7 Super Cheap Arrows That Shoot Straight

I am here to help you find the best cheap arrows that are available right now for purchase, all these arrows are built for accuracy, durability, reliability, and with the end goal to help you be more successful in the field.

You can spend weeks upon weeks researching the most appropriate arrows for your bows. After hours of research, you might be more confused than you were at the start, so I am here to spare you all that time with the best guidelines to follow.

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best cheap arrows
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ArrowsPrice LengthPros
ANTSIR Archery
Target Arrows
for 12
28 in– Very solid and well made
– Tips are aluminum – great for target practice
Barnett Outdoors
Archery Arrows
for 3
28 in– Strong lightweight fiberglass
– Tips are able to penetrate target easily
GPP Fiberglass
Archery Arrows
for 6
29 in– Fiberglass shaft with steel tip,
– Straight and lightweight
– Proven to be very accurate
Zhao.Fu Carbon Arrow $28-$30
for 12
29 in– Arrow shaft is pure carbon
Posch Archery Target
for 12
30 in– Designed to be durable
– Shaft is very sturdy
Tiger Archery
Carbon Arrows
for 12
30 in– Very solid and well made
– Very accurate
– Not easily broken
Wizard Archery
Fiberglass Arrows
for 12
26 in
28 in
30 in
– High-quality fiberglass
– Very durable

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Best Budget Arrows

1. ANTSIR 28-Inch Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows

If you want quality arrows, I’d recommend you buy these fiberglass archery target arrows. You can check them out here on Amazon. They are very solid and well made, the tips are aluminum which is great for target practice.

These arrows are Amazon best sellers! You can purchase them online for $25-$30 dollars

Many people have had success using these precision arrows that are made for extended durability and long-lasting target practice.

This arrow set comes with 12 pieces of fiberglass arrows. This set is great for all age groups and is also recommended for draw weight under 40 pounds for compound bows, recurve bows, and longbows.

These fiberglass arrows come in multiple color options, and you can buy a smaller packet for around $13 if you don’t need the whole dozen. What this really means is that there are options to fit you and your needs better.

If you shoot from a bow with higher draw weight you may cause damage to your arrow and bow. Always remember to use an arrow rest.

2. Barnett Outdoors Junior Archery 28-Inch Arrows

These arrows are great for beginners, children, and adults.

If you’re looking for cheap arrows that are high quality, then this is your best bet. These 28″ arrows also feature strong, lightweight fiberglass shafts that can be used in any Barnett youth bow. They will are easy to handle. Plus, they fly in a nice pattern. Here is the link to the Amazon page where you’ll find these arrows.

Since this pack only has three arrows, you are getting quality more than you are getting quantity. If you order these arrows on Amazon, you do get free shipping. The pack costs anywhere from $10 – $14 depending on where you purchase the arrows.

The tips can penetrate targets with ease. Also, the fletching is constructed of plastic that bends easily. These arrows are light but pretty strong.

You won’t be disappointed when you are using these solidly made arrows when practicing with friends and family.

Barnett Outdoors Junior Archery arrows can be bought at Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods as well.

3. GPP 29″ Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows

You won’t be disappointed in the quality and reliability of these durable fiberglass arrows. It should be noted that these arrows are to be used with traditional and recurve bows only.

You won’t regret buying these well-constructed arrows for target practicing, these arrows can work with a draw weight up to 55 pounds, great for both teens and adults.

GPP also sells some 28″ arrows if you want arrows that are slightly smaller. The packages are available in a dozen or 6-pack. Click here to see these on Amazon.

These are some of the cheapest arrows available right now on the market, at about $16-$22 for a half dozen.

These has a durable 29″ fiberglass shaft with the steel tip.

These arrows are straight and lightweight and are proven to be very accurate. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s just starting out or practicing archery.

4. Zhao.Fu 29 Inch Carbon Arrow Practice Hunting Arrows 

These arrows are excellent quality and great value. They can be used for target practice and shooting. You’ll find that these arrows are great to use when on the hunt for small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

The material of the arrow shaft is pure carbon, with a 29″ arrow shaft length.

You can also get these carbon arrows for a very affordable price on Amazon. A package for these arrows come in a bundle of 12 arrows for about $30. Quality sticks are very rare to find at this price, so take advantage.

The reviews rave about how great of quality these arrows are for the price. If you are looking for something to get sharpen up your accuracy, this is a great choice.

So if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend much on arrows, then these may be the right ones for you.

5. Posch Archery 30 Inch Fiberglass Target Arrows

These arrows are great for beginners though, they are not the best ones on the list. If you are just starting, you can give these a try. The arrows are crafted to have great balance.

The best part of these arrows is that they are inexpensive. You get a 12 pack for $22-$25. Plus, they are available in black and pink.

These are able to fit a compound, takedown or recurve bow.

The arrows are designed for superior durability, the shaft is very sturdy and it is cut to 30″ to be safe for the draw length of most bows.

The lab results show that the shaft breaking point is about 110 lbs which is impressive.

The reviews will say that you get what you pay for. They work well but don’t last for a very long time. If you are just starting out, and don’t know if you are too into archery yet, these arrows are a good option.

You’ve probably noticed by now that it seems like I love Amazon. Yes, yes I do. 🙂 Check these arrows out on Amazon!

6. Tiger Archery 30 Inch Carbon Arrow Practice Hunting Arrows

These arrows are fantastic. Carbon arrows are the number one most popular arrows in use today.

These precision carbon hunting arrows are made for extended durability and long-lasting target practice.

They are some of the most popular archery hunting arrows on Amazon. They are a little bit more money than the rest of the items on this list at $26-$28 bucks but you can get free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

They are solid and well made. The carbon arrows are good for hunting without a doubt, they are very accurate and not easily broken.

The draw weight is up to 60 pounds for recurve, compound bow or longbows, length 30″, outer diameter 0.309″, fletching with 2 black vanes and 1 white one.

They can come in orange and white as well.

Carbon arrows come with six replaceable nocks for free, nocks are not fixed by glue, it can be adjustable for your bow.

You will be able to use these babies for a long time. If you are serious about archery, then Tiger arrows are the best option for you.

7. Wizard Archery Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows

The Wizard is good for everyday use, these arrows will get the job done if all you’re looking for are basic arrows.

These are high-quality fiberglass standard target practice arrows and is suitable for any compound, recurve or longbow. The tips are nickel-plated stainless

These arrows are extremely durable. I really like the look of these arrows, very sleek.

You can select a package of 26″, 28″, or 30″ length bows. Each pack has a dozen arrow.

These arrows are a bit expensive than the rest but surely are worth the price. The price ranges from $31 – $46 depending on the length you choose to get. Prices do vary, so check them out on Amazon today for a current price.

best budget arrows
cheap arrows
best cheap arrows
best budget hunting arrows
best budget arrow for compound bow
carbon arrows


To my knowledge these are the best cheap arrows available right now, it appears that ANTSIR 28-Inch Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows is the best on the list because of its excellent quality and durability.

Also, this arrow is Amazon’s Best Seller at the moment. From our perspective, these arrows are the best out of all 7. ANTSIR makes exceptionally strong products and stays on the cutting edge.

If you need something to start with now then I recommend going with ANTSIR target arrow; it’s the best arrow for your money.

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