.

Ranger has a reputation for its durability and longevity. Anglers love the brand for its sleek-looking boats and ability to perform for years to come. The manufacturers build their bass boats with high-quality, durable materials while retaining their beauty.

Not only are they durable, but they are also built with several luxury accessories for their fisherman, including swivel chairs for all-around casting, a stable and flat platform for fishing, fish storage compartments, and finally, other storage for all your tackle. 

Which is Better: Lund or Ranger Bass Boats?

Both Lund and Ranger are high-quality bass boat manufacturers that sell a lot of boats to anglers everywhere. Depending on what you’re looking for and your personal preference will determine which brand is best for you.

Let’s touch on some of the differences between the two brands.

  • Material: When it comes to bass boats in particular, as of now, only Ranger has bass boats manufactured with both aluminum and fiberglass.
  • Cost: Lund’s bass boats are made with aluminum, which not only makes them physically lighter, but also cost less than Ranger. They use extremely durable aluminum that lends to their strength, weight, flexibility, and hardness.
  • Hulls: Lund offers IPS technology that assists with maneuverability including cornering and control. Ranger fills the hull with foam that offers a sturdy and quiet drive.
  • Storage: When it comes to storage, Lund bass boats typically come with more unique storage compartments, but this differs from model to model.
  • Trailers: Ranger bass boats with standard with a trailer when purchasing.
  • People Capacity: Ranger advertises that up to 5 people can be in the boasts, while Lund advertises only 4.
  • Deck Space: Ranger bass boats tend to offer big front decks.

There are many other aspects to consider when deciding between Lund or Ranger, as we barely touched on it. To read more about how these two bass boat brands compare, click here!

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