Where Is the Longest Bungee Jump in the US?

When you finish your current bungee jumping experience, you always dream about the next one. The jumps go so fast that you think it might be time to explore longer bungee jumps. What is the longest such jump in the United States?

The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Canon City, Colorado offers the longest bungee jumping experience in the US. The bridge is 955 feet over the Arkansas River, allowing you to explore more of the skies when you jump. The freefall lasts for around 15 seconds!

In this article, we’ll further explore the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge and other such bridges and platforms across the US where you can experience lengthier bungee jumps. We’ll also discuss the longest bungee jump in the world, so don’t miss it!

Where Is the Longest Bungee Jump in the US?

If you want a long bungee jumping experience, you’ve got to get down to Canon City, Colorado. There, you’ll find the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The bridge extends 955 feet over the flowing waters of the Arkansas River. You won’t find a bridge that plummets further than this one in the US, which is exactly what you were looking for.

You’ll enjoy the sensation of freefalling for up to 15 seconds, which is about five seconds longer than average.

It was once known as the tallest suspension bridge on the planet, but China’s Liuguanghe Bridge surpassed that record in 2001, then the Beinpan River Guanxing Highway Bridge (in China) in 2003.

The bridge is 1,260 feet long with 880 feet between its towers. Each tower measures 150 feet tall with a width of 18 feet between them. Built from stainless steel, the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge’s tough skeleton has wooden planks across it,1,292 planks in all.

The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge dates back to 1929. That year, builders finished it for $350,000. If building a bridge of the same size and scope in 2021, the project would cost $4.4 million.

By the 1930s, the Incline Railway was added to the bridge to allow for transportation deeper into the gorge. That was followed in the 1950s by the addition of a small railroad near the gorge’s edge, then an aerial tram by the end of the 1960s.

Two decades later, in the 1980s, the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge lovingly underwent renovations to improve its paintjob and structure. The bridge received fresh suspension rods and cable anchors.

Unfortunately, the bridge was caught in a 2013 area wildfire, but only part of the bridge was affected, and the damage wasn’t overly serious. Its surrounding park didn’t fare so well, nor did the aerial tram, so that all needed rebuilding before reopening in 2014.

Today, the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge remains a popular attraction for thrill-seekers. You can go bungee jumping here, ride a Skycoaster over the side of the stunning gorge, zip line across the gorge, or enjoy other amusement park rides in the vicinity.

If you get the opportunity to try a life-changing bungee jump at the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, you can make an entire day out of it!

Where Is the Longest Bungee Jump in the World?

Has your quest for thrills taken you well outside of the US? You may wonder what the tallest bungee jump is outside of the country. That’s none other than the A J Hackett Macau Tower in China.

The tower in Se, Macau is 1,109 feet from the tallest point to the ground. You won’t bungee jump from quite that high, but the enormity of this tower makes it absolutely incredible.

Instead, you’ll bungee jump from 764 feet up; you can also do tethered sky jumping if you’d like to try a different experience. 

Your leap occurs from the outer rim of the tower. You won’t find a taller commercial skyjump point on the planet than this.

Moller Architects built the bridge from 1998 to 2001. Since its construction wrapped up, Macau Tower joined the World Federation of Great Towers as a member.

Edison Chen and A J Hackett, two renowned bungee jumpers (and one being the tower’s namesake), destroyed Guinness World Records existing records by bungee jumping from Macau Tower. 

In the case of Hackett, he beat his own record for the category of The Highest Bungee Jump from a Building.

Before that, he had achieved the record when bungee jumping from the Eiffel Tower in 1987.

You can also use your time wisely should you find yourself filling such esteemed shoes and bungee jumping from the Macau Tower. The tower’s observation deck has an exhilarating skywalking tour called Skywalk X and plenty of shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants.

5 More Great Spots for Long Bungee Jumps in the US

The thrills don’t have to stop there! Although they’re not nearly as tall as the long bungee jumps we’ve already explored, the following 5 locations for bungee jumping in the US should satisfy your thrill-seeking heart, at least for a little while!

