13 Perfect Sledding Spots Near Denver, Colorado

sledding spots in Denver colorado
best sledding in Denver colorado
sledding spots in Denver

Winter in Denver provides great opportunities to gather up friends and family and go sledding. Residents and tourists in Denver don’t have to travel too far to enjoy a fun-filled day of sliding down hills. In fact, some of the best sledding areas in Colorado are located within the city and its surrounding suburbs.

If sledding in Denver is on your agenda, there are numerous options of great locations with modest hills to choose from. Below you will find a list of thirteen perfect sledding areas to choose from, that are all located close to the Denver-metro area.

1. Ruby Hill Park – Denver

1200 W Florida Ave, Denver, CO 80223

Ruby Hill Park is by far one of the most unique sledding areas that I have come across. It is the country’s first city-based terrain park and on top of the that, it is completely free!

The park was created by the city of Denver in conjunction with Winter Park Ski Resort in 2007 as a way to help give the urban population of Colorado a more accessible and affordable way to enjoy winter sports.

Ruby Hill Park is located in the Denver metro area and has existed since 1957. Even at its start, it was known as one of the best places in Denver for snow activities such as sledding.

The park opens every year in January but can open earlier or later depending on the weather. In addition to the natural snowfall that occurs, employees at the Ruby Hill Park work around the clock to make their own snow. This ensures that there is always a good base of snow for sledding and other winter activities.

It is important to note that Ruby Park is not only open to sledders but also offers hills and terrain parks for those who enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

On a good winter day, it is not uncommon to see a mix of sledders, tubers, snowboarders, and skiers all enjoying the snow.

This park is a wonderful option because it is close, free, and it offers good snow.

Because it is such a good park, it oftentimes is very crowded. It is best to get there early in order to find good parking and to claim fresh trails.

The park is open from 5am-11pm and the hill is lighted all the way until 9pm for those who want to go a little later and enjoy some night sledding.

2. Sledding Hill Park – Littleton

S. Kipling Pkwy & W. Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton, CO 80128

This park is located just south of Denver in the town of Littleton. In the other seasons besides winter, this park is just a large undeveloped grassy area, but in the winter, it develops into a sledders paradise as the snow falls.

The park was originally going to be used for commercial development, but luckily it was purchased by Jefferson County Open Space in 1999 and is now used as a sledding hill.

Most of the park is north-facing, which means that it is geographically positioned to gather and retain a lot of snow. The north part of the park is where the best hill for sledding is located.

There are, however, no official trails or runs at this park. Visitors will have to create their own runs or use runs that prior sledders have created.

This park does not offer much else besides a few park benches located at the top of the sledding hill. That being said, the sledding here appears to be phenomenal, leading many residents to return every winter to enjoy it.

Note: Sledding Hill Park has very limited parking. It is suggested that you park at either Eagle Meadow Park or Sanctuary Park.

3. Hidden Valley – Rocky Mountain National Park

Hidden Valley is a little over an hour and a half drive from Denver, so it is a bit off the beaten path, but it is definitely worth the trip.

This sledding spot is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. This is the only spot within the park where sledding activities are permitted.

This sledding area is perfect if you want to experience the beauty of the mountains, be semi-close to the city, and be able to have sufficient snow to sled on.

Hidden Valley used to be a ski area that was established in 1941 but was closed down in 1992. The chairlifts are long gone, but the bunny hill is still being utilized as the main sledding hill.

The sledding spot is equipped with heated bathrooms and one can easily rent sleds and tubes at the Estes Park Mountain Shop off of Hwy 34 for $5.

Families can also take a break from sledding and relax at one of the 14 picnic pavilion tables provided by the park.

The sledding hill is open from 10am-4pm every day. Hidden Valley is located within Rocky Mountain National park, therefore, there is an entrance fee of $25 for a single day pass, $35 for a seven-day pass, or you can pay $70 for an annual pass.

