Can You Bungee Jump from a Hot Air Balloon? Where to Go 

You’ve heard of bungee jumping from a bridge, but what about jumping from a hot air balloon? You have to admit, the prospect sounds appealing to you. Is it possible? And if so, where can you experience this unique kind of bungee jumping?

You can bungee jump from a hot air balloon, and it delivers a completely different kind of experience than doing the same from a stationary platform. You’ll find bungee jumping/hot air balloon experiences available all over the world, including in California and Bulgaria. 

Do you want to learn more about bungee jumping from a hot air balloon? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Ahead, we’ll delve further into this type of bungee jumping, including how it’s done, what it’s like, where you can do it, and what it costs. 

Can You Bungee Jump from a Hot Air Balloon?

You’ve found every bridge and platform for bungee jumping within a 200-mile radius and experienced them. You think a cross-country trip could be next for you to expand your horizons.

Well, either that or you can try bungee jumping from a hot air balloon! Yes, this is indeed possible. 

So how does it work? Let’s go over that now.

How to Bungee Jump from a Hot Air Balloon

A lot of the bungee jumping protocols stand when jumping from a hot air balloon. Rather than climb to the top of a platform, you’ll hop aboard a hot air balloon with a bungee instructor, the balloon pilot, and possibly other parties. 

Then you’ll ascend to a predetermined height. Unlike a stationary bridge or platform, the height of your bungee jumping experience in a hot air balloon can vary. In that regard, it’s very much like skydiving out of a plane.

Once the balloon pilot has raised the balloon high enough and gives you the go-ahead (and your instructor does the same), you’re allowed to jump.

All the standard bungee jumping techniques you use when leaping off a platform or bridge still apply when jumping from a hot air balloon. 

Your bungee cord attaches to a fixed point on the balloon, so you get that freefalling sensation you love, but not for too long. 

Once the length of the bungee unfurls and you stop freefalling, you’ll stay attached to the balloon as it floats through the sky. Before the hot air balloon lowers to the ground, you’ll be raised back up by your bungee cord and deposited into the balloon.

You can then sit and enjoy the rest of the hot air balloon ride! 

Click the link to read more on how bungee jumping works.

Where to Go Bungee Jumping from a Hot Air Balloon

Wow! You had never realized bungee jumping from a hot air balloon was possible. Now that you know, you want to book your jumping experience ASAP.

Like bungee jumping from a moving plane, only a limited number of companies offer bungee jumping and hot air ballooning experiences. Here’s a list.


In Bulgaria, MeOnTour has a unique experience for thrill seekers. You’ll ride a hot air balloon high over the famed Belogradchik Rocks, and then bungee jump from your balloon!

The rocks include a variety of formations made of sandstone situated in the Balkan Mountains. You’ll get the chance to see every color of rock as you dangle beneath the hot air balloon until you’re lifted back up again!


Adventurist Air Voyages in Lewiston offers limited-edition hot air balloon ride/bungee jumping experiences to interested parties. You’ll again surround yourself with rock formations as you jump from at least 200 feet up. 

The experience sometimes includes a commemorative t-shirt for first-timers so you always remember this very special day (not like you would forget it anyway!).


StL Bungy Inc. in Kansas also allows you to experience the fun of bungee jumping from a hot air balloon. You’ll ride via balloon to the Kansas countryside before you’re equipped with everything you need for a successful jump.

When you’re back on stable ground, you’ll receive a jump certificate and a DVD of your jump so you can relive the moment again and again! (both are complimentary.)


Napa is a popular spot in California for jumping from a hot air balloon. The picturesque environment of California Wine Country makes gliding in a balloon peaceful. You’ll also appreciate the chance to inject some fun into the day by bungee jumping! 

What Is Bungee Jumping from a Hot Air Balloon Like? 

You’ve gone bungee jumping many times, but you know that leaping from a hot air balloon will surely produce a different kind of sensation. So what’s it like? 

To answer that question, let’s look at some key differences between regular bungee jumping and doing the same from a hot air balloon.

Your Altitude 

As we mentioned, a bridge or platform has one fixed altitude. Unless you could commission construction on the platform to raise it (and good luck with that!), you’ll always jump from 275 feet or 400 feet or however tall it is.

When bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, your altitude becomes variable. You could jump from 200 feet up, but if the hot air balloon pilot felt it safe to ascend more, you could jump even higher still.

Even if you went on two bungee jumping experiences from a hot air balloon through the same company, factors such as the pilot and the conditions would dictate that no two experiences would be the same. 

Where You Jump From

If you’re used to only jumping from stationary platforms, you’ll find the experience of bungee jumping from a hot air balloon quite a treat.

Unlike jumping from a plane, a hot air balloon doesn’t travel at nearly the same speed, but the balloon will keep moving. 

You’ll have to get used to the thought of jumping from a moving platform rather than a fixed one, but that’s part of what adds to the novelty of the jump.

How Long You’re in the Air

You know what the standard bungee jumping experience is by now. You climb a platform, jump, and then wait until you’re raised or lowered to the ground.

That’s not so much what happens when bungee jumping from a hot air balloon. 

You’ll get ample time to dangle from the balloon on your bungee cord, drinking in the sights around you until you’re lifted back onto the balloon.

Enjoy these moments for all they’re worth! 

How Much Does It Cost to Bungee Jump from a Hot Air Balloon? 

Before you get too excited, you’ve got to know. What will you spend to bungee jump from a hot air balloon?

Well, the price for the service is at the discretion of the companies offering it. Compared to bungee jumping from a plane, which can easily cost four figures, the hot air ballooning experience won’t hurt your wallet nearly as much. 

You might spend several hundred dollars to jump.

Adventurist Air Voyages values its bungee jumping experience at $200 and StL Bungee at $250. 

You’ll love trying a new bungee jumping experience without breaking the bank! 

Should You Go Bungee Jumping from a Hot Air Balloon?

Is bungee jumping from a hot air balloon worth your while? It most definitely is!

As we mentioned before, you’ll get a novel experience. Not many jumpers can say they went bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, but you’ll be able to, and quite happily at that. 

You also won’t pay that much for one of these experiences. That’s surprising considering how rare bungee jumps from hot air balloons are. 

The companies offering these kinds of experiences could afford to charge a lot more according to the laws of supply and demand, yet they don’t.

You’ll get a fun moment of bungee jumping, but for even more bang for your buck, you can hang suspended underneath the balloon for a while the balloon floats around. That’s arguably the best part of the experience. Well, besides the jumping itself!

You also get two experiences in one: bungee jumping and floating in a hot air balloon. Considering how cost-effective this activity is, you really can’t go wrong! 

Final Thoughts 

Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon will make you appreciate jumping all over again. It’s a part-tranquil, part-heart-pounding experience that extends your time on the bungee cord as you linger beneath the balloon for a spell.

Although it’s hard to find companies that offer bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, the available opportunities are cost-effective so you can try them all if you like traveling for bungee jumping!  

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