Best Side-by-Side UTVs for Farm Use

If you are a farmer and you have been interested in buying a UTV to help you with your farm chores, you have come to the right place. I have researched the best side-by-side UTVs for your farm and provided details for each below.

So what are the best side-by-side UTVs for farm use?

The best side-by-side for farm use are:

  • Polaris Ranger
  • John Deere Gator
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro
  • Yamaha Viking
  • Can-Am Defender
  • Honda Pioneer 800
  • Textron Prowler Pro
  • Mahindra Retriever Flexhauler

These are ranked as the best UTVs for farming due to their engine power, carrying capacities, and towing performance.

If you are interested in knowing what makes these side-by-side UTVs the best for farming and what to look for in a farming UTV, then read on.

The Best Side-by-Side UTVs for Farm Use or Your Yard:

If you are looking for a UTV for your farm, then there are a few things you will want to look for.

Most recreational UTVs are already pretty good quality. Recreational UTVs are UTVs are used mainly for racing or riding. They do not have much useful purpose outside of fun.

However, for farm use, your main priorities will be power, balance, and durability. A UTV that you use on a farm needs to be extremely reliable.

The worst thing that can happen with a farming UTV is to have it break down in the field. You’ll then be out for the rest of the day until you can fix it. Breakages and delays like this can prevent you from getting necessary work done.

That is why I have found the top quality side-by-side UTVs for your use. These side-by-sides are all high-quality and will be able to handle farm work with ease.

Polaris Ranger UTV

Polaris is already a top brand for many outdoor vehicles including UTVs. They are a well known and beloved provider of quality products.

However, there are specifications with this model that make it especially great for your farming use. This model is equipped to do any work you may need from a UTV.

Some of the features of the Polaris Ranger that make it so great include:

  • 11 different models with three different chassis styles.
  • Electrically powered with a 48-volt battery
  • 3 seaters come with a 1,000cc diesel engine, 68hp 875cc petrol engine or a 1,000cc petrol unit with 82hp.
  • Electronic power steering
  • Engine braking system
  • Active descent control
  • Can offer additions for up to 6 people

John Deere Gator UTV

As a farmer, you likely already know the name John Deere. However, you may not know that they create side-by-side UTVs as well.

John Deere UTVs are very reliable for your farm use. Some of their most qualifying features are:

  • Up to 4 models available.
  • Offers increased range with a fuel tank size that has been upped to 42 liters.
  • Models can hold up to 2,000 lbs and the tipping load bed can carry 1,000 lbs.
  • A new sealed cab.
  • Has sound dampening components to reduce the noise in the cab.
  • 54hp petrol engine.
  • Feature a two-speed CVT, with 31 or 37 mph as the top speed.

Kawasaki Mule Pro Side-by-Side

The Kawasaki Mule Pro is another extremely reliable side-by-side UTV. This one, just from looking at it, you can see its quality.

The Kawaski Mule Pro is not only impressive to the eye, but also to its features for your farm use.

Some of its most qualifying features are:

  • Has a thumping diesel burning engine.
  • The tipping bed is capable of holding up to 1,000 lbs.
  • The rear perch is foldable.
  • Comes with a 993cc three-cylinder diesel engine.
  • 24 hp.
  • Two-speed automatic CVT giving the top speed of 30 mph.

Yamaha Viking UTV

The Yamaha brand is known for creating just about everything. This Japanese brand has success in creating musical instruments to farming side-by-side UTVs.

The Yamaha Viking is the best model for your farming needs. The most qualifying features of this model are:

  • Contains a 686cc single-cylinder petrol engine.
  • Has Yamaha’s Ultramatic CVT.
  • Uses a centrifugal clutch.
  • All-wheel engine braking for downhill terrain.
  • A rotary switch gives the capability to change between two wheel drive and four wheel drive.
  • The tipping bed has a high carrying capacity as well as the option for a tow ball.
  • Electronic power-assisted steering.

Can-Am Defender Side by Side

Can-Am is another brand that is very known within the UTV community. This is a top tier brand known for their high quality UTVs.

