Where is Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin?

President Lincoln is known for his many accomplishments, but also his humble beginnings. These humble beginnings are best seen in the log cabin home of his that has grown so famous that it even appears on the back of certain pennies. But where is Lincoln’s cabin?

Where is Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin? Two cabins are called Lincoln’s cabin. The cabin that Lincoln was born in and the cabin Lincoln grew up in. The cabin Lincoln was born is in the memorial building in Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky. The home Lincoln grew up in is in Knob Creek, Kentucky. These sites are national historic sites.

These cabins have quite the history as people rushed to buy or recollect them to honor one of America’s most influential presidents. The cabin Lincoln grew up in was taken down before 1865 and was likely, at least partially, used in the construction of other nearby houses at the time of its deconstruction.

A New York businessman eventually bought the old Lincoln farm and used the logs on the land to rebuild a replica of the old cabin. This cabin was then later bought by the LFA (Lincoln Farm Association) who couldn’t properly put the cabin together using the pieces they thought were the original pieces of the cabin.

As a result, a replica was once again made and now is placed in the memorial building in Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky.  Lincoln’s childhood home was deconstructed to put on display at the Chicago world expo and when it was taken down it was never returned.

It is speculated that it was used as firewood. So a neighbor’s house to Lincoln’s home was purchased and moved to the place where Lincoln’s house once was in Knob Creek Kentucky.

Finally, a third slightly more illegitimate log cabin has been used to represent Lincoln’s cabin. This cabin which is located near the town of Lerna Illinois is the home of the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site. This cabin is a  replica of the log cabin that Thomas Lincoln, President Lincoln’s father, live in.

President Lincoln himself never lived in this house but he helped his father pay for it and would spend days visiting it.

Lincoln has turned into the idol for several countries, not just America but nations across the globe. His humble but resilient figure is used as a banner to call for strong and worthy leadership.

Because of this almost anything associated with Lincoln has become a historic site. There is a lot to say about Abraham Lincoln but we’ll cover where he lived throughout his life, what he did during his presidency, and why his legacy is so memorable.

Where Lincoln Lived Throughout His Life

First Lincoln lived in the Sinking Spring Farm, Lincoln only lived here until he was about two when his family moved on. They moved to the knob creek farm next and Lincoln lived there until he was about 8.

Lincoln’s family then moved to Pigeon Creek farm in Indiana, here Lincoln’s extended family moved in with their family but his mother, aunt, and uncle members died of illness. Lincoln’s sister married and died in childbirth. Lincoln’s Father remarried and then moved to now Lincoln trail homestead located in Illinois.

It was here at 22 that Lincoln split from his parent to seek his fortune working along the Mississippi River. After spending time on the Mississippi he headed back to Illinois to New Salem where he boarded with some friends.

He served in the state militia for a little bit but then eventually began studying law teaching himself subjects like grammar, surveying, etc. He was voted into the state’s legislature, and after helping to move the Illinois state capital to Springfield he moved there himself.

In spring field he stayed with friends until he married Mary Todd. They moved around in the State capital for a bit until they finally purchased a home on Eighth Jackson street.

This remained their home until Lincoln was called to the presidency and lived in a boarding house and then the second floor of the white house.

What Were Abraham Lincoln’s Presidential Accomplishments?

Abraham Lincoln served as the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln won the election due to two members of the same party running against each other while he unified his party, the Republicans, around a single name, his own.

Interestingly enough, a lot of the members of his cabinet were members of the Republican party that had run against him. He believed in keeping his enemies close and that he could turn an enemy into a friend which with almost every single one of them he did.

Lincoln ran as an abolitionist, someone who was against slavery, and while he won the presidential election he managed to do so without a single vote from a southern state. This results in a greater breaking of ties with the south leading eventually to the Civil War.

The Civil War became the focus of Lincoln’s presidential career with everything being poured into the concepts of the War. However, Lincoln was able to notice that this war was not about whatever people generally thought it was about he found that the war was not about slavery as several people thought but of the succession of the south.

From the beginning of the creation of the United States, the North had been fighting against the South in an attempt to gain control of the country. Lincoln sought to unify the country not separate it. In this manner, Lincoln began his presidency with the goal of merging the country together as equals.

This is most apparent in Lincoln’s Ten percent plan in which he states that for the south’s recompense for causing the civil war the simple had to pay a tax of ten percent. Several people thought this to be to low but it should that Lincoln had no desire to punish the south so much as he wanted to be reunited with them.

Lincoln’s most famous proclamation is the emancipation proclamation in which He states that no state can have slaves. This is often viewed as a document that did nothing as it only applied itself to the northern states that had no slaves anyway but it served two purposes.

First, it affirmed Lincoln’abolitionistst stance. He had no interest in turning his back on his beliefs.

Second, it put the concept of slavery back into people’s minds again. This caused the general populace to rethink of the war as a fight over slavery.

It was these actions of Lincoln’s that ended up keeping the country together.

Why is Abraham Lincoln so Memorable?

It is hard to break down the success of a person but Abraham Lincoln has been a person analyzed since the moment he took office and hasn’t stopped being analyzed.

The simple and humble nature of Lincoln appeals to everyone and that seems to be why he is so well remembered. Lincoln was a person who was willing to take risks while acknowledging his own faults. He was a great storyteller and was mainly self-taught.

Lincoln was a leader of man not a leader of one specific type of man. When we think of leaders so often they were only great because of the circumstance that they were put in, but Lincoln was quite possibly put in the worst possible situation and he still came out as an amazing hero.

That is why Lincoln is memorable because he was a man that made the best of the terrible circumstances he was placed in.

Related Questions

Where is Abraham Lincoln buried? Lincoln is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Illinois. While Lincoln lived in a lot of places in his life he spent the majority of his time in Illinois and did the majority of his legislative service there.

When Lincoln was assassinated his body was moved back there where he was buried with his son Willie who had died of Typhoid fever when Abraham Lincoln was serving as president.

Where is George Washington’s cherry tree? The story of Washington’s cherry tree has never been confirmed and people still look for evidence of the legendary tree stump. However, for now, there is no place for the fictitious event to have happened.

However, the story continues to influence people like Abraham Lincoln who had said despite all the fables he has read that it was Washington’s story that inspired him the most.

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