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How to Tie a Canoe to an SUV

Canoeing on a lake is a fun and relaxing experience, but getting a canoe to a lake is a whole different story. Here are some easy stress-free ways to get that canoe hooked up to your car and get your vacation going! Make sure the car is prepared for/can handle a...

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What Makes a Hot Air Balloon Rise?

Have you ever seen large, colorful balloons soar above the clouds and wondered how they got there? If so, you're not alone! Hot air balloons can achieve flight because of the law of buoyancy, also called Archimedes' principle. Archimedes' principle states that an...

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When Was the Hot Air Balloon Invented?

The hot air balloon is the earliest flying device in history. Man soared above the clouds in the basket of a hot air balloon long before Wright brothers were even born! While there were several early forms of what would eventually become the hot air balloon, the first...

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