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Small campers and bathrooms are two concepts that seemingly don’t go together, but you’d be surprised! Some campers have it all, both a reasonable size for towing and a bathroom to accommodate all your guests. What are these campers?

Below is a table of 10 perfect small campers I found that have bathrooms.

The best small campers with bathrooms:

  • Aliner LXE
  • KZ Spree Escape Mini
  • Happier Camper HC1
  • Jayco Hummingbird 16FD 
  • 14-Foot iCamp Elite
  • Airstream Sport
  • 16-Foot Scamp Trailer
  • Lance 1575
  • Little Guy Max
  • Forest River R-Pod
  • Venture Sonic lite

The eleven small RVs above will prove why [bigger isn’t always better.] We did [extensive research on each of these campers to] illustrate to you why each is worth your money. Keep reading for trailer specs, pricing, features, amenities, and info on the bathrooms featured in each trailer!

Below is a quick side-by-side comparison of the best small camping trailers listed. Then we’ll get into each one individually.

CamperSize (Length & weight)BathroomPrice (New)Overall Rating
1. Aliner LXEL:15’ W:1795 lbsCollapsible wet bath$18,0009.5
2. 20’9 KZ Spree Escape MiniL:20’9” W:~2,850 lbsSeparate shower and toilet$18,0009
3. 13’  The Happier Camper L: 13’ W: 2890 lbsDry Flush Toilet and Road Shower Add-ons
4. Jayco HUMMINGBIRD 16FD5. 14’ iCamp EliteL: 18’10” W: 2535 lbsShower and toilet$15,0008.5
5. 14’ iCamp Elite
L: 14’ W: 2890 lbsWet Bath$8,000 (2008)8.5
6. Airstream Sport
L: 16’ W: 2,860Wet Bath$48,0008
7. 16′ Scamp TrailerL 16’ W: 1750-2000 lbsWet Bath$13,0007
8. Lance 1575L: 20’5″ W: 2650 lbsSeparate shower/toilet$38,0007
9. Little Guy MaxL: 21′ W:3140 lbsWet Bath$25,0007
10. Forest River R-PodL: 17’6″
W: 3,421
Shower and Separate Toilet$31,9668
11. Venture Sonic LiteL:19’2″
W: 3,350 lbs.
36″ Shower and separate toilet$28,9918

#1: Aline LXE – 9.5/10

General Information- The Aliner LXE is a great option for you if you’re looking to purchase a smaller sized camper with a bathroom included. This camper was designed to be a home on the road.

It comes with all the essentials, tons of bells and whistles, and even has a Shower Tub and toilet combo bathroom. For what is considered to be a small model many are impressed with the amount of space there is inside.

Bathroom- The Bathroom is The Aliner LXE is everything that you need and more. Not only does it have a  toilet but it also comes with a shower tub. This is sometimes referred to as a “wet bath”. This comes in handy and makes having this camper very convenient to have.

The bathroom area might be small, but it is all that you could ever need. Especially with the smaller size of this camper the fact that it comes with a bathroom like this is quite impressive.

Size- Many camper companies claim to have small models but this one is truly a good buy if you want a small camper. It measures in at 15 feet long. This camper is also extremely lightweight. This makes it so much easier to tow.

The unloaded weight of the Aliner LXE is 1795 pounds. When it is full of everything it needs it wouldn’t weigh anymore that 2,500 pounds.

Other Pros- The Aliner LXE comes with a bunch of extra bells and whistles that continue to make it a fantastic camper to invest your money into.

Four stabilizer jacks make for securer parking when staying at a campsite. 

The 11-gallon freshwater tank will ensure you can always shower, bathe, cook, and drink clean water. A water pump and water heater are other sophisticated features in that same vein.

Control the temperature with a command AC and heat pump as well as a furnace. The kitchen has a three-cubic-foot fridge, a two-burner stove, and a microwave. Oh, and you get an outdoor shower as well! 

Overall Rating- The overall rating that we give this camper due to its smallness in size and the quality bathroom that is included it a 9.5/10. This truly is a great camper, perfect for anyone looking for small size with a bathroom included. Its price is also very reasonable making it affordable to most buyers.

