Snow Plows for UTVs: Get a Good One Without Spending a Fortune

snow plows for UTV
snow plows for side-by-side

One of the best things about UTVs are the many uses for them. One of the best things to do with your UTV is to turn them into a snow plow! I will explain how you can get the best bang for your buck on UTV snow plows.

Which snow plows are the best for UTVs? The best snow plows for UTV’s are:

  • Denali UTV Snow Plow Kit
  • KFI Products 105160 Pro-T
  • Click ngo CNG 2 Snow Plow
  • Swisher 2850 UTV Plow Blade
  • Kolpin UTV Switch Blade Plow
  • Warn 78950
  • Warn 79958
  • Denali Snow Plow Polaris Sportsman

If you are interested in discovering why these snow plows are the best for your UTV and how to use them once you get them, then read on.

The Best UTV Snow Plows:

NamePriceWidth (in)
Denail UTV Snow Plow Kit$609.9966
KFI Products 105160 Pro-T $222.0360
Denali Snow Plow Polaris Sportsman$429.9960
Click ngo CNG 2 Snow Plow$161.8450
Denali UTV Snow Plow Kit$584.9972
Swisher 2850 UTV Plow Blade$615.8962
Kolpin UTV Switch Blade Plown/a60-72
Denali Pro UTV Snow Plow Kit$799.9972
Warn 78950$197.1050
Warn 79958$343.1772

Denail UTV Snow Plow Kit- 72 in

This snow plow is 66-inches of sturdy blade. It is a very high-quality choice to last through the winter.

The blade is made of 11 gague steel and four 7-gage ribs. There are also 3 stabilizers for more stability.

This plow comes with:

  • A 3 year warranty.
  • All required accessories.
  • 66-inch straight blade.
  • 3 stablizers.
  • Four 7-gague ribs running through the entire length.
  • 11 gauge steel.

KFI Products 105160 Pro-T

This plow has 60 inches of blade. It has a unique design with one long side and another shorter side.

The plow is constructed from heavy duty, 3 diameter grade steel. The blade skids are also adjustable using bolt-in brackets. There is also 3/16 inch steel ribbing for stability.

This plow comes with:

  • Heavy duty 3-inch diameter grade steel
  • 50 steel skid plates
  • 60 inches width
  • 2-year warranty

Denali Snow Plow Polaris Sportsman

This plow, also coming from one of the top brands, Denali, has a heavy duty 60 inch straight plow blade.

This design is from 11 gauge steel blade, which is very durable. It also has 2 replaceable bar wears.

This plow comes with:

  • All necessary installation hardware
  • 60-inch wide blade
  • Heavy-duty 11 gauge steel construction
  • 2 replaceable wear bars
  • 7 gauges running the full length
  • 3 stabilizers running the full length

Click ngo CNG 2 Snow Plow

This plow can work on either an ATV or a UTV. It is made of heavy duty steel that is guarenteed to last a long time without damage.

This plow will you the best for your money. It gives a maximum lift of 16 inches, which is far above standard plow.

This plow comes with:

  • 50 inch width blade
  • Easy intallation
  • Compact design
  • 16 inches of lift

Denali UTV Snow Plow Kit- 66 in

This is another great snow plow created with a heavy duty blade. It is 66 inches long and is capable of clearing tons of snow in one sweep.

There is an 11 gauge steel construction with 7 ribs running the full length to provide maximum stability. This is a high-quality buy.

This plow comes with:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Heavy-duty 11 gauge steel construction
  • 7 ribs running the full length
  • 3 stabilizers running the full length
snow plows for UTV
snow plows for side-by-side

Swisher 2850 UTV Plow Blade

The Swisher UTV snow plow is ideal for all-terrain snow clearance. The blade has 1/8 inch rolled steel blade for durable and long-lasting quality.

It also contains a heavy duty swivel and multiple angle adjustment, which makes it possible to fit different plowing positions.

This plow comes with:

  • Heavy duty swivel with dual engagements
  • 62 inches of blade
  • 1/8 inch thick steel blade
  • High blade lift height

Kolpin UTV Switch Blade Plow

The Kolpin switchblade comes with everything you need. It features advanced stamp steel technology which allows the blade to adjust between 60 and 72 inches.

