Side-by-Side Warranties: A comparison of what each UTV brand offers

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Side-by-sides, when bought, come with a limited warranty to cover a short amount of time after the purchase. Sometimes problems are from the factory and they are the fault of the company so they will fix them. Different things are offered and the amount of time for the limited warranty can vary.

NameWarranty TimeProtection Plan?
Can-Am6 monthsYes
Polaris6 monthsYes
Textron/Arctic Cat6 monthsPossibly
Kawasaki36 monthsYes
Yamaha6 monthsYes
Honda12 monthsYes

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Many of the manufacturers have a protection plan that you can buy in addition to buying your vehicle to have extended protection and have more things protected. Many of the plans can only be bought during the time of your warranty.

UTV Warranty Comparison:

Can-Am UTV Warranty

Can-Am is arguably the most popular UTV manufacturer out there. It is rivaled by the likes of Polaris and Arctic Cat. Can-Am makes some quality UTVs built for either performance or strength. They are costly but there is a reason why they are on the top of the UTV market. There is a protection service that you can buy that is far superior to the basic warranty. I talk about it at the end of the article.

How Long Does the Warranty Last?

The warranty for Can-Am vehicles extends to six months after purchase. This warranty is against defects in the workmanship and materials.

What Do They Offer?

Mainly what their warranty affects is the workmanship and the materials used to create these vehicles. Basically, the vehicles that come from the factory that are supposed to be in working condition but are not will be able to be fixed. The warranty is transferable which means that if a person were to give the Can-Am vehicle to someone else during that six month period, then the warranty would transfer to them.

You might be wondering how the process of getting things fixed works. Returning a vehicle to be fixed will be at your own cost and then they will determine if anything needs to be fixed. They require you to get in contact with your local dealer within three days of noticing the problem.

What Don’t They Offer?

They do not cover failures in the vehicle that are caused because of misapplication, misuse, incorrect maintenance, or normal wear. If there is damaged caused by modifications, Can-Am will not fix that. Any sort of misuse will be your own problem to figure out. While they cover the workmanship and the materials, the air filter, PSI gauges, air, fluid hoses, and temperature gauges are not covered because of random/arbitrary use.

B.E.S.T. Extend Service Warranty

This will not be a normal section throughout the post. I was gonna put this within the other sections and break it up but there is far too much to be said.

B.E.S.T. Protection is a warranty extending service that allows you to extend your warranty anywhere from 6 to 48 months after your initial warranty with the manufacturer. This service is for BRP properties like Can-Am, Sea-Doo, and Ski-Doo. It is really expansive. When it comes to pricing, you will have to contact your local dealer because it depends on the vehicle you are pairing it with.

One of the biggest perks of this service is its nationwide coverage. Not only does that mean you can get help at any BRP dealer in North America but it covers you when you are out on the trail, dunes, or whenever. This is incredibly useful and makes me feel just a little bit better about taking my UTV to different places around the country.

They only use BRP approved parts in your vehicle. There is nothing aftermarket in what they do. It is genuine parts from the company. If you sell your vehicle to someone else, your coverage will transfer over to them. There is no additional cost for either the seller or the buyer in this transfer. This could be a great bargaining chip in selling your UTV.

There are no mileage, usage or time caps that you have to worry about. The only restriction is the amount of time you bought it for. There is not a certain amount of hours you are restricted to in the space of time you bought the service. This is really nice because you are free to as much of whatever in the time you have the service for.

After that long-winded explanation, let’s finally get to what is covered. I have hyped this up so much and you are probably wondering if it is worth it.

So, what is covered? Essentially everything is covered. Things in the engine, electrical, transmission, suspension, fuel system, brakes, etc. It pretty much covers everything and I felt it would be ludicrously boring and long to put each individual thing. You can check out the warranty & maintenance page on Can-Am’s website for that info.

B.E.S.T. Protection has its own brochure with all the info you can imagine about what services are offered. It has info about the rules and regulations. It is a PDF that you can download. Go check it out because I have barely scratched the surface. Obviously, this is the superior warranty service above the other warranty.

Polaris Side-by-Side Warranty

Polaris is one of the top UTV manufacturers in the United States. The Polaris RZR is the most popular UTV in the world from what I can tell. I see it all the time. Polaris makes really great off-road vehicles and their presence is quite strong in the market, to say the least.

How Long Does the Warranty Last for UTVs?