#2: KZ Spree Escape Mini – 9/10

General Information- The KZ Spree Escape Mini is one of the nicest small travel trailers I have ever seen. This 18-foot, 3,000-pound trailer with several floor plans to choose from. All include at least a toilet, but many have full bathrooms to boot.

Let’s take a closer look.Cooking is made super easy with a two stove top burner. Along with that comes an over the head microwave so it doesn’t take up any counter space or get in your way at all.

And of course, if you are like me you like your fresh food. This thing has a 4.2 cu. Feet refrigerator as well, making cooking and eating easy for you. They make it look super nice inside with maple glazed cabinets. With that, things are easily cleaned, like pots and pans, by the deep sink.

Storing things are easy with mesh pockets around it as well. Not to mention this trailer has a slide, giving it more space and making your life a lot more easy!

Bathroom- Depending on what type of model you get, the size of the bathroom might change. Some are tight, being in the same room and space, but others are a bit more spread out.

With a counter and sink in half of the models, it will really feel like a small full bath at home, which is super impressive considering how small this thing is sitting at under 21 feet. Overall, the bathroom on this model is pretty tricked out.

There are a lot of things about this trailer that makes it great besides the bathroom too.

Size- Coming in at 21 feet, they were able to fit almost everything you need inside. It may be a little big for some, but for those that want everything in a big RV but smaller, it’s perfect. Weighing in at under 2900 pounds it isn’t too heavy for its size as well.

Overall Rating- This camper is amazing for its size. There are hardly any negatives, but some of the lower models have small bathrooms. For that, I give it a 9.

Some may be looking for something a little shorter, and if that is the case, keep looking at our list.

#3: 13’ The Happier Camper – 9/10

General Information- This camper may look old, but it is far from it and on the up and coming. It comes with different layouts so you can fit it to your needs and lifestyle you will be using it for. It is actually pretty incredible how much you can custom-build this thing.

You can change it for whatever adventure you are going on next. Their cube system is how they really built this thing and made it successful and I got to say, it works.

Bathroom- One of the only downsides to this trailer is that It doesn’t actually come with a built-in bathroom. But you can opt in for a dry flush toilet and a road shower that work with this. You’ll just need a bathroom tent for privacy.

Size- At just 13 feet, you would think you couldn’t do too much in it, but on the contrary. It is over 6 and a half feet wide (enough for most people to sleep) so there is a lot more room length wise. Pavement to the top is about 7 feet so it can fit just about anywhere.

Overall rating- Overall this thing is awesome. Small but efficient. The Reason I wouldn’t go higher is just because I am a bathroom snob and really like a close corners bathroom. Other than that this is great for those that are going to be going on all kinds of adventures, even going on the beach.

#4: Jayco HUMMINGBIRD 16FD – 8.5/10

General Information- The 2017 Jayco HUMMINGBIRD 16FD is a fantastic camper with a beautiful interior. Jayco is a company that has been around for years and is known to have fantastic products. The 2017 Jayco HUMMINGBIRD 16FD is priced at around $15,000, but deals can be found to purchase it for even less.

Bathroom- The bathroom has a standing shower and toilet included. The toilet is made out of plastic and the flooring in the bathroom is vinyl. The shower has a curtain instead of a door. It could feel a little tight to some, but it is a stellar bathroom for the smaller size of this camper.

Size- The 2017 Jayco Hummingbird 16FD is a smaller sized trailer. It is just under 19 feet long and has a dry weight of about 2,500 pounds. This is a tad bit bigger than other campers that we have listed here on the site, however compared to most campers this is still quite small.

Other Pros- Jayco is a company that has been around since the mid 1900s and some articles have  rated it in the top 10 Best travel trailer brands of 2016. If you were to purchase this small camper from this company you wouldn’t be disappointed. They have been at this for a long time and are a solid company to go with. It has great storage space too!

Overall Rating- The overall rating I give this trailer is an 8.5. As mentioned before it has a gorgeous interior and comes from a highly regarded company. I only took off some points because although it is still small, it is a bit bigger than other campers listed here.