It also contains a square tube steel chassis, which is used as reinforcement. It is easily assembled in under an hour.

This plow comes with:

  • Robust square tube steel chassis
  • 5 position blade angle
  • Easy assembly
  • Stamped steel blade technology that allows switches between 60 and 72 inches.

Denali Pro UTV Snow Plow Kit

As another quality Denali snow plow, this plow is perfect for a midsized UTV. This plow has been powder coated and sandblasted to give it resistance against any bad weather.

This plow comes with:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Wear bar
  • Rubber flap
  • Skid feet
  • Stabilizers
  • Mount plate
  • Installation hardware

Warn 78950 Snow Plow

This model of snow plow was designed for great performance. It is made from 12 gauge steel for durability.

The best feature is the adjustable attack angle and spring tension system. This way you can optimize the blade for varying conditions.

This plow comes with:

  • 12 gauage steel
  • Adjustable attack angle
  • Spring tension system

Warn 79958 Snow Plow

This plow is made of a sturdy 12 gauge steel design. There are reinforcing ribs within to help this model remain long lasting.

This plow has wide bases for stability and extra large plow skids for excellent performance. This plow is easy to install and easy to remove.

This plow comes with:

  • 12 gauge steel
  • Reinforcing ribs
  • Wide plow bases
  • Large-diameter pivot assemblies to rotate the blade.
  • Easy assembly
Additional accessories for your plow.

These UTV snow plows are all very high-quality. When you look for a snow plow, the most important things to look for are material, width, weight, and pricing.

The most reliable plow material is steel. There are also some aluminum plows that are cheaper. However, they are not as long lasting and can’t handle heavy loads of snow. They’re only good for light snowfalls and shallow buildups.

The width of the plow attachment determines how much snow you can plow. This will depend on your UTV size also. The smallest common width is 50 inches. Just take into account how much snow you plan on plowing.

The weight is important for your vehicle maintenance. A plow that is too heavy will affect the vehicle’s suspension and in turn, your safety while driving it.

Pricing, obviously, is an important element in choosing a snow plow too. The higher quality the UTV snow plow, the more expensive it will be.

Take into account your budget and how long you want your UTV snow plow to last.

Note: You will need a winch to lift and lower the snow plow. Many UTV snow plow kits come with the winch. However, if not, you will have to purchase a winch which is often around $100-300.

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Setting up your UTV Snow Plow:

Every snow plow may use different assembly techniques. Certain plows are easier than others to set up.

Just to give you an idea of the steps of setting up your UTV snow plow, I’ll give you steps using the example of a Tusk Subzero UTV snow plow.

1. Remove all components for the push tube from the packaging

Take out all pieces and set them out on a flat surface. Make sure there are no missing or broken pieces.

2. Assemble the push tube.

-Position the push pivot onto the push tube and be sure they are lined up.

-Set the blade angle bracket on the push pivot, and push tube and the pin slide into the holes in both pieces.

-Place the spacer between the blade angle bracket and the push tube. Slide the bolt through all 3 pieces and thread the waster and bolt onto the balck side, leaving it loose.

3. Remove blade and stops from the packaging and attach them to the push pivot

-Remove the nut and flat washer and slide the bolt with the tilt stop for each side through the upper holes of the push pivots.

-Replace the nut and washer.

-Leave loose enough to turn the tilt stop. Repeat on both sides.

-Remove the nut, washer, and collar and install the bolt through the blade and then through the push pivot.

-Tighten bolts all the way down.

4. Prepare the Blade

-Slide an eye bolt through each bracket on the plow.

-Slide a washer and thread a nut onto each eye bolt.

-Install the spring onto the eye bolt and push pivot.

-Repeat on both sides.

-Install the skid through the bracket on the plow.

-Install the rubber spacer.

5. Attach the snow plow assembly to the UTV

-Pull the UTV up so the plow mount is sitting over the read end of the push tube and plow.