Note: Sleds with metal runners are not allowed.

sledding spots in Denver colorado
best sledding in Denver colorado
sledding spots in Denver

4. Tantra Park – Boulder

Hanover Ave & S 46th St, Boulder, CO 80305

Many visitors claim that this is the, “best most dependable sledding spot” in Boulder. The park offers a large 60 vertical foot wide slope.

In addition to good width of the slopes, the hills are steep and are longer than a football field in length. This provides plenty of opportunities to go fast and have a longer ride when sledding.

This is a great place for those who want to experience more extreme and faster sledding. It is not uncommon to see sledders building jumps on the various runs.

Tantra Park has a north-facing hill that provides good snow that sticks around for a while. Skiing and snowboarding are also allowed at this park.

This spectacular sledding spot is open from 5am-11pm. The park also offers various picnic areas and benches if you need a bit of a break in between runs.

5. Edora Park – Fort Collins

1420 E. Stuart St., Fort Collins

Edora Park is located north of Denver in Fort Collins which is about an hour away, depending on the traffic. The park is mainly used as a frisbee disc golf course, but in the winter time, many visit the park because of its epic sledding hills.

The sledding hill is located on the north side of the parks parking lot and is said to be a wonderful place not only to sled but also to enjoy many other winter activities.

The 65-acre park is free for the public to use and like most parks in Colorado, it is open from 5am-11pm.

The park also offers restrooms, a large parking area, picnic areas, playgrounds, and grills. Most importantly though, the park offers one of the best sledding areas in Fort Collins.

6. Scott Carpenter Park – Boulder

Scott Carpenter Park is located in Boulder and just a couple minutes north of Tantra Park. This park offers a much safer sledding environment than Tantra Park does.

In fact, the city of Boulder urges people to sled at this location verses Tantra due to safety concerns.

So, this would be a great location to take the kids sledding if you are in the Boulder area.

Apart from this park being a safer alternative to Tantra, it is a truly wonderful sledding spot that tends to have a lot of snow. The hill has a steep dip that eventually flattens out and provides a long and enjoyable ride.

The beautiful views of the Boulder’s Flatirons also make this park a desirable place to sled.

The park itself is named after an astronaut named Scott Carpenter. The kids will not only enjoy sledding at this park but will also have fun playing on the rock-ship playground located close to the sledding hill.

Scott Carpenter is free to the public and also encourages sledders to bring their dogs as long as they are on a leash.

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7. Kroh Park – Loveland

5200 N. Garfield Ave. Loveland, CO

This particular sledding spot is a favorite among locals in Loveland. Even though it is about an hour north of Denver, it is worth checking out.

Kroh Park has a hill that is great for sledders at all levels of experience. The best sledding hill is located at the east side of the park and offers a fun and fast ride for those who are seeking a enjoyable sledding or tubing experience in a beautiful area.

Because this is such a desirable sledding spot, it tends to get a little bit crowded, especially on the weekends. Be sure to get there early to beat the crowds.

It is also important to note that the park itself is a pretty good sized area.

If you are unsure of where to park or where the sledding hill is located you can find that information on the Kroh Park web page.

Aside from sledding, Kroh Park also offers a variety of other amenities such as a fishing pond, playgrounds, restrooms, and various sports fields (mainly used in the summer time).

8. Robinson Park – Denver

200 Fairfax St, Denver, CO

Robison park used to be a brickyard until 1941 when the land was donated to the city by the Robinson Brick Company. This old brickyard has become a wonderful park with an incredible variety of sledding hills.

It has gotten rave ratings on various review sites with some describing it as the best place to sled in Denver. The key to this place is that it has many hills at different steepnesses making it a perfect place for anyone to sled.

It’s close proximity to the city is another thing that makes it a local favorite amongst sledders.

The park’s sledding hills are said to be located at the south end of the park. However, there some great hills located in the east and west sides as well.

Like most parks in Denver, Robinson Park is free and is opened from 5am-11pm,

9. Colorado Adventure Park – Fraser

566 County Road 721, Fraser, CO

Located 70 miles west of Denver you’ll find Colorado Adventure Park. It is the largest, fastest, and safest tubing hill in Fraser and is located just up the road from Winter Park Ski Resort.