The warranty only lasts for six months. This is normal for coverage. The limited warranty starts the day you leave the store with your new RZR or any other UTV. Similar to Can-Am, the things it protects against is workmanship or material things. They have the extended time up on Can-Am. This victory goes to Polaris.

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What Do They Offer?

Like I stated above, the specifics covered are materials and workmanship on the vehicles. This is the warranty coverage for most manufacturers. If things that are supposed to work after leaving the factory do not work or fail to work within the time of the warranty, you can send it in and they will determine if it is something that they can fix.

The warranty will cover the parts needed and the labor involved to repair or replace the parts as long as this problem is brought to their attention before the end of the warranty. In order to transfer the warranty to another person if you sell it, you have to transfer it through a Polaris dealer. The warranty will then transfer but will not extend nor shorten the warranty time.

After you buy the UTV, the dealer sends the forms for the warranty to Polaris who will then record it. You are then registered with Polaris. NOTE: If you are not registered with Polaris, there is no warranty coverage.

What Don’t They Offer?

Polaris does not offer coverage for the typical things like improper maintenance, accidental damage, abuse, wear and tear, neglect, or acts of God. If you modify your vehicle, they will not cover those things or damage done by modifying. If the UTV is used for racing or competition in any way, Polaris will not replace parts or accept the damages done.

They have created a whole list of things they do not cover when it comes to wear and tear. I do not want to write out the list so just assume that everything with wear and tear is not covered.

Polaris UTV Protection Plan

Guess what this is? Yeah, you guessed it. Polaris has its own protection plan just like Can-Am to rack in even more cash in exchange for protection of your toys. There are a variety of protection plans you can choose from. There is 18-, 30-, 42-, and 54-month plans. These protection plans come into effect after your factory warranty ends.

How does one obtain this kind of protection? Well, I am glad you asked. There are only four ways to purchase this in the United States. The first is in person at the dealer. You can do this while buying your side-by-side or during the factory warranty period.

You can do it online as well. That is probably the easiest way to do it. The only way to do that is by invitation though. You need an enrollment form and invitation number. You can also do the enrollment and invitation number over the phone. The last and final way is through the mail. You will send your enrollment and invitation number through the mail.

They are pretty flexible with the payment plans. Polaris really wants to give their buyers ease when it comes to protecting them. That is shown through the transferability of the protection plan to another party when you choose to sell.

In addition, if you get in trouble with your UTV, Polaris will pay up to $50 to get your off-road vehicle to the nearest Polaris repair shop. If it takes a while, you can rent one of their UTVs at a discount while waiting for yours to be fixed.

All the accessories that are bought from Polaris and installed on your UTV will be covered if damaged. They will reward you for buying and using their products. The coolest perk that is offered to you is if your trip is ruined or halted by a mechanical breakdown in your off-road vehicle, you will be reimbursed up to $300 for your lodging, meals, and any supplementary transportation.

What is not covered by this glorious plan? any modifications that cause the problems present in your vehicle will not be covered. Besides that, pretty much everything is covered. Polaris is a little more exclusive when it comes to their protection of your UTV than others.

Textron/Arctic Cat Side-by-Sides Warranty

Arctic Cat which became Textron after they were bought, changed the name of their ATVs and UTVs to Textron. Eventually realizing that was a bad idea, they changed the name of their off-road vehicles back to Arctic Cat. Arctic Cat is a part of the “big three” as I called them. The big three consists of Polaris, Can-Am, and Arctic Cat. They have some of my favorite UTVs on the market. They have been in the game for a while and they know what they are doing.

I believe that Arctic Cat has a protection plan for their vehicles as well. I cannot find any concrete detail on it though so I will not include it for the sake of accuracy. I do not want to falsely spread what the plan is and what it is not.

How Long?

They have the typical amount of time for factory warranty. It is for six months. This is immediately in effect once you step out the doors of the dealer. It follows what the other big manufacturers do. The warranty is transferable as per usual. It comes at no cost to you or the person buying it. It keeps the same timetable for expiration though.

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What Do They Offer?

Arctic Cat’s warranty is pretty much the same as the others so far. They will replace parts and do any repairs if they deem it justifiable for material or workmanship problems.

One very out of place thing that they do cover is your shocks for up to one year. But there is a catch. They will only replace them if your riding condition has been “normal.” I have no idea what normal means to them but if you run into this problem, let me know what they say. The things that can be replaced on your shocks are corroded shocks, pitted shafts, peeling chrome, or leaking.

What Don’t They Offer?

What is not covered is a much longer list. They do not cover most things like ruined seats, tires, windshields, etc. Basically, anything that is not something that should be functioning from the factory that no longer functions will not be covered.