The best suited Can-Am UTV for the purpose of farming is their Cam-Am Defender. This machine is a great pick for its high quality features.

Some of the most qualifying features of this model are:

  • Has a 72 hpp, 976cc Rotax V-Twin.
  • Has locking four-wheel drive.
  • Towing capacity is 2,000 lbs.
  • Hauling capacity is 1,000 lbs.
  • The glove box doubles as a tool box and is removable.
  • The seats are sturdy. However, they can also flip up to give you more hauling space.
  • Contains a 4,5000 lb winch on the front.
  • The digital throttle control has a work mode, which controls speed while giving you access to torque and horsepower.

“The Can-Am dealer let me take a spin in the new Can-Am Defender HD10. It’s a lovely machine to drive and ride quality is superb.”

Customer REview- Alan

Honda Pioneer Side by Side

Again, we are able to see a very diverse brand. The Honda brand is most commonly known for their cars. Yet, they also make some high-quality UTVs.

The Honda Pioneer 100 is by far their best model for the sake of farming. The most qualifying features of this model are:

  • Has a 99cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted parallel twin four stroke engine.
  • Has a six-speed automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) with reverse.
  • Contains a torque converter clutch setup.
  • The towing capacity is 2,500 lbs.
  • The tipping rear bed allows for an additional 1000.
  • The seats are Quick Flip, which allows for more carrying space.

Textron Prowler Pro UTV

The textron has been an upcoming brand name for the UTV community. It has transitioned between different name brands like Arctic Cat and Stampede.

However, now they have come to their own brand and made this high-quality UTV for farm use.

The most qualifying features of the Textron Prowler Pro model are:

  • Has a 812cc Chery, three-cylinder automotive-style motor.
  • Contains 50 hp.
  • Able to carry 1,000 pounds of cargo in the dumping cargo box.
  • With a 2-inch receiver, it could easily carry up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Contains four-wheel drive.
  • Electronic power steering.
  • The front seats flip up for additional space.

Mahindra Roxor UTV

The Mahindra brand is not very known within the UTV community.

However, in the farming community this brand is more known for their tractors. And, now they have blessed us a great UTV for farming purposes.

The most qualifying purpose of the Mahindra Roxor Side-by-Side are:

  • Powered by a 2,490cc engine with 62 hp.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 3,490 lbs.
  • The bed is able to handle up to 349 lbs.
  • Has a max towing speed of 15 mph and a max flat towing speed of 55 mph.
  • Comes with double acting hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Has four-wheel drive and a locking differential.

As far a pricing goes for these top notch UTVs for farming, these are their prices.

Polaris Ranger$39,999 MSRP
John Deere Gator$12,000-$15,000
Kawasaki Mule Pro$13,599-$19,000
Yamaha Viking$13,899-14,299
Cam-Am Defender$12,000-$28,000
Honda Pioneer $8,999-$21,999
Textron Prowler Pro$15,999
Mahindra Roxor Base Model$20,599

These prices, although they may seem expensive are actually very reasonable for UTV pricing.

UTVs are generally pretty expensive because of their features. And, with all the farming capabilities of these vehicles, they could be very expensive. However, for UTV pricing and considering how many amazing features there are on these vehicles, these are some good deals.

Obviously, there is a diverse range of prices for each of the vehicles. However, you can choose which one that fits your farm the best.

What to Look for in the Best UTV for the Farm:

best UTV for your farm
best side by side for the farm

If you are going to go searching for a good UTV for farming, then you will need to know some things that qualify a UTV to do your farming work.

The most common purpose of a UTV on a farm is to move things around. This can be feed, manure, or anything else you need to move around on your farm. The ideal farming UTV will be able to do these things. You can also attach tools to the back of the UTV.

The three things that are most important for a farmer’s UTV are cargo capacity, engine reliability, and towing performance.

UTV Cargo Capacity

The cargo capacity refers to what the bed of the UTV is capable of holding. This is to hold things like gravel, manure, or whatever you will be needing to carry around your farm.

