What Are the Two Vertical Poles on the Back of a Bass Boat?

Have you ever wondered what those poles are doing on the back of bass boats? I did too, until I learned the exact use for them. This article will explain the exact purpose of those two vertical poles.

The two poles are called Power Poles, these allow the boat to anchor in shallow water which stabilizes and secures the boat in the prime fishing area. Instead of having to physically place your anchor, these poles can be set with the touch of a button.

We’ve basically just hit the first layer of what these poles can do. If you’re still as curious as I was, keep reading and learn more about these poles, why they help and what you can expect.

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bass boat power poles

How do these poles benefit fisherman?

As we can see before, these are mainly used for fishing, specifically bass fishing. But how do they help fishermen?

One thing that is pretty unique about these poles is that when they are lowering, they don’t make a sound. This helps make sure that the fish don’t get scared away so you can go for the big one.

When you’re lowering the anchor or placing a push pole, there’s a lot of noise which can result in scaring away the fish that you were trying to get! But, you can trust that you’ll have a better chance of getting your ‘Catch of the Day’ with these poles.

With the ability to anchor on any sort of bottom, these poles help secure the boat against the wind direction as well, allowing you to remain in that same position that you were trying to reach in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I’ve been fishing that I would find the perfect spot, and my boat would start to drift or start to spin, even with the anchor down. But with these two poles, you’re able to add more stability for the boat, thus making your fishing spot stationary.

Before these poles were invented, you would have to anchor yourself with either the anchor that was with your boat or a push pole that you had to shove into the bed below the boat. That takes a lot of time and effort–not to mention the noise. But, now, now you can relax and get to fishing even sooner.

A lot of bass fishers will use these poles especially when they are in contests or anything along those lines. To be able to be stable in a place where you know the fish are big and biting is a huge advantage against the other fishers, and it’s certainly something that I wouldn’t take for granted.

What makes these poles so valuable?

If you’re out on the lake looking for a good spot, and you suddenly see a big fish, you need to stop, you want to stop. These poles are designed to be able to stop your boat within seconds, deploying quickly so that you can take that chance to catch the big one.

These poles can be taken in saltwater or freshwater, so you will be able to be securely anchored wherever the fishing rod takes you.

Some brands of poles have an option where you can deploy the anchors out of the way, meaning there’s a chance to move the anchors to the side of the boat, so you’re able to fish completely around the whole of your boat. I think that’s something that’s pretty useful.

If you’re worried about the weight that this could add onto your boat, don’t. These poles are lightweight as well as durable. They will add potentially 13 to 27 pounds, but still, allow you to keep your speed without dragging.

There’s a competition for the best of these poles, and from what I’ve gathered, Power Poles and Talon Shallow Water Anchors are at the top of the list. They are durable and can head down to the bottom of the lake, river, or wherever you are and keep you secure. That’s definitely something that you’d want for your boat.

There are some anchors that can go from 10′ to 15′ down into the water. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. Just having that knowledge of the depth they can go helps make these items stay in my brain.

Why should one make this purchase?

The reason that you should make this purchase is simple: fish.

If you’re someone that goes out fishing frequently and just has a love for being out on the water, enjoying the smell of nature, and the thrill of the reeling in, these are definitely for you.

To be able to maintain a specific spot securely on the bottom of any body of water is something that you may not have thought you needed before.

Some of you are probably thinking about the “one that got away” and certainly don’t want to take that chance again. With these poles, you don’t have to worry about missing that fish by having to manually place the pole or lower the anchor. A press of a button, and within seconds you’re ready to go.

With these poles, you can place yourself in a position that you want and do it accurately. That’s a huge benefit when you’re going out on the water.

“You’ll catch more fish. Seriously. I’ve noticed more than once that using a Power Pole drastically reduces the amount of noise you create while deploying an anchor.”


As you can see from the quote, there is a testimonial that you would be able to catch more fish with these silent poles. I feel that fishing already requires quite a bit of patience, but when you’ve scared all the fish away, you’re going to have to wait even longer for them to come back.

But, with this device, you can have the confidence that you’re going to be able to catch more fish then you have before, as well as have even more time to be fishing. It’s really a win/win situation, I don’t think you can complain about that too much.

Ready. Set. Pole!

two vertical poles on bass boat

As we’ve shared a bit more information on these power poles, I hope that you’re able to get a better picture and understanding of how these could really help up your fishing game.

When you’re passionate about something like fishing, you want to be able to do the best that you can do. These poles certainly help provide more opportunities to get there.

So get out there and get fishing. You can go out and get your catch of the day, make memories, create legends. All of this is available to you, and so much more!

There’s something about being out in nature that really helps to calm the soul. The thing that I really like about these poles is the fact that they won’t cause any noise to disrupt the moments of meditation on the water as you’re sitting and waiting for that little tug.

Related Questions:

How much does it cost to install a power pole? When you’re looking at getting it installed, initially the overhead cost is going to be about $150 to $200. Depending on the type of services you want or company, that price may differ.

What kind of fluid does a power pole use? When you’re looking for fluid to help keep the hydraulics up and running, ISO-32 fluid is ideal for the use in high-powered machine tools, such as these poles. The viscosity of the oil helps with functioning as well.

What does a power pole on a boat do? If you’re the avid fisherman, these poles are able to help stop your boat within seconds, allowing you to be able to stop at the perfect place and cast your line out for your fish. They descend silently, which helps to keep the fish close. All in all, they help you catch some more fish!

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