Average Cost of a Hot Air Balloon Ride (With 31 examples)

Hot air balloons are these almost magical pieces of pop culture that find their way into almost everything. The popularity of balloons has never been greater, so how expensive is it to actually get in one?

On average, a hot air balloon ride lasting one to two hours costs $150-$250 dollars per person. Prices vary a little bit depending on your location, normally staying between $120 and $300. There are some ways to get group deals such as Groupon that will help to lower the price of a hot air balloon ride.

That may sound a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it! Even if you only go once, hot air ballooning is something that you should definitely check off your bucket list.

What to Know Before You Go

Before we jump into the actual prices of different hot air balloon rides, let’s cover some things to know about your average hot air balloon ride. This will give you an idea about what to look for when choosing a ride.

We’ll go over a step by step approach for choosing a hot air balloon ride company. As you read through the rest of the post, you can look for the things mentioned in this section!

Picking a Company

The first thing to look for is a good website. In today’s day and age, if a business doesn’t have a website, it’s not much of a business. You can tell a little bit about a ride company just based on their website.

Once you’ve looked at the website, see if you can find reviews from independent sources. This could be Google Reviews, a travel agency, Groupon, or some of your friends.

Most hot air balloon ride agencies should have stellar reviews since there isn’t much that they can mess up. If there are even more than a handful of negative reviews, be wary of that company!

The next step is actually calling the hot air balloon ride company you’re interested in. This isn’t a must, but it’s a great way to get your questions answered! Plus, you’ll get a feel for how hospitable the company is.

Then if you’re satisfied, it’s time to make a purchase! Prices vary a little from company to company and location to location, so don’t be too alarmed if flights are a little more expensive near where you live.

Make sure to check the company’s refund policy. Hot air balloon flights can get canceled fairly easily due to weather. That isn’t the end of the world, especially because it should be easy to reschedule a flight.

If you see something fishy in their cancellation or refund policies, I would highly advise against choosing that company. You don’t want to be gypped out of a couple of hundred bucks.

Once you’ve made your purchase, just make sure to mark your calendar! Click here if you want to know how to be prepared for the day of your flight!

You can also watch the video below to see how other first time fliers enjoyed their experience!

1. U-Ken-Do Ballooning- $275+

This company is based in northern Vermont and specializes in flights over Lake Champlain. Their base cost for an adult is $275 in a balloon that carries four passengers.

All of our “base costs” will be the lowest cost for an adult, but we’ll mention child prices where applicable.

There are some options for bigger groups that decrease the price. For example, a group of five to eight can pay $1325 for everyone to get half an hour in the air.

You can look at pricing here: U-Ken-Do Ballooning.

2. Napa Valley Balloons- $239+

Napa Valley Balloons offers tons of different options. Perhaps more than any other company on this list! Their base price is $239 per passenger, but you might want to look at all the options before buying!

There are private balloon flights for $2,200, wine tours starting at $349, bike tours for $398, and much much more!

Based in California, this company has a long history of excellence. They are one of the most popular hot air balloon ride companies in the United States. I highly recommend them.

You can look at pricing here: Napa Valley Balloons.

3. Lake Tahoe Balloons- $299+

Lake Tahoe Balloons offers an incredibly unique experience. Not only do you get to fly over serene Lake Tahoe, but you also get to end your flight by landing on a boat! Now that’s cool!

There are plenty of average hot air balloon ride companies, but this is not one of them. Be prepared to be amazed (and then email me about it because I want to go too)!

This amazing experience comes at an excellent cost for its overall value, starting at $299.

You can look at pricing here: Lake Tahoe Balloons.

4. Sonoma Ballooning Adventures- $219+

Sonoma Wine Country is a beautiful place with plenty to do, especially if you love wine. Do you know what makes wine better? Hot air balloons.

Well, hot air balloons make everything better, and that is something Sonoma Ballooning Adventures recognizes. With service that matches the majesty of the area, this company is world class.

During your next trip to the wine country, consider flying with Sonoma Ballooning Adventures.

You can look at pricing here: Sonoma Ballooning Adventures.

5. Calistoga Balloons- $239+

Calistoga Balloons has quietly grown along with its competition in Napa Valley. With several years of experience, this company has proven its ability to offer a great ride service.