The larger the bed itself is, the more useful it will be to you. However, the most important factor is what the bed is capable of holding.

If the number is under 1,000 lbs of carrying capacity, you will likely not want that UTV. Look for a UTV that has cargo capacity of 1,000 lbs or over.

The cargo capacity of the UTV is extremely important for any farmer. You will be using the bed of your UTV very often. You will likely have a high amount of weight.

Compared to those who use their UTV for recreational purpose, you need a high cargo capacity much more. When you search for a good UTV, the cargo capacity should be specified. If not, you should definitely ask for the carrying capacity.

The higher the capacity, the better your UTV will be. It will ultimately save your engine by having a proper capacity.

Side-by-Side Engine

There are a variety of engines out there for your UTV. However, you need a quality engine that can handle a lot of strain. In comparison to a recreational UTV, you will be using your UTV for longer, in farther distances, and with more on the UTV itself.

In general, each engine can be high-quality. However, you will want to make sure it is good for its purpose as a farming vehicle.

What I mean is that, if you are getting a single-cylinder engine, make sure it is the best single-cylinder engine. The same applies with a triple-cylinder engine or petrol engine.

Check the horsepower. The more horsepower that your engine has, the better off it will be.

UTV Towing Performance

A very common use of your UTV on the farm will be to tow things around. Ultimately, this is similar to the carrying capacirty.

You want a UTV that can handle all the weight that you will be towing. Again, similarly to the carrying capacity, the towing capacity should be specified. If the number is not high enough for your uses, then there are add ons you can use to bring that number up.

However, an additional add-on and the purchase of UTV can be pretty pricey. It is a better deal to get a UTV that has a high towing capacity.

These three components are the most important to look for when searching for the best UTV for your farm.

Unlike UTVs used for other purposes, you cannot really “test drive” a UTV for the farm. The most you will be able to test drive is how the UTV drives. However, the only way you will able to tell how well the UTV will do on your farm is through the numbers.

I know that it would be simpler to choose the cheapest UTV and call it good. But, the best UTVs for your farm are more expensive. Yet, they will last through all your farming tasks.

Check out the Best UTV Models here!

Advantages of Getting the Best UTV for Farming?

Although I do not know exactly what type of farm you have and what chores need to be done there, I know that the UTV will help you. In my experience, with a UTV available for use, there will always be difficult tasks that need to be done that a small, strong vehicle is perfect for.

If you buy a UTV for your farm, it will definitely not just be sitting there. You will get full use out of your purchase.

Your Time: Having a UTV on the farm will save you so much time. Rather than walking around all the land through the day wasting time, you can get to wherever you’re going in no time.

This is so important will all the tasks you have to do on a farm. Time is precious. Ultimately, you will be able to complete more tasks by using a UTV to get around and haul things around the farm.

Your Energy: Working on a farm can easily tire you out within an hour. However, with a UTV, you don’t have to worry as much about that.

Obviously, you will still have the chance of being tired with a UTV. However, you will avoid wasting energy on walking around or carrying things across the farm.

A UTV will become very useful on your farm. In my experience, I use my UTV more frequently than almost any other machine.

Accessories You Might Need for Your New UTV?

Congratulations on your new side-by-side UTV! It’s an exciting acquisition, and I’m sure you’re already enjoying the incredible experience it offers. But now, you’re looking to enhance your UTV adventure by adding some accessories that will take your enjoyment and use to the next level.

  1. Rear view mirrors
  2. Winch
  3. Spare tire
  4. Roof
  5. Skid plate
  6. Bed storage pack
  7. Cab storage pack
  8. Doors
  9. Repari kit
  10. Windshield
  11. Jumper box
  12. Gear
  13. Dry box
  14. Cargo net
  15. Speakers
  16. Snow Plow

Click the link to read more about each accessory and our top picks for each!

Can a UTV Pull a Plow?

Yes, a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is able to pull a plow. There are many side-by-side models that are designed with the ability to attach various accessories or tools, including snow plows. These plows can be used for clearing snow from driveways, roads, or other surfaces.

