Travel Trailer Costs: A List of Current Prices for Popular Models

You’re ready to sit down and start shaving your spending here and there to save up for your very own travel trailer. You’d prefer a new trailer if possible, although you’re not quite as picky about the manufacturer. How much should you anticipate spending?

In this guide, we’ll help you answer that very question. We’ll look at 7 popular travel trailer brands–from Forest River to Jayco, KZ RV, Coachmen, and even Airstream–and discuss the prices for each respective brand’s popular travel trailer models. This guide will help you create the precise budget you need to move forward with your purchasing decision. Note that different RV dealers will have slightly different prices.

Let’s begin! 

Forest River Travel Trailer Costs


Having won the 2019 New Unit Best of Show award from RV News, the Cherokee from Forest River includes travel trailer and toy hauler models. Its travel trailer configurations have room for queen-sized beds, a sofa, a shower, a full kitchen with microwave, and double bunk beds.

The 2021 Cherokee 284DBH travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen and bunk beds starts at $25,621. 


The trailers in the Flagstaff series also took home the 2019 New Unit Best of Show prize from RV News. The trailers in this series are the Flagstaff Classic, Flagstaff E-Pro, Flagstaff Micro Lite, Flagstaff Shamrock, and Flagstaff Super Lite.

The 2021 Flagstaff High-Wall HW29SC starts at $19,995 and the 2021 Flagstaff 25FBLS is $32,788. 


RVBusiness called the Forest River Ibex one of its top 10 RVs for 2021 and its Best New Model for 2021. The Ibex has 6 travel trailer floorplans with space for a radius shower, fold-up sofa, double bunks, or a queen-sized bed.

The Ibex starts at $35,000. 


One of the most classic travel trailer series in Forest River’s RV collection is undoubtedly the Rockwood. Your options are the Rockwood Geo-Pro, Rockwood Mini Lite, Rockwood Roo, Rockwood Signature, and Rockwood Ultra Lite.

The 2021 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite starts at $53,000. 


Declared a must-see RV by RVBusiness in 2021, Forest River’s Wildcat travel trailers are available in nearly a dozen spacious floorplans. The bigger plans offer space for a king-sized bed, theater seating, a dinette, a dresser, and a shower. 

The 2021 Wildcat 336RLS costs $46,970.

Jayco Travel Trailer Costs

Jay Feather Micro

Weighing between 1,500 and 4,500 pounds, the Jay Feather Micro travel trailer has room for several passengers. Amenities are sparse for the smaller floor plans, but you can add a futon sofa, shelving, and a TV as well as an outdoor griddle for cooking. The bigger floorplans accommodate a jackknife sofa, pantry, fridge, microwave, exterior fridge, and a shower with toilet. 

Here are the costs of each 2021 Jay Feather Micro model:

  • 12SRK: $18,863
  • 166FBS: $34,425
  • 171BH: $33,068
  • 199MBS: $38,468 

Jay Feather

The lightweight hybrid trailer known as the Jay Feather weighs 3,195 to 6,425 pounds. Some floorplans have the space for sizable front and rear beds, a dinette, jackknife sofa, shower, fridge, and a 10-foot awning.

These are the prices for the 2021 Jay Feather models: 

  • X17Z: $29,138
  • X23E: $37,380
  • 16RK: $34,830
  • 27BHB: $39,030
  • 30QB: $46,103

White Hawk

Promising “lightweight luxury,” Jayco’s White Hawk travel trailer line weighs 5,385 to 7,575 pounds. Inside the trailer, you can fit a lounger or sofa, a kitchen with a microwave and fridge, multiple beds, and a full bathroom.

Let’s talk pricing per model:

  • 24MBH: $45,098
  • 29BH: $49,142 
  • 30FLS: $52,051 
  • 32RL: $55,396 

Eagle HT

If you’re looking for a heavyweight of a travel trailer from Jayco, that can be none other than the Eagle HT. This travel trailer starts at 7,090 pounds and weighs up to 8,605 pounds. The available floorplans are appropriately huge, with such luxe amenities as a king-sized bed, freestanding tables, and a 12-volt, 10-cubic-foot fridge.

