What is an Underwater Jet Ski?

underwater jet ski
jet ski underwater

Sure you know what a jet ski is, but do you know what an underwater jet ski is? They are not as common, but boy are they fun! I will explain exactly what this toy is and why it is getting popular.

An underwater jet ski is a 3-foot long handheld jet ski that can skim across the surface of the water or descend below the water, like a submarine. It travels at around 3 – 10 miles per hour.

These watercraft toys work in pools, oceans, lakes and the battery life is around one hour.

Underwater Jet Skis

If you have ever wanted to speed through the water like a shark or a mermaid, you will be dying to try out an underwater jet ski. An underwater jet ski is just what it sounds like. It is a device that is meant to take you through the water, and even under it.

It differs from a jet ski, of course, because regular jet skis are supposed to keep you floating on top of the water, or help you skim and do tricks across it. The underwater version is designed to be able to go underneath the water.

You have to get used to holding your breath or bring snorkeling gear to enjoy this jet ski. They are a bit trickier to operate than jet skis, at least at first. Additionally, you can usually only use an underwater jet ski for an hour at a time.

However, these things are so much fun. Just see what I am talking about.

The device works by pulling you behind it. By that, I mean that you grip onto the handles and put the device in front of you. When this is done correctly, it propels you through the water. You can aim the handheld jet ski to go below the surface or to go on top of the water.

When you get really good, you can bob in and out of the water, sort of like a dolphin. Underwater jet skis have become increasingly popular, but they are pricy.

The capability and the price of jet skis vary between the brands/models. Let’s break it down more.

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Different Types of Underwater Jet Skis on the Market

There are all kinds of underwater jet skis out there. Some are smaller than others, and some go much faster than others. You can purchase most of these online at Amazon, and some of them have their own websites where you can buy them.

Here is a guide to some of the most popular and available options out there:

Yamaha 220Li

The 220Li is known for being able to get you deep fast. It can go 100 feet below water and travels at a top speed of 3.1 miles per hour. Because it travels faster than its competitors, you can reach those dive spots in no time and spend more time searching.

This Yamaha model includes a built-in camera assembly so you can easily attach it and get great shots below. It weighs 19 pounds and lasts an hour between charges. This is more expensive than the other models, due to the better features. It sells for around $850 online.

Yamaha Seal

This is another very popular underwater sea scooter for beginners and children. It is very similar to Sea-Doo’s Dolphin in the way that it cannot go deeper than 15 feet and goes at a top speed of 2 miles per hour.

It is best for kids and in a swimming pool where they cannot go too deep. It lasts a whole hour and a half and is designed with auto-shutoff, dual triggers, and a safety grille. The best thing about the Seal is the price, which is about $265!

Yamaha RDS300

With top speeds of 3 miles per hour and a depth limit of 100 feet, you can have an amazing snorkeling experience. This is a model more geared for adults because it does weigh 18 pounds and goes deeper than the level entry ones.

The Yamaha RDS300 has a battery runtime of 90 minutes which gives you plenty of diving time. It also comes with an action camera mount for recording your dives. This is a great option if you love diving or snorkeling in the sea. It is more expensive due to the higher quality and speeds it has. It is around $800 online.

Yamaha Explorer

This is an underwater jet ski for beginners to intermediate swimmers. It can go 30 feet underwater and can travel at a top speed of 2.5 miles per hour. This is a compact design that includes a safety grill, auto shut-off, and dual trigger operation.

This is a great option that is affordable compared to its competition. It sells for around $350 online and is a great option for wanting to go diving.

Sea-Doo GTI

This model of an underwater jet ski is more suited for adults and scuba divers. This scooter weighs 18 pounds and can reach depths of 100 feet! One cool feature the GTI has is adjustable buoyancy control so you can both float above the water and dive without hesitation.

This model has a 2-hour battery life which is plenty of time to go snorkeling. It does come with a 180-day warranty just in case it does need to be returned. For the battery life, this is priced at a bargain for around $450.

Sea-Doo Dolphin

This is Sea-Doo’s most popular underwater jet ski. It has a simple design which makes it perfect for beginners and children. This sea scooter is recommended for children ages 8 and up because it weighs only 12 pounds and can easily be lifted.

This toy is used mostly in swimming pools because the depth rating is only 15.5 feet, meaning it should not be used in waters deeper than 15 feet. This model has a long battery life and also has a locking mechanism to ensure that it never accidentally starts up. The Sea-Doo Dolphin sells for around $400 and there are many places online to buy it!

Sea-Doo Explorer

This is one amazing underwater jet ski. It runs for 2 hours in between charges! It also can be used up to 160 feet below the water. It has a top speed of 3.3 miles per hour. This is meant to be used outside of the swimming pool where you can dive deep. It is 32 pounds and has left or right trigger operation and has an external buoyancy system that is adjustable when you just want to ride on top of the water.

It is easily superior to a lot of its competitors due to the fact that it has the longest battery life and can reach deeper depths than any other underwater jet ski out there. It is more expensive at around $1,000 online.

Seabob F5 SR

This is the fastest underwater jet ski on the market traveling at top speeds of 13.7 miles per hour! It comes with 7 gears which means an awesome time in the water. It can go more than 120 feet below water and comes with a 2-camera system so you can record and share your experience in the water via WiFi.

This is by far the most expensive sea scooter but it comes with Porsche engineering. This sells for around $17,000. This is the best of the best and you need to pay for it.

Seabob 5S

With speeds of 12.4 miles per hour, this will be one of the best toys you can buy. It is around $13,000 but it goes more than 130 feet below the water meaning you can go scuba diving with it. It is the best out there made with amazing quality.

It comes with 6 power levels so you can choose the speed you want. It is very powerful and will be worth the cost.

Seabob F5

This is Seabob’s cheapest model for around $9,000. It reaches speeds of 9.3 miles per hour and can reach 131 feet below water. This piece of technology is truly amazing and smooth.

This jet ski can take you anywhere you want to go and works best in the ocean. It can operate for an hour and you steer by shifting your body weight.

Why You Should Buy an Underwater Jet Ski

underwater jet ski
jet ski underwater

As you can see, there is a large variety of underwater jet skis out there. There is one out there for everyone! They are a fun toy. With an underwater jet ski, you get to experience sensations that are out of this world and unparalleled.

You can buy one for the kids to use in the neighborhood pool or you can buy yourself on to go scuba diving with.

Those who do not want to spend too much can still get a great underwater jet ski that will do its job. If you are a beginner and have not spent too much time diving, I would recommend buying the beginner level sea scooters like the Sea-Doo Dolphin, Yamaha Seal, or the Yamaha Explorer.

If you are wanting something that goes faster than 2 miles per hour and goes deeper than 15 feet, I would recommend the Yamaha 221Li or any of the Seabob models. If you are more of a professional diver, I would definitely invest in a Seabob because these are the best of the best and will meet all of your needs

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