This locally owned and operated park offers a great tubing experience with groomed slopes. This is the type of place you’ll want to go to if you want to have a fast tubing experience in a safe environment.

Colorado Adventure Park offers many different packages that are at various different prices including:

  • Single Tubing at $24 for one hour and $36 for two hours
  • Double Tubing at $38 for one hour and $64 for two hours

They also offer another option of renting “snowscoots” or miniature snowmobiles for your kids.

This is a great place if you are seeking a wonderful tubing experience in a beautiful environment.

Hours are Sunday to Thursday 10am-9pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-10pm.

Note: Helmets are require for anyone under 18.

10. Fraser Tubing Hill – Fraser

455 Co Rd 72, Fraser, CO

The Fraser Tubing Hill is located just across from the Colorado Adventure Park. It is actually very similar to the Colorado Adventure Park but still has a lot to offer.

It’s tubing hills are groomed and have a lift that will take you to the top after you are done zooming down in your tube. The hill is also lighted, making it perfect for an enjoyable night sledding adventure.

Prices run from $24 for 60 minutes of rental to $28 for 90 minutes of rental. Additional discounts for groups larger than 15 people are available.

The hill is open from 10am-10pm. Tube rentals are on a first come first serve basis, so it is best to be there early.

11. Chautauqua Meadow – Boulder

Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO

Some consider Chautauqua Meadow to be the black diamond sledding spot of Boulder. They claim this for a reason.

If you want an extreme sledding adventure this is the place for you. Located in one of Boulder’s most beautiful areas, this hill offers a long, steep, and dangerous ride. Reaching the sledding spot requires a small hike.

Once at the top, expect your adrenaline to get going on the steep drop down the hill.

The difficult thing about Chautauqua is that the terrain is a bit unpredictable. Various bushes and shrub can be left uncovered and the trail is sometimes bumpy.

Despite the dangerous nature of this sledding spot, it has been used since the 1950s and even had a tow rope back in the day. That tow rope is no longer working, but the hill is still accessible.

Remember that safety comes first. This is not a hill or sledding spot to take little kids or inexperienced sledders on as it could dangerous.

Note: Parking can sometimes be a problem.

12. Nottingham Field – Greeley

17th Ave Reservoir Road, Greeley, CO

Nottingham Field is located on the west side of the University of Northern Colorado’s campus in Greeley. Nottingham field offers a decent hill to sled down and can be enjoyed by sledders of all levels.

Sledders have been coming to this spot for years on end and it is very well known, especially amongst the college students, as being a great area for relaxing sledding and good snow.

Another thing that makes this spot so perfect is the fact that there is plenty of parking and that the hill is quickly accessible from the parking lot.

13. Stapleton’s Central Park – Denver

8801 Martin Luther King Blvd, Denver, CO

Located just northeast of downtown Denver is Stapleton Central Park. This park offers a couple of sledding spots that are perfect for little kids.

Stapleton’s Central Park is Denver’s third largest park and offers 80 acres of open space that offers a variety of small hills that will have the little ones grinning from ear to ear.

There is one main sledding hill that rises about thirty feet with a gradual grade. Due to its gradual grade, this hill is ideal for parents who are concerned about their child’s safety while sledding.

In addition to great sledding during the winter, the park also has many other features such as a 1-acre playground, restrooms, a play fountain, covered picnic areas, jogging and biking paths, and much more.

This park offers multiple parking areas for easy access to different areas of the park.

sledding spots in Denver colorado
best sledding in Denver colorado
sledding spots in Denver

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Other Areas Worth Mentioning

There are many other areas that have not been listed that also offer great sledding adventures. Coca-Cola Tubing at Winter Park

  • Foothills Community Park
  • Jefferson Park Bowl
  • Coca-Cola Tubing at Winter Park Resort
  • YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch
  • Ken Caryl Sledding Hill

Don’t Forget to Stay Warm

We all know staying outside in the snow for hours sledding down hills calls for some good snow gear, especially for kids. Check out our top picks for snow jackets, pants, and boots.

The right clothing will make all the difference and make your snow day that much better!

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