Las Vegas SkyJump – 827 Feet

A record-breaker in commercial bungee jumping experiences, the SkyJump in Las Vegas is one of the many offerings at the Strat Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod, once known as the Stratosphere.

The casino and hotel have an observation tower that stands 1,149 feet tall, making it the official highest such tower in the country.

The SkyJump holds an active Guinness World Record for the planet’s tallest commercial decelerator descent experience. That means you’re jumping from 829 feet up.

Is the SkyJump exactly like bungee jumping? Yes and no. You wear a jumpsuit and attach to a descender machine to bring you back down to earth at blistering speeds.

You stand on a platform and jump like you would when bungee jumping, so while it’s not entirely identical, the sensations feel alike. You get that feeling of freefalling, and guide wires attached to your setup prevent you from leaving the course.

The descender controls your speed at the end of your jump so you can land in a controlled, safe, slow fashion.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge – 656 Feet

For a more traditional bungee jumping experience that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping, take a walk on the wild side at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico.

The bridge nicknamed the High Bridge features steel deck construction and ornate, appealing arches. The bridge stands about 656 feet over the Rio Grande, putting it squarely in the top 10 of the US’s tallest bridges.

You’ll surely enjoy some long bungee jumps here!

The bridge underwent construction in 1963 and was completed by 1965. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge spans 1,280 feet long with a 600-foot center span and dual 300-foot approach spans.

In 2012, the bridge underwent reconstruction to give it a new look and appeal. The project lasted a year and updated the bridge’s gutters, curbs, ramps, sidewalks, concrete deck surface, and structural steelwork.

Navajo Bridge – 467 Feet

Why jump from one bridge when you can jump from two? In Grand Canyon National Park in Coconino County, Arizona, you’ll find the Navajo Bridge, which overlooks the Colorado River.

The two bridges are about the same height, between 467 and 470 feet. That makes them optimal spots for some long days of bungee jumping.

The Navajo Bridge wasn’t always intended to be a pair. The original bridge underwent construction between 1927 and 1929. Its steel skeleton stretches 834 feet long, with a height from the nearest canyon of 467 feet.

The original bridge had a roadway for 18-foot vehicles that could hold up to 22.5 tons. It wasn’t until 1985 that the Arizona Department of Transportation reevaluated the viability of the Navajo Bridge for travel.

The bridge got a lot of traffic but couldn’t keep up. One option was to expand the bridge, but that idea got turned down. 

Ultimately, the city approved plans to add a second bridge for vehicular traffic, which would stop on the original bridge.

The second Navajo Bridge finished construction in 1995 and looks just like the original.

Hansen Bridge – 350 Feet

Another thrilling place for a bungee jump experience is Twin Falls, Idaho’s Hansen Bridge, which carries traffic across Idaho State Highway 50. The bridge stands 350 feet tall, although it was once shorter.

Those were back in the original days of construction when the Hansen Bridge measured only 325 feet tall. It also featured a 14-foot wooden deck. Building wrapped up in 1919.

Until then, no southern Idaho bridge crossed the Snake River Canyon, so the Hansen Bridge opened up commerce in the Magic Valley area.

As age and wear and tear showed their effects, the Hansen Bridge underwent reconstruction in 1966. It’s still the same bridge in terms of location, but no parts of the original exist. That’s why some people call the Hansen Bridge the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Crooked River High Bridge – 295 Feet

For a moderately long bungee jumping experience better suited to beginners, venture out to Jefferson County, Oregon and seek the Crooked River High Bridge.

This arch bridge built in 1926 features a durable steel frame. Measuring 464 feet long, the Crooked River High Bridge’s tallest point is 295 feet over the canyon below.

Unlike most of the bridges we’ve talked about today, this one should experience fewer crowds since it’s no longer open to vehicular traffic. In 2000, the Rex T. Barber Veterans Memorial Bridge opened for just that occasion.

That said, you can go bungee jumping from the Crooked River High Bridge.


The US has some of the longest bungee jumps in the world, as does China. These tall summits allow you to dive deep and experience the beauty of the world while checking off bungee jumping locations from your bucket list.

We hope you plan a bungee jump from one of the spots on this list very soon!

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