You’ll find some great reviews if you look up this company, and you’ll also find some beautiful pictures! I wonder which came first, the good advertising or the happy customers?

You’ll be very happy if you choose to go with Calistoga Balloons. They offer an excellent time!

You can look at pricing here: Calistoga Balloons.

6. Up and Away Ballooning- $239+

Up and Away Ballooning makes safety their top priority. If heights make you a little nervous, they would be a good company to start with.

Their success starts with their talented and experienced pilots. They have some of the best in the country!

Up and Away Balling also offers a very unique bike and brew package. I guess you have an opportunity to get slammed, try not to crash on your bike, and then get to fly! The American dream!

You can look at pricing here: Up and Away Ballooning

7. Yolo Ballooning Adventures- $219+

The Yolo in Yolo Ballooning Adventures does not stand for “you only live once”. It’s actually a place in California and a pretty place at that.

Yolo Ballooning Adventures offers some of the best customer services out there. You can count on pre-flight beverages and post-flight champagne or sparkling cider, plus you can get pictures for just $15 more!

What they lack in options, they make up for with their excellent service and beautiful views.

You can look at pricing here: Yolo Ballooning Adventures.

8. Light Flight Hot Air Balloons, Inc. & Barnstormer Aero- $175+

Have you ever wondered how old the oldest person was to ever fly in a hot air balloon? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that a 99-year-old flew on a Light Flight Hot Air Balloons, Inc. & Barnstormer Aero balloon!

Based in Maryland, this company brings a lot to the table. They have years of experience, great reviews, and fly full-time! And just like many other hot air balloon ride companies, they are locally owned.

There are a handful of options to choose from when looking at flights. These options include a special half hour flight for $175 per passenger and a champagne charter flight for $235 per passenger.

You can look at pricing here: Light Flight Hot Air Balloons, Inc. & Barnstormer Aero.

9. Rainbow Ryders- $169+

Rainbow Ryders offers excellent everything. They have great prices, great flights, great pilots, and a great location. If you become their customer, they’d have a great customer too!

Flying in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, there are plenty of places to find a Rainbow Ryder. Plus, they are the official ride service of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Starting at just $169, Rainbow Ryders is one of the best companies in the industry. You will not be disappointed if you choose them.

You can look at pricing here: Rainbow Ryders.

10. Nostalgia Ballooning- $195+

Based just outside the lovely city of Chicago, Nostalgia Ballooning takes advantage of one of the most impressive skylines in the world. Not only do they have a great location, but they also have excellent pricing!

If you’re looking for a hot air balloon ride company in the Chicagoland area, Nostalgia Ballooning is the way to go. They fly seven days a week and have a perfect safety record!

This is definitely one for the bucket list if you haven’t been!

You can look at pricing here: Nostalgia Ballooning.

11.Enchanted Balloon Tours- $295+

Specializing in sunrise and sunset flights, Enchanted Balloon Tours really does make you want to feel enchanted! Flying for most of the year, you’ll have to check the calendar before booking a flight.

Based in southern New York state, this is a smaller hot air balloon ride company. It is a little concerning to me that they don’t offer refunds. Probably not the best option if you’re traveling.

You can look at pricing here: Enchanted Balloon Tours.

12. Adventure Balloon Rides- $235+

Adventure Balloon Rides is one of the oldest and most established hot air balloon ride companies in the world. They’ve been around since 1975, and continue to be a major player in the industry today.

Aside from offering excellent fight services, many of their pilots also help with hot air ballooning on the silver screen!

They offer a wide variety of options, rivaling Napa Valley Balloons for the diversity of packages. They fly in the Temecula, CA area.

You can look at pricing here: Adventure Balloon Rides.

13. Orlando Balloon Rides- $160+

This is one of the cheaper options on hour list, and it gets even cheaper for children between the ages of 6 and 14! This is definitely a good place to check out for families.

Orlando’s Balloon Rides is one of the largest balloon ride companies in the United States. They host all sorts of special events and their prices are really tough to beat!

No matter what you are celebrating, Orlando Balloon Rides is willing to help you during your special day. They are great at accommodating for larger groups too!

You can look at pricing here: Orlando Balloon Rides.

14. Black Hills Balloons- $295

Black Hills South Dakota is a really cool place. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it as one of the hidden gems of the United States. And what cooler way to see it than by hot air balloon?

