The Best Snowman Accessories to Have the Coolest Snowman on the Block

You’ve just spent hours crafting the perfect snowman. Now the time has to come to give him or her some personality through decorations. Sure, you could rummage around your home and see what’s there or even buy a snowman decorating kit, but you want to go against the grain. What cool snowman accessories can you get your hands on?

We recommend the following accessories for the best snowman on the block:

  • Stetson Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat
  • SOJOS Two-Tone Scarf
  • 12-Millimeter Colored Plastic Eyes
  • Spring Fabric Carrot Nose
  • Nike Skylon Ace Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re looking for more options in the above categories, you’re definitely going to want to keep reading. Ahead, we’ll share some shopping links and reviews for snowman hats, scarves, eyes and noses, and even some sunglasses so your snowman looks as cool as he/she feels!

Let’s get started. 

Snowman Hats

Every snowman needs a hat. It’s what brought Frosty the Snowman to life, after all. Without one, your snowman will look incomplete, but which hat is the right one? Here are several picks to consider. 

Stetson Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat

Our first pick for snowman hats is a pretty legit one, as it’s a Stetson. The Men’s Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat on Amazon is a little costly, around $100, so make sure you wear it when winter ends.

This hat is made of wool with a hatband decorated in chestnut and black leather details. The brim measures 3 ½ inches and the pinched front crown is 4 inches. A small is for heads that are 6 ¾ inches to 6 7/8 inches, a medium is for heads of 7 inches to 7 1/8 inches, a large is for heads of 7 ¼ inches to 7 3/8 inches, the XL is for heads of 7 ½ inches to 7 5/8 inches, and the 2X is for heads that are 8 inches to 8 1/8 inches.

You have your pick of three colors: light brown, mushroom (tan), and black. No matter which hue you choose, your snowman will have that classic yet upscale feel with a Stetson! 

Dorfman Pacific Wool Felt Safari Hat for Ladies

If you need a budget version of the Stetson, this Century Star Black hat will do the job. You can get it for less than $10, so even if the hat gets a little slushy sitting atop your snowman’s bald head, you won’t mind.

This hat is also made entirely of wool with a hatband that’s textured but probably isn’t authentic leather. It comes in one size, so you may have to contour the shape of your snowman’s head to get the hat to fit. The Dorfman Pacific hat is also only available in black with black details.

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Sydney Sun Hat

Of course, not everyone wants their snowman to conform to the traditional look. Have fun with a summery theme for your winter snowman in the Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Sydney Sun Hat, which you can find on Amazon.

This hat, which is available for under $45, is made in Australia for that authentic tropical feel. The Sydney sun hat offers protection against the sun with a UPF 30+ rating, so who knows, it may just help your snowman stay protected out in the elements, lasting longer!

The long brim of the hat and the rounded crown are distinct. This hat is durable too, made of poly-braid and poly-ribbon in equal quantities (50/50). The upturned brim measures 3 ¾ inches and the crown is 22 5/8 inches.

Oh, and the best part is you have dozens of colors to select from for your Sydney hat! You could go with the standard hues like ivory, black, camel, and brown, or you can make your snowman the most distinct on the block with a Wallaroo summer hat in hues such as seafoam green, red, or light blue. 

Patagonia Women’s Powder Town Beanie

Ditch the wide-brimmed hats entirely and put a seasonally-appropriate beanie on your snowman! The Patagonia Women’s Powder Town Beanie from Amazon is a solid pick. It’s a one-size-fits-all hat.

The polyester fleece used to make this Patagonia hat is recycled, so you can feel good about decorating your snowman with it and even wearing this hat yourself after your snow-friend melts. The rib-knit cuff is 3 inches, and the textured knitting feels great in the hands and on the head. If this hat gets wet, the quick-drying material won’t keep it soaked long.

You can buy this hat in black with orange and neon pink horizontal stripes, the Patagonia logo knitted in, and a multicolor pompom on top. The other color scheme is gray with a white rim and snowflake patterns in teal and light blue as well as a multicolored pompom. 