#5: 14’ iCamp Elite – 8.5/10

General Information- The iCamp Elite is a cute little teardrop trailer. It is really known for its diminutive size, but don’t let it fool you. heavy-duty Styrofoam, high-gloss fiberglass, and aluminum tubing. That makes this mini camper quite the powerhouse. With an oven and a fridge, bathroom and bed, it is well known as one of the smallest all around trailers. And one of the smallest with a built-in bathroom that I’m aware of.

Bathroom- With how small this trailer is, you wouldn’t expect it to have a bathroom on the inside, or even at all. But it actually has both a toilet and a shower. If you are someone that needs a bathroom but don’t want a large RV, I think you may have found the one.

Surprisingly it still has room for most things you would need in the shower and such. It is in a sav, so it is all together making it pretty tight and cozy, but you can’t get your cake and eat it too.

Size- At just 14 feet, you might think this thing can’t really have that much inside, but you would be mistaken. The size doesn’t mean everything in this case. Less than 3,000 pounds still, super mobile and easy to get around.

Overall rating- This trailer gets a 9 in my books. It has everything and anything except more storage. Being it is so small, it is a little tight. Being 6’2, I might have a hard time sleeping, but that’s usually the case in trailers under 20 feet.

#6: Airstream Sport – 8/10

General – Airstream has a reputation of being some of the best trailers out there. People say that when you buy one you are buying a family heirloom. They have over 80 years of experience making travel trailers and campers, so you know that you are getting what you pay for.

The Airstream sport is not different. It’s their smallest trailers, but it comes packed with everything you need to live as comfortably as you can in a 16ft trailer.

Bathroom- The airstream sport comes packed with one of the nicest camper bathrooms you will ever see. It is a wet bath, but it does not feel cramped in the slightest. Between the quality shower head and the decent sized toilet, your family will not be complaining about the bathroom in this trailer. When you are not using it, the bathroom just looks like a closet.

Size- If you have seen an airstream, you know that they have a very distinct look to them. Some people say that they look like spaceships! They say this because Airstream campers have a rounded metal shell. The rounded shell makes the Airstream feel more spacious than it actually is.

This particular model is 16 feet long, and weighs 2860 pounds when it isn’t loaded. This is a greatly sized trailer for a couple. People even live in these all year long!

Other Pros- As I said before, Airstreams are known to last longer than any other camper. They say that the lifespan of an airstream is 2-3 times longer than other trailers. With that type of track record, your grandkids might even use this trailer!

Overall Rating- I give this trailer an 8. Although it would probably be the best trailer on this list, it costs a whopping 48000 dollars, which is outrageous when compared with some of the budget trailers on this list.

Even if it does last longer than every other trailer, some people don’t want to be stuck with something that long. Even if it’s pricey, it’s still a dang good option.

#7: 16′ Scamp Trailer – 7/10

General- This trailer may not look like the most modern, classiest trailers, but it definitely adds character. It has almost everything you need. Kitchen, bathroom, large bed, easting area, and place to sit and enjoy dinner! Overall this thing is a classic and there is a reason they are still around

Bathroom- The bathroom isn’t the biggest thing you have ever seen, but it works just fine and is built in with most layouts. Some do not come with a bathroom, and instead are a storage room.

When they do have the bathroom it is combined with the shower, making it nice and cozy. Heck, you can even kill two birds with one stone if you’re really in a rush.

Size- Sitting at 16 feet this trailer seems to have it all for an idea size to a lot of people. What is really nice is how tall it is, which is almost 8 feet tall. It is also wide enough to sleep that way which open up room for the rest of the trailer.

Overall rating- Overall I give this camper a 7. The reason being is because it just isn’t as nice and can get kind of heavier than others. Sitting at 16 feet you would think that all models have a bathroom, but still most do. Still a great trailer, but not a perfect one.

#8: Lance 1575 – 7/10

General- The Lance 1575 is a fancy trailer. It features a really nice slide that would give you plenty of extra space for having guests over.