-Attach the push tube by sliding the straight pin through the mount and push tube and secure them in place with the provided hairpins through the hole in the end of the straight pin.

-Repeat this step on the other side.

6. Attach the winch cable to the snow plow

-Give the winch hook some clack to work with and attach the hook to the winch pin once it is located in the desired hole.

-Test it out by lifting the blade up and down a couple of times.

This is a good general guide through the setup process, but as I have pointed out, each snow plow will have different installation steps. When your snow plow comes, there should be instructions included. If not, contact the manufacturer.

A general principal for all UTV snow plows is to put the plow together first and then attach the plow to the winch.

Tips for Plowing Snow with your UTV Plow:

Using a UTV will dramatically change your snow plowing game. For me, the biggest difference was all the time saved and not having muscle pains.

Rather than giving myself an hour before heading out, I could clear my driveway in 10 minutes. That being said, a UTV requires more maintenance than a shovel.

There are a few considerations you should have before beginning your UTV snow plowing journey.

“Mark important things around your driveway that you wouldn’t want to hit; either because you would damage it, or your machine. “

ATV Frontier
  • Make sure the UTV has enough power. Your UTV is set for a specific amount of power. Check it. Otherwise, you may find your UTV damaged or yourself hurt.
  • Do all maintenance before the first flake. Fixing up your UTV is not fun in the cold. Check the oil, tire pressure and tread, electrical wiring, and make sure all other elements are working properly.
  • Make Sure the Depth of the plow is adjusted correctly. The plow should be set to not cause damage to the surface underneath or above the UTV.
  • Determine the best angle for the plow. Set the angle as you see fit. The angle depends on your driveway. Consider how much snow is present and where you want the snow to end up.
  • Avoid deep or heavy snow drifts. If the snow is too deep, you could overload your UTV and cause wear and tear on the vehicle. You can instead plow the snow at an angle and take a little snow at a time.
  • Be cautious of items hidden underneath the snow. There could easily be many items beneath the snow. Beware of them to avoid any damage done to the plowing process.
  • Plow with the natural contours of the surface. Follow the natural slopes of the driveway. This will make plowing and snow placement easier. Also, avoid uneven areas.
  • Clear a wider path. At the beginning of the season, push the snow into your yard. That way, when the snow continues to pile up, you won’t find stacks of snow on your driveway.
  • Get extra traction and stability. Secure someweight on the back of your UTV and invest in some tire chains.
  • Perform a final clean up before storing your UTV. Clean off any dirst and snow from your plow blade. Otherwise, they can clump and freeze on your plow.
  • Do not push snow across the road. This is not fun for the traffic coming when you leaving dribblings on the raod. In many states, this is a crime.
  • Invest in a thumb-warmer. These can be great while the winter temperatures are present.

“Because you never know when that next big snowfall will happen, be prepared by doing a little driveway-keeping on the nice days. Push back piles and build snow ramps. Always have a plan for snow storage or else you will be in trouble if you get a winter with a great deal of snow.”

Honda Crazy

For the best UTV snow plowing experience, make sure your UTV is in the best condition. Take care of your UTV and plow.

But, as you use your plow, I am sure you will get the hang of it esily. Have a good time with the convenient UTV plow.

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Related Questions:

Can you use an ATV for plowing snow? You can use an ATV to plow snow. Both ATV’s and UTV’s are capable of attaching to a snow plow with the use of a winch. The top quality snow plows for your ATV are Extreme Max UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow System, Eagle Plow 2919 V Force Plow Blae, and Meyer Path Pro ATV Snow Plow.

Does a UTV snow plow have other uses other than snow? A UTV snow plow can be used for more than just snow. UTV plows are also be used during the summer and spring months. They can be used for many reasons, such as pushing gravel and evening out dirt. However, these tasks may require a more sturdy plow. The best material for this is steel.

What vehicles can I attach a snow plow to?The most common vehicles that snow plows are attached to are UTV’s, ATV’s, and trucks. When buying a snow plow, you should take into consideration how much power your vehicle has. The size and weight of your snow plow will also be influenced by the vehicle being used.

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