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Snowman Scarves

The snowman’s scarf is a chance to add your artistic flair to this project. You could go with a more traditional red scarf–which we have ahead–or a scarf of any other style that will really make your snowman an eye-catching creation. 

SOJOS Two-Tone Scarf

Fans of that beloved black wide-brimmed hat and red scarf combo for their snowman won’t want to pass on the SOJOs Two-Tone Scarf on Amazon. This women’s scarf feels like cashmere yet costs less than $15, making it a great budget pick.

The outer side of the scarf is a distinct, bright red that’s not quite fire engine red, but close. The inside of the scarf is a lovely deep red, ala maroon. The scarf measures 28 inches by 79 inches, so it’s quite large and wide. Tassels at the ends of the scarf in both colors will add even more decorative appeal to your snow-friend. 

Verona Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Scarf

Shake up what a scarf looks like with the Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf on Amazon. This scarf is a little more expensive, available for under $30, but hey, it doesn’t only have to be for your snowman.

Measuring 72″x12″ with 3″ fringes, you’d wrap this scarf once or twice around your snowman’s head and about twice around your own neck. The Verona Super Soft Scarf comes in a cheery color scheme, neon pink with maroon. 

ROCI Linen Scarf

Perhaps you just want a really simple option for your snowman’s scarf, as you’d rather fuss over other details. If so, then you’ll quite like the ROCI Linen Scarf on Amazon. This uncomplicated scarf measures 39 inches by 77 inches and is made of 80% Linen, 15% Cotton , 3% Viscose , and 2% Acrylic mixture. All for under $30.

This lightweight scarf has a trendy distressed look with loose threads and fraying in parts. You get plenty of fun colors to choose from too, among them white, black, sandy brown, desert sand (beige), cerise pink (neon pink), and auburn (red).

Funky Junque’s Beanies Matching Ribbed Winter Warm Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves have become trendy winter wear, so maybe your snowman/woman wants one too? These scarves wear incredibly easily, as an infinity scarf is one loop so it never has to be tied or adjusted. 

The Funky Junque’s Beanies Matching Ribbed Winter Warm Cable Knit Infinity Scarf on Amazon is a great pick for your snowman if you’re searching for an infinity scarf. You can get your hands on this scarf for under $35, and it comes in a variety of colors including neutral hues like dark gray heather with black, medium grey heather, or faded rose and fig space-dye. 

This scarf is made entirely of acrylic yarn with soft band construction and a wide fit. It only comes in one size, so you shouldn’t have to stress about the scarf fitting on your snowman.  

Eyes and Noses

Your snowman is shaping up well at this point, but you’re not done yet. Next, you can give him or her their personality with the snowman’s eyes and nose. Most snowmen have beady black eyes, but that’s far from your only option. You’re also not confined to using a carrot for the nose if you don’t want to. Here are our recommended picks. 

BESTCYCE 100-Piece 8-Millimeter Spiral Solid Black Plastic Eyes

Let’s start with a more old-fashioned set of eyes, the BESTCYCE 100-Piece 8-Millimeter Spiral Solid Black Plastic Eyes set on Amazon. These DIY craft eyes can be used for homemade stuffed animals, puppets, and dolls outside of your snowman.

While you’d usually screw the eyes into the doll or plush, for your snowman, you can just push the eyes into place. The eyes don’t have any kinds of details, but for under $10, you have enough pieces that you can make dozens of snowmen! 

Harrycle Stuffed Animal Eyes

If you’re eager for that level of detail and realism with your snowman, then you’ll want the Harrycle 12 mm and 20 mm Safety Eyes Stuffed Animal Eyess set on Amazon. As an Amazon’s Choice product, you can feel confident about your purchase.

You get 120 eye pieces in nine colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. There’s clear differentiation between the iris and the pupil, giving your snowman such a genuine look that your friends and family might do a double-take when they see your creation!

The eyes are somewhat bigger than those in the above set, 12 millimeters and 20 mm versus 8 millimeters. Otherwise, they’re plastic with washers that drive into your snowman’s face. You can get the whole 120-piece set for around $10.

