The 9 Best Archery Forearm Guards for Youths – Buyer’s Guide

You adore archery so much that you got your children into the sport as well. It’s easy enough to find accessories such as forearm guards in adult sizes, but youth sizes? You’re struggling to track down what you need. What are some recommended archery forearm guards for youths?

Here are the 9 best archery forearm guards for youths:

  • SAS Youth Arm Guard
  • Keshes Archery Armguard
  • Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard
  • Bohning Slip-on Arm Guard
  • Minelife 4-Pack Archery Youth Arm Guards
  • Kustom King Classic Youth Arm Guard
  • KRATARC Archery Youth Arm Guard
  • 3Rivers Archery Whitetail Classic Arm Guard 
  • Neet NY-RG Youth Range Arm Guard 

The colorful, cool designs of the 9 forearm guards on this list will inspire your kids to use their archery equipment to prevent injuries. Keep reading for detailed reviews on each of the arm guards above. We’ll also present some handy tips for selecting the best youth arm guard. 

The Top 9 Archery Forearm Guards for Youths

SAS Youth Arm Guard

SAS is a trusted name in archery, and you may use some of their products yourself. Keep the brand in your family with this SAS youth arm guard for the kiddos. 

The forearm guard uses an adjustment system comprised of quick buckles to make adjustments on the fly. Venting throughout will prevent sweat from accumulating within the arm guard, which is uncomfortable and can lead to some gnarly odors, not to mention chafing.

This SAS arm guard measures 5 ¾ inches by 2.5 inches. The dual straps are customizable for an ideal fit. Select from black or red.

Keshes Archery Armguard

The Keshes Archery Armguard is a great adjustable and lightweight armguard for youth and smaller adults alike. Your child won’t even realize they are wearing with its comfortable fit.

It designed for the best comfort and quality with its smooth and soft material. It is also vented to keep your child’s arm cool. The Keshes Archery Armguard provides ultimate protection with its thick outing and is designed for both right and left handed shooters.

As mentioned before it has 3 adjustable straps and measures 3 inches by 8 inches. The best thing about it is that the company backs their products and guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard

If your kids aren’t so much into rustic forearm guards, try this mesh one from Allen Company. The forearm guard has a futuristic, high-tech look that ought to be more up your kids’ alley. 

The curvy shape of the Allen Company arm guard is purposeful for ergonomics. A center strip is heavy-duty to prohibit arrows from hitting the wrist where they’re most likely to. On either side of the center strip is mesh for breathability.

Two elastic straps with buckles provide a custom fit. The arm guard measures eight inches long by four inches wide. You can select from one color scheme, black with neon green accents. 

Bohning Archery Slip-on Small Arm Guard

Here’s a forearm guard with a design that certainly stands out, the Bohning slip-on arm guard.

The nylon guard has a compression fit so it’s firm and tight on the arm but doesn’t squeeze too much. The inclusion of a rubber protection piece provides flexibility and durability.

Since it slips right on (and off), your kids will be able to put on their arm guard on their own, no help from mom or dad needed. Bohning says their arm guard can be worn on bare arms or with long sleeves and even jackets or coats.

The arm guard comes in one color, bright blue. It’s not a youth forearm guard, per se, but the small size should fit a child’s arm. 

Minelife 4-Pack Archery Youth Arm Guards

What’s better than one arm guard for the kids? How about a four-pack? This set from Minelife is perfect if you have several kids who all want to get into archery.

Each forearm guard is lightweight silicon rubber. A set of dual adjustment straps will let your kids loosen or tighten the arm guard with ease. The guard measures 5.43 inches by 2.52 inches by 1.81 inches apiece.

The arm guard colors for this four-pack include red, dark blue, black, and neon green.  

Kustom King Classic Youth Arm Guard

Kustom King Archery produces an authentic leather youth arm guard that you should have on your radar as you shop around. 

The classic forearm guard is 7/8-ounce leather throughout the frame. The leather looks phenomenal and can prevent chafing as well as bowstring slap. On the end of the forearm guard are metal hooks that reinforce the guard.

The stretch cord is completely adjustable and will pull your kids’ shirt sleeves tight for more natural shots.

According to Kustom King, the fit of this arm guard is supposed to be universal for righties and lefties alike. To adjust the forearm guard, take one of the stretch cords and hook it into the metal rivet, then pull until it’s tight enough. 

KRATARC Archery Youth Arm Guard

I love the KRATARC Archery Youth Arm Guard for its material. It’s made of a high quality micro-fiber leather material that is not only durable, but lightweight as well. Its two adjustable straps are soft and secure it on most sizes.

This armguard is about 7 inches long, so it may be a little long for some of the younger/smaller kids, but is still a good size to protect their arm from the bowstring. Measure your child’s arm before ordering any armguard. This is most likely fit them perfectly.

3Rivers Archery Whitetail Classic Arm Guard

Here’s another leather forearm guard, this time courtesy of archery supply store 3Rivers

The Whitetail Classic arm guard in a deep, warm brown leather is stamped with a prancing whitetail deer. Measuring six inches in length and weighing only 1.9 ounces, the lightweight arm guard has elasticized straps to help the kids easily slip it on and off. 

You’ll wish your arm could fit into the Whitetail Classic forearm guard too since it has such a cool look! 

Neet NY-RG Youth Range Arm Guard 

The last archery forearm guard for youths we recommend is the Neet NY-RG guard

Its Cordura nylon base looks and feels great on the skin, plus, the material is as tough as can be. The pull-adjust straps, which are made of elastic, include buckles for a custom fit your kids can rely on every time.

In the lower section of the Neet arm guard is a string saver stave that ought to come in handy.

The arm guard measures 9 ½ inches by 3 3/8 inches and comes in head-turning neon colors like green, pink, and orange. 

What to Look for When Buying a Youth Archery Forearm Guard

We introduced you to 9 fantastic youth forearm guards for archery, so how do you choose one? In this section, we’ll help with that decision. 


We recommend measuring your child’s arm, including the length, width, and diameter. This will help you select an arm guard size that fits them. Keep in mind that all the forearm guards we reviewed above are adjustable, so the fit of the guard doesn’t have to be perfect, just close. 


Speaking of adjustments, they’re integral. The average arm guard uses elastic straps since they’re so sufficient. Your child can pull on the straps until they achieve a snug fit around their wrist. We also like elastic straps since they’re customizable whether your child is bare-armed or wearing a coat.

Some archery forearm guards use stretch cords rather than elastic. The cords pull through a series of hooks to tighten the guard. This adjustment system lends the forearm guide a striking look as well.

If you can, take your child to an archery supply store to try on arm guards with different adjustment styles. See which one your child likes and then buy a forearm guard on this list that adjusts the same way.


Kids can be very finicky about how what they wear, so the comfort of the archery forearm guard must be a top priority. Some children might prefer a leather arm guard while others will like plusher materials like nylon better. 

Again, we’d suggest having your child try on several arm guard materials to determine which they want. 


What kid doesn’t want to look cool? Your children might care more about the design of their arm guard more than an adult would. Fortunately, the designs of the arm guards we reviewed run the gamut from Lord of the Rings rustic styles to futuristic guards. There’s something for everyone! 


The last consideration when shopping for an archery forearm guard is how much it costs. Not to worry, as the selection of youth arm guards we curated for you are all inexpensive. The money you save can go towards buying new arrows or other archery gear for your child. 

Final Thoughts

Your search for archery youth forearm guards ends here. The 9 guards we reviewed today come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs that will suit any kid’s taste. You can’t go wrong! Check out our 11 Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids Under 11 to better your child’s archery experience!

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