Bathroom- Unlike most of the trailers on this list, the bathroom in the Lance 1575 is not a wet bath, but a separate toilet and shower. Some people are made uncomfortable when presented with a toilet inside the shower, and consider it cheap. If that is the case with you, then this bathroom will be a good choice for you.

Size- With a dry weight of 2650 lbs and 20’5″ total length, this trailer is on the larger end of the ones on our list. With the slide, this trailer is actually really spacious. Plenty of space to even throw an extra mattress on the floor if you needed to. You could easily fit 4, and if you squeezed a little you could get 5 inside this trailer.

Other Pros- Really this trailers biggest pro and its biggest con is the size. It can be hard to tow if you don’t have the right truck. If you can tow it, then you will not be upset with this trailer.

Overall Rating- I give this trailer a 7.5 because it’s a little pricey. It’s also the second largest trailer on the list, and could be tough to manage for some people.

#9: Little Guy Max Camping Trailer- 7/10

General- There is a lot to be said about this sleek teardrop trailer. They are spacious and sleek looking. It is the largest trailer on our list, but if you can tow it you are in for a treat. The build quality for the price is astounding.

Bathroom- This is another trailer with a “wet bath” meaning it has the toilet inside the shower. Since this trailer is the largest of the bunch, the bathroom shows it. The bathroom is really spacious. Like the airstream, this is not a bathroom that you will be complaining about.

Size- This trailer doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to size. The Little Guy Max sports a length of 21 feet, but comes sporting a full queen sized bed. Nothing says camping like a nice mattress right! This camper does come in a smaller size, but I feel that the best size for this trailer is the 21” model.

Other Pros- For a 21” trailer, the price really isn’t too bad. In the 25000 price range this trailer stands out with its quality bathroom, build quality, and design.

Overall Rating- I give this trailer a 7 out of ten on this list because it’s a little large. It’s a great trailer, but for some it might be a little too much trailer. This trailer would be great for a family of three that wants to have a home away from home.

#10: Forest River R-Pod

The Forest River R-Pod-153 is a small travel trailer coming in at 17 feet 6 inches and weighs 3,421 lbs. unloaded. This little trailer has it all!

It comes equipped with a 60×74 Murphy bed, dining area, sofa, kitchen area with a two-burner stove, bathroom including shower and toilet. The fresh water tank holds 30 gallons, and the grey and blank tanks hold 30 gallons as well. The exterior has an eight foot awning.

Space inside is a little tight, but for 2 people it’s everything you could ask for. The sofa can fold out to sleep a third person.

MRSP: $31,966

#11: Venture Sonic Lite SL150VRK

The Venture Sonic Lite Travel Trailer is a great little trailer for 2 people. Coming in at 19 feet 2 inches and weighing 3,350 pounds, this RV can be towed by many smaller SUVs.

The inside sofa folds down into a Murphy bed and is 60″ by 75″, with cabinet space on each side of the bed/sofa for his/her clothing.

For being such a small RV, you’ll be happy to know that the bathroom is a nice size with a separate toilet and shower. No more trying to shower sitting on the toilet. In addition, the bathroom comes equipped with its own sink.

Last thing to discuss is the tank size. The Venture Sonic Lite has a 38 gallon fresh water capacity, 30 gallon black water capacity, and a 30 gallon gray water capacity.

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle Pull?

Determine how much your specific vehicle can tow before purchases a travel trailer is essential. In fact, it’s one of the first questions that the RV salesman will ask you when going to an RV dealership.

Exercise caution and avoid exceeding the recommended maximum weight limits, as they represent the highest weight capacities typically associated with average vehicles in each category.

It’s important to note that some individual vehicles within each category may have the potential to tow more weight than the average, while others may have a lower towing capacity.

These category-specific weight averages provide a reliable benchmark for estimating the towing capabilities of each vehicle type.

Vehicle TypeAverage Max Tow Capacity (lbs)
Compact/Mid-Size SUVs3,700-5,000
Full-Size SUVs7,200
Small (Quarter-Ton) Trucks6,500
Half-Ton Trucks8,500
Three-Quarter-Ton Trucks15,000
One-Ton Trucks24,000+

Every make and model is going to have a different towing capacity, so it’s important to do a little research and determine your exact pounds. You may be surprised at how much weight you can actually pull. Our old Acura MDX (small SUV) could pull up to 5,000 pounds while our current Audi Q7 can tow up to 7,000 pounds. My wife and I were shocked to see such the jump in weight for about the same size SUV.