Black Hills Balloons offers a unique perspective on one of the most beautiful places in the United States. They hit the perfect times of the day so you can get the full effect of the surrounding area.

You’ll notice that prices are more expensive, coming in at $295, but I think it’s worth it.

You can look at pricing here: Black Hills Balloons.

15. Taos Balloon Rides- $250

Normally when you think of hot air ballooning in New Mexico, you think of Albuquerque. However, you shouldn’t forget about Taos! This beautiful place is also home to Taos Balloon Rides!

With daily flights over the Rio Grande gorge, this company offers some of the most exciting opportunities of any ride company in the United States!

This is an especially cool location for photographers. Some of the pictures you can get here are breathtaking! If you were looking for your next photography gig, try Taos.

They also offer discounts for veterans and military personnel. So cool!

You can look at pricing here: Taos Balloon Rides.

16. The United States Hot Air Balloon Team- $225+

The United States Hot Air Balloon Team offers hot air balloon rides all over the east coast. Their base price is $225 per passenger, but costs vary somewhat from location to location.

From Lancaster County to Gettysburg, there are plenty of historic and scenic locations to choose from. With options for group flights and private flights, you’ll definitely find what you want.

There’s also plenty of options for those looking for a more romantic experience. Don’t forget to look here before your hot air balloon proposal!

You can look at pricing here: The United States Hot Air Balloon Team.

17. Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon- $199+

Based in Ohio, Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon offers a wonderful experience for a smaller hot air balloon ride company.

Unique for a company their size, Gentle Breeze has lots of different ride options. One of their neater options is their wedding package. This option really does include everything you need except someone to marry!

On top of all that, they’ll also help you find a place to stay nearby if you’re traveling. Gentle Breeze is like a Mom and Pop balloon shop!

You can look at pricing here: Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon.

18. Boise Hot Air Company- $135+

The Boise Hot Air Company is nestled in western Idaho. They fly all week long as long as that trepidatious Idaho weather allows it!

With a surprising amount of options, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for with this company. They also offer gift cards if you’re looking for a nice birthday present!

With rides starting at $135, their prices are pretty tough to beat!

You can look at pricing here: Boise Hot Air Company.

19. Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures- $250+

Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures is a great company for people and for other businesses! Not only do they offer the traditional ride services, but they also offer to advertise on their hot air balloons!

They have plenty of options for those looking for a good time in the sky, including their Extreme Adventure package! And all of their flights end with a champagne toast.

This company is the largest hot air balloon ride company in Tennessee, and one of the largest in the southern United States,

You can look at pricing here: Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures.

20. Vegas Balloon Rides- $145+

The city that never sleeps has plenty of opportunities for early morning hot air balloon flights all year long. If you lose all your money in the casinos, get away by booking a flight with Vegas Balloon Rides!

You’ll be sure to catch a wonderful sunrise if you pick this company. They specialize in early morning flights. On top of that, they have special offers during the “winter” season.


This is a great company with prices that can’t be beaten! They also have discounts for children ages 6 to 14.

You can look at pricing here: Vegas Balloon Rides.

21. Over the Rainbow- $199

Over the Rainbow provides flights in Woodinville, you’ll be able to get a great view of the area from 2,000 feet in the air. They offer both sunrise and sunset flights. 

You can look at pricing here: Over the Rainbow.

22. Seattle Ballooning- $295

Based in Washington State, Seattle Ballooning offers hot air balloon rides just south of Seattle. They are the luxury hot air balloon company in Washington and fly their balloons directly in front of Mt. Rainier.

Seattle Ballooning has a wide variety of pricing options for shared and private hot air balloon rides. Although they cost slightly more than the other balloon ride companies in Seattle, you’ll get an extraordinary experience.

It’s a beautiful place to go ballooning!

You can look at pricing here: Seattle Ballooning.

23. California Dreamin’- $158+

With flights in Temecula and Del Mar California, California Dreamin’ offers one of the most gorgeous places to fly in the world. Unlike a lot of things in southern California, these flights actually have good prices too!

These flights also come with a delicious breakfast for the morning flights. You can also request a celebratory banner for an anniversary or birthday at no extra charge. Now that’s a good deal!

There’s a lot of competition in Southern California when it comes to hot air balloon ride companies. Choose wisely!

You can look at pricing here: California Dreamin’.