Arctic Cat is fairly serious about their warranty. If you do certain things, then your warranty is void. Pretty scary. Actually not so much. It seems pretty practical. If you have repairs done by a non-authorized dealer, then you no longer entitled to your warranty. If you don’t brake properly, use improper fuel, or really abuse your UTV in various avoidable ways, your warranty becomes void.

Modifications and racing are also grounds for termination fo your warranty. If you remove the engine they will no longer honor your warranty. Basically, Arctic Cat is very specific about what they will take care of and if you do something they do not like, then they do not have to honor the factory warranty. That’s capitalism, baby!

Kawasaki Side-by-Sides

Kawasaki is one of the manufacturers in the UTV market. They are not as huge as some others like Polaris or Can-Am. They charge about the same price as the more popular names out there but are not nearly as powerful or worth the prices. I would say if you are entering the UTV world you could start here but I would either start lower or higher.

How Long?

Even though I do not feel like they have the best UTVs on the market, they do have an incredible warranty. Their warranty last 36 months! That is incredible. There is no other warranty on the market that lasts 3 years long. Usually, warranties last about six months or twelve but Kawasaki decided to go all out.

The vehicles are not as good as some others but you get an incredible warranty. It is a nice trade-off. If that sounds appealing to you, then maybe you want to start your UTV journey here. It depends on what you are looking for.

What Do They Offer?

The warranty covers the typical things. There is nothing new. They cover the material and workmanship that is defective in the vehicle. This is the way it is for every manufacturer. It makes sense though because if you are the one that damages your vehicle or things have been ruined from wear and tear over time, you are responsible. If it is something that should have been fixed or working in the factory, it is their fault.

Like most other manufacturers, you can transfer your warranty to another person. It will not cost money from either party involved. Your local Kawasaki dealer must make the transfer through their computer system.

What Don’t They Offer?

Kawasaki will not pay for the transportation of your vehicle to be fixed. That is at your expense. This should not be surprising because most manufacturers do not do this. Make sure the fix is worth it and something they will fix. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money.

Do you know how I mentioned that wear and tear are your problems? Yeah, that is something they will not cover. Things change over time and become weaker. This is natural and that should be taken into account when buying a side-by-side. Things that are not covered because of wear and tear are tires, chains, sprockets, brake pads, drive belts, and the like. Basically, anything that goes away over time that you can replace. These things will obviously not be covered.

If you get an accident or your vehicle stops working properly, you have to pay for towing and a potential rental car. Kawasaki, unfortunately, does not cover that. If you are a premium member of Riders of Kawasaki (ROK) then you will have access to 24-hour roadside assistance.

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Kawasaki UTV Protection Plus Warranty

Yep, Kawasaki is getting on that protection plan bandwagon as well. The contract for the protection plan covers the parts and components of the vehicle that originally come with the warranty. That comes over with the change. So, of course, the material and workmanship will be covered. With the plan, the fix is free to you if Kawasaki products are being used.

Fortunately for you, there is no cap for how many miles this plan covers. You could drive as much as you want and it would not affect your coverage. Knowing that you might hit the trail as much as possible but what if something goes wrong? Well, if you are close to a road, you can get some roadside assistance. This kind of coverage is nationwide. You do not have to worry about being somewhere that you cannot be helped in the continental United States.

Similar to the warranty, you can transfer it without extra cost. When you are selling, you can sell it higher because the value increases with the protection plan. I really appreciate the free transfer that all of these companies do. One of the biggest things I would tell someone if I was selling is the repairs are all paid in full. There is no deductible that you have to pay.

The engine has many things that are covered. Many of the components in the engine itself are covered like the pistons, crankshaft, and valves. The oil and water pumps are covered. The radiator is a nice bonus to be covered. Radiators do not need to be majorly fixed often but on an off-road vehicle, it might need it more.

The exhaust, transmission, brakes, and chassis can be fixed and are covered by the protection plan. Different functions like the fuel system and the electrical components are all protected as well. The electric system coverage alone is incredible.

Yamaha Side-by-Side Warranty

Yamaha has a long line of different vehicles they make as well as various musical instruments. Yamaha makes golf carts, boats, wave runners, and of course, UTVs. There are so many other things but we are talking about UTVs in case you forgot. The Wolverine X4 is a popular vehicle that Yamaha makes.

How Long?