However, it’s important to ensure that your specific UTV model is compatible with a plow attachment and has the necessary towing capacity to handle the weight of the plow and the snow being moved.

Additionally, some UTVs may require specific mounting kits or accessories to properly attach a plow. It’s recommended to consult your UTV’s manufacturer or refer to the owner’s manual for guidance on compatible plow attachments and any additional requirements.

Why Do Side-by-Sides Cost so Much?

Side-by-sides, also known as UTVs, are compact vehicles with lengths of up to 160 inches for a four-seat model. Despite their relatively simple design, the average price range for a side-by-side falls between $8,000 and $30,000.

Indeed, this price range may appear quite steep when compared to other vehicles. Consider, for instance, that you can find used cars from 2009, 2010, or even 2011 for under $8,000. With an average price of around $15,000, which is comparable to a side-by-side, you could opt for a brand-new car.

There are several budget-friendly options available in this range, including the 2021 Kia Rio, 2021 Hyundai Accent, 2021 Nissan Versa, 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage, and the 2021 Chevrolet Spark, all priced at $15,000 or below.

Alternatively, if your budget allows for up to $30,000, you could explore options such as RVs. Vehicles like the 2021 Keystone RV Springdale Mini, 2021 Palomino Puma XLE Lite, 2021 Keystone RV Bullet Crossfire, or the 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup Black Label can be acquired in this price range.

When considering the cost of a side-by-side, it’s essential to evaluate the value, features, and capabilities it offers, as these vehicles are purpose-built for off-road adventures, utility tasks, and outdoor exploration.

So, why do they cost so much?

1. Specialty Vehicles with a Higher Price Tag

Unlike regular cars, trucks, and SUVs that cater to everyday transportation needs, UTVs are specialized vehicles designed for specific purposes. While some individuals, such as farmers, rely on side-by-sides for their work, the general public doesn’t necessarily need them. When a vehicle becomes niche and serves a specific market, it often comes with a higher price tag.

2. Renowned Brands and their Influence

Major vehicle manufacturers, including Yamaha, Toro, Suzuki, Polaris, New Holland, Kubota, Kioti, Kawasaki, John Deere, Husqvarna, Honda, Caterpillar Inc., Case IH, Bobcat, and Arctic Cat, have all ventured into the UTV market. These well-established brand names carry a certain reputation, and their products often command higher prices. Similar to other consumer goods, brand recognition and loyalty can contribute to increased costs.

3. Significant Technological Advancements

Although UTVs have been available since the 1960s, they gained significant popularity around 2009. Over the years, manufacturers have made tremendous strides in improving suspension travel, horsepower, and speed, resulting in superior performance compared to older models. Today’s side-by-sides far outperform those from just a few years ago. With each passing year, UTVs continue to advance, justifying the higher price point.

4. Consistent Consumer Demand

Despite UTVs catering to a niche audience, consumer demand for these vehicles remains steady. Manufacturers have witnessed consumers willingly paying higher prices for side-by-sides, encouraging a trend of gradually increasing costs. The combination of technological advancements, brand reputation, and consumer interest contributes to the sustained demand and subsequently higher pricing in the UTV market.

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Related Questions:

What is the best side-by-side UTV for hunting uses?

The best side by side UTVs for hunting are the:

  • Polaris RZR XP
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5
  • Cam-Am Defender
  • Yamaha Wolverine
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro

These are the best UTVs for hunting because the surface area for the the bed is large. There is also room for many other passengers.

What is the best UTV for trail riding?

UTVs are not commonly used for trail riding as much as an ATV. However, the best UTV for trail riding are those with large passenger capacities, and yet a smaller width. Some good choices are the Can-Am Commander, Honda Pioneer, Polaris General, Textron Stampede and Kawaski Teryx.

What does UTV stand for?

UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle. This vehicle is commonly known as a side-by-side. A UTV often has a back bed for carrying, and will often carry up to 6 people, rather than ATVs which often carry 1 person.

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