What is a Hot Foot on a Bass Boat?

When you’re purchasing a boat, you want to be sure that you have what you need in order for it to perform correctly. There’s a lot that you might want, but have you ever considered a Hot Foot?

A Hot Foot is a throttle that lets you drive your boat like a car, meaning that you don’t have to worry about having your hands off the wheel. It provides a safe operation option and also helps in rough water.

While we’ve given you a taste of what a Hot Foot is, there’s more information that we’re going to dive into in this article, so hold on for some more down below. We’ll talk about the benefits, differences, and options that you’re allowed to have with hot foot.

Why a Hoot Foot?

A Hot Foot is something that lets you drive your boat like a car. That’s something that is pretty nifty when you’re wanting to keep your hands on the wheel. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to give up the hand throttle on your boat.

There are people that like to have both options of the hand throttle and the Hot Foot, but there is something about being able to control the boat better when you’re in rough water that makes a Hot Foot a good option to be able to have.

Although it may be a weird feeling at first, a Hot Foot is certainly able to assist those that are traveling through rough water. A Hot Foot has the ability to return to being idle when you remove your foot, so that’s something that’s good, especially when you have a high-performance boat.

Since you have the potential to be out in rough water when you’re bass fishing, this is a great option, merely for the control that you could want for the grip on your steering wheel. This was an invention that was made for the bass fishers who might want a little more option and flexibility when they are going to be out on the open water.

What makes a Hot Foot different from the normal throttle?

Like it was stated above, the thing that makes the Hot Foot different is that you’re able to use your feet and not worry about the other things that may occur in the which you might need your hands.

The obvious main difference between these two is the fact that one you use with your foot, and the other you have to be able to be willing to have a hand off the wheel when you’re working out in the water.

A Hot Foot also has a toe clip, so when you’re going in rough waters, there’s something that can help assure you that you’re going to be okay, with the toe clip, you won’t have to worry about your foot slipping off the throttle or bouncing off.

This is definitely more helpful when you’re going out on the water and if something happens weather-wise, you’re able to have both hands on your wheel so that you can try to control the boat even more when you’re in a slightly tense situation.

While a hand throttle is good for taking people tubing and cruising long distances, the foot throttle is definitely going to be able to help you when you’re out fishing.

You can have the option to be able to have a more secure ride when you’re using a Hot Foot, simply because of the control that you can have. You can have the option to be able to have both of course, but it’s just something that you may have to decide between as well.

Is a Hot Foot available for all boats?

One of the best things about these devices is that you’re able to add it to your boat. Sometimes boats will even have the Hot Foots already installed when you purchase them.

But with the ability to install these on all boats that you have, it’s definitely something that you want to be able to have in regards to options when you’re going to be going out for a fishing trip.

Some times there are even insurance companies that require you to have the Hot Foot installed, which is an interesting thing to think about. Either way, it won’t hurt to have this as an option when you’re headed out onto the water.

With the option to be able to have this with your boats, it just takes a little more wiring within the boat, and that’s really all that you’ll have to worry about. Of course, you can be sure that you can get a professional to install this just to be sure that everything is the way that it needs to be and is correctly tightened and installed.

Yes or No to a Hot Foot?

When you’re trying to decide on whether or not to get a Hot Foot, there’s really no need to take too long on deciding. There’s nothing that’s going to be wrong if you’ve decided to go with getting one in addition to the throttle that you currently have.

When you’re out on the water, there is a chance that you’re going to encounter rough waters, so with this, you’re definitely able to feel more comfortable and trust that you’re going to be a bit safer when you’re out and about.

There are times when things can come a bit loose, such as a screw or something, that’s a precaution that comes with any device, but it’s definitely something that you can be able to fix. It’s really simple, and there’s not a lot that you will have to worry about when you’re out on the water.

Ultimately the choice is up to you, but there’s honestly something that feels a little better when you’re going to be going through waters that have the potential to turn choppy in a few minutes. If you’re someone who feels better and safer with the hand throttle because you’re used to it, and it’s something that you’ve grown with, then, by all means, stick with what you know.

If you’re someone that is still starting out with the boat and just getting used to anything, you’re definitely going to probably feel safer if you were to have your boat function a lot like your car. That could be a benefit to this as well, simply because you’re able to feel more comfortable with this sort of thing.

Granted, if you’re a manual user, the hand throttle could always be an option as well. There’s really no harm in choosing a Hot Foot or choosing to be able to have both. There’s nothing that’s going to harm you in regards to choosing how to power your boat.

Take a shot

When you’re looking for something that can help your fishing experience, this is definitely something that can help you when you’re wanting to have that experience. There’s always something that you could be hesitant on when you’re working on your boat or buying one, but don’t be afraid to take this chance. There’s really no harm in having a Hot Foot.

The world is out there for you, and you can be able to know that you’re going to have some relief when you’re headed out to the water knowing that you’re prepared for anything that may come your way. Bass fishing is one of the all-time American experiences. But to ensure that you’re going to get back home to your family, it’s not a shame to take extra precautions.

Hot Foots are a great invention that has been provided for the boating community, both for Bass boats and for leisure boats as well. The boating community is continuing to make things more interesting and simpler than before. There’s so much more that you can continue to learn about your boat. This is simply an opportunity to be able to help the driver become more relaxed.

There are many options for you to be able to add things onto your boat, so don’t be afraid to search for things that you can add to your boat and improve your ride.

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