24. Balloon Miami- $250+

Heading from the west coast to the east coast, we have Balloon Miami. Balloon Miami is one of the best balloon ride companies in Florida. They also come at a good price for that area!

Count on some excellent views of Miami, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Everglades if you choose Balloon Miami! Miami is one of my favorite cities, and I’d bet it’s even better from the sky!

Miami really has everything, so there is no shortage to what you could do there. Make this a priority the next time you visit!

You can look at pricing here: Balloon Miami.

25.Air Texas Balloon Adventures- $290+

One of the smaller companies on this list, you can expect a bigger experience when you fly with Air Texas Balloon Adventures. T

Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

This company offer flights in the Houston, Texas area. It has a lot of competition from larger companies. That having been said, it seems to be doing pretty well all by itself!

You get everything you would expect with a smaller balloon ride company in Air Texas. The price is a little high, but it could be a really fun, homey kind of experience!

You can look at pricing here: Air Texas Balloon Adventures.

26. Rohr Balloons- $249+

Just over in the Dallas area, Rohr Balloons reigns supreme as the primary hot air balloon ride company. With years of experience, it’s hard to beat Rohr Balloons.

Plus, if you prefer Dallas over Houston, then this is the way to go!

This company offers a variety of options when choosing a flight. They have lots of options for those looking for a romantic flight. Plus, there are always refreshments after every flight!

You can look at pricing here: Rohr Balloons.

27. Scenic Wind Balloon Tours- $250

Scenic Wind Balloon Tours offers flights over the Omaha and Council Bluffs area of Nebraska and Iowa. If you’ve been there and haven’t been impressed, know that everything looks better at 2,000 feet in the air.

Joking aside, you’ll really love flying in this area. It does get windy regularly, so beware of delays. And who knows, maybe you’ll see Warren Buffet’s house while you’re up there!

This is another smaller company, but they have a great flat rate. If you’re bringing a large group, you can call for group rates. This company looks like they have some really beautiful balloons!

You can look at pricing here: Scenic Wind Balloon Tours.

28. Balloons Over Georgia- $250+

Starting out as a small, unassuming hot air balloon ride company, Balloons Over Georgia has grown into one of the larger balloon ride companies in the southern United States.

They have one of the cuter origin stories of any business ever. If you check out pricing, you should take a moment to read their history too! You might need a tissue or two!

This is a great company that offers discounts to seniors, first responders, active military personnel, and veterans. Hats off to Balloons Over Georgia for providing these awesome discounts!

You can look at pricing here: Balloons Over Georgia.

29. Fair Winds Balloon Flights- $209+

Nestled in the mountains surrounding Denver, Fair Winds Balloon Flights has offered a quality hot air ballooning experience for many years now. They also offer some excellent prices!

If you’re thinking about flying during the summer, they always have a special summer sale! Because of the weather in Colorado, they only fly May through November.

If you’re interested in winter flights in Colorado, it may be difficult to find a company that flies during that time. That having been said, it’s definitely not impossible!

You can look at pricing here: Fair Winds Balloon Flights.

30. Lake Geneva Balloon Company- $240+

Lake Geneva Balloon Company has been flying almost as long as I’ve been alive! They are a cornerstone of the tourist business in the Lake Geneva area.

With a perfect safety record and plenty of good reviews online, it seems like you can’t go wrong with this company. They don’t have a ton of options, but they do have very fair prices!

Plus, Lake Geneva is an incredibly scenic place. You won’t want to forget your camera at home for this trip!

You can look at pricing here: Lake Geneva Balloon Company.

31. Your Own Balloon- Free (kind of)

Having your own personal hot air balloon is great because you don’t have to pay anyone to use it! In that way, it’s free to ride!

In another much more real way, flying your own hot air balloon is pretty expensive. First of all, you have to own a hot air balloon, and that costs some serious money. Plan on spending $20,000-$40,000 there.

Then there’s the equipment. A trailer costs money, driving to your launch site costs money, a fan costs money, fuel costs money, and so does everything else!

Plus, if you ever need repairs, that will be some more money.

So, having a hot air balloon can get pretty expensive. It’s really all about how much you love to balloon. If you’re crazy about it, then the investment makes sense. If not, a one-time cost is just fine!

So, while you don’t have to pay anyone to use your hot air balloon, it’s still not exactly free.

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