Here is the pricing for the 2021 Eagle HT models:

  • 264BHOK: $51,544
  • 274CKDS: $55,013
  • 280RSOK: $56,003
  • 312BHOK: $60,931

Keystone RV Travel Trailer Costs


With nearly 45 floorplans to choose from, the Springdale travel trailers from Keystone RV can sleep between 3 and 10 people comfortably. These trailers are 10 feet, 2 inches to 11 feet, 4 inches tall with an average length of 21 feet, 4 inches to 38 feet, 11 inches. Their weight is 3,375 to 9,051 pounds. 

Springdale travel trailers range from $14,465 to $35,315. 

Passport GT Series

The Passport GT Series is one of Keystone’s premium travel trailers. Built lightweight, the Passport GT trailers weigh 4,853 to 6,845 pounds. That’s not bad considering these trailers can sleep between 4 and 14 people! They’re 10 feet, 8 inches to 11 feet, 2 inches tall and 26 feet, 3 inches to 37 feet, 11 inches long.

All 17 Passport GT Series models cost $31,854 to $39,752. 

Outback Ultra-Lite

Having won awards for its luxury and class, the Outback Ultra-Lite, is–as Keystone says–an “outback modern farmhouse” trailer. It sleeps 6 to 10 people and measures 23 feet to 34 feet, 10 inches long. This trailer is light at 4,670 to 7,134 pounds. 

The Outback Ultra-Lite models start at $30,800 and cost up to $40,109. 

Cougar Half-Ton

Do you want the heaviest travel trailer Keystone RV has to offer? The Cougar Half-Ton will satisfy. With nearly 30 configurations, this trailer can sleep 4 to 12 people. It weighs 5,586 to 8,521 pounds and is 25 feet, 11 inches to 37 feet, 5 inches long.

The Cougar Half-Ton costs $34,350 to $52,440. 

Coachmen Travel Trailer Costs

Freedom Express Ultra Lite 

Coachmen’s Freedom Express Ultra Lite has won a lot of acclaim. RV Pro called it their 2020 Best of Show pick and RV News declared the Freedom Express Ultra Lite their 2021 Lightweight Travel Trailer of the Year, which is no small feat!

This trailer combines hybrid and conventional features, says Coachmen. Measuring 18 to 28 feet long, there’s room for all the fixings, such as a U-dinette, full kitchen, double-over double bunks, a queen-sized bed, and a full bathroom with a tub or shower. Some floorplans even have a fireplace!

The 2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite 192RBS starts at $20,602 and the 2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite 248RBS is $26,995. 

Spirit/Northern Spirit 

A classic camper, the Spirit/Northern Spirit is perfect for those who have pets, as it includes an exterior dog leash clip, dog wash, and pet center. For your human passengers, they’ll like features like double bunks, a U-shaped dinette, a bathroom with a tub and sink, a closet pantry, and a sofa.

The 2021 Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BH starts at $35,995 and the 2021 Spirt/Northern Spirit 2963BH is $29,995. 

Catalina Legacy Edition

As a Must-See RV for 2021 from RVBusiness, the Catalina Legacy Edition should be on your radar as well. Its 10 floorplans boast the space for a queen-sized bed, a hidden futon, a full bathroom, and a large kitchen with a fridge, counter space, dual sinks, stovetop, and a microwave. 

The 2021 Catalina Legacy Edition 323BHDSK starts at $28,995. The 2021 Catalina 243RBS costs $26,995 and the 2021 Catalina 293QBCK is $34,782. 

Viking Ultra-Lite

We had to include the Viking Ultra-Lite, a teeny-tiny trailer measuring 7 feet. You’d be surprised what Coachmen fit in there, including a 60 by 74-inch queen-sized bed, a small dinette, a shower, toilet, and a refrigerator.

The 2021 Viking Ultra-Lite 262BHS starts at $30,656 and the 2021 Viking 21RBSS is $19,238. 

