Is It Possible to Trailer Camp Travel and Get Higher Education at the Same Time?

Attending college is among the most challenging periods in the life of a young person. 

Leaving the security of parents’ home for the first time and going into the unknown is one of many things students have to deal with. The huge mountain of issues keeps growing starting with a very hectic schedule. 

Although many of them have some kind of scholarship or financial support provided by family, students are famous for their constant struggle with cash flow. It’s common knowledge that high education can be extremely expensive. Tuition, books, rent, food, clothing, supplies, and equipment are just the biggest items on the very long list. There is not much left for going out, hobbies, or traveling. Because recently, more cases of students studying in the back of the trailer camp were spotted, naturally, the question arises. How hard is it to study and travel?

Different aspects of online studying while traveling

Online studies have some positive things to offer. It’s convenient, time-flexible, and teaches self-discipline and other useful life skills. Apart from being more individually oriented it’s also, in most cases, financially beneficial. Online courses give more out-of-college opportunities, such as traveling or working. These activities are not an option if a student is stationed on campus or renting an apartment.

However, living in a camper has its struggles that don’t go well with online studies. There are so many temptations that can occupy students and lead to procrastination. Also, van life often comes with some unexpected problems that need to be solved immediately. In general, every college assignment also has a firm schedule. Professional online services can be of help in these types of situations.

Can you write my essays for me? This is what students need to ask to receive their assistance. An expert written essay can serve as an example of how to deal with a certain topic. Additionally, it can shorten the time it usually takes to finish the assignment or help solve some more complex issues.

Practical tips for traveling and studying

The decision to live in the van or trailer camper demands serious research. Learning about its rough sides is essential as this is not a lifestyle for everybody. Some aspects of life are often sacrificed for the sake of the benefit to travel while getting higher education. 

Adjusting to a different lifestyle

Living on wheels comes with some difficulties. Taking a shower or going to the toilet is not as simple as it is in the dorm or apartment. Keeping the small space clean, tidy, and uncluttered is another challenge. Some campers or vans don’t have a kitchen so eating healthy is another problem. But, none of these issues are unsolvable. Although, it might take some time to get used to it. Accepting these conditions and finding the most suitable ways to deal with them can make a student’s life exciting and enjoyable.

Is it cheaper?

Generally speaking, it can be quite cheaper than living in an apartment. Of course, it depends on each person’s needs and preferences. If buying a used camper or van is not an option renting is another alternative. The difference in renting a camper as opposed to the cost of the rent and utilities can be substantial. But, life on the road has its expenses. Insurance, parking fees, gas, and maintenance are just a few of them. Still, most students who’ve chosen to live in the campers or vans claim that this change enabled them to save thousands of dollars annually. 

Time zones and finding reliable Wi-Fi

Attending online classes on time demands keeping track of the time zones. It also requires a reliable source for Wi-Fi. So going off-grid is out of the question. Preparing for the exams is a whole different situation. An isolated nature spot can be an excellent choice for those who like to study away from many distractions of the urban area. 


Renting a camper during the summer break before making the final decision is an option to consider. It’s also useful to keep in mind that it might get easier with every new experience. Also, buying essays online at is one of many solutions to deal with small traveling and studying hick-ups. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity for an amazing experience and a valuable school of life.

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Kathy Mercado is not only a journalist, blog writer, and video content creator. She’s also very passionate about nature and sustainable life. For the last few years, she’s been taking long van trips and researching life on wheels away from the polluted city areas. Her biggest dream is to collect all her on-the-road stories and publish them in a book.

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