The Best Back Tension Archery Releases for Hunting

Back tension archery releases are revolutionary in the archery world. However, picking one out that suits you can be somewhat frustrating. For all those in the market for the best back tension archery releases, my name is Micheal Aguirre. Let’s find the right one for you.

What are the best back tension archery releases for hunting? The following releases have been tested professionally and rated by archery enthusiasts as the most recommended:

  • Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release Camo
  • T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot Pro
  • Stan Element Tl Release
  • Carter Evolution Release
  • Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

Not all releases are created equal. To make an educated choice on what release best suits and archer or bowhunter, he or she must do their research. Continue reading to find out all the specifications of these top back tension releases.The Best Back Tension Release Reviews

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release Camo

Scott Archery is a very renowned name in the world of archery products and its back tension releases are known to be extremely effective. The Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release has a three finger back tension release to bring you confidence while shooting.

It offers a large, open ergonomic handle design and a micro-adjustable bracket system. It also features a draw optimizing hook with an auto-locking band. This is a great option for hunters who want a back tension release.


  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Large, ergonomic handle design
  • Assist with accuracy and consistency
  • Micro-adjustable bracket system
  • Bracket stop for quick and easy loading
  • Can be set up with or without a click by flipping the moon

T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot Pro

If you are afraid to use a release, then it is ideal for you to use the T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot release to get used to using these accessories. It focuses on the safety and confidence building of the user. Along with that, the ease of use of the device is also very prominent, using a simple thumb lever to ensure you are ready to shoot.

This is an awesome release for anyone who wants to start shooting back tension because you don’t have to keep the pinky portion of the handle rotated forward drawing, this TRU ball release features a safety to allow you to draw the release back with your hand comfortably. So if you want to start learning back tension this is a great one to start with.


  • Interchangeable aluminum handles
  • Thumb lever safety
  • 3 finger sweeping hook
  • Solid brass body

Stan Element Tl Release

The Stan Element Release aids are ideal if you want to get rid of your anxiety before you fire an arrow. Stan element release aids focus on the safety and repeatability of the action of putting tension on the aid in order to release the arrow. A trainer lock helps beginners to use the release safely.

The resistance style releases are fairly new to the market they operate by setting the release weight to your holding weight plus some differential. But once you have a full draw, activate the release, then add that differential weight and the release will fire.


  • Features trainer lock technology
  • The release should always be set to bow’s holding weight plus a small differential
  • This is a resistance style release
  • No rotation involved, squeeze with your back and it will fire

Carter Evolution Release

This is a superb release and can be perfect for teaching proper shot execution. Shooting with back tension isn’t for everyone, and there are many variations in style. The Carter Evolution Release may not be one of the best, but it sure does its job quite well.

The release will fire when you increase the resistance. To fire the evolution release hold the safety down as you pull back after you get your valley and anchor in, then you can take your thumb off the safety and then begin to build pressure on the back wall of the cam until the release fires.


  • The original, ergonomic three finger handle
  • Very easy to load latch for use with string d loop
  • Truly trigger-less design with a thumb safety
  • Shots with increased tension and power
  • No trigger, no rotation requires, simply just shoot it

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

Tru Ball Mx Hunter is an amazing release, it feels very natural in hand although it may take some time to get comfortable using for some users. This is a great release, it is pretty easy to set up and very reliable. It may also improve accuracy because the jaws are small reducing any potential torque on the string or loop.

This is a popular hunting release and a very good choice as well. When using you simply apply a smooth even pull, and a little down pressure with your thumb. I highly recommend this release for hunters and 3D shooters who are looking to get a handheld release. This might not be the highest quality but it is still worth buying.


  • This is completely silent for successful hunting
  • Easy to open and close jaw
  • Adjustable sensitive screw
  • Head swivels 360 degrees
  • 1/2″ size economic head

Why Use Back Tension Releases?

The back tension release, very popular with compound bows, uses a pivot string hook mechanism where the hook is held in place with a metallic moon. In order to release the arrow, the archer must draw the bowstring to the hilt and then rotate the release in order to remove the hook from the moon.

But the question is, why exactly should you use back tension releases? The reason why many prefer these over others is that it takes out the element of anticipation of when the shot will fire. Often at times, archers flinch as they press the trigger, the knowledge of the release of the shot making them anxious. With a hinge release, you never have to worry about the timing of the shot; your only focus is on holding the set up steadily and aiming at your target.

Best Features of a Bow Release

A bow that fits so well into the curve of your hands that it feels like it was made just for you is the stuff of every archer’s dreams. And beginners especially are always itching to buy the perfect bow release in hopes of advancing their archery.

But when it comes to bow release there really isn’t a “one size fits all” or a specific model all archers need to follow per use. It really all depends on first your needs as an archer and second on how well that bow release fits you. No matter how well recommended a certain bow release comes if you do not have a solid grip on it, then its as good as useless.

As archery developed, bow release technology also developed and while it all still boiled down to personal preference, there are a still few details it would be worthy for you to take note of before buying.

Here are a few features of a bow release you should definitely look out for before making a purchase:


The material your bow release is made out from might be one of the most important features it could ever have. If made from the right and sturdy materials, it can last longer and serve you better than you could ever imagine. Some of the best bow releases are either made with aluminium or a lightweight composite material.


A wrist strap aids the archer achieve a clean and perfect release. Wrist straps are mainly used in index finger releases and thumb trigger release. The bow release is wrapped around your wrist giving you a more precise and sharper control over your release time.

The cost of wrist straps varies because companies make use of varying materials. It could either be leather, nylon or even neoprene. The material shifts the cost but what is really important is that the wrist strap fits both your wrist and your bow perfectly.


A good bow release needs to not only have easy adjustability but also stay fitted to the bow (and wrist) when attached. If the bow release slides out easily then that can significantly affect the archer’s performance.

Most release straps are made with either velcro or buckles. Buckles are the most preferred because they tend to stay put, they also make the least noise which is very important for hunters. Velcro straps are also quite good and would work for instances where stealth isn’t required. 

To know if a bow release has the adjustment properties best suited for you, you need to ensure that it gives you perfect shooting form. Three things you can look out for are a relaxed bow, excellent posture and a perfect anchor point. Once these three things are in place then you’re free to make a purchase.

Also, bear in mind that these characteristics are not universal for all people and all bows. Meaning what works for your friend may not be the best option for you. It is very important you take your bow into the shop and test these things yourself to determine if its the right fit.


A comfortable bow release is a huge determinant of how well your shooting goes. If a release does not fit your type of bow and style of shooting then it is as good as useless. You might need to test various types of release to know where your style fits in. Some might prefer back tension releases which do not require wrist straps but use the “tension” from drawing the bow to give the perfect release.

This, however, can lead to the archer being “trigger happy” and missing bulls-eye due to all of that tension centered on the bow. While a wrist strap release is perfect for others. Whatever makes you comfortable in your shooting is ultimately the bow release you need to have.

Getting a bow release hugely depends on what you need it for. For instance, most target archers prefer a back tension release while hunters prefer index finger and thumb releases (trigger). While some traditionalists on the other hand just need perfect finger gloves. It mostly depends on your personal preference. And whats important is that it gives you the accuracy and performance level you desire.


Does everyone need to be using a hinge for hunting? I guess no! If you are not as accurate or uncomfortable using one, then a trigger may be a better choice for you. But if it forces you to take your time and wait for the right shot, then a hinge would be perfect for you.

So shift to the back tension or hinge release to make life easier and archery a much more enjoyable experience for yourself. Check out our article for more details on different styles of archery release aids.

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