As you might have expected, Yamaha has a typical warranty limit at 6 months. They have made one addition that says that the battery is covered for 30 days after purchase. It is not a lot but it is a nice thing for them to add.

After finding the issue, you have ten days to inform them for repairs or they will not do it. That is more than others. I believe it was Can-Am that says you have to contact them in three days. So having an extra seven days as a buffer is pretty nice.

What Do They Offer?

Yamaha will only replace parts that are faulty workmanship or materials. The same coverage as everybody else. You would think that someone would be at least a little original. You have ten days to notify your local dealer about the problem to get it fixed. nothing really new to see here.

I think that the limited warranties are created this way because most companies have their protection plans that you can buy into that has way more perks. It is a way to push you to buy a better-packaged offer.

What Don’t They Offer?

The things they do not offer are what you expect. Things like neglect or abuse are not covered. That would be under the tab “owner’s fault.” If not taken care of well or transported properly will be your own problem. If you install parts that are not from Yamaha, like aftermarket parts, they will not cover those. Normal wear and tear are not covered because that just happens over time.

Although Yamaha is short on what is excluded, they have some things that would make your warranty void. Avoid these at all cost to keep your warranty. You can make the warranty void by using your vehicle improperly. These things include running the machine when it is out of oil, consistent high RPMs while running, using the UTV even when there are broken/damaged parts, or careless transportation that damages the vehicle.

Yamaha Extended Warranty Services for UTVs: Y.E.S.

Yamaha’s protection plan is called Y.E.S. which stands for Yamaha Extended Service. It is similar to other services provided by various UTV manufacturers. The contract for the plan has no limits. There is no mileage cap or hour limits to how much you can use your side-by-side. There are various coverages you can choose from.

The plan is backed by their protection and repairs that are 100% covered. The engine, drivetrain, fuel system, exhaust/cooling system, electrical, and structural body components are what is covered. Having Y.E.S. will make any costs way cheaper when you have it.

As soon as you buy it, all the benefits will be available to you. That means everything I have talked about and more. These things are applicable all over the continental United States. If you need to sell it to someone, you have coverage over the entire country. Plus, the plan is transferable to a new owner. That can bring better value to your UTV.

Honda UTV Warranty

Honda is mostly known for its cars or bikes. But they have decided to enter the UTV market and have made a few base models. Their most popular is the Pioneer 1000. They are not a name brand when it comes to UTVs so you might see some difference. I think their UTVs are impressive and unique. The catch my eye for whatever reason. They are not the prettiest UTVs I have seen but they are impressive under the body.

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How Long?

Honda breaks away from the curse of six-month limited warranties. They have upgraded to double that at twelve months. I think this is a better amount personally but I mean who does not want more time on a warranty? The warranty is also unlimited meaning that there is not a set hour restriction or mileage restriction.

What Do They Offer?

As per usual, the warranty will cover the failed workmanship or material during the manufacturing period. It would be quite too difficult to cover anything else for any of these companies, I’m afraid. But honestly, I do not know what else they would cover that would be their problem honestly. Everything else is either something you did or something that naturally happens over time because of life.

Although there is a ray of light when it comes to warranty coverages because Honda actually comes with something unique to add to the table. They have some coverage for seatbelts. I know, crazy. They offer a five-year warranty on their seatbelts. If your seatbelt stop working properly during normal use then Honda will replace them within those 5 years.

What Don’t They Offer?

Honda will not do anything to fix the vehicle if the parts are damaged by the owner by abuse or neglect. If you do not take care of it, then they will not even bother with it. If you have made alterations without being authorized by your Honda dealer, they have the right to void your warranty.

HondaCare Protection Plan for SxS

And what would a warranty be without its partner in crime the protection plan? This has pretty much the same coverage that others do but strangely they have an individual plan for both recreation/utility and sport side-by-sides. The plans are exactly the same from what I can tell though. The plans last for either one or four years. The offer is only available when you still have your warranty. Once that first year is up, then you can’t get this.

Their coverage covers the nation and you can get assistance basically anywhere. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. There is not set limitations for time or mileage like most protection plans. This plan mainly applies to new models bought fresh from the factory but can be applied to some pre-owned vehicles under 24 months old.

There are a couple of things that I do not like about this plan though. Most things are covered without extra cost to you. There are no deductibles. They do not cover tires, batteries, audio equipment, and accessories. They cover most other things and they are replaced by parts that Honda has approved of.

If you want to sell your vehicle, you can transfer the plan as well. It is nice and will give value to your vehicle. Do it through your local dealer and things will go smoothly.

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