Archery Jewelry – Best Jewelry For Archery Lovers

After living on the Navajo Indian Reservation, I have seen some awesome jewelry. Of course, you want to show off your favorite hobby with some bling!

What makes the best jewelry for an archer? Simplicity and subtlety are important. Choose jewelry that isn’t too much. Archery is a lifestyle, and it can be shown with some simple pieces.

Here, we will look at some of the kinds of archery jewelry you can commonly find anywhere- on online stores such as Amazon and in niche shops as well.

Arrow Bracelets

One of the most popular styles of simple jewelry, you can get bracelets that have been given the shape of an arrow and wrap around your wrist, enough to hang on and not fall off. These give a very characteristically simple yet charming look and can be a great way to show off your hobby.

I saw plenty of Navajo-made jewelry that looks just like this one on Amazon. Click here to see it!! 

The key here is subtlety. You don’t need much to show that you like archery. Arrows on anything is enough. The only problem (or plus) is that some people may think that you’re just into The Hunger Games.

But hey, its your style. Do what you want.

Target Charms

Charms in the form of targets are a great addition to a charm bracelet or necklace. Make sure they are small, otherwise it will look strange hanging a target from your neck!

A great example is this little charm. I like how small this is because it won’t command attention. Simplicity is key. Check this charm out on Amazon.


There are plenty of really good looking necklaces, and this is some of the best jewelry in my opinion. It can look classy, and reference archery without being obnoxious. This is a prime example that I found on Amazon. Check it out here!

Choose something that is visually appealing for somebody that isn’t an archer. Something that you would wear even if you weren’t looking for something that referenced the best hobby ever.

Even something as simple as an arrow on a chain can look really classy. I fear that people want to get too complicated with stuff like this.

If you are here looking for something to get your significant other, then the classic “arrow on a chain” is a really safe bet. Something like this golden arrow is perfect, and I’ll bet they will totally love it.

Native Americans use arrows as a symbol of peace and friendship. Signifying that they are willing to move forward and forgive. You can find this one here on Amazon.


I have seen some pretty sweet rings in my life, working around some great silversmiths. There was this one ring in particular that I remember that featured a Navajo Cheif held on the finger by an arrow that was particularly cool, but very few people could pull it off.

Finding rings that fit your personality can get expensive. I find that custom rings are the only ones that look good on a man, but there are plenty of options for women.

There are very few accessories that look more elegant and sophisticated than a delicate, shiny, gold or silver arrow wrapped around a finger. This Arrow rings link will take you to Amazon! These are very popular amongst teenagers and young adults alike, whether they are men or women.


Obviously, this isn’t really a category for the guys, but arrowhead earrings are a perfect gift for the girls in your life. It is pretty hard to go wrong here.

Honestly, your best option is to find an Indian reservation near you and see if they have some sort of flea market. I have seen some absolute masterpieces selling for a steal. If you don’t have that option, you can find a bunch of nice ones on Amazon. I like these ones in particular. Follow this link to see the Amazon page.

Finding Jewelry

If you want something unique, don’t go to the jewelry store or Amazon. The best thing you can do is find somebody out there that makes things custom for people. The website is full of people like that, and love to make custom orders.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate and get the best deal. You can find some really nice stuff out there for a really good price if you do some digging.

Making Your Own

I actually made some of my own jewelry in my time. It is easier than you think.

You need quite a few supplies to make things with precious metals, but you could use some of your old archery supplies to make some cool pieces.

A simple design would be to use an old broadhead, depending on what type you have. If you have a 2 pronged broad head, simply dull the edge and hang it on whatever you want!

Another thing you could do is take an old bowstring and make a bracelet out of it by wrapping it around your wrist several times, using a charm that you bought online to clasp it.

You could make something really cool and simple, try playing around with it!

Take your old arm guard and use it as a cushion for a bag strap or something else of that nature. There is so much you can do to customize your attire with archery paraphernalia.

If you are a hunter, my favorite thing about hunting is the ability to have the hides cured. That way, you have plenty of leather to make things with!

I made a really cool satchel out of some leather, and it is something I still use. It isn’t beautiful by any means, but it is something I made myself, and that means its really cool to me.

And while you are thinking of making jewelry, why not think about making your own DIY archery targets?

There is plenty of jewelry out there that you can wear, the important thing is finding something you will wear. If you are shopping for someone else, make sure that it something they will like by showing their friends some options and listen to what they say. Beg them for honest feedback, and then value that feedback.

Be careful not to spend too much money on something you can’t return, so don’t be afraid to spoil the surprise if its too much of a risk. Otherwise, you might be stuck with something that was very expensive that nobody is going to wear.

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