Airstream Travel Trailer Costs


You can’t go wrong with the Airstream Classic. Its shapely silhouette, room for up to 5 passengers, and generous size (30 to 33 feet) mean you can live comfortably in this travel trailer. It starts at $161,900. 


The slightly larger Globetrotter can accommodate 6 passengers. Select from twin beds for more friends and family members or a queen-sized bed if it’s just you and your partner. This Airstream starts at $99,300. 

Flying Cloud

It doesn’t get bigger and better than the Flying Cloud, at least from Airstream. This travel trailer is 23 to 30 feet long, dual-axled, and fits between 4 and 8 people. You have 15 floorplans to choose from that include amenities like large beds, lengthy sofas, and a fridge. The Flying Cloud starts at $81,200. 


The cute single-axle travel trailer known as the Bambi with room for 4 can easily accommodate your whole family. It’s 16 to 22 feet long. Some features are stainless steel appliances, a retractable awning, and roll-top lockers. It starts at $51,400.  


Although it doesn’t look like it, the Airstream Basecamp has room for 4 passengers, as it measures 16 to 20 feet long. An outdoor shower helps you stay clean, and the Basecamp includes hot water, heating, and air conditioning too. It costs $39,100. 

KZ RV Travel Trailer Costs

Connect SE

The lightweight Connect SE from KZ RV has a Bluetooth soundbar studio, maple cabinetry, and a drop-in cooktop, among other features. The amenities in some floorplans are theater seating, a full shower, refrigerator, and a queen-sized bed that doubles as a murphy bed and sofa. 

The 2021 Connect SE C231BHKSE starts at $30,495 and the 2021 Connect SE C231BHKSE is $35,690. 


RV Pro called named the KZ Escape its Best New Model for 2021, but that’s not all. This travel trailer also won RVBusiness’ 2021 Top RV Debut award. The trailer weighs 2,825 to 4,000 pounds, so it does live up to its ultra-lightweight name. Measuring 15 feet, 3 inches to 27 feet, 3 inches, there’s plenty of room for a dinette, fridge, shower, pantry, and hatch door.

The 2021 Escape E181RB starts at $28,712 and the 2021 Escape E211RB costs $26,216. 

Sportsmen Classic

One of KZ RV’s trademarks is the Sportsmen Classic, a mid-sized travel trailer that’s 13 feet, 2 inches to 23 feet, 3 inches long. Get more closet space, enjoy a walk-around queen bed, and fit up to 8 people with room to spare. This trailer weighs 1,770 to 3,430 lbs.

The 2021 Sportsmen Classic 170MB starts at $21,858 and the 2021 Sportsmen Classic 181BH is $22,817.  

Scamp Travel Trailer Costs

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Scamp, a travel trailer manufacturer based out of Backus, Minnesota. Their trailers are 13 feet to 19 feet long and come in standard and deluxe sizes. Some of the features available in these trailers are fiberglass cabinetry, vinyl floor or carpeting, sinks, curtains, a porch light, a propane stove, a sofa, bunk beds, and a convertible table. All Scamps are intended for up to 4 passengers.

Scamp trailers are $11,500 to $23,000. 

RV Weight Terms to Know

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and refers to the maximum weight allowed of both your RV and cargo. Cargo needs to include the weight of your belonging, camping gear, passengers, and anything in your tanks (fresh water tank, grey tank, black tank). I always recommend traveling with near empty, if not empty, tanks.

What is Unloaded Vehicle Weight, or UVW?

Dry weight is also referred to as UVW, which refers to the weight of the trailer or RV alone. This does not include cargo, propane tanks, or another upgraded accessories.

What it Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC)

Cargo Carrying Capacity refers to the most weight that you can pack into your RV. This includes all your personal items and any water in your tanks. The CCC is determined by subtracting the UVW from the GVWR.

Final Thoughts 

Searching for the perfect travel trailer doesn’t have to be a struggle. The trailer costs we outlined today will point you in the direction of an RV manufacturer that’s affordable for you! Don’t forget there will be some extra costs and fees added onto your final sale, like sales tax. That can add up when you’re making such a big purchase.

Enjoy all the adventures to come!

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