Tips for Towing a Small Camper

If you’re new to towing a small camper trailer, these essential tips can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

Select the Right Towing Vehicle: Choose a vehicle that matches your trailer’s size and weight. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for your trailer’s weight, and select a towing vehicle with a higher capacity for added safety.

Choose the Appropriate Hitch: Ensure your hitch is compatible with your trailer’s weight and type. Options like bumper hitches or rear receiver hitches can suit most lightweight trailers. We recommend a weight distribution hitch. Learn more about them here!

Test Your Brake Controller: Brake controllers are crucial for safe towing. Ensure your camper has one, as it aids in braking and prevents trailer sway. Learn how to use a brake controller here!

Adjust Your Mirrors: Due to the added length of your rig, adjust your mirrors to improve visibility. Use mirror extensions if necessary.

Travel Light: Don’t overload your camper. Pack only essential items and maintain a balanced load to improve handling.

Proper Weight Distribution: Distribute cargo weight with 60% in the front and 40% at the rear to avoid swaying. Adjust as needed for optimal control.

Brake Early: Factor in longer stopping distances when towing, and brake earlier than usual to avoid accidents.

Wind Awareness: Be cautious in windy conditions as lightweight trailers are susceptible to sway. Consider rescheduling your trip in extreme wind.

Maintain a Safe Speed: Keep your speed between 45 and 60 mph for better control and safety.

Stay in the Right Lane: On highways, stick to the right lane where speeds are slower, providing more time to react.

Master the Scoop Technique: Practice the scoop technique for parking, ensuring you can easily maneuver into spots.

Take Hills Slowly: Ascend hills at a steady pace and descend slowly to avoid braking hard, which can lead to jackknifing.

Learn to Reverse: Backing up with a small camper trailer is easier but requires practice. Turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the rear of the trailer to go.

Get Familiar with Turning: Plan turns in advance, as your rig handles differently. Take turns slowly to prevent tipping.

Know Your Rig Height: Measure your trailer’s height and plan routes accordingly, avoiding low overpasses and tunnels.

Practice: Regularly practice driving, parking, and reversing in open lots or quiet areas to build confidence and skills.

Plan Your Route: Use maps or apps to plan your route, identifying potential obstacles and challenges ahead of time.

Stay Relaxed: Don’t rush; towing a camper is not a race. Maintain a calm attitude and enjoy the journey.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while towing your small camper trailer. Happy travels!

RV Weight Terms to Know

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and refers to the maximum weight allowed of both your RV and cargo. Cargo needs to include the weight of your belonging, camping gear, passengers, and anything in your tanks (fresh water tank, grey tank, black tank). I always recommend traveling with near empty, if not empty, tanks.

What is Unloaded Vehicle Weight, or UVW?

Dry weight is also referred to as UVW, which refers to the weight of the trailer or RV alone. This does not include cargo, propane tanks, or another upgraded accessories.

What it Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC)

Cargo Carrying Capacity refers to the most weight that you can pack into your RV. This includes all your personal items and any water in your tanks. The CCC is determined by subtracting the UVW from the GVWR.

What is Tongue Weight (TW)

Tongue weight or TW is the amount of weight an RV puts on the towing vehicles’s trailer ball. It is calculated by subtracting the weight of the towing vehicle from the weight of your vehicle and the trailer combined.

Related Reading: Choosing the Proper Weight Distribution Hitch for Your RV

Before You Go

When you finally choose the right small camper trailer for you, remember there are many items you will need that do not come with your new purchase. To me it seems as though you should get a package of items like a dump hose or at least some toss ins to get you going. The reality is, RV companies want to make money and they will make you buy everything separate in hopes that you buy things you don’t really need. 

I have put together my list of Everything You Need For Your First Motorhome Or Trailer. This is a list of everything I personally use when I take my family camping and I highly recommend for any new camper.

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