Carrot Nose 3-Pack

Look, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the classic snowman look of a carrot nose, as it’s a classic for a reason. If you don’t want to waste food by using a real carrot for your snowman, try the Spring Carrot on Amazon. This set of noses costs under $10.

Each nose measures 11 inches and is made of orange fabric. Originally, these carrots were created for Easter baskets, but they work great for your snowman. If any outdoor critters think they’re getting a free meal courtesy of your snowman’s nose, they’ll soon find the fabric nose inedible and go elsewhere for food.

Craftdaddy 100-Piece Black Plastic Noses

You can also have more fun with choosing your snowman’s nose courtesy of this Craftdaddy 100-Piece Black Plastic Noses set on Amazon. For under $12, you get 100 noses in black or beige plastic. Some are rounded noses and others look like canine noses, giving your snowman a truly memorable look.

The noses are all made of plastic. The dog noses measure 16.5 millimeters to 18.5 millimeters in diameter with a back pin that’s 4 to 6 millimeters. Attach the nose of your choice to the washer and push it into your snowman’s face; then take some pictures! 


You could be done with your snowman after buying some craft noses and eyes, or you could take your snowman’s decorating one step further with some cool shades. When combined with the snowman’s hat and scarf, this will give it such an effortlessly awesome look that your neighbors will be in envy of your snowy masterpiece. Here are some sunglass picks to get you started.

Sunglass Hut HU2001 Sunglasses Large Red/Violet Brown Gradient

Our first pick is these trendy, oversized Sunglass Hut HU2001 Sunglasses Red/Violet Brown Gradient on Cabela’s. These women’s sunglasses have a nylon frame, polycarbonate lenses, and a chic style that’s perfect for some snowwomen. You can get your hands on these designer sunglasses for under $55, which is a great deal! 

Nike Skylon Ace Polarized Sunglasses

These shades are so epic you’ll hardly be able to wait until spring to snatch them back from your snowman and wear them yourself. The Nike Skylon Ace Polarized Sunglasses on Dick’s Sporting Goods have temple arms that wrap around so they won’t fly off your snowman in a strong wind.

The high-tension hinges are made for durability, and the rubber nose bridge even has ventilation. A deep lens cut expands the surface area of these shades, and with MAX Optics, the Nike Skylon sunglasses offer great clarity. Their lenses are polycarbonate that’s polarized and shatter-proof, so these shades can handle a winter on your snowman. 

The Nike Skylon Ace Polarized Sunglasses come in black and cost under $110.

Ray-Ban RB3611 Gradient Glass Sunglasses

Give your snowman some always-trendy Ray-Ban RB3611 Gradient Glass Sunglasses, which we found on Amazons website. These large-fit sunnies should be able to slip onto your snowman’s face effortlessly. The nose pads and rubber ear socks are both adjustable to help with the fit.

Watch the gradient lenses too, as they’ll start as a solid color and become transparent and vice-versa as the day progresses. These shades are an investment at around $80, but you can always cop them for yourself before the winter is over. We won’t tell. 

Oakley Radar EV Pitch Baseball Sunglasses

Are you going with a baseball theme for your snowman? These Oakley Radar EV Pitch Baseball Sunglasses from Dick’s Sporting Goods will be the perfect finishing touch. They protect against UVC, UVB, and UVA rays so your snowman is perhaps more melt-resistant. The Unobtanium nose pads and ear socks can handle moisture without slipping, which you need when outfitting a snowman with sunglasses.

The lenses have Prizm technology for a nice feel, and the O-Matter frame is lightweight yet tough. These sleek sunnies with their white and black frame as well as their multicolored lenses will make your snowman the sportiest one on the block, and all for under $200.

Final Thoughts 

A snowman is so much more than just a couple of balls of rolled-up snow, but a chance for friends and family to join together and do something fun. If you’ve named your snowman or woman, then you might as well dress them up too so they have a personality and their own sense of style.

With the accessories listed in this article, you’re well on your way to making the best snowman